We Speak: Verónica

20:06 | Jul 22nd

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Verónica Zaragovia lives in Miami but she was born in Colombia. Although she has a Colombian passport, her Spanish doesn’t sound Colombian— at least that’s what people tell her. During a recent stay i...Show More


fiercefab recommended:Oct 4th

I’m intrigued by the idea of hyper local accents, which — in big, diverse cities — might sound like combination of accents from all over the world. I love that Verónica begins this story hoping to sound strictly Columbian when she speaks Spanish, and ends with more appreciation for the unique flav...Show More

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mmOct 5th

@fiercefab “Chinglish” is my diaspora Chinese version of Verónica’s Spanish 😂

mm recommended:Oct 3rd

Verónica was born in Colombia, lives in Miami and speaks Spanish fluently, but she doesn't sound Colombian and Colombians tells her so. She takes lessons because she wants to desperately sound more Colombian, but other people are jealous of her unique accent. This episode is a heartwarming celebrati...Show More

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fiercefabOct 4th

@mm thanks for recommending! Would never have found this gem otherwise.

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