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Zero Hours

Long Story Short Productions

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Zero Hours is an anthology series from Long Story Short Productions, where every story is a different take on the end of the world - or at least something that feels like the end of the world. Each episode is organized around a kind of apocalypse, wh...Show More


37:30 | Oct 20th, 2019

Episode 2: 1821. In the dangerous waters of the South Atlantic Ocean, an experienced sailor encounters an explorer optimistic about the opportunities which will arise from a lucrative new discovery. ...Show More
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jhawthorne recommended:

I really like this series of one off stories. They are weird, exciting and they challenge me to guess what will happen next. Fun listening!

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43:39 | Oct 20th, 2019

Episode 7: 2316. In the wake of the death of the last human being and with the imminent destruction of the Earth upon them, two mysterious beings consider both the dying world and their unique relatio...Show More

40:19 | Oct 20th, 2019

Episode 6: 2217. In a floating city above the clouds, a young researcher must convince a figure of authority to end his current research project, even though it may hold the solution to an imminent cr...Show More
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hollyheckin recommended:

This week in the world has felt pretty killer, but listening through zero hours over the last few days really gave me the space I needed to ...Show More

37:54 | Oct 20th, 2019

Episode 3: 1920. Shortly before Prohibition goes into effect, two soon-to-be-unemployed bartenders in New York City find their friendship tested when one presents a dangerous proposition to the other....Show More
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