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Making a house a home

Housing Europe


The Housing Europe podcast airing from the heart of the European Capital offers insights into the work of public, cooperative and social housing providers across Europe. Why is it legitimate to claim that they offer more than just housing; rather a h...Show More


45:25 | Oct 17th, 2019

In the third episode of 'Making a house a home' we turn our spotlight to Housing First. Why is this probably the best way to fight  homelessness? What does the case of Finland show to the rest of EU  ...Show More

24:39 | May 18th

One could call it the ‘holy grail’ of today’s highly urbanized world.  The way authorities manage it shapes the way we live, including how  much public and green space we can benefit from, how we can ...Show More
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30:53 | May 13th

Paraphrasing Mark Twain one could say “take good care of Land, they aren't making it anymore”. This is why when one needs to look at ways to boost provision of affordable housing until 2030, land is d...Show More

32:19 | May 5th

This episode kicks off a mini-series dedicated to #Housing2030, a joint international initiative of housing experts from over 56 governments through UNECE and UN Habitat and 43,000 affordable housing ...Show More

10:38 | Apr 22nd

After discussing the EU Green Deal and its ambition for a Renovation Wave, today we’re heading back to the European Parliament to meet one of its Dutch Members with the Greens, Kim van Sparrentak. Kim...Show More
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