Making a house a home

Housing Europe

The Housing Europe podcast airing from the heart of the European Capital offers insights into the work of public, cooperative and social housing providers across Europe. Why is it legitimate to claim that they offer more than just housing; rather a h...Show More


29:56 | Feb 26th

Housing Europe organised a field trip to the UIA backed project  ‘Superlocal’ in Kerkrade in the Netherlands for a delegation consisting  of MEP, Kim Van Sparrentak and European Commission Officials f...Show More

45:25 | Oct 17th, 2019

In the third episode of 'Making a house a home' we turn our spotlight to Housing First. Why is this probably the best way to fight  homelessness? What does the case of Finland show to the rest of EU  ...Show More
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37:25 | Apr 29th, 2019

This time, we dive into the circular world. The circular economy is all  over the place in the Brussels policy scene since the European  Commission presented the Circular Economy Package in early 2018...Show More

26:30 | Dec 11th, 2018

In this episode we reach out to you from  Vienna and the venue of the international conference entitled ‘Housing  for All’. We used the visit of our delegation to the Austrian capital  for this event ...Show More

46:59 | Dec 10th, 2018

Cities are the focus point of the second  episode of 'Making a house a home'. As we are becoming increasingly “an  urban species” according to the writer and journalist, Doug Saunders  what is the rol...Show More
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