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We live in a realm of measurable vibrations, and your best life is just a higher frequency away. This podcast offers simple guidance and daily practices to help you cultivate self-awareness, alleviate mental and emotional suffering, and own your expe...Show More


25:31 | Mar 12th

Are you fearful, anxious, nervous about the current global pandemic? In this episode we talk about the real threat this virus poses, 4 important tips, facts from leading organizations and medical prof...Show More
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serena recommended:

This is SO damn good, because it addresses the issue of fear. Thank you Alicia for your wisdom!

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23:47 | Jan 4th

How many times have you been told that you should forgive a person, or an action - no matter how great the hurt you experienced? How many times have you wanted to forgive yourself, but couldn't? Forgi...Show More
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Forgiveness is one of the most complex human emotions to experience. We are not taught as children when or how to forgive. Is there a proper...Show More

12:54 | Jan 1st

It's Day 1 of the new year - new decade. But instead of feeling optimistic and inspired, are you feeling sad, disappointed and maybe disoriented? This episode is for you: you are not alone, and you ca...Show More
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Did you wake up today (January 1st) feeling sad, disappointed, and maybe a let down. Then THIS is the episode for you. Alicia discusses why ...Show More

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