Dying For Sex

Happy Endings | 1

39:57 | Feb 12th

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Molly and Nikki are best friends, and they can laugh about anything — even cancer. They call it “gallows humor.” When Molly receives her diagnosis, she begins her sexual exploration by learning how to...Show More


mm recommended:Mar 18th

What happens when you’re diagnosed with terminal cancer and the drugs makes you horny and alive with your body instead? You have all the sex in the world. Hilarious podcast about the true journey of one woman’s quest for sex after she gets diagnose with stage 4 breast cancer. You feel like you’re ...Show More

I thought this episode was:

🌅 A beautiful story
😢 Moving
💯 A must listen

jhawthorne recommended:Mar 21st

Not the average friends' show, discussing death and sex in your 40s.

mmMar 21st

@jhawthorne Can’t wait until you get to the end! It’s really not your average show.

aliceko recommended:Mar 22nd

What would you do after being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer? Go have as much sex as you can? This came highly recommend to me. Great story to escape in these uncertain times. I can't believe this is a true story!!!

olivierMar 24th

@aliceko You have me intrigued. It’s in my list. I’m looking forward to it now.

paigecast recommended:Mar 27th

Just binged the season (via Wondery+) and I’m not sure there are even words to describe how much I adored it. Honestly I’m about to just start it over and listen again from the beginning ♥️♥️♥️

mmMar 27th

@paigecast It's so friggin amazing! I can't believe I cried so much at the end when @nikkiboyer reflected on that very special moment. ICYMI, there's a special behind-the-scenes interview with her that's featured right now on Podyssey! https://podyssey.fm/discussion/id8

paigecastMar 27th

@mm oh that’s so lovely, can’t wait to read it! (Also: the crying? YEAH. The moment she talked about disconnecting from her body and what that felt like I start -out loud- saying “please keep talking” over and over again. I don’t think I’ve ever heard something so raw and honest and if I think about...Show More

mmMar 27th

@paigecast You can also comment or ask Nikki questions in the interview if you're interested! It was really neat to hear about the creation process. I seriously locked myself in a room and cried until the seagull appeared and it was like it was the beginning of the podcast again 😭

oftenconfused recommended:Apr 9th

Suprisingly touching, if you know what I mean. (A tip-o-the-hat to Whose Line!)

danny recommended:Mar 29th

Almost finished this awesome mini-series. Funny mixed with reflection and sadness.

lovelyleslie41Mar 30th

@danny I love this series so much! Didn’t want it to end

dannyMar 30th

@lovelyleslie41 same here :) I still got a couple more to binge for tonight 😁

lovelyleslie41Mar 30th

@danny Won’t spoil it for you, enjoy!

mmMar 30th

@lovelyleslie41 @danny The last two episodes are the best. 😭