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Bean There, Done That (with Josh Malina)

58:44 | Mar 27th

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Quarantine cooking is no joke—or is it? In our inaugural episode, Hrishi makes one too many puns, Samin answers the eternal bean question (to soak or not to soak), and Josh Malina (@JoshMalina) school...Show More


mm recommended:Apr 19th

😍😍😍 This podcast about home cooking during quarantine time with Samin Norsat is everything we need right now!!! She’s hilarious and burns her cohost into flames. So many puns and very useful discussion on cooking with beans, frozen vegetables, and whatever else you have in the fridge. Best time t...Show More

rmmiller364Apr 19th

@mm In this episode, she mentions that a spinach-cilantro soup she posted on the New York Times cooking site would be good for subbing in frozen peas. Well, I didn’t have any frozen peas and my local store was completely out of them, so I made the original version with spinach. It was so good and f...Show More

mmApr 20th

@rmmiller364 Yummmmmm......It's grocery restock day, thinking of some peas and beans. I've been so afraid making anything with dried beans until now!

mmApr 20th

@rmmiller364 Ok I just bought a huge bag of red split lentils. Wish me luck.

mmApr 20th

@rmmiller364 I'm happy to report my red split lentils seafood curry was a success!

rmmiller364Apr 20th

rmmiller364 recommended:Apr 6th

So excited that Samin Nosrat has a podcast!! She’s so lovely and knowledgeable. Being on lock down has been a good chance to experiment in the kitchen, so this podcast is particularly timely and helpful!

michelle_ebooks recommended:Mar 27th

big fan! great collab! food! home cooking! samin laughs! wonderfully soothing hrishikesh voice. all i can focus on is food and nourishment right now, so this is very apt! feeling less lonely via their voices in these weird times

operaticMar 28th

@michelle_ebooks these are the guys from West Wing Weekly, aren’t they?

michelle_ebooksMar 28th

@operatic yes!!

rmmiller364Apr 6th

@michelle_ebooks Her laugh makes me feel like everything is going to be ok