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554: The "Jobs to be Done" Theory of Innovation

24:55 | Dec 8th, 2016

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Clayton Christensen, professor at Harvard Business School, builds upon the theory of disruptive innovation for which he is well-known. He speaks about his new book examining how successful companies k...Show More


mm recommended:Feb 7th

Loved this "Jobs to be Done" framework from the late Clay Christensen, the godfather of the concept of "disruptive innovation". JTBD is a different way to look at what your product or service is offering in the context of a "job" that your clients are "hiring" you for. You can hear this framework pr...Show More

beyondyoursidehustle recommended:Jan 28th

This episode was eye opening in how to think about what you do performs for your customer.

mmJan 28th

@beyondyoursidehustle Glad you liked it! ICYMI: There's a discussion going on about this episode here: https://podyssey.fm/discussion/id4-Tech-Startup-Podcast-Club-Chat-%232%3A-What's-your-product's-%22Jobs-To-Be-Done%22-for-your-users%3F Would be lovely to have you as part of it!

danny recommended:Jan 26th

Great framework to think about what features you should built and prioritize for your product / app.