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How Workplaces — Not Women — Need to Change to Improve Equality

20:07 | Mar 3rd

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Michelle King, director of inclusion at Netflix, says it’s time to stop telling women to adapt to the male-dominated workplace and time for the workplace itself to change. Her prior academic research ...Show More


aliceko recommended:Mar 11th

Real talk about what is holding women back at work from an inclusion expert. We need to stop telling women it's their job to change things, when it's the job of the workplace. The system is getting it wrong: stop telling women to 'lean in'. It's the little things like changing the leadership mix tha...Show More

beaupsyMar 12th

@aliceko very well said and great summary!

beaupsy recommended:Mar 5th

All I could think when I heard this episode was 'YUSSS!' Finally someone saying what is REALLY happening to women (and most minorities) in business. Best listened to during your Monday morning commute when you're just about ready to blow up the glass ceiling.

mmMar 5th

Ohhhhh this is really interesting. I was just chatting to @jvaill about this. Looking forward to listening! @aliceko

alicekoMar 7th

@beaupsy @mm Thanks for sharing, love this episode! Great tangible tip at the very end for managers - hold regular meetings to discuss inclusion.