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The Incredibly True Story of Renting a Friend in Tokyo

23:37 | Jul 30th

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Contributing writer Chris Colin travels to Tokyo to rent a friend. Sounds kitschy, right? But as he navigates his newly forged—and reasonably priced—relationships with Miyabi, Yumi, and Yusuke, Chris ...Show More


jennx recommended:Sep 4th

Weird but fascinating. Depressing but hopeful. Loved the way this was narrated.

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shreyaismsSep 4th

@jennx gave this a listen right now. A strange episode indeed. Fun fact - in the Hindu communities of North West India, there are professional weepers. They are a group of women who wear black and come to funerals, crying and wailing loudly so that the family feels like they are mourning.

jennxSep 4th

@shreyaisms thanks for the fun fact! I’ve heard about India’s professional weepers before but now you’ve made me want to learn more!

olivier recommended:Aug 27th

This episode (and this whole podcast series) is so worth a listen. Really loved the idea of hiring a Japanese friend to explore the city.

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