And Nothing Less: The Untold Stories of Women’s Fight for the Vote

The Cult of True Womanhood

34:05 | Aug 5th

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To understand what the suffragists were up against, we have to look at why men -- and even some other women -- didn’t want women to have the right to vote at all. For more on the people and stories m...Show More


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In this episode, learn about the revolutionary history behind women’s right to vote (Suffrage) and how it was influenced and countered by racism (Black women’s right to vote), implications against the traditional Southern family (read: White supremacy), and even women who did not believe that women ...Show More

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One of several history serials/conversations honoring a century since the 19th amendment

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It’s Women’s Equality Day today! Celebrate with this new pod on about the undertold stories of suffragettes fighting for the right to vote. So interesting that they had to market their campaign with images of feminine white women so that they could be heard louder publicly 🤔

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