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Self Improvement Wednesday


A weekly lesson on a specific topic with some of Sydney's greatest teachers.


07:07 | Apr 17th, 2019

Originally a swamp, Sydney's Centennial Park is now a playground for adults and children alike. Professor Paul Ashton from the Australian Centre for Public History at the University of Technology tak...Show More

09:35 | Apr 10th, 2019

It's been around for millions of years and humans have been using it as long as we've been on earth. Learn about some of the benefits of honey in this super sweet Self Improvement with Liz Harry from ...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

09:05 | Apr 3rd, 2019

In some Australian species of the velvet worm, the male places a sperm packet on his head like a tiny trophy in order to attract females. Just one bizarre fact from today's Self-Improvement lesson wit...Show More

11:43 | Mar 27th, 2019

Music is everywhere and most of the time we voluntarily choose to listen to music.  But why? Take a listen to this week's lesson with Professor Emery Schubert, Leader of the Empirical Musicology Labor...Show More

09:23 | Mar 20th, 2019

New discoveries are casting fresh light on the long-asked question of how the Giza Pyramids were built. We know that they were not built with slaves - there was a permanent workforce of skilled labour...Show More
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