The Unexplained with Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes

Join Howard Hughes as he explores the world of the unexplained, live from London Howard has been in conversation with some of the world's most renown mediums and paranormal investigators, more information is available on The U...Show More

0:00 | Dec 2nd

Author of "Nuking The Moon", Dr Vince Houghton, who heads the International Spy Museum, on the crazy ways military science has devised to beat the enemy...

0:00 | Nov 24th

The return of world-famous author/contactee/visionary Whitley Strieber on his latest book "A New World" and his after-death contact with his life-partner Anne...
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0:00 | Nov 17th

Glasgow writer/film-maker Mark MacNicol on the real-life experience and afterlife research behind his new movie "Dreaded Light"

0:00 | Nov 8th

Scientist/researcher Cynthia Sue Larson on alternative realities, quantum physics consciousness and "the Mandela Effect"...

0:00 | Nov 1st

California author/researcher Matt Richtel fears we are getting "addicted" to technology with bad consequences for everyone
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