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We watch so you don’t have to! A podcast in which we watch TV and then offer our judgments. From the people who bring you The Incomparable.


43:30 | May 14th

We Discuss: This great little kinda-clip episode; How EVERYTHING is Lex’s fault; Earth-Prime’s impressive Lillian; Chekhov’s pysanka? Disappointment with Lena’s characterization; Unexplained mice; Lex...Show More

40:27 | May 8th

New York City is once again transformed into a battlefield, thanks in part to The Punisher. Granted, he did have some help from Russo and Pilgrim. Russo’s promise to build an army of disillusioned vet...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

27:43 | May 4th

Your “hosts” Kelly and Don are here for the final episode of Season Three. Lots of feelings, a bit of blurry video, and a snap assessment of the entire season before (soon) stepping into analysis....

51:31 | May 3rd

Your “hosts” Kelly and Don return to step into analysis for the penultimate episode of Season 3. This episode includes a quick inventory of our players, some stronger belief in some theories, and Kell...Show More

24:57 | Apr 27th

Your “hosts” Kelly and Don chat after watching the penultimate episode of Season Three! Some theories are proven correct, some questions are asked, and we get some questions to ponder when stepping in...Show More
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