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1:10:34 | Aug 2nd

Biologist Mohamed Noor takes a Seattle audience on a journey of exploration to boldly go where no one has gone before...or at least those not a part of the scientist community.
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56:01 | Jul 23rd

Author Lisa Taddeo was getting questions, such as, “What the f**k are you doing in the middle of Indiana?”

1:26:46 | Jul 19th

Coming to terms with the millennia-long struggle to normalize and respect menopause

1:23:22 | Jul 16th

It’s a brave new world for news media. The advertising revenue that kept newspapers afloat has dwindled. Reporters are being laid off.

1:16:29 | Jul 10th

Adam Gopnik waxes philosophical on the historic arc of a high ideal

1:18:21 | Jul 3rd

A philosopher fights back against post-truth and science denial

1:20:43 | Jun 27th

Author Eve Ensler was the victim of prolonged sexual, physical and mental abuse at the hands of her father.

1:17:16 | Jun 25th

Author Thom Hartmann argues that the intent inherent in the concept of “a well regulated militia” was warped in relatively recent years, resulting in an epidemic of gun violence.

49:13 | Jun 19th

Author Imbolo Mbue has come a long way from when she imagined America was what she saw on television programs like Beverly Hills 90210 and The Cosby Show.

55:24 | Jun 19th

Forest fires threaten our region. This PacSci panel discussion considers solutions

55:18 | Jun 6th

Annie Jacobsen takes a close look at “the tip of the tip of the spear”

59:04 | Jun 4th

Enjoy this roller coaster of a conversation with a one-of-a-kind cinema legend

59:52 | May 31st

Conversations from the Crosscut Festival: Valerie Jarrett, Doug Baldwin and Macklemore

1:27:01 | May 24th

Eric Liu’s new book, a collection of civic sermons, is ‘Become America’

1:00:18 | May 20th

The famed Mythbuster loves to create. Hear how he manages that process

59:53 | May 17th

Journalist Kara Swisher sees into the future of technology. That may scare the hell out of you, or give you hope.

1:22:55 | May 15th

David Brooks considers the ways human nature and ingenuity can help us rise above disunion

1:03:08 | May 14th

When, why and how Moby fell apart — and pulled it back together.

59:40 | May 10th

Civic Cocktail takes on KOMO’s controversial look at homelessness in our fair city

1:25:33 | May 6th

Listen in to the Seattle stop of the political power couple’s national tour

1:04:47 | May 3rd

Abrams fell short in her attempt to become the first African-American woman to govern an American state. She’s not letting that get her down.

1:04:26 | Apr 25th

Therapist Lori Gottlieb got by with a little help from HER therapist, then wrote the book

1:27:50 | Apr 24th

Concert lovers and loud Seattle sports fans alike: This KeyArena replacement is for you

1:10:53 | Apr 19th

Famed theoretical physicist conjures the future of humanity.

1:00:34 | Apr 11th

Preet Bharara and how the President of the United States 'created a space" for him to write his book.

55:14 | Apr 5th

How exactly did Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Shondra Rhymes handle“postracial racism” ?

54:00 | Mar 29th

Ignite #38 talks ranges from colorism, to uber driver confessions to dating tips from a former Dominatrix.

58:55 | Mar 21st

Tackling a mayorship can be like “changing channels every five minutes between 'The Wire', 'Parks and Recreation', and, occasionally, 'Veep,'” said Pete Buttigieg

59:53 | Mar 15th

News reporting is a crucial and costly endeavor. Here, veteran journalists discuss what it takes

1:01:21 | Mar 11th

The #MeToo movement has opened a door to more and better reporting on rape and sexual assault issues.

56:04 | Mar 8th

Journalist Jill Abramson on newsmaking and truth-telling in a fact-challenged society.

1:01:14 | Mar 1st

Doctors Ben Danielson and Shawn Ginwright talk trauma, capitalism and healthcare.

59:10 | Feb 26th

Stories from the first inaugural Tasveer South Asian Literary Festival

1:10:41 | Feb 22nd

John and Julie Gottman want to help your love life. And they know what they’re talking about.

59:45 | Feb 15th

Author and activist Soraya Chemaly is angry about patriarchy. She says her anger is both resentful and hopeful. Hear why.

38:17 | Feb 9th

Michael Eric Dyson’s keynote for “a triumphant King in the age of a tragic Trump”

59:15 | Feb 6th

Give them a week, they’ll give you 10 sound-rich, ear-opening local stories

46:57 | Jan 23rd

Themes included healing and thriving, peace through justice and local calls to action.

59:03 | Jan 18th

Author David Shields discusses the peculiar nature of our 45th President, a man he says is “wired to come undone.”

18:38 | Jan 17th

‘To honor Martin Luther King, Jr., engage with communities of color.’ Ijeoma Oluo on truth, love and the legacy of MLK.

1:00:38 | Jan 11th

Damien Echols survived a death sentence with friends like Eddie Vedder and High Magick.

1:00:32 | Dec 28th, 2018

When we think of segregation in the U.S. we often think of the past. We look to post-Civil War history and the Civil Rights movement. The legacy of those events receives due attention, but our history of residential segregation, not so much.

57:06 | Dec 14th, 2018

If Amazon accounted for 44 percent of all U.S. e-commerce last year, who can compete with that?

1:02:47 | Nov 21st, 2018

For the second year now, NAMI Washington has presented a storytelling event in Seattle called The Brainpower Chronicles.

1:01:40 | Nov 17th, 2018

Something prompted NPR’s Peter Sagal to take up running around the age of 40. That journey is the subject of his new book “The Incomplete Book of Running.”

1:45:07 | Nov 16th, 2018

What can we do to create and preserve a sustainable life here? “Shall we save the orca? Shall we solve for climate change? Shall we hang on to what we love about our place?” The answer may start with an Ampersand.

59:50 | Nov 12th, 2018

The first full-length biography of Fred Rogers sheds light on a brilliant career and the dearth of quality, educational children's television programming.

43:53 | Oct 5th, 2018

Johnson shares a few of his strategies when having difficult and divisive conversations with his fellow Americans.

51:46 | Sep 27th, 2018

Author Anand Giridharadas on what happens when wealth meets social change

59:22 | Sep 19th, 2018

Former Senator and Secretary of State John Kerry embraces the straight talk mantle.

52:40 | Sep 16th, 2018

As sea levels rise and coastal populations increase, more people are subject to flooding. Author Elizabeth Rush compiled research and the stories of people affected by sea level rise for her new book “Rising: Dispatches from the New American Shore.”

57:53 | Aug 23rd, 2018

This week on Speakers Forum we open a time capsule from last summer. It comes from the annual Smoke Farm Symposium. We were drawn there several years ago when the creators gave us a recording of some fascinating talks, punctuated by rainfall on the r...Show More