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RV Navigator

Ken & Martha, The RV Navigators

The digital home for RVers. RVing is not camping anymore. It has evolved into a high tech life style that requires maintaining many technology systems. This podcast addresses the myriad issues that arise while traveling in an RV. The podcasters tr...Show More

56:31 | May 1st

April 1st we fired up the RV for the trip back to Chicago. This was to be a meandering journey that would up the month. We planned to visit Savannah, Washington DC, Charlotte SC, and the Laurel Highlands of SE PA. All went well on this journey as ...Show More

1:01:10 | Apr 1st

this episode we are focused on our recent trip to Antartica. At the end of February, we headed South - way sou In th. In the land of ice, snow and rock that makes up the 7th continent. This land mass has no native animals, insects or plants (aside...Show More
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1:01:10 | Apr 1st

In this episode we are focused on our recent trip to Antartica. At the end of February, we headed South - way south. In the land of ice, snow and rock that makes up the 7th continent. This land mass has no native animals, insects or plants (aside ...Show More

51:07 | Mar 31st

February is always short, but because we are leaving for Antartica in late February, we are getting ready early. This maybe a time when we’ll be totally out of touch at the beginning of the month and thus not able to do the podcast, so we did it ear...Show More

1:01:50 | Feb 1st

CBS News came a calling to check out our podcast this month. This took the form of a 4 man crew coming to our RV site in FL to set-up and record your RV Navigator being interviewed by CBS Correspondent David Pogue. This took place on January 4th ...Show More

59:02 | Jan 1st

We begin our 13th year of the RV Navigator in the warmth of Florida. This episode is our annual NYE edition which features champaign and fun as the new year begins. Lots of RV tech topics to cover as your hosts share their adventures of the past ye...Show More

1:00:09 | Dec 1st, 2018

Once again we are on the road away from our motorhome so we don't have alot of RVing news. Back from our 3 cruise itinerary to Spain with a sail back to Miami. We sailed on a small 100 passenger ship within Spain and Portugal, then a super cruiser ...Show More

53:52 | Nov 1st, 2018

We’re off on a 39 day trip to Portugal, Spain and a transAtlantic sailing to Miami. Leaving from our winter home in Florida, first flying to Lisbon for an 11 day small ship cruise to Barcelona. This itinerary would have easily been done via a bus to...Show More

53:27 | Oct 1st, 2018

Rvers need to be flexible and mobile. We planned to be in SC this month, but the hurricane had other plans so we headed to FL early. After stopping in Gaffney SC for a quick check up of the MH, we were planning to visit relatives near the coast of ...Show More

54:20 | Sep 1st, 2018

R’n’R - you know rants and raves. This month once again, we have been in Chicagoland area, at home. Quite a wide range of topics in this Episode - from digital cameras to diesel vs gas to credit card use. We have replaced or added to our digital cam...Show More

1:07:45 | Aug 1st, 2018

Yes, still at our summer home. Yes, we do listen to podcasts beyond those that are about RVing. What are our favs beyond the RV Navigator? We tell all. We also pick up on several trending topics including hot skin, water heaters, new apps, and long...Show More

53:44 | Jul 1st, 2018

Summer at home or at our Summer home as we have come to call it is enjoying the warm months in Chicago with the RV securely parked until fall. By design, we stay home in summer. Although we did make a short camping outing to the lake shore at the I...Show More

51:32 | Jun 1st, 2018

After 23 days at sea from Australia (and the outback), we arrived home in IL for the summer. We spend summers at home so that families can have the campgrounds during their summer holidays. However, with more and more RVs being sold and on the road,...Show More

45:20 | Mar 31st, 2018

On the road in Sydney Australis this month. We are currently about 1 day ahead of our usual world - confusing to say the least. We left mid month for a 53 day journey that ends with us sailing back to Seattle from Sydney, Australia. It started with ...Show More

58:01 | Mar 1st, 2018

When in your travels do you shed the tourism mode and become more local? I think it has happened for us in Tucson with this visit. Not that we consider ourselves locals, but we have done the tourist things and have graduated to more low key, lesser...Show More

55:24 | Feb 1st, 2018

Winter in the North means we are in the warm - this year in Tucson, AZ. After a brief encounter with winter in IL, we flew back to LV and then on to Tucson for a couple of months. We enjoy the outdoor activities provided by this area of country.

55:57 | Jan 1st, 2018

2018 begins in Las Vegas where we celebrate on Freemont St. After flying back to our motorhome which was parked in LV for 5 weeks, we’ll be on the road again soon. We are cleaning up the RVNavigator mail box of topics this month with a bit bubbly ad...Show More

55:54 | Dec 1st, 2017

The holiday season finds us at home with the RV parked in LV for the month. We are flying round trip to LV to continue our winter in the good weather. Family and friends keep us coming back to Chicago for the holidays. Since last month, we drove o...Show More

1:00:34 | Nov 1st, 2017

Rt 50 is considered to be the loneliest highway and we traveled much of it this month as we traversed several deserts and vast planes of CA and NV. We also visited several NPs including Crater Lake, Lassen, Great Basin, & Yosemite. Spending just a fe...Show More

54:33 | Oct 1st, 2017

On the road from Washington State near Mt. St. Helens & Mt. Rainer. We left home in early Sept headed to some of the NPs that we had visited 30 years ago and missed (due to snow) on our trip 2 years ago. Back again to visit these spectacular locati...Show More

54:29 | Sep 1st, 2017

We’re on our way west to Rocky Mt, NP earlier than expected after Martha’s surgery so we’re starting new. Summer is nearly over but our travel are just beginning. Last months eclipse was an event to be remembered. The new Spark drone was put to goo...Show More

54:39 | Aug 1st, 2017

Another month at home enjoying the summer in Chicago. A great place to be in the warm months. Martha continues to progress and recover from her foot surgery in May. We are looking forward to hitting the road in the RV in September. So this month w...Show More

52:48 | Jul 1st, 2017

After a month of PT and careful walking, Martha is recovering from her foot surgery. She no longer has a cast or needs walking aids (we’ve had a knee scooter, walker, and cane this month) so we see major improvement from the original days after surg...Show More

58:36 | Jun 1st, 2017

At home again for several months as Martha recovers from foot surgery. Her inability to climb stairs & walk freely will keep us at home. We have lots of interesting RV topics to share. Many new RVers are getting on the road so we’re answering ques...Show More

51:20 | May 1st, 2017

Land (air) travel to Singapore where we boarded a 30 day cruise that ends in Rome, Italy after visiting ports in India, UAE, Greece and other countries. We spent a few days in Singapore enjoying its many sites. We spent some time in S’pore in the 70...Show More

1:05:18 | Apr 1st, 2017

The beginning of April finds us traveling again. We are currently sailing the high seas on our way from Singapore to Rome for a total of 30 days. However we began March in Cuba so we spend some time debriefing our Cuba adventure. It was not your u...Show More

45:15 | Mar 1st, 2017

A quick flight from Miami brought us to Cuba for a long planned 12 day tour of this forbidden island. We started in the East with our trip heading to Havana in the next week. I have been worried about the viability of the internet (Wifi) in Cuba, but...Show More

50:09 | Feb 1st, 2017

We start the month sailing in the Caribbean for a week sailing aboard the beautiful Harmony of the seas. She is todays largest cruise ship. Lots of innovation and digital enhancements. RFID wrist bands to provide access to rooms and accounts is ju...Show More

58:45 | Jan 1st, 2017

Our annual NYE live recording of the podcast is on location at TGO in Florida. Warm weather allowed us to record outdoors and with a glass or two of champagne. We even had an audience some podcast listeners joined us to welcome the new year. As us...Show More

51:25 | Dec 1st, 2016

After the family visit, we headed down to Titusville FL to stay on our lot at TGO for basically the first time. Several listeners greeted us warmly making it feel like home. However, making this purchase and staying at TGO gets us to thinking about r...Show More

51:51 | Nov 1st, 2016

Our travel plans are a bit different this year. We are taking the RV south in the fall before the winter season. We’ll be driving the toad back & forth in the cold weather. For now, we are visiting relatives in SC on our way to TGO in Florida. For ...Show More

51:37 | Oct 1st, 2016

Five days at sea highlighted our 16 day crossing of the Atlantic. We did make a major stop in Iceland for some great sightseeing, but we also spent quite a few days at sea. Many listeners would find this much unplanned time to be boring, but, from ...Show More

39:19 | Sep 1st, 2016

After enduring the hot spell that invaded much of the midwest and northwest for most of August, midmonth found us on a cruise in the Fjords of Norway. But this only after stops in NYC and Iceland. This part of the trip was a typical hotel stay wher...Show More

51:10 | Aug 1st, 2016

July was a month at home, but we are thinking of RV topics. We do an extended interview with our single RVer friend Mike about his adventures since our last interview. Now that his rig is more that a year old, he is considering an extended warranty...Show More

1:01:31 | Jul 1st, 2016

The final leg of our marathon 5 month travel adventure was completed just after Memorial Day with 2200 mile drive across the high planes back to Chicago. We hosted two visits from new motorhome owners while will provide interesting listening. We int...Show More

50:21 | Jun 1st, 2016

We traveled from SF to Vancouver Island during May as the final leg of our 6 month long west coast adventure. This month we drove the PCH, and visited the Olympic NP and many places in between in Oregon and Washington. We’ll have driven 8500 miles i...Show More

1:02:19 | May 1st, 2016

Travel this month was mostly in CA from the East where we visited Sequoia NP to the northern coast and Redwoods NP. In between we hosted our Australian friends & listeners in SF. We are now heading north on the PCH, the beautiful coastal highway. ...Show More

55:00 | Apr 2nd, 2016

Major travels this month to the bottom of the world in South America. We spent 22 days away from the RV in Chile & Argentina traveling to the remote Patagonia region. Follow our adventures on the sea and land as we tour the bottom of the world.

53:01 | Mar 1st, 2016

We are traveling in the desert west this month with stops in Las Vegas, Palm Springs, and Lake Havasu. Lots of photo ops as we attended the fireworks extravaganza & modernity week on our travels. We also visited Death Valley NP. Good weather made...Show More

49:55 | Feb 1st, 2016

We are celebrating our 10 year doing the podcast with a raffle that will take place in February, 2016. Entry details in the podcast & on the web. Our travels have taken us to many scenic places so far this winter but we are podcasting from Lake Mea...Show More

0:00 | Dec 1st, 2015

This month is our full report on our African Safari this month. We returned from 28 days on the Dark Continent with a 1000s of great animal photos and wonderful memories of a great trip. Our adventure ended mid month with a very long flight home and ...Show More

44:41 | Nov 1st, 2015

Even a fairly new RV needs repairs so this month we visited Newmar in Indiana. Thus just before heading for Dubai, UAE & Nairobi, Kenya for our African Safari. These plus lots of good RVing and travel info make up this episode.

51:05 | Oct 1st, 2015

After returning home, we have been trouble shooting problems both in the RV and at home. We share ideas, letters, tech tips and much more in this episode done from the home studio. This is a brief pause in travel before we head to Africa early next ...Show More

51:19 | Sep 1st, 2015

Two months in northern rural Canada and we didn’t see a moose. Lots of other sites as we ferried to Newfoundland & Labrador on our journey north. We are now headed home for a short stay before heading to Africa. The Caravan turned out to be a nice...Show More

51:29 | Aug 1st, 2015

Traveling North into Canada one sees lots of trees in this country of 35 million souls (1/10 the size of the US). We start our Maritime caravan that will take us to Labrador. We are 18 rigs that camp & tour together. This is our ½ way point on the ...Show More

53:35 | Jul 1st, 2015

After several weeks at home, we began our 2 month adventure that will go as far north as Labrador. The trip out involves 1200 miles to get to the caravan starting point. Lots of topics invade this podcast so give it a listen.

45:12 | Jun 1st, 2015

June fines us home with plans to leave at the end of the month for the Canadian Maritimes for the rest of the summer. Lots of tech talk today as Ken has been using his Apple Watch for most of the month. We also chat about adding advertising to the p...Show More

1:02:02 | May 1st, 2015

After purchasing our RV lot at The Great Outdoors in Titusville, FL on April 1st, we drove home to the cold of Chicago in the Spring. We feature an interview with fulltimers, Dan and Jonell who workcamp at Amazon for several weeks during the holiday ...Show More

59:20 | Apr 1st, 2015

March was spent traveling in SC. We started with the Freigthliner Wkshp in Gaffney & ended with our nieces wedding in Charleston with stops in Jekyll Island and Myrtle Beach thrown in. We had visits from listeners, old friends and family along the ...Show More

56:46 | Mar 1st, 2015

February turned out to be busy month for your RV Navigators. After a quick change of sites within the Great Outdoors, we met several listeners who tracked us down because they were in a campground near us. Of course we are always doing the tourist ...Show More

52:36 | Feb 1st, 2015

Having escaped the winter cold, we headed to the Tampa RV show early in Jan for a great time meeting many listeners. After 5 days park on the fairgrounds grass, we drove over to Titusville to find our site on the golf course at the Great Outdoors RV...Show More

40:53 | Jan 1st, 2015

The beginning of 2015 see us traveling south to Florida. With old motorhome sold, we are unburdened and financially strapped so we can enjoy the winter travels. Champaign was flowing on NYE, so this podcast have different character. Enjoy 2015. W...Show More

47:11 | Dec 1st, 2014

After a quick 2 weeks in the USVI (St Thomas and St John), we made it home for TG & Xmas. This month we focus on gifts for RVers. See the episode web page for all of the links and pictures. Many listeners contributed to the list via the Google Plus...Show More

48:01 | Jul 1st, 2014

This is the story of transition from the old RV to the 2012 Dutch Star motorhome. Will our stuff fit? How will it drive? Will be like all electric? What modifications will we make? All questions on the agenda.

34:01 | May 1st, 2014

We return home to winter after months of sun in AZ. I re-winterized the RV & prepared for some summer weather, only to be disappointed. New ideas & new topics are on our agenda this month as we dissect the winter travels. Next month we’ll be in Jap...Show More

46:56 | Sep 1st, 2012

Experiencing Alaska's scenic beauty through many miles of driving.

42:39 | Jun 1st, 2012

Our long awaited trip to Alaska begins this month with the long drive across the US to the Canadian Rockies. Follows us for the next few months as we explore our 49th state. Of course, we have lots more topics in the show, so take a listen.

51:16 | Dec 1st, 2011

Another podcast from the high seas without an RV. This months episode features an interview with some fellow RVers (Caravaners in their eyes) from Great Britain. They travel in their rig for months at a time by heading south to Spain.

44:58 | Oct 1st, 2011

Home once again for a month while we get ready for the next adventure. Your navigators share some tech tips,updates, and gadgets as well as full timing surprises. These along with the usual banter make this an interesting episode.

39:09 | Sep 16th, 2011

A flood caused detour found us at the end of the road - How to proceed was our dilemma. This plus many other observations and adventures are shared by your Hosts in this episode from upstate NY Wine country. News, also, for work campers, blogers, & ...Show More

40:31 | Sep 1st, 2011

We ended the episode with the wind howling outside our RV's window. We are glad to report that all is well in Irene's aftermath although it was a close call for us in Vermont. We are reporting from coastal Maine this month and many adventures to sha...Show More

40:23 | Aug 1st, 2011

A final thanks for those who voted for us. We have been cruising this month on the Carnival Glory out of NYC. Despite this time away, we have many RV topics on the agenda for this month. Emails have prompted some interesting discussion about RVing.

36:51 | Jul 1st, 2011

Big Thanks to all who voted for us in the recent Best Cruiser award - we won. We have been busy updating the RV in Elkhart for the past couple of weeks. New floor, fridge update and engine repair. These interesting topics plus our usual banter & top...Show More

42:42 | Jun 15th, 2011

After a fire safety demonstration we realized how much we didn't know about RV fires & emergency procedures, so we share with you what we learned. We answer listener emails, new web sites, and great products for RVers as part of this episode.

50:45 | Jun 1st, 2011

This month we have camping ideas from around the globe as we talk with a listener in the MIddle East about camping. This plus the usual Rving new and events will round out an exciting show. We appreciate those who have voted for us at budgettravel...Show More

36:52 | May 1st, 2011

After more than 4 months on the road, we arrived back in our stationary house late in April. We took a couple of extra days driving from SC to skirt the constant heavy storms that have plagued the southeast this spring. Without a fixed schedule we...Show More

37:06 | Apr 15th, 2011

We do see signs of Spring, but it is still too cold to be at home so we continue to travel the mid south. Lots of new RV topics are discussed in this episode including the most popular RVs, Trucker GPSs, digital TV meter, and new websites.

39:52 | Apr 2nd, 2011

A few miles from New Orleans is the Cajun country noted for seafood & music. We spent a nice couple of weeks enjoying both before heading to Natchez to travel the Trace north. We share tips and some new gadgets during this episode for our listeners.

44:40 | Mar 14th, 2011

Twelve days in New Orleans gave us a chance to really have the full Mardi Gras experience. Ending on Fat Tuesday, it was an extravaganza unlike anything we have experienced before. We bring you all of the details and our impressions of this event.

40:06 | Mar 1st, 2011

Leaving warm Sarasota we headed north to what turned out to be more great weather in the Florida panhandle. This area combines the best of old & new Florida with great camping and reasonable prices. We also share several email comments from listene...Show More

50:59 | Feb 15th, 2011

After a month in place, we start the engine to head northwest on the trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. This episode features an interview with Bob & Linda full timers who are making some big changes after several years on the road.

49:03 | Feb 1st, 2011

Our report on the differences between winter RVing in Florida compared with wintering in Texas. We have been in the RV bubble in Florida for over 2 weeks, so we have some interesting comparisons to make. This plus the latest RVing news.

44:25 | Jan 16th, 2011

After spending a week on the Atlantic coast we head to the Tampa Super show. Listeners, show highlights, and repairs have dominated our time at the show. What's happening and what are the trends in RVing is our main topic.

44:29 | Jan 2nd, 2011

We begin our usual trip south for the winter as we celebrate episode 60, our 5th year of doing the podcast. This year takes us to Florida and several adventures in the southland this winter. Class A or 5th Wheel? What's with megapixels? Topics for #...Show More

59:20 | Dec 15th, 2010

We have yielded to listener request by adding a mid month version of the RV Navigator. We never thought this podcast would generate such interest, but if you want to hear our rantings, you'll now get them more often. The RVers Xmas list is our topic.

59:20 | Nov 25th, 2010

We always find it hard to believe that we have so many loyal listeners, but we hear from them regularly each month so it must be true. Based on the number of downloads the RV Navigator is reaching quite a large number of interested RVers and others...Show More

59:20 | Nov 1st, 2010

This months RVing adventure was a short 4 days in Parke County Indiana home of 32 covered bridges. Covered bridge may conjure up images of New England but Indiana's Parke County has more in a compact space than anywhere else. They have 5 driving ro...Show More

59:24 | Oct 1st, 2010

Our cruise continued into September as we enjoyed the Crown Princess for almost a month of cruising on our way to New York City. After some difficulty uploading last months changes, we are back with good internet and easily able to make this months ...Show More

36:33 | Sep 1st, 2010

We come to your this month from the oceans around the British Isles several thousand miles from home. Once again we are doing "RVing on Steroids" on a cruise ship - no navigating, no cooking, no cleaning. Join us for some RV news at sea.

42:22 | Aug 1st, 2010

We headed south in July knowing that the temperatures would be on the rise as we hit Louisville, KY. This was the site of the largest RV show in the country this year so we felt compelled to see the show regardless of the summer heat. We did spend ...Show More

46:53 | Jul 1st, 2010

RV manufactures generally do not build the entire RV because they buy the chassis with engine from chassis builder. Once the chassis leaves their factory, the RV manufacturer adds the body and interior. Responsibility for warranty and repair of the...Show More

45:58 | Jun 1st, 2010

After 4+ months of travel on the road, we headed back North to the Chicago area to visit our stick home. Having traveled about 7 months out of the last year, we wonder if having a home is really worth it. It is, however, nice to be "home" again. T...Show More

49:31 | May 2nd, 2010

We have been on the road most of the month, although for us that means staying for a week or so at a time in each campground. After the Texas coastal experience, we headed in land to check out the Texas Hill country near Austin. Spring in this area ...Show More

59:36 | Apr 2nd, 2010

I toyed with making some lame Aprils fools joke this month, but we did not want to mislead our listeners. We make enough honest mistakes so that intentional ones would not be appreciated. The RVIA reports that February RV shipments to dealers is up...Show More

53:14 | Mar 1st, 2010

Waiting, waiting, waiting in the RGV for the weather to finally warm enough to hit the road. We have many plans for travel in Texas, but this winter has been cold even here, so we are waiting until El NIno gets through with winter. Mid month we h...Show More

55:31 | Feb 1st, 2010

After arriving in South Texas in late December, we have spent a stationary month in the Rio Grande Valley. This month, we interviewed some long time fulltimers, attended the local RV show, & did some comparisons of the RGV & other warm weather spots.

35:47 | Jan 1st, 2010

Leaving home in the winter is always a challenge and this year was no exception. However, 4 days later in Texas, our windshield was loaded with warm weather bugs. This episode made on the last day of the decade, includes some old and some new topics.

41:32 | Dec 1st, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy Thanksgiving from your RV Navigators. Oh, yes we are on the road again but not in the RV. After a cold couple of weeks in Northern Europe to begin the trip, we have made our way to Rome and points south as we head eventual...Show More

59:36 | Nov 1st, 2009

Despite the very cold and rainy October in the midwest, we did get away for a short weekend of RVing with some new friends who have just purchased a new 2009 motorhome. You'll hear about the purchase and their impressions in an interview we conducte...Show More

44:51 | Oct 1st, 2009

A few technical issues are still outstanding from our comments last month. iTunes downloading seems to be going smoothly since I updated some software. I explain how to actually download our podcast (for listening later) instead of listening live. ...Show More

50:03 | Aug 29th, 2009

Several readers have emailed with problems with downloading via iTunes. I have tried to fine a solution to the perplexing problem and I must apologize for the inconvenience for those who are experiencing download issues. The problem seems to be the...Show More

47:16 | Aug 1st, 2009

Ride em cowboy was our mantra this month as we made our way North to attend the Calgary Stampede. This is a traditional rodeo with major side shows to visitor entertained. We attended with the help of Fantasy RV tours who made all of the arrangement...Show More

43:47 | Jul 1st, 2009

After a long drive from our home in the burbs of Chicago, we spent a week in Flagstaff catching up with a town which hosted us for some university classes in 1978. That was the last time we were in this area, so we were anxious to retrace some of ou...Show More

37:22 | Jun 2nd, 2009

After only 6 weeks at home the travel bug hit us again so we cranked up the motorhome to head to Arizona and points North. That's the grand plan, but leaving on May 15th with those many days and miles of road between us and Arizona, left us rather r...Show More

55:06 | May 1st, 2009

After several long flights, the RV Navigator arrived home from 83 days in New Zealand & Australia in early April. This month we are glad to share a new RV song and an interesting interview with another Australian RVing couple, Andrew and Catherine. T...Show More

45:37 | Mar 31st, 2009

If you tried to download last months episode (March, 2009) and found 20 minutes of silence about a minute into the show, please download it again. This mistake was online for about 12 hrs. Sorry for the mistake, I have no explanation for this gap -...Show More

52:48 | Mar 1st, 2009

Have you thought of an RV vacation in New Zealand? Hundreds of RVers are traveling to New Zealand to see the sights and enjoy the wilderness. We don't know how many are Americans, but there are "camper-vans" on every road at every major tourist att...Show More

40:17 | Feb 1st, 2009

This winter we decided to head really far south, crossing the equator, dateline, hemisheres abd multiple time zones, to find a real summer experience. We landed in Auckland NZ for a month of travel via rental RV. In our case we are renting a 21ft J...Show More

44:02 | Jan 1st, 2009

The end of our 3 season of doing the podcast and it has been rewarding. We now have over 1600 downloads per month plus we hear from many listeners. It is time to say thanks for listening. Year end bring lots of interesting topics for this month ep...Show More

36:45 | Dec 1st, 2008

A warm holiday greeting from your RV Navigators is the first order of business. We have heard from so many listeners about their RVing hopes and dreams this past year. It has been very rewarding for us. We are homebodies for the holidays. Since ret...Show More

41:46 | Oct 31st, 2008

It has been quite a month on the road for us. With falling prices of diesel, we feel more like hitting the road and that is exactly what we did. We left you on the coast of Maine eating Lobster. We headed inland to take in the fall colors of New E...Show More

44:41 | Oct 1st, 2008

This month has been full of great experiences from interviewing two of our listeners to eating many lobster dinners in the RV. A week on Cape Cod in the off season was a great way to introduce us to the best of New England via some great beaches, sc...Show More

38:32 | Sep 1st, 2008

Labor day finds us in Boston, MA at a very nice campground. You'll remember that the weather in the Northeast was perfect this year and we made the most of it. We don't travel much on Labor day, but this year we wanted to be ready to see the fall c...Show More

46:11 | Aug 1st, 2008

Once again we are podcasting from the home front but we have lots of good RV stuff to share. Really our listeners have been sharing with us this month by sending comments via email and voicemail. In these days of bad news in the RV industry, we try t...Show More

41:46 | Jul 3rd, 2008

With lots of days of perfect weather, Chicago is a delight in the summer - this is our camping off season! The big city offers a plethora of interesting activities for all tastes - including the taste of Chicago food festival. We bike the lake fron...Show More

42:28 | Jun 1st, 2008

We, like all RVers are faced, with dramatically rising costs for our favorite means of travel (not that other modes are not also facing increases). How will be cope? After discussing the latest RV trends many of which involve fuel saving technology,...Show More

36:22 | May 1st, 2008

It has always been one our dreams to sail the ocean blue on a small boat. The opportunity to act on this dream presented itself when we met a real sailor who was looking for a crew. This started our La Paz sailing adventure aboard the "Gato de Cort...Show More

40:15 | Apr 2nd, 2008

Life after "The Rally" in Perry, GA. We basically headed for home and cold weather. Yes, the motorhome had to be winterized for the second time this season. Temps in Chicago are not reliably above freezing until mid-May. In the podcast, we share ...Show More

40:13 | Mar 18th, 2008

Follow our adventures in the Peach state as we travel the roads of Georgia on our way to attending the national RV Rally in Perry, GA. This rally attended by thousands of RVers with their rigs showcases all of the latest RV technology and updates. ...Show More

40:01 | Mar 2nd, 2008

Our goal for this winter's warm weather traveling was to circumnavigate Florida without a schedule. We started on the West coast near Tampa and spent the month traveling south to the Keys and then back North as we gradually head toward home. We had...Show More

35:29 | Feb 1st, 2008

After some delay in starting our trip South due to poor weather/road conditions, we got under way in -3 degree weather at home. Just a few days later we had made the journey south where the weather turned out to be very nice thus making the trip wor...Show More

32:51 | Jan 1st, 2008

As we begin the new year our thoughts turn to hitting the RV road and how to handle the cold that we experience while RVing in the winter. We begin with some interesting news from the RV industry- trends and developments as well as some takes on new...Show More

45:16 | Dec 1st, 2007

After spending a couple of months on the road -not RVing - we are once again at home planning our next RV trip. We'll be heading off to Florida for the winter season. Nothing stationary for us this years as we'll moving around the entire state foll...Show More

36:12 | Nov 1st, 2007

RVing is never very far from our thoughts and is one of favorite means of travel. In order to see much of the world however, we have to leave the RV. This month we are on a suitcase trip that will take us to Ireland. It might be possible to RV in I...Show More

28:03 | Oct 1st, 2007

We have been cruising since 1973 - almost as long as we have been RVing so we have had many exciting trips on various cruise ships over the years. When we thing of cruising is it in many ways like RVing. Compact living away from home. AHHH, but crui...Show More

38:16 | Sep 1st, 2007

We take the opportunity to wrap up a couple of issues from previous months and to share our experience with custom cabinetry for our rig. Wether it's a motorhome, 5th wheel, or TT , it probably is not exactly as you'd wanted from the factory. The E...Show More

33:53 | Aug 1st, 2007

Dog days of August but we are still at working customizing our motorhome. Lots has happened this past month, but we are focusing on our internet connection options this month. You can rely on campgrounds for internet connectivity or you can bring it...Show More

36:49 | Jul 1st, 2007

Several emails have prompted us to describe the process that we went though in making the switch between a 5th wheel trailer and a Diesel pusher motorhome. Our rational make sense to us but it may not be for everyone. Join in the discussion via emai...Show More

37:57 | Jun 1st, 2007

Join us as we go through the process of buying a new (to use) rig for future adventures. How to buy and sell on the web as well as our use of the web for other RV issues and questions.

33:07 | Apr 30th, 2007

Join us for a discussion of the pros and cons of membership campinng - is it for you? Topic two is an interview with two new owners of a Sportsmobile class B RV. Why did they choose this type of RV? Is Sportsmobile for you?

35:19 | Apr 10th, 2007

The RV caravan is a great way to get introduced to RVing in Mexico. Our experiences were very positive, but there are some special techniques that are required to camp in this interesting country. Over all they are not set up with full service camp...Show More

36:39 | Mar 1st, 2007

The RV Navigators are on a 44 day caravan RV tour of Eastern Mexico including the Yucatan. The trip has many interesting aspects and challenges. One problem while in a developing country is clean water. Your Navigator spend some time explaining the...Show More

46:19 | Feb 1st, 2007

Have you considered full time Rving - selling your house and your possessions in order to hit the road full time? Is this a dream or reality for those of any age? Today we interview a couple in their 40s who have done just that. How do they manage ...Show More

40:44 | Jan 20th, 2007

The weather in southern Texas turned down right cold in January, 2007 so your hosts had to hunker down in their rig until the warm returned. The RV resort life style can be enjoyed in many parts of the country. Get your hosts impressions of several...Show More

30:56 | Dec 1st, 2006

With Christmas 2006 fast approaching, the RV Navigators explore some gifts for the Technology oriented RVer in your family. The list is use during the entire years as it has many interesting suggestions, tips and hints.

34:06 | Nov 1st, 2006

With the official switch to digital TV scheduled for 2009, it is critical that RVers buy with the future in mind. What are the choices and how do they fit into the RV mobile lifestyle are the topics of discussion today.

41:41 | Jul 1st, 2006

This espisode takes you into the reality of mobile internet - how to connect, speeds, options while you’re on the road. While talking about connectivity, we explain the idea of having a travel blog.

40:02 | May 1st, 2006

The post South Africa caravan report plus information on buying a GPS Navigation system for your RV.

29:08 | Apr 22nd, 2006

Join us in the second of our reports on our RV Caravan adventure in South Africa. What are the campgrounds, roads and scenery experiences in this country so far away from home.

19:04 | Apr 3rd, 2006

We have been on a 5 week adventure of RVing in South Africa. With the senic beauty and natural wild life to match any country in the world, this trip was an RVing highlight to date. We’ll be describing our adventure and sharing our experiences with...Show More

35:02 | Mar 2nd, 2006

Driving the Florida panhandle with a visit to the Johnson Space Center. We like to ride our bikes so we share our bike rack experiences plus talk about blogs and recommend ours.

35:02 | Feb 16th, 2006

Your RV Navigators head north for a senior learning experience at an Elder Hostel. Topics include learning while RVing, choosing a long term destingation, and an introduction to Geocaching.

34:13 | Feb 6th, 2006

Boondocking with your RV - what's involved. The RV Navigators are camping on the beach, but still living the high tech lifestyle. What are the issues and experience that need to be shared.

03:31 | Jan 11th, 2006

This short segment will introduce you to the RV Navigator Podcast - our hopes and dreams for this endeavor. The audio is a bit rough but we are still learning. It is a big step betweening RVing and podcasting but we are anxious to share our experien...Show More