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CBC Radio's Tapestry is a weekly exploration of spirituality, religion and the search for meaning, hosted by Mary Hynes.

54:09 | Dec 6th

Expert organizer Tracy McCubbin says there’s a deeply emotional component to our attachment to our belongings. Meik Wiking says with a few simple techniques, you can actively build yourself a storehouse of happy memories.

54:10 | Nov 29th

For decades, the relationship between police, people in the sex trade, and the media has been fraught with mistrust and mutual suspicion. Over the last 13 months, the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, an organization called Thrive, and CBC NL have bee...Show More
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54:09 | Nov 22nd

Buddhist teacher and professor of management Ronald Purser makes the case that mindfulness is the new capitalist spirituality. And a Tapestry listener argues that small talk is anything but frivolous.

54:10 | Nov 15th

Retired United Church minister Bruce Sweet becomes a forest therapist. Dalhousie professor Michael Ungar weighs in on the true path to resilience. And TV reporter Ginella Massa on how she handled "compliments" about her new body.

54:10 | Nov 8th

In celebration of Tapestry's 25th anniversary, here's two interviews that won gold at the New York Festivals Radio Awards: The tattooed pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber and The atheist evangelical minister known as “Adam.”
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53:40 | Nov 1st

Writer Rax King explains why she stopped paying attention to critics and embraced her own "guilty pleasures". And political journalist Li Zhou analyzes the interplay of sex, religion, and morality in the world of the Bachelor and the Bachelorette.

54:10 | Oct 25th

Writer Lauren McKeon, life coach Laurie Sanci and writer Nav Alang share unique perspectives on the experience of being childless. From cultural pressures to societal expectations, all three are finding ways to navigate a life without kids.

54:10 | Oct 18th

The state of the world making you a little anxious? Tapestry has your back this week with secular rituals: the traditions that human beings find soothing, or helpful, or somehow inspiring, in a world that can put you on edge - with sports and music.

54:10 | Oct 11th

Briallen Hopper writes about friends in new collection of essays Hard to Love. Clarens Commons is a house bought by six friends in an experiment in communal living. And Writer Miciah Bay Gault rethinks loneliness.

50:27 | Oct 4th

Tapestry turns 25 this season and we're marking the occasion by digging into the archives for the most requested shows ever. We revisit our conversations with Irish poet and ex-priest John O'Donohue and gospel singer Mavis Staples.

54:10 | Sep 27th

Poet Ross Gay, author of The Book of Delights, says observing small joyful moments is a social and political act in a world that prefers proficiency. And how inclusive design that gives access to people with disabilities can deepen the artistic exper...Show More

54:10 | Sep 20th

Steven Stosny is a psychologist who coined the term 'headline stress disorder' during the 2016 election in the United States. It’s a state of fear and anxiety brought on by the intense onslaught of provocative news headlines, and it’s a condition he ...Show More

54:10 | Sep 13th

Dr. Marc Agronin on his new book "The End of Old Age," and how to preserve the memory of a loved one with a chatbot.

54:10 | Sep 6th

Caleb Cain went from white nationalist to progressive over the course of two years. He credits YouTube star Natalie Wynn, known as ContraPoints, who both challenges and empathizes with people on the far right. Growing up in Toronto's most notorious ...Show More

54:10 | Aug 30th

Whether it’s the weekend or a holiday, the way you approach time off can say a lot about the balance of work and life in your world.

54:43 | Jun 21st

There's plenty of advice out there on how to accomplish more and more each day. But author Jenny Odell says that kind of busyness tends to be reactionary and detracts from our ability to think clearly and focus on ourselves. Instead, she argues if yo...Show More

54:43 | Jun 14th

Author Irshad Manji argues adversarial behaviour towards people you disagree with holds back social progress. “When you are willing to hear, you in turn are more likely to be heard. And that is the simple, iron-clad law of human psychology.” How d...Show More

50:19 | Jun 7th

"We are the creatures that are able to think about who we are and (so) we are the intellect of the universe as we know it." Marcelo Gleiser is a theoretical physicist, an agnostic, and one of the most eloquent people you'll ever hear on the inherent...Show More

54:43 | May 31st

This week on Tapestry: homes, housing, and wealth. The self-made myth: Forbes magazine declared Kylie Jenner as the first self-made billionaire ... and the internet blew up. How could Kylie Jenner, scion of the Kardashian clan, really be considered ...Show More

54:41 | May 24th

Politics and religion in Game of Thrones: Game of Thrones wraps as a secular fantasy epic that questions and subverts the genre's typically dominant theological narratives, argues Robert Joustra, a Canadian political scientist. And, Algorithms and t...Show More

54:43 | May 17th

When it comes to climate change, New York magazine deputy editor David Wallace-Wells, says we are far into panic territory. He tells Tapesty's Mary Hynes why he believes that, despite what should be dread-inducing data, so many of us continue to live...Show More

54:42 | May 10th

Jean Vanier, the Canadian who created the L'Arche network of communities for intellectually disabled people, has died. Tapestry revisits a 2005 interview in which Jean Vanier told Mary Hynes about the genesis of his beliefs, the founding of L'Arche a...Show More

54:43 | May 3rd

Parents today are facing more pressure and scrutiny than ever before. But Ann Douglas wants to celebrate the fact that parents don't have to be perfect, rather than spread the narrative that parenting is an exercise in misery. Erica Lenti's traditio...Show More

54:42 | Apr 26th

Researcher Arthur Aron has some surprising ideas on how to make love work. One romance tip? Increase your likelihood of falling in love by having someone threaten you with electric shock. It may sound absurd, but the science indicates that love is ne...Show More

54:43 | Apr 12th

Carrah Quigley was 19 when she learned her father was a school shooter. Quigley explains how her father's story changed the way she understands violent crimes and the people who commit them. UBC sociologist Sinikka Elliott was curious about the cur...Show More

54:43 | Apr 5th

Twenty-five years ago this month, the Rwandan genocide began. Genocide survivor Eloge Butera was dealing with deep psychological trauma when he came to Canada several years after the atrocities. Not long after arriving in Winnipeg, Butera encounter...Show More

54:42 | Mar 29th

Philosopher Lee McIntyre says more than ever, society needs its thinkers to engage in public discourse; and writer T. Wise struggles with how to honour his parents, now that it's too late to give them grandkids.

54:45 | Mar 22nd

Author Reniqua Allen says once segregation ended as official US policy, black Americans started believing they too could benefit from the promise of economic freedom and upward mobility white Americans took for granted. Decades later, she says, the f...Show More

31:38 | Mar 22nd

Author Reniqua Allen says once segregation ended as official US policy, black Americans started believing they too could benefit from the promise of economic freedom and upward mobility white Americans took for granted. Decades later, she says, the f...Show More

20:16 | Mar 22nd

That stereotype that black people don't do the great outdoors ? Phillip Dwight Morgan blows it out of the water. He's an experienced rock climber, canoeist and camper with an endless list of back-country adventure stories. His status as a "real Canad...Show More