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Highlights from Moncrieff

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The daily dose of madness and intrigue from Sean Moncrieff and his rebel radio crew.

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10:02 | Mar 24th

The Irish Government this afternoon are expected to bring in stricter measures but stopping short of the UKs total 3 week shutdown. Henry McKean went to a secluded beach and social distance met the pu...Show More

14:37 | Mar 23rd

Sean was joined by Kristen Richardson Author of ' The Season: A Social History Of The Debutante.   If you'd like to subscribe and listen to the Moncrieff podcast elsewhere, tap the links: Apple Podcas...Show More
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14:52 | Mar 20th

Sean was joined on the show by Emma Louise Tully author of The Haunting Of Sharon Rectory.

11:33 | Mar 19th

As we all adjust to the new reality of Covid 19 social distancing how are people coping and how hard is it to practically be 2 metres apart when out walking or in the supermarket. Henry McKean strappe...Show More

09:25 | Mar 12th

More and more of us are giving up fast fashion (buying cheap clothes and wearing them once) But could you go for 10 years without shopping and what is the oldest item of clothing you own? Henry McKean...Show More
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