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Celtic Myth Podshow

Gary & Ruth Colcombe, Celtic Myth, Legend, Fairies & Folklore


The Celtic Myth Podshow will tell you ancient tales, stories, legends, folklore and mythology of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany and the Isle of Man bringing you the bravery of heroes and heroines, the magnificent pantheon of gods and go...Show More

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30:57 | May 18th

Nissien and Efnissien arrive home from Rome and Efnissien discovers that the marriage between Branwen and the Irish King Matholwch has been arranged without his knowledge or presence. He feels he has ...Show More

33:35 | May 9th

Is Matholwch going to be the right husband for Branwen? Will Bran and Matholwch agree on a policy of mutual aid should either the Kingdom of Erin or the Island of the Mighty be invaded? And if they do...Show More
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34:39 | Mar 31st

A huge Irish fleet arrives on the shores of Wales with an interesting proposal for Bran, the Welsh High King. Matholwch, the Irish High King, arrives on the shores of Wales with a proposition for Bran...Show More

44:50 | Mar 3rd

The great King Llyr marries Penarddun in a great feast attended by the High King, who has a special plan for him. Their marriage is full of joy but sadly interrupted by a terrible tragedy. Penarddun f...Show More

38:49 | Feb 2nd

Part 1 of the Second Branch of the Mabinogion story. Dyfed's chief Druid, Pendaran has some serious news for Pwyll and Rhiannon. Their young boy Pryderi has to be sent away to be fostered in the the c...Show More
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