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With our regular podcast, we aim to provide you with up to date interviews and debate with opinion leaders in health and medicine, from our studio or from conferences. Listen in and let us have your comments at


46:22 | May 22nd

This week we're focussing on what kind of information we need to be able to collect and use as the country transitions out of lockdown - and why local lockdowns may be here for some time. We also h...Show More

54:40 | May 21st

With COVID-19 still ongoing, and at the forefront of the minds of doctors, patients and members of the public alike, difficult conversations are taking place - GPs are encouraged to talk about death w...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

23:07 | May 21st

Does history count as a non-pharmaceutical intervention? Much of our view on what to do in this pandemic has been influenced by the 1917 Spanish 'flu outbreak - even though covid-19 seems to be acting...Show More

15:55 | May 19th

Hydroxychloroquine is in the news again - as Trump and some news organisations are pushing it as a treatment, despite evidence (published in The BMJ) showing it lacks efficacy, and has a load of poten...Show More

38:24 | May 17th

Big data is being crunched to help us tackle some of the enormous amount of uncertainty about covid-19, what the symptoms are, fatality rate, treatment options, things we shouldn't be doing. In the...Show More
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