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Freight Train Boogie Podcasts

Bill Frater

The Freight Train Boogie podcasts are all about Americana and roots music. Most shows feature new songs from great independent artists. All of the songs featured on the show were written and published by the artists and they have given us permission ...Show More
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1:00:06 | Sep 9th

Show #451 Terri Hendrix - Talk To A Human  (Talk To A Human) Garrett T Capps - All Right, All Night  (All Right, All Night) Son Volt - The Reason   (Union) Elaina Kay - Daddy Issues  (Issues) (mic break) I See Hawks in L.A. & The Good Intentions...Show More

1:01:33 | Aug 23rd

Show #450   Che Apalache -  The Dreamer  (Rearrange My Heart)   Eilen Jewell - You Cared Enough To Lie  (Gypsy)  Dale Watson - Inside View   (Call Me Lucky)    Rodney Crowell - Flatland Hillbillies  (Texas)   (mic break) Joe Pug - The Flood In Col...Show More
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1:00:42 | Aug 9th

Show #449   Buddy & Julie Miller - Breakdown On 20th Ave. South  (Breakdown On 20th Ave. South) Austin Plaine - Honey  (Stratford)   Vandoliers - Shoshone Rose  (Forever)  Generation - You Do,Too  (Playing In The Elysian Fields) (mic break) Chuck ...Show More

1:01:02 | Jul 19th

Show #448 ¬† Griffin House - Mighty Good Friend¬† (Rising Star) Kristy Kr√ľger - What I Do¬† (Fever of Unknown Origin) Nick Dittmeier & The Sawdusters -¬† Trouble Song¬† ¬†(All Damn Day) Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real - Lotta Fun¬† (Turn Off the New...Show More

57:48 | Jul 4th

Show #447   (intro bed) Arlen Roth with Steve Wariner & Cindy Cashdollar  - Remington Ride  (Tele-Masters) Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis - Nobody’s Perfect  (Beautiful Lie)  Chuck Mead - Close to Home  (Close To Home)   Colter Wall - Tying Knots ...Show More

59:45 | Jun 22nd

Show #446   Gary Nicholson - Soft Spot  (The Great Divide)  Kelly Hunt - Gloryland   (Even the Sparrow) The Gibson Brothers - Sweet Lucinda  (Mockingbird)   Doug Seegers - Demon Seed  (A Story I Got to Tell)  (mic break) Carsie Blanton - Buck Up...Show More

1:00:08 | Jun 8th

Show #445   Ian Noe - Letter to Madeline  (Between The Country) The Lark And The Loon -  Change Our Tune  (2)   Amy Ray - Jesus Was A Walking Man  (Holler) TK & The Holy Know-Nothings - Desert Rose (Arguably OK) (mic break) Willard Gayheart - My...Show More

1:00:35 | May 25th

Show #444   The South Austin Moonlighters - Travel Light  (Travel Light)    Little Sue - Gold  (Gold)   The Stryker Brothers  - Rocking Chair  (Burn Band)    The Shootouts -  Cleaning House (Quick Draw)   (mic break) Joy Williams - Front Porch (Fro...Show More

1:00:07 | May 11th

Show #443   Josh Ritter - I Still Love You (Now and Then) (Fever Breaks) Caroline Spence - Song About A City  (Mint Condition) Goodnight Moonshine - January Skies   (I'm The Only One Who Will Tell You You're Bad)  Silver Lake 66 - Blue Earth Count...Show More

59:52 | Apr 27th

Show #442   Kora Feder - Meditation Song   (In Sevens) Leo Rondeau - Washed Up Troubadour  (Right On Time)    DocFell & Co - Three Chords  (Heaven, Hell or Oklahoma) Austin Meade - Savannah  (Waves)   (mic break) Greg Jacobs - A Heart Is Breaking...Show More

59:21 | Apr 13th

Show #441   Molly Tuttle - Million Miles  (When You're Ready)    Tim Bluhm - Where I Parked My Mind  (Sorta Surviving)  Dawn Landes - Why They Name Whiskey After Men   (Meet Me at the River) Robert Ellis - Topo Chico  (Texas Piano Man)   (mic brea...Show More

59:41 | Mar 30th

Show #440   Andy Statman - Monroe Bus  (Monroe Bus)  (intro music bed) Tim O'Brien - Amazing Love  (Tim O'Brien Band) Kim Lenz - Pine Me  (Slowly Speeding) White Owl Red - Existential Frontiers  (Existential Frontiers) J.S. Ondara - American Drea...Show More

58:37 | Mar 17th

Show #439   Steve Poltz - Ballin’ On A Wednesday  (Shine On) Yola - Ride Out In The Country  (Walk Through Fire)   The Contenders - Not Enough  (Laughing with the Reckless)   Ben Dickey - Sing That One To Me  (A Glimmer On The Outskirts) (mic brea...Show More

1:00:34 | Mar 1st

Show #438   Chatham County Line - Walk Don’t Run   Sharing The Covers  (intro bed) Hayes Carll - American Dream  (What It Is) Amelia White - Free Advice  (Rhythm Of The Rain)   Steve Conn - Famous   (Flesh and Bone)   Dale Watson - Tupelo Mississi...Show More

1:00:51 | Feb 16th

Show #437   Reed Foehl - Stealing Starlight  (Lucky Enough)   Amy McCarley - Ain't Life Funny  (Meco)    Ben Bostick - Work, Sleep, Repeat   (Hellfire)  Danny Burns - Human Heart  (North Country) (mic break) Eric Brace, Peter Cooper & Thomm Jutz ...Show More

1:00:08 | Feb 2nd

Show #436   Joshua Ray Walker - Canyon  (Wish You Were Here)    Lula Wiles - Hometown  (What Will We Do)    Paul Cauthen - My Cadillac  (Have Mercy) David Graff - Another Way To Hurt Me  (Supposed To Fly)    (mic break) The Delines - Let's Be Us A...Show More

1:00:12 | Jan 17th

Show #435   Jamie Lin Wilson - Oklahoma Stars  (Jumping Over Rocks)    Doug Paisley - No Way to Know   (Starter Home) Uncle Ben's Remedy -  Angels And Ambulances  (The Things That You Bring Back) The Black Lillies - Ten Years  (Stranger To Me)   (m...Show More

1:00:12 | Jan 4th

Show #434  (Best of 2018 Show)   John Prine - No Ordinary Blue (The Tree of Forgiveness) Cordovas - Standin' On The Porch (That Santa Fe Channel) Kelly Willis - I'm a Lover (not a Fighter) (Back Being Blue) Western Centuries - Own Private Honky To...Show More

1:04:24 | Dec 19th, 2018

Show #433…  (2018 Christmas show)   Shinyribs - Linus & Lucy  (The Kringle Tingle)  (intro bed) Rodney Crowell - Christmas Everywhere feat. Lera Lynn  (Christmas Everywhere) JD McPherson - Every Single Christmas   (Socks) Tom MacLear - Light Love ...Show More

1:01:39 | Nov 30th, 2018

Show #432   Carson McHone - Sad  (Carousel)    Whitey Morgan and the 78's - Carryin' On  (Hard Times and White Lines) The Hens - What She Sees In Him  (Chicon)  Adam Hood - She Don't Love Me  (Somewhere in Between) (mic break) Lauren Morrow - I ...Show More

59:27 | Nov 17th, 2018

Show #431   Belle Plaine - Golden Ring  (Malice, Mercy, Grief & Wrath) Kelly Pardekooper - Bloody Gasoline  (50-Weight)    Will Stewart - Dark Halls  (County Seat)    Carter Sampson - Lucky  (Lucky) (mic break) The Brother Brothers - Frankie  (Some...Show More

59:54 | Nov 2nd, 2018

Show #430   Kevin Welch - Blue Lonesome  (Dust Devil) Melanie Brulee - Whiskey & Whine  (Fires, Floods & Things We Leave Behind)   Jackson Emmer - Hot Mess  (Jukebox)    The Bottle Rockets - Highway 70 Blues  (Bit Logic) (mic break) Colter Wall -...Show More

1:00:18 | Oct 20th, 2018

Show #429   Missy Raines - Swept Away   (Royal Traveller) Grand Old Grizzly - Took A Little Trip   (Pure Country Pyrite)  JP Harris - JP's Florida Blues #1   (Sometimes Dogs Bark at Nothing)   Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - You Can't Steal My S...Show More

59:42 | Oct 4th, 2018

Show #428   Malcolm Holcombe - I Don't Wanna Disappear  (Come Hell Or High Water)  Shemekia Copeland - Great Rain  (America's Child)   Buffalo Gospel - 18 Wheeler  (On the First Bell)   Asleep At The Wheel - Pencil Full of Lead  (New Routes) (mic...Show More

59:51 | Sep 22nd, 2018

Show #427   Kathy Mattea - Chocolate On My Tongue  (Pretty Bird)  Ryan Culwell - The Last American  (The Last American)    Whiskey Wolves of the West - Lay That Needle Down  (Country Roots) Lucero - Long Way Back Home (Among the Ghosts)  (mic brea...Show More

59:56 | Sep 6th, 2018

Show #426   Austin Lucas - Killing Time  (Immortal Americans) Dawn Landes - Traveling   (Meet Me at the River) 6 String Drag - I Wish You Would   (Top of the World     Robbie Fulks & Linda Gail Lewis - Wild Wild Wild  (Wild! Wild! Wild!)     (mic b...Show More

1:00:17 | Aug 25th, 2018

Show #425   The War and Treaty - Here is Where the Loving is At  (Healing Tide) Cordovas -  I'm The One Who Needs You Tonight  (That Santa Fe Channel)  Folk Soul Revival - That's Life  (Folk Soul Revival)   (mic break) Jim Lauderdale - (Times Flie...Show More

59:09 | Aug 9th, 2018

Show #424   Yvette Landry & The Jukes - Dadddy Daddy  (Louisiana Lovin')    Leftover Salmon - Show Me Something Higher  (Something Higher)   Rod Picott - Store Bought  (Out Past the Wires)   Cody Jinks - Lifers  (Lifers) (mic break) Lori McKenna -...Show More

1:00:18 | Jul 28th, 2018

Show #423   Nichole Wagner - Winner Take All  (And the Sky Caught Fire) Cliff Westfall -  Off The Wagon   (Baby You Win)   Wylie & the Wild West - Stranded on a Gravel Road  (2000 Miles From Nashville) Kevin Gordon -  Right On Time  (Tilt And Shin...Show More

1:00:12 | Jul 19th, 2018

Show #422   I See Hawks in L.A. - Ballad For The Trees  (Live And Never Learn)    Goodnight Moonshine - Bowie  (I'm The Only One Who Will Tell You You're Bad) Rich McCulley - Eventually  (Out Along The Edges)    Mariel Buckley - Heart Is on Fire  (D...Show More

1:00:19 | Jul 11th, 2018

Show #421   Jeffrey Foucault - Blood Brothers  (Blood Brothers) Liz Frame and the Kickers - Sparrow in a Shoebox  (Sparrow in a Shoebox)  Thor Platter - Since I've Been Gone  (Take Time)    Levi Parham - Boxmeer Blues  (It's All Good)  (mic break...Show More

1:00:25 | Jun 23rd, 2018

Show #420   (intro bed) Steve Dawson -  Bentonia Blues  (Lucky Hand) Erin Rae - Putting on Airs  (Putting On Airs) Chuck Westmoreland - Cryin’ Shame  (Long Winter Rodeo)   The Hens - Easier Said Than Done  (Chicon)  Birch Pereira & The Gin Joints...Show More

1:00:34 | Jun 8th, 2018

Show #419   Phil Cook - Steampowered Blues  (People Are My Drug)   Ana Egge - Girls, Girls, Girls  (White Tiger)   Matt Patershuk - Blank Pages and Lost Wages  (Same As I Ever Have Been) Brent Cobb - King of Alabama  (Providence Canyon) (mic break...Show More

59:35 | May 29th, 2018

Show #418   Kelly Willis - Back Being Blue  (Back Being Blue) Don Gallardo -  Kicking Up The Pavement  (Still Here) Bruce Cockburn - Stab At Matter   (Bone On Bone)    Logan Magness - Someplace Else  (Memphis on My Mind)   (mic break) Clarence Buc...Show More

1:00:57 | May 18th, 2018

Show #417   Pharis & Jason Romero - Sweet Old Religion  (Sweet Old Religion) Special Consensus - Hurting Sure  (Rivers & Roads)    Fred Wickham - Big Fat Moon  (Mariosa Delta) Jackson Emmer - Don't Leave Me Blue  (Jukebox) (mic break) Sam Lewis -...Show More

1:00:16 | May 12th, 2018

Show #416   Trampled By Turtles - We All Get Lonely  (Life is Good on the Open Road) Erin O'Dowd - Old Town  (Old Town)   Moses Guest - Empty Hall  (Light) Pat Reedy and the Longtime Goners - Lucky I'm Alive  (That's All There Is (And There Ain't N...Show More

1:00:23 | May 4th, 2018

Show #415   Charley Crockett - Lonesome as a Shadow   (Lonesome as a Shadow) Jenny Van West - Happiness To Burn  (Happiness to Burn)    Little Bandit - Money  (Breakfast Alone)    Joshua Hedley - Mr. Jukebox  (Mr. Jukebox) (mic break) Dead Horses ...Show More

1:00:15 | Apr 21st, 2018

Show #414   The Mammals - Culture War  (Sunshiner) Sam Morrow - Good Old Days   (Concrete and Mud) Kim Richey - Leaving Song  (Edgeland) Red Shahan - Someone Someday  (Culberson County) (mic break) Wood & Wire - North of Despair  (North of Despair...Show More

1:00:08 | Apr 13th, 2018

Show #413   John Prine - Summer’s End  (The Tree of Forgiveness)   Lindsay Lou - Roll With Me   (Southland)  Ray Wylie Hubbard -  Lucifer and The Fallen Angels  (Tell The Devil I'm Gettin' There As Fast As I Can) Western Centuries - Earthly Justice...Show More

57:37 | Apr 6th, 2018

Show #412   Mike and the Moonpies - Steak Night at the Prairie Rose  (Steak Night at the Prairie Rose) Caroline Cotter - When I Think Of You  (Home on the River) Paul Luc - War Is Hell  (Bad Seed)  Motel Mirrors - I Wouldn't Dream of It  (In the M...Show More

59:49 | Mar 23rd, 2018

Show #411   Patterson Barrett - Elephant In The Room  (Give'em What They Want)    Erica Blinn - Softer Side  (Better Than Gold)    Banditos - DDT   (Visionland)  The Ben Miller Band - Sketchbook  (Choke Cherry Tree)  (mic break) Joan Baez - The Gr...Show More

1:00:49 | Mar 16th, 2018

Show #410   Vivian Leva - Time Is Everything  (Time Is Everything)  Chris Smither - The Blame's on Me  (Call Me Lucky)  Dalton Domino - Decent Man  (Corners) Sherman Ewing - Prodigal Son #22: Tombstone  (Come and Meet Me) (mic break) The Nouveau...Show More

1:00:00 | Mar 1st, 2018

Show #409   Sunny War -  If it Wasn't Broken  (With The Sun) Szlachetka -  Heart Of My Hometown  (Heart Of My Hometown) Lynn Taylor & the Barflies - Ms. Abelia  (Staggered)   John Oates -  Arkansas  (Arkansas) (mic break) Joshua Davis - Just Gett...Show More

59:21 | Feb 15th, 2018

Show #408   The Wood Brothers - River Takes The Town  (One Drop of Truth) Surrender Hill - Time Moves On   (Tore Down Fences) Big State - Make America Shake Again  (Sure Thing)  Dusty Rust - I Was Wrong   (Stolen Horse) (mic break) R. Finn - Let...Show More

1:00:00 | Jan 27th, 2018

Show #407   Mary Gauthier - Bullet Holes In The Sky  (Rifles & Rosary Beads) John Gorka - Nazarene Guitar  (True In Time) Kenny George Band - Storm Clouds Over Dallas  (Borrowed Trouble) David Myles - Night and Day  (Real Love) (mic break) The D...Show More

59:46 | Jan 12th, 2018

Show #406   Bob Livingstone - That's the Way Things Go  (Up the Flatland Stairs) Emily Herring - Best Thing I've Seen Yet (Gliding)  Aaron Burdett - Pennies On The Track  (Refuge) Ronnie Fauss - Big Leagues  (Last Of The True) (mic break) Monocle...Show More

59:51 | Dec 21st, 2017

Show #405 (2017 Christmas Show)   (intro bed) Sultans of String - A Django Christmas (Christmas Caravan) Josh Ritter - Wintertime (the Snow Is Coming Down)  (Amazon Acoustic Christmas) Loose Cattle - A Truck Stop Christmas  (Seasonal Affective Diso...Show More

1:00:37 | Dec 15th, 2017

Show #404   (Best of 2017, part 2)   Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Tupelo  ( The Nashville Sound) Angaleena Presley - Bless My Heart  (Wrangled) Dan Mills -  Tucson, AZ  (Something Good)  Margo Price - Don't Say It  (All American Made) (mic break...Show More

58:38 | Dec 6th, 2017

Show #403   (Best of 2017, part 1)   John Moreland - Love Is Not an Answer  (Big Bad Luv) Jaime Wyatt - Your Loving Saves Me (feat. Sam Outlaw)  (Felony Blues) Tyler Childers - Born Again  (Purgatory)  Bill Scorzari -  Hound Dog Diggin'  (Through T...Show More

59:35 | Nov 18th, 2017

Show #402   Tommy Emmanuel & David Grisman - Cinderella's Fella  Pickin'  (intro bed)   Ren Geisick -  Too Late  (Ren, Love Song)   Hiss Golden Messenger - Jaw  (Hallelujah Anyhow) Drew Kennedy - Sing This Town To Sleep  (At Home in the Big Lonesome)...Show More

59:22 | Nov 11th, 2017

Show #401   Scott Miller - Epic Love  (Ladies Auxiliary)   Nora Jane Struthers - Grass  (Champion) The Deslondes - Nelly  (Hurry Home) The Contenders - Line Across The Water (Laughing with the Reckless) (mic break) Jeffrey Martin - Golden Thread  ...Show More

1:00:13 | Nov 4th, 2017

Show #400   Lee Ann Womack - Sunday  (The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone)   Jackie Greene - Good Advice  (The Modern Lives Vol. 1)   Andrew Combs - Sleepwalker  (Canyons Of My Mind)   Ryan Koenig - Strugglin' With A Lot  (Two Different Worlds) (m...Show More

1:02:37 | Oct 27th, 2017

Show #399    Margo Price - A Little Pain  (All American Made)  Travis Meadows - McDowell Road  (First Cigarette) Fred Eaglesmith - At Your Door  (Standard) Deer Tick - Sea of Clouds  (Deer Tick, Vol. 1) (mic break) Charlie Parr - Dog  (Dog) Flat...Show More

59:57 | Oct 21st, 2017

Show #398   Christian Lopez - Swim The River  (Red Arrow) Whitney Rose -  Arizona  (Rule 62) Fred Wickham - Rock Bottom Again  (Mariosa Delta) JD McPherson - Crying's Just A Thing You Do  (Undivided Heart & Soul) (mic break) Ana Tivel - Saturday ...Show More

59:42 | Sep 30th, 2017

Show #397   Kris Delmhorst - All The Way Around  (The Wild)  Radney Foster - Greatest Show On Earth   (For You to See the Stars) Mipso - Talking In My Sleep  (Coming Down The Mountain) Jon Byrd - If Texas Is So Great (Dirty Ol' River) (mic break)...Show More

59:55 | Sep 25th, 2017

Show #396 Eric Brace, Peter Cooper & Thomm Jutz - If I Had a Nickel  Profiles in Courage, Frailty, and Discomfort   Chastity Brown - Whisper  Silhouette Of Sirens Conor O' Donnell - The Water  Come On In Benyaro - That's The Way Things Seem To Go  On...Show More

59:40 | Sep 11th, 2017

Show #395   The Sweetback Sisters - Trouble  (King of Killing Time) Blake Berglund - Pretty Good Guy  (Realms) Shinyribs - Tub Gut Stomp & Red-Eyed Soul  (I Got Your Medicine) Eliot Bronson - Rough Ride  (James)  (mic break) Jolie Holland & Saman...Show More

1:00:00 | Sep 3rd, 2017

Show #394   Rick Shea & The Losin' End - Goodbye Alberta  (The Town Where I Live) EmiSunshine - Porter Wagoner Blue  (Ragged Dreams)    Terry Klein - Dull Women Keep Immaculate Homes  (Great Northern) A.J. Croce -  Gotta Get Outta My Head  (Just Li...Show More

1:00:42 | Aug 26th, 2017

Show #393   Wild Ponies - Tower And The Wheel   (Galax)  Old Salt Union - Madam Plum  (Old Salt Union)  The Whiskey Gentry - Rock & Roll Band  (Dead Ringer) Blank Range - Opening Band  (Marooned with the Treasure) (mic break) Pierce Edens - Sire...Show More

59:50 | Aug 19th, 2017

Show #392   Eric Westbury - My Kind Of People (Are Getting Hard To Find)(Atomic Wilderness) Yonder Mountain String Band - Take a Chance on Me (Love. Ain't Love) India Ramey - Devil's Blood  (Snake Handler) Jeremy Pinnell - Take The Wheel  (Ties Of ...Show More

59:31 | Aug 12th, 2017

Show #391   Jason Wilber - Reaction Time  (Reaction Time) Nicole Atkins -  Goodnight Rhonda Lee  (Goodnight Rhonda Lee) The Kernal - Cold Shoulder  (Light Country)    Moot Davis - What's The Matter With Me  (Hierarchy of Crows) (mic break) Lara H...Show More

59:59 | Aug 5th, 2017

Show #390   Tyler Childers - Universal Sound  (Purgatory)    Catherine MacLellan - If It's Alright With You  (If It's Alright With You: The Songs of Gene MacLellan)    Brent Cobb -  Traveling Poor Boy  (Shine On Rainy Day) Mike Younger - Drifter's L...Show More

59:23 | Jul 24th, 2017

Show #389   Amber Cross - Pack of Lies  (Savage on the Downhill) Jim Lauderdale - Sweet Time  (London Southern)   David Luning - Driftin’  (Restless)   Alastair Moock -  Hallelujah (I Ain't Dead) (Alastair Moock) (mic break) Tom Russell - Wild Gee...Show More

59:59 | Jul 15th, 2017

Show #388   Slaid Cleaves -  Little Guys   (Ghost on the Car Radio) The Wild Reeds - Catch and Release  (The World We Built) Carey Ott - Til The Well Runs Dry  (Nocona) David Messier - Keeping Up with Fashion  (Waiting for Eldridge) (mic break) ...Show More

59:54 | Jul 7th, 2017

Show 387 Steelism - Re-Member  ism (intro music bed) Sam Baker - Same Kind Of Blue  Land Of Doubt Jim Keaveny - Check You Out  Put It Together Justin Townes Earle - Maybe A Moment  Kids In The Street (mic break) Hardened and Tempered - Hard Winds  Th...Show More

1:00:33 | Jun 30th, 2017

Show #386 Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Last Of My Kind  (The Nashville Sound) Sarah Jane Scouten - Every Song I Sing  (When the Bloom Falls From the Rose) The Show Ponies - This World Is Not My Home  (How It All Goes Down) Paul Nipper - Out O...Show More

1:00:02 | Jun 17th, 2017

Show #385   Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters - Long Ride  (Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters) Zephaniah OHora and The 18 Wheelers - I Do Believe I've Had Enough  (This Highway) Matt Joe Gow - Flowers In Your Hair  (Seven Years)   Vandoliers...Show More

1:00:20 | Jun 8th, 2017

FTB # 384   Rachel Baiman - Shame  (Shame)  Molly Tuttle - Good Enough  (Rise)  Phoebe Hunt & the Gatherers - Lint Head Gal  (Shanti's Shadow) Robyn Ludwick - Lie To Me  (This Tall To Ride) (mic break) Allison Pierce - Sea of Love  (Year of the Rabbi...Show More

1:00:00 | May 27th, 2017

FTB # 383   The Mastersons - Perfect (Transient Lullaby) Lesley Kernochan -  Love Is A Verb (A Calm Sun)  Pete Sinjin - Breathing The Same Air  (The Heart And The Compass) Greg Graffin - Millport  (Millport) (mic break) Amilia K Spicer - Shotgun  (Wo...Show More

59:34 | May 20th, 2017

FTB # 382 Colter Wall -  Thirteen Silver Dollars  (Colter Wall)  Larissa Tandy - The River  (Grip) The Linemen - Cold Water (On Your Burning Bed)  (Close Down The Place)   John Moreland - It Don't Suit Me (Like Before)  (Big Bad Luv) (mic break) Pet...Show More

1:00:17 | May 12th, 2017

FTB # 381   Joan Shelley - I Got What I Wanted  (Joan Shelley) Bruce Robison - Long Time Comin'  (Bruce Robison & The Back Porch Band) Caleb Klauder & Reeb Willms - You're The One  (Innocent Road) Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally Band - Baby Lets Take The...Show More

1:00:00 | May 6th, 2017

FTB # 380   Tim O'Brien - Where the River Meets the Road  (Where The River Meets The Road) The Waifs - Don't You Ever Feel  (Ironbark) Terry Klein - Dull Women Keep Immaculate Houses  (Great Northern) Sam Outlaw - Trouble  (Tenderheart) (mic break) P...Show More

1:00:21 | Apr 26th, 2017

FTB # 379   Angaleena Presley - Bless My Heart (Wrangled) Jason Eady - Drive  (Jason Eady)  Paul Cauthen - Still Drivin'  (My Gospel) Malcolm Holcombe - Good Ole Days  (Pretty Little Troubles) (mic break) Gwyneth Moreland - Cider  (Cider) Bill Filipi...Show More

1:00:35 | Apr 17th, 2017

FTB # 378   (intro bed) The Kentucky Headhunters - Governors Cup (On Safari) Jeb Loy Nichols - You Got In (Country Hustle) Caroline Spence - Wishing Well  (Spades & Roses) Gurf Morlix -  Deeper Down The (The Soul & The Heal) Conor O' Donnell - Miss...Show More

59:25 | Mar 31st, 2017

Show #377   Marty Stuart and the Fabulous Superlatives - Way Out West  (Way Out West) Lindi Ortega - Til the Goin Gets Gone  (Til the Goin' Gets Gone) Jack Grelle - Got Dressed Up to be Let Down  (Got Dressed Up to be Let Down) The Kernal - Knock-Kne...Show More

59:49 | Mar 18th, 2017

Show #376   Bill Scorzari -  A Brand New Deal  (Through These Waves)  Nikki Lane - Foolish Heart (Highway Queen) Jonny Fritz - Happy in Hindsight (Sweet Creep)  Rich Minus - Blue Stockings (This Son Is a Stranger to You) (mic break) Fred Eaglesmith ...Show More

59:58 | Mar 11th, 2017

Show #375 Rhiannon Giddens - Come Love Come  Freedom Highway  Shinyribs - I Got Your Medicine  I Got Your MedicineJeff Turmes -  If I Have To Come And Get You  Wreckage  Charlie and The Regrets - The Gavel  Rivers in the Street (mic break)Kenny & Am...Show More

1:00:13 | Feb 25th, 2017

Show #374   Son Volt -Back Against the Wall  (Notes of Blue)  Jaime Wyatt - Wishing Well  (Felony Blues) Jerry Castle - Sunday  (Not So Soft Landing) Bap Kennedy - Nothing Can Stand in the Way of Love (Restless Heart)  (mic break) Dead Man Winter - T...Show More

1:00:08 | Feb 17th, 2017

Show #373 Travis Linville - Wishes  (Up Ahead)  Tift Merritt - Dusty Old Man  (Stitch of the World) The Walcotts - Hanging Tree  (Let the Devil Win) Great American Taxi - We Can Run  (Dr. Feelgood's Traveling Medicine Show) (mic break) David Luning -...Show More

59:26 | Feb 4th, 2017

Show #372   John Craigie -  Broken  (No Rain, No Rose)  Whitney Rose - My Boots  (South Texas Suite) Whiskey Myers - Lightning Bugs And Rain  (Mud)   The Traveling Ones - Yours Tonight  (Meet Me There) (mic break) The Show Ponies - Kalamazoo  (How It...Show More

59:37 | Jan 28th, 2017

Show #371   Brigitte Demeyer & Will Kimbrough - Everything  (Mockingbird Soul) Surrender Hill - Pouring Rainbow  (Right Here Right Now) Ron Hotstream and the Mid City Drifters - 13 Days  (13 Days) Randy Thompson - Better Not Get Me Started  (War Peac...Show More

1:05:40 | Jan 21st, 2017

Show #370   Blackie and the Rodeo Kings  - Live By The Song feat. Rodney Crowell  (Kings and Kings) Jude Johnstone - People Holding Hands (A Woman's Work) Greg Trooper -  Paradise  (Popular Demons) The Infamous Stringdusters - This Ol' Building  (Law...Show More

59:39 | Jan 14th, 2017

Show #369   The Band Of Heathens - All I'm Asking (Duende) Paper Bird - Sunday (Paper Bird) Robert Ellis - Couples Skate  (Robert Ellis) Cris Jacobs -  The Devil Or Jesse James  (Dust To Gold) (mic break) Natalie Hemby - Grand Restoration (Puxic...Show More

1:00:21 | Jan 7th, 2017

Show #368   Saints Eleven - My Heart (Coming Back Around) Rorey Carroll - Hotel Room  (Love Is An Outlaw) Jonah Smith - Heavy Hangs The Crown (Easy Prey)  Kelly Pardekooper -  You Don't Say  (City At Night) (mic break) The Piedmont Melody Makers - Ke...Show More

1:00:41 | Dec 31st, 2016

Show #367 ( Artists We Lost in 2016)   Guy Clark - The Dark  (The Dark) Steve Young - Love In My Time  (Rock Salt and Nails)   Leon Russell - Delta Lady   (Leon Russell) Red Simpson - Highway Patrol  (Hello, I'm a Truck) (mic break) Ralph Stanley - W...Show More

1:02:33 | Dec 16th, 2016

Show #366 (2016 Christmas Show)   Sam Bush - Sleigh Ride (intro bed) Kacey Musgraves with Willie Nelson  - A Willie Nice Christmas  (A Very Kacey Christmas) Dale Watson - Christmas To Me  (Christmas on the Lam and Other Songs From the Season) Dwight ...Show More

1:00:49 | Dec 8th, 2016

Show #365 (Best of 2016)   Parker Millsap - Morning Blues  (The Very Last Day) Margo Price - Since You Put Me Down  (Midwest Farmer's Daughter) Sturgill Simpson -  Keep It Between the Lines  (A Sailor's Guide to Earth) (mic break) The Stray Birds - A...Show More

59:31 | Nov 23rd, 2016

Show #364     Karen Jonas - Country Songs  (Country Songs) Joe Rut - Sleepy Rain  (Stolen Tools & Stereos) Clark Paterson - This Dogs Gonna Hunt  (The Final Tradition) Dan Layus - Dangerous Things  (Dangerous Things) (mic break) Mandolin Orange - Wil...Show More

1:00:41 | Nov 12th, 2016

Show #363 Caleb Klauder & Reeb Willms - Been On The Rocks  Innocent Road M. Lockwood Porter - Sad/Satisfied  How To Dream AgainCaitlin Canty - Lost In The Valley Lost In The ValleyJohn Paul White - The Martyr Beulah (mic break)Paul Cauthen - As Youn...Show More

1:01:26 | Nov 5th, 2016

Show #362   James McMurtry - Screen Door (Highway Prayer - A Tribute to Adam Carroll) Susan Gibson - Good News (Remember Who You Are) Jim Stringer - Deep Fat Fried  (Pick It Up) Scott McMahan - Had to Let Her Go  (Scott McMahan) (mic break) The T Sis...Show More

1:00:51 | Oct 22nd, 2016

Show #361   Canace Mache & Nancy Apple - Forty (Just Love: A Tribute To Audrey Auld Mezera) Reckless Kelly -  How Can You Love Him (When You Don't Even Like Him)  (Sunset Motel) Carter Sampson - Holy Mother (Wilder Side) Luke Winslow-King - I'm Glad...Show More

1:00:20 | Oct 15th, 2016

Show #360   Roger Hoover - Give What You Get Back  (Pastures) Chelle Rose - Blue Ridge Blood (feat. Buddy Miller)  (Blue Ridge Blood) Reverend Hylton - Take Me Home  (Stubborn Nail) Jim Lauderdale - This Changes Everything (This Changes Everything) ...Show More

1:00:19 | Oct 7th, 2016

Show #359   Jesse Dayton - Daddy Was A Badass  (The Revealer) Renee Wahl -  Better The Devil (Sworn Secrets) Dave Insley - I Don't Know How This Story Ends  (Just the Way That I Am)  Tim Easton - Killing Time  (American Fork) (mic break) The Ormewood...Show More

59:21 | Sep 18th, 2016

Show #358   Amanda Shires - The Way It Dimmed  (My Piece Of Land) The Youngers -  Picture Of You  (Picture Of You) Wild Ponies - Born With A Broken Heart  (Radiant) Chris Stalcup & The Grange - Ogeechee River  (Downhearted Fools) (mic break) Cody Jin...Show More

1:00:24 | Sep 11th, 2016

Show #357 ¬† Chatham County Line - You Are My Light (Autumn) River Whyless - All Day All Night (We All The Light) Violet Delancey ‚Äď Sing The Night Away (When the Clock Strikes ¬†Midnight) 2Ton Bridge - Waterman Town (2Ton Bridge) ¬† (mic break) Magi...Show More

58:48 | Sep 3rd, 2016

Show #356   Bill Kirchen & Austin de Lone - Hounds Of The Bakersfield (Transatlanticana) Sarah Potenza - The Cost of Living  (Monster)  Beaver Nelson - Well, Well, Well (Positive) Lasers Lasers Birmingham  - Hard Man To Please  (Royal Blue) (mic br...Show More

1:00:30 | Aug 27th, 2016

Show #355   The Coal Men - Depreciate (Pushed To The Side) Jo Serrapere -  Hold Me Close  (Dollar Store Nation) Red Shahan - Never Turn Around  (Men & Coyotes) Bob Delevante - Caroline (Valley Of Days) (mic break) The Stray Birds - Shining In The Dis...Show More

1:00:00 | Aug 19th, 2016

Show #354   Boo Ray - Sea Of Lights  (Sea of Lights) Miss Tess - I Can't Help Myself  (Baby, We All Know) Matt Patershuk - Smoke a Little Cigarette  (I Was So Fond of You) Hymn For Her  - Paraguay (Drive 'Til U Die) (mic break) Evening Bell - Light T...Show More

59:40 | Aug 13th, 2016

Show #353   Kelsey Waldon - You Can Have It  (I've Got A Way)   Landon Dodd - What Comes Natural to a Fool  (What Comes Natural to a Fool0 Malcolm Holcombe - Another Black Hole  (Another Black Hole) Logan Magness - Melt Like Wax  (Magnolia Demos)  (m...Show More

59:50 | Aug 6th, 2016

Show #352   Lyal Strickland - Minimum Wage (Preservation) Lauren Adams - It Takes What It Takes (Somewhere Else) Jefferson Grizzard - Sinner Like Me (Can't Be Saved)  (Daydream Of Hope) JD Malone and The Experts - Courage Under Fire  (Town & Country)...Show More

1:00:02 | Jul 29th, 2016

Show #351   Lori McKenna - Wreck You  (The Bird &The Rifle) Taylor Alexander - Real Good At Saying Goodbye  (Real Good At Saying Goodbye) Gin Palace Jesters -  Lo-Fi, Lo-Tech, Lo-Down  (For Better Or For Worse) The Lark And The Loon - Turn Yourself A...Show More

59:55 | Jul 16th, 2016

Show #350   Frankie Lee - High and Dry  (American Dreamer) Old Man Kelly - My Next Ex-Girlfriend  (Off My Lawn)  Tami Neilson - Honey Girl   (Dynamite!) Jeff Turmes -  Rickety Man  (Wreckage) (mic break) Angie & The Deserters - On My Way  (Blood Like...Show More

1:00:00 | Jul 9th, 2016

Show #349   Tommy Womack - End of the Line  (Namaste) Kathy Greenholdt - Blue Girl (The Pilgrim) Randy Rogers Band - Actin' Crazy (feat. Jamey Johnson)  (Nothing Shines Like Neon)  Dolly Shine - Rattlesnake  (Walkabout) (mic break) Vincent Cross - Od...Show More

1:00:08 | Jul 3rd, 2016

Show #348   Luke Bell - Sometimes  (Luke Bell) Ana Egge & The Sentimentals - Promises to Break (Say That Now) Chris Laterzo - Tumbleweed  (West Coast Sound) Ivas John - Goin' Back to Arkansas  (Good Days a Comin') (mic break) Libby Koch -  Out Of My ...Show More

59:44 | Jun 17th, 2016

Show #347   Western Centuries -  Weight Of The World  (Weight Of The World) The Caroline Sills Combo - Big Canoe  (Dime Stories, Vol. 2) Ward Davis - More Goodbye (15 Years in a 10 Year Town) Shawn Colvin & Steve Earle - You’re Right (I’m Wrong) (Col...Show More

59:54 | Jun 11th, 2016

Show #346   Yarn - This Is The Year  (This Is the Year) Cornflower Blue - Snowed In  (Invincible) Max Stalling - Convenient Lovers  (Banquet)  Austin Lucas - Wrong Side Of The Dream (Between the Moon & the Midwest) (mic break) Kaia Kater - Saint Eliz...Show More

59:29 | Jun 3rd, 2016

Show #345   Bonnie Bishop - Mercy  (Ain't Who I Was) Bellhound Choir - Bad Dreams  (Imagine the Crackle) The Tallent Brothers - Without You  (Back On The Old Stuff) DownTown Mystic - Backdoor  (DownTown Nashville) (mic break) Jim Stringer - Pick It U...Show More

1:03:42 | May 21st, 2016

Show #344   Darrell Scott - Down To The River  (Couchville Sessions) Guy Clark - Me, I’m Fellin’ The Same (Texas Cookin’) The Honeycutters - Blue Besides  (On The Ropes) The Batture Boys - Rabbit Hole Blues  (Muddy Water) (mic break) Evie Ladin Band ...Show More

59:57 | May 14th, 2016

Show #343   Rebecca Pronsky - Bag of Bones (Known Objects) Darryl Purpose - Prince of the Apple Towns  (Still The Birds) Josh Harty - The Kind  (Holding On) Dave Insley - Drinkin' Wine and Staring at the Phone  (Just the Way That I Am) (mic break) Te...Show More

1:00:14 | Apr 30th, 2016

Show #342   John Doe - Get On Board (The Westerner) Mandy Rowden - Borrowed Time  (These Bad Habits)  Mark Erelli - Analog Hero  (For A Song) Derek Hoke - Southern Moon (Southern Moon) (mic break) Stone Cupid - Would You Love Me (The Cardinal) Rod ...Show More

1:00:16 | Apr 22nd, 2016

Show #341   Willie Sugarcapps - Dreamer's Sky (Paradise Right Here) Kristy Cox -Another Weary Mile  (Part of Me) The Turnpike Troubadours - Long Drive Home (Turnpike Troubadours) Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst- She's Bad (I Feel Like I've Got Snak...Show More

59:54 | Apr 16th, 2016

Show #340 Hayes Carll - Drive (Lovers and Leavers)  Ashleigh Caudill - Looney Bird  (Looney Bird)  Bart Crow - Here We Go Again  (The Parade) Chris Murphy - Sailing The World Alone (Surface To Air) (mic break) Terri Hendrix - Love You Strong ...Show More

1:01:21 | Apr 8th, 2016

Show #339   Kelley McRae - Hard Night  (The Wayside) Donal Hinely - Barn Wood  (Dark Horse Days) Spirit Family Reunion - Wake Up, Rounder (Hands Together) The Infamous Stringdusters (with Abigail Washburn) - Rock and Roll  (Ladies & Gentlemen) ...Show More

59:27 | Mar 25th, 2016

Show #338   Parker Millsap - Pining  (The Very Last Day) Margo Price - Hurtin' (On The Bottle) (Midwest Farmer's Daughter) Anderson East- Keep the Fire Burning  (Delilah) Jason Paulson - Bad Habits  (Crow River Ramble ) (mic break) Burnell Pi...Show More

1:00:33 | Mar 18th, 2016

Show #337   Richmond Fontaine - Wake Up Ray (You Can't Go Back if There's Nothing To Go Back To) Brennen Leigh - You Gotta Be Puttin' Me On (Brennen Leigh Sings Lefty Frizzell) Jason James - Fancy Limousine  (Jason James)  The Paisley Fields - B...Show More

1:00:23 | Mar 12th, 2016

Show #336   The Brothers Comotose - Brothers  (City Painted Gold)  Carrie Rodriguez & The Sacred Hearts - Perfida (Lola) Butch Walker - Autumn Leaves  (Afraid of Ghosts)  Matt Patershuk - Back Against The Wall  (I Was So Fond of You) (mic brea...Show More

1:01:06 | Mar 5th, 2016

Show #335   Sarah Borges - Caught By The Rain (Good And Dirty) 8 Ball Aitken - Seven Bucks An Hour In A Chicken Suit  (8 Ball Aitken) The Damn Quails - Out Of The Birdcage (Out of the Birdcage) Mark Lucas & the Dead Setters -  Full Time Man (The...Show More

59:51 | Feb 27th, 2016

Show #334   Paul Burch - Cadillacin’  (Meridian Rising) Lindi Ortega - Ashes  (Faded Gloryville) John Aulabaugh -  Road Less Traveled (Of Sins Present and Past) Joey Kneiser - For The Good Life (The Wildness) (mic break) Bourbon Express - Whi...Show More

59:41 | Feb 20th, 2016

Show #333   Birds Of Chicago -  Dim Star of the Palisades (Real Midnight) Bob Woodruff - The Year We Tried To Kill The Pain  (The Year We Tried To Kill The Pain) Ocean Carolina - Cry Baby Cry (Maudlin Days) Sarah Shook & the Disarmers - Heal Me ...Show More

59:55 | Feb 13th, 2016

Show #332   Dori Freeman - You Say (Dori Freeman) Stephen Kellogg - Always Gonna Want You   (South, West, North, East) The Roseline - A Children's Game (Townie) Grant Peeples and the Peeples Republik - Breakfast in the Gulag  (A Congress Of Trea...Show More

59:28 | Feb 6th, 2016

Show #331   Ian McFeron - Gotta Have Faith  (Radio) Alice Wallace -  I Just Don't Care Anymore (Memories Music & Pride) Daniel Romano - Strange Faces  (If I've Only One Time Askin') Joe Fournier and the Bad Ass Fajitas -  Movin' On Again  (Joe F...Show More

59:51 | Jan 30th, 2016

Show #330   Aubrie Sellers - Sit Here & Cry (New City Blues) Adam Levy - Pitch Black Path  (Naubinway) Bumper Jacksons - Coffee Mama  (Too Big World) Green River Ordinance - Keep Your Cool  (Fifteen) (mic break) Reed Turner - The Idea's Crosse...Show More

59:54 | Jan 23rd, 2016

Show #329   The Cactus Blossoms - Stoplight Kisses (You’re Dreaming) Electric Rag Band - Do This to Me (My Time) Nora Jane Struthers & The Party Line - The Other Side (Wake) Hector Qirko Imaginary Birds - Living In The Country (Field Notes)  (m...Show More

59:47 | Jan 16th, 2016

Show #328   Dylan LeBlanc - Cautionary Tale  (Cautionary Tale) Lori Yates - Sweetheart Of The Valley  (Sweetheart Of The Valley) Claude Diamond - Cadillac Road (Trouble On Memory Lane) Tim O’Brien - Gimme Little Somethin' Take Her Off My Mind  (...Show More

59:54 | Jan 9th, 2016

Show #327   Sam Gleaves - Ain't We Brothers  (Ain't We Brothers) Sarah Morris -  Sway Me  (Ordinary Things) Ken Will Morton - Good Lord Willing & The Creek Don't Rise  (All’s Fair in Love & War) Pete Kennedy - Union Square  (Heart of Gotham) (m...Show More

59:58 | Dec 31st, 2015

Show #326   Carson McHone - Poet (Goodluck Man) Darren Hanlon - There's Nothing on My Mind  (Where Did You Come From) Rob Lytle -  Drunk Girl  (A Hypocrite of Heart and Hope)  Red Moon Road - Old Things  (Sorrows and Glories)  (mic break) B...Show More

59:34 | Dec 11th, 2015

Show #325   Chris Stapleton - Traveller  (Traveller) The Mike + Ruthy Band - Word On the Street  (Bright As You Can) The Turnpike Troubadours - Down Here (Turnpike Troubadours)  James McMurtry -  Copper Canteen  (Complicated Game) (mic break) ...Show More

58:49 | Dec 5th, 2015

Show #324   Peter Case - Pelican Bay   (Hwy 62) Cicada Rhythm - Dirty Hound (Cicada Rhythm) Amy Black - Please Don't Give Up On Me  (Muscle Shoals Sessions) Max Stalling - Night's Pay In My Boot (Banquet) (mic break) Ashley Monical - Just A Li...Show More

59:47 | Nov 21st, 2015

Show #323 Willy Tea Taylor - The Very Best¬† (Knuckleball Prime) Amanda Pearcy ‚Äď Pawn Shop Gun ¬†(An Offering) Great Peacock - Tennessee ¬†(Making Ghosts) Daniel Young - Locked Up, Chained Up¬† (Time Passes Quickly) (mic break) Mipso - Down In The ...Show More

1:00:36 | Nov 14th, 2015

Show #322   Mary Gauthier - Sorry You're Sick  (Cold & Bitter Tears: The Songs of Ted Hawkins) Chad Elliott - Matters Of The Broken Heart (Wreck And Ruin) Whitey Morgan and the 78’s - Ain't Gonna Take It Anymore  (Sonic Ranch) Ted Z and the Wran...Show More

59:24 | Nov 6th, 2015

Show #321   Edward David Anderson - Firefly (Lower Alabama: The Loxley Sessions) Clara Baker - Big Spoon  (Temporary Things) Halfway - Oscar (An Outpost of Promise) Jason Boland & the Stragglers - Fat And Merry (Squelch) (mic break) Jeffrey Fo...Show More

59:53 | Oct 30th, 2015

Show #320   The Supersuckers - Holdin' The Bag  (Holdin' The Bag) The Black Lillies - Bound To Roam (Hard to Please) Leaf Rapids - Everything In Between (Lucky Stars) Corb Lund - Weight Of The Gun (Things That Can’t Be Undone) (mic break) ...Show More

59:25 | Oct 23rd, 2015

Show #319   Patty Griffin - Hurt A Little While  (Servant of Love) Colin Linden - Knob & Tube (Rich In Love) William Elliott Whitmore - Ain't Gone Yet  (Radium Death) Flatt Lonesome - You’ll Pay (Runaway Train) (mic break) Brian Ritchey - We'r...Show More

59:34 | Oct 17th, 2015

Show #318   Webb Wilder - If It Ain't Broke (Don't Fix It) (Mississippi Moderne) Ali Holder - From My Veins Will Fall  (From My Veins Will Fall) Dan Montgomery -  The Drunken Mouth (Sin, Repent, Repeat) Danny Click - Everything's Alright  (Holdi...Show More

1:00:06 | Oct 2nd, 2015

Show #317     Dan Bern - Merle, Hank & Johnny  (Hoody) Kasey Chambers - Is God Real?  (Bittersweet) Guy Davis - Taking Just A Little Bit Of Time  (Kokomo Kidd) Jefferson Ross - Close Minded People (Dogwood Cats)   (mic break) Warren Haynes wi...Show More

59:37 | Sep 25th, 2015

Show #316   Joe Ely - Here's To The Weary (Panhandle Rambler) Jesse Lafser - Jack Hit Blues  (Raised On The Plains) The Pine Hill Project - Missing You  (Tomorrow You're Going) Folk Family Revival - Trash Water (Walker) (mic break) Low Lily - ...Show More

1:00:06 | Sep 12th, 2015

Show #315   David Ramirez - Communion  (Fables) Sarah Pierce - Wild Ones  (Barbed Wire) Joel Rafael - Sticks and Stones  (Baladista) Kevin Gordon - Crowville  (Long Gone Time) (mic break) Joan Shelley - Brighter Than The Blues  (Over and Even)...Show More

59:38 | Sep 4th, 2015

Show #314   Whitney Rose - Heartbreaker of the Year  (Heartbreaker of the Year) Jason James - I've Been Drinkin' More  (Jason James) Rodney Rice - You Don't Know Me (Empty Pockets and a Troubled Mind) Michael O'Connor - Rigged Game (Bloodshot Va...Show More

59:41 | Aug 28th, 2015

Show #313   Shinyribs - Pack-It-Rite  (Okra Candy) Angela Easterling - Throwing Strikes  (Common Law Wife) Mac Leaphart - The Barrel  (Low In The Saddle, Long In The Tooth) Drunken Prayer - The Champagne of Tears  (The Devil and The Blues) (mic...Show More

1:00:52 | Aug 21st, 2015

Show #312   Brent Best - Daddy Was A Liar  (Your Dog, Champ) The Waifs - 6000 Miles  (Beautiful You) Andrew Combs - Month of Bad Habits  (All These Dreams) Grand Old Grizzly - The Rundowners  (CosmoNada) (mic break) Gene and Gayla Mills - Dayt...Show More

59:29 | Aug 15th, 2015

Show #311   The Statesboro Revue - Bedroom Floor  (Jukehouse Revival) Ana Egge - Flat Top Guitar  (Bright Shadow) Pharis & Jason Romero - It's A Sin to Tell A Lie  (A Wanderer I'll Stay) Well Worn Soles - We Fell Apart (Country/Folk) (mic break...Show More

59:13 | Aug 8th, 2015

Show #310 ¬† Martha Scanlan¬†- The Shape of Things Gone Missing, the Shape of Things to Come ¬†(The Shape of Things Gone Missing, The Shape of Things To Come) Dana Cooper¬†- Another Revolution¬†(Building a Human Being) Ryan Culwell¬†‚Äď Flatlands ¬†(Flatl...Show More

1:00:14 | Jul 31st, 2015

Show #309 ¬† The Dustbowl Revival¬†- Lampshade On ¬†(With A Lampshade On) Madisen‚Äč Ward and the ‚ÄčMama‚Äč Bear¬†- Silent Movies¬† (Skeleton Crew) Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys¬†- ¬†Hot Hands¬†¬†(Ionia) Runner Of The Woods¬†- Good Things Will Come (Thirsty Val...Show More

1:00:28 | Jul 24th, 2015

Show #308 ¬† Jason Isbell¬†- If It Takes a Lifetime ¬†(Something More Than Free) Underhill Rose¬†‚Äď Our Time is Done ¬†(The Great Tomorrow) Gurf Morlix¬†- Elephant's Graveyard ¬†(Eatin‚Äô At Me) Claude Diamond¬†- Duct Tape World Of Mine¬† (Trouble On Memory...Show More

1:00:28 | Jul 17th, 2015

Show #307   Beth Bombara - Found Your Way  (Beth Bombara) Aaron Burdett - Stark Raving Sober  (Tinderbox) 6 String Drag -  Choppin' Block  (Roots Rock 'N' Roll) Ken Will Morton - Long Gone Daddy  (All’s Fair in Love & War) (mic break) Jessi Mc...Show More

1:00:00 | Jul 10th, 2015

Show #306 ¬† Freedy Johnston¬†‚ÄstBaby, Baby Come Home (Neon Repairman) Cat Canteri¬†- See My Bones¬† (When We Were Young) Richard Thompson¬†- Beatnik Walking ¬†(Still) Texas Martha and the House of Twang¬†- Long Way From Home¬† (Long Way From Home) (mic...Show More

59:11 | Jul 2nd, 2015

Show #305   Uncle Lucius - The Light  (The Light) Maura Kennedy - Bicycles With Broken Spokes  (Villanelle: The Songs Of Maura Kennedy And B.D. Love) Lyal Strickland - Knocking Down Doors  (Balanced on Barbed Wire) The Earnest Lovers - No Songs ...Show More

59:51 | Jun 19th, 2015

Show #304   Sam Outlaw - Who Do You Think You Are (Angeleno) Claire Holley - Love In A Bowl  (Time In The Middle) David Nelson Band - Talkin’ Back  (Once in a Blue Moon) The Deslondes - The Real Deal (The Deslondes) (mic break) Danny Schmidt -...Show More

59:21 | Jun 12th, 2015

Show #303   The Mike + Ruthy Band - Bright As You Can  (Bright As You Can) Great Peacock - Making Ghosts  (Making Ghosts) The Westies -  Hell's Kitchen  (West Side Stories) Screen Door Porch - A Little More  (Modern Settler) (mic break) Christ...Show More

1:01:10 | Jun 5th, 2015

Show #302 ¬† Sarah Gayle Meech¬†‚Äď Tennessee Love Song¬† (Tennessee Love Song) Woody Pines¬†- Anything for Love (Woody Pines) The Show Ponies¬†- Stupid¬†¬† (Run For Your Life) Shoebox Letters¬†- Buckle Up¬† (Buckle Up) (mic break) Mandolin Orange¬†- Old ...Show More

59:51 | May 29th, 2015

Show #301   Jimmy LaFave - The Beauty of You  (The Night Tribe) Surrender Hill - Sunday Morning  (Surrender Hill) Todd Adelman - Long Arm of the Law  (Highways & Lowways) Will Hoge - Guitar or a Gun  (Small Town Dreams) (mic break) Adrienne To...Show More

59:41 | May 22nd, 2015

Show #300   Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell - The Traveling Kind  (The Traveling Kind) Songs From The Road Band - Traveling Show  (Traveling Show) Don Pedigo - The Spirit of Jimmy Reed  (The Cross Eyed Sessions) Todd Grebe & Cold Country - Luc...Show More

1:00:10 | May 14th, 2015

Show #299 ¬† John Moreland¬†- Heart's Too Heavy ¬†(High on Tulsa Heat) Mandy Rowden¬†- Borrowed Time¬†(These Bad Habits) New American Farmers¬†‚Äď Just a Note (The Farmacology Sessions) Chuck Hawthorne¬†¬†- Silver Line ¬†(Silver Lining) (mic break) Sugar...Show More

1:01:13 | May 7th, 2015

Show #298 ¬† The Honeycutters¬†- Jukebox ¬†(Me Oh My) Sam Lewis¬†- ¬ĺ Time ¬†(Waiting On You) Scott MacLeod¬†- ¬†Never Too Late¬†¬†(Flicker and Fade) Richie Furay¬†- We Were the Dreamers ¬†(Hand In Hand) (mic break) Leaf Rapids¬†- Virtual Machine ¬†(Lucky S...Show More

1:01:46 | Apr 24th, 2015

Show #297   Ray Wylie Hubbard - Chick Singer, Badass Rockin’  (The Ruffian's Misfortune) LL Cooper - Miserable Troubadour  (Dust Devil) The Kennedys - West  (West) The Boxmasters -You'll Be Lonely Tonight  (Somewhere Down The Road) (mic break) ...Show More

1:00:17 | Apr 18th, 2015

Show #296   Grant Langston - Breaking Hearts (Hope You're Happy Now) Liz Longley - You've Got That Way  (Liz Longley) Rose's Pawn Shop - Town Crier (Gravity Well) The Nields - Love Love Love (XVII) (mic break) The Steel Wheels - We've Got a Fi...Show More

1:00:21 | Apr 11th, 2015

Show #295   Feufollet - Tired of Your Tears  (Two Universes) Humming House - Freight Train  (Revelries) Jubal Lee Young - Texas Pirate Radio  (On A Dark Highway) Willy Porter - Freedom  (Human Kindness) (mic break) Tillamook Burn - Corrina  (T...Show More

1:00:27 | Apr 3rd, 2015

Show #294   Jayme Stone & Friends - Lazy John  (Jayme Stone's Lomax Project) The Pine Hill Project - Wichita (Tomorrow You're Going) Puss N Boots - Always  (No Fools, No Fun) Gill Landry - Just Like You  (Gill Landry) (mic break) Todd Burge - ...Show More

1:00:05 | Mar 28th, 2015

Show #293   Amy Speace - Nothing Can Come From This  (That Kind of Girl) Joe Pug - Burn And Shine (Windfall) BEND THE RIVER - Assassins  (So Long Joan Fontaine) Ray Lambiase - Just A Heartache  (Twenty Lies and and Other Stories) (mic break) M...Show More

59:49 | Mar 20th, 2015

Show #292   Kevin Deal - Nothing Left To Prove  (Nothing Left To Prove) Audrey Auld - Hey Warden  (Hey Warden) John Cowan - The Things I Haven't Done (Sixty) The Mavericks - What Am I Supposed to Do (Mono) (mic break) Andrew Combs - Strange Bi...Show More

1:00:02 | Mar 13th, 2015

Show #291   James McMurtry -  How'm I Gonna Find You Now (Complicated Game) The Lied To’s -  Carry Your Boots  (The Lied To's) Matt Hillyer -  Home Is Where The Heartbreak Is  (If These Old Bones Could Talk) Caroline Spence - Whiskey Watered Dow...Show More

1:00:38 | Mar 6th, 2015

Show #290 ¬† Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band¬†- Pot Roast and Kisses ¬†(So Delicious) Nora Jane Struthers & The Party Line¬†- ¬†Don‚Äôt Care (Wake) Waylon Speed¬†‚Äď Coming Down Again ¬†(Kin) American Aquarium¬†- Southern Sadness¬†¬†(Wolves) (mic break) Gretche...Show More

58:41 | Feb 27th, 2015

Show #289   Anne McCue - Devil In The Middle  (Blue Sky Thinkin') Josh Buckley -  April Fool  (Blind Side of the Heart) W.B. Givens - The Desert  (Locomotion) Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors - Here We Go  (Medicine) (mic break) Gurf Morlix - Blue...Show More

1:00:00 | Feb 14th, 2015

Show #288 ¬† Barnstar!¬†- Flaming Red ¬†(Sit Down! Get Up! Get Out!) 40 Watt Dreams¬†- Kansas¬†¬†(After the Show) Jim Lauderdale¬†- We Will Rock Again¬† (I'm A Song) The Bros. Landreth ‚Äď Going To The Country (Let It Lie) (mic break) Craig Market & Tho...Show More

59:32 | Feb 7th, 2015

Show #287   Jim White vs. The Packway Handle Band - Smack Dab in a Big Tornado  (Take It Like A Man)Kelley Swindall - California  (Pronounced K e Le Swin 'dl)Mark Jones & Twenty Paces - Mountains  (Breaking Even)James Carothers - New Country Singer...Show More

1:00:26 | Jan 31st, 2015

Show #286 ¬† Ryan Bingham¬†- Nobody Knows My Trouble¬† (Fear & Saturday Night) Jerry Hannan¬†- Everything's Gonna Be Alright¬† (The Light Gets Brighter) Amy McCarley¬†‚Äď Hands Tied¬†¬†(Jet Engines) Jack Kerowax¬†- ¬†Moonshine Barber¬† (Kerowax) (mic break)...Show More

59:43 | Jan 24th, 2015

Show #285 Victor Krummenacher - Hard To See Trouble Coming   (Hard To See Trouble Coming) Anna Tival - Grace and Gasoline  (Before Machines) Shoebox Letters -  Take A Deep Breath  (Honest Truth) Lyal Strickland - Every Time It Starts to Rain  (Ba...Show More

1:00:27 | Jan 17th, 2015

Show #284   Leftover Salmon - High Country (High Country)   Annie Lou - In the Country  (Tried and True) The Felice Brothers - Bird on Broken Wing  (Favorite Waitress) Scott MacLeod -  2 Run Lead  (Flicker and Fade ) (mic break) Nell Robinson ...Show More

59:04 | Jan 9th, 2015

Show #283   Cracker - California Country Boy  (Berkeley to Bakersfield) Katie Garibaldi - Lock the Door, Lose the Key  (Follow Your Heart) Blue Mother Tupelo - Penny Roll  (Only Sunshine) David Nelson Band - I Don't Need It Anymore  (Once in a B...Show More

59:52 | Dec 19th, 2014

Show #282 (2014 Christmas Show)   THE DEPUE BROTHERS BAND - Linus and Lucy  (When It's Christmas Time) (intro bed) BUCK OWENS -  Christmas Time's A-Coming  (Hillbilly Holiday) THE WHISKEYBELLES - Mama Never Liked Christmas  (Nothin’ Says Christm...Show More

1:00:14 | Dec 12th, 2014

Show #281 (Best of 2014)   STEELISM - Cat's Eye Ring  (615 to Fame) ROSANNE CASH - The Sunken Lands   (The River & The Thread) OTIS GIBBS - Back In My Day Blues  (Souvenirs Of A Misspent Youth) CAHALEN MORRISON & COUNTRY HAMMER - Over And Over A...Show More

1:03:52 | Dec 5th, 2014

Show #280   DANNY ROBERTS - New Gil Ramble (Nighthawk)  (intro music bed)  THE BOOTLEG HONEYS - Every Song We Know (EP) VIC RUGGIERO - New Jersey Story  (This) BURKE LONG - About Love (Silver Queen) ELIZA LYNN - Everything Sped Up (Goodbye Nash...Show More

1:00:05 | Nov 14th, 2014

Show #279   WAYNE HAUGHT - Where Bluebirds Sing  (Fingers) LEE ANN WOMACK -  Sleeping with the Devil (The Way I’m Livin’) JOSEPH LEMAY - Molly my Girl  (Seventeen Acres) CRAIG MOREAU -  It Ain't Nuthin'  (The Daredevil Kid) (mic break) HARDIN ...Show More

59:50 | Nov 7th, 2014

Show #278 ¬† THE STRAY BIRDS¬†- Best Medicine (Best Medicine) REED FOEHL¬†- Caroline (Lost in The West) BRUCE ROBISON & KELLY WILLIS¬†¬†- Motor City Man¬† (Our Year) CHRISTIAN LOPEZ BAND¬†¬†- Will I See You Again¬† (Pilot) (mic break) LOUISE MOSRIE¬†‚Äď I...Show More

1:00:13 | Oct 31st, 2014

Show #277 ¬† SHAKEY GRAVES¬†- Dearly Departed ¬†(And The War Came) LIZ COOPER & THE STAMPEDE¬†- ¬†Thieves¬† (Monsters) RADNEY FOSTER¬†- Whose Heart You Wreck (Ode to the Muse)¬† (Everything I Should Have Said) NEW AMERICAN FARMERS¬†‚Äď Down At the Pharmacy...Show More

59:54 | Oct 24th, 2014

Show #276   HAL KETCHUM - I'm The Troubadour  (I'm the Troubadour) EILEEN ROSE - Just Ain't So (Be Many Gone) JAY BOY ADAMS - Judgement Day  (Let It Go) MARTY STUART - Rough Around the Edges (Saturday Night/Sunday Morning   (mic break) KE...Show More

1:00:18 | Oct 18th, 2014

FTB Show #275 features the new album by Lucinda Williams called Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone. Aslo new music from Sons Of Bill, Rose's Pawn Shop and John Cowan. Here's the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Here's the direct link ...Show More

1:00:16 | Oct 10th, 2014

Show #274   JP HARRIS AND THE TOUGH CHOICES - A Breaking Heart  (Home Is Where The Hurt Is) CHRISTA GNIADEK - It’s Not Right (Leaving Boston) EDWARD DAVID ANDERSON - The Next Melody  (Lies & Wishes) PETER ROWAN - Raven  (Dharma Blues) (mic brea...Show More

59:30 | Oct 3rd, 2014

Show #273 ¬† FAYSSOUX¬†- I Can‚Äôt Wait ¬†(I Can‚Äôt Wait) JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE¬†- White Gardenias¬† (Single Mothers) GRADY KELNECK¬†- I'll Shoot You Down¬† (Take My Hand) CALICO THE BAND¬†‚ÄstSan Andreas Shake ¬†(Rancho California) (mic break) JUBAL LEE YOUN...Show More

1:00:18 | Sep 26th, 2014

Show #272 ¬† JEFFREY MARTIN¬†‚Äď The Middle ¬†(Dogs in the Daylight) SARAH LEVECQUE¬†- Back Of My Hand¬† (Beautiful Defeat) WYATT EASTERLING¬†- ¬†Somebody Prayed (Goodbye Hello) DAVID CHILDERS¬†-¬†First Mile ¬†(Serpents of Reformation) (mic break) CHRISTI...Show More

58:51 | Sep 13th, 2014

FTB Show #271 features the new album from Otis Gibbs called Souvenirs Of A Misspent Youth.  Also new music from Cory Branan, Melissa Ruth, John Cowan and Parsonsfield.  Here's the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Here's the direct link ...Show More

1:00:19 | Sep 6th, 2014

Show #270   CAHALAN MORRISON & COUNTRY HAMMER - Sorrow Lines The Highway of Regret (The Flower of Muscle Shoals) CAROLINE ROSE - Blood On Your Bootheels  (I Will Not Be Afraid) MICHAEL ONEILL - Raise A Glass  (I Like It Like That) PAUL THORN - M...Show More

59:24 | Aug 29th, 2014

Show #269   BILLY JOE SHAVER - Hard To Ba An Outlaw (Long in the Tooth) STAN MARTIN - Running Away (Whiskey Morning) IRENE KELLEY - You Don't Run Across My Mind  (Pennsylvania Coal) THE BEN MILLER BAND - The Outsider (Any Way, Shape Or Form) (m...Show More

1:00:04 | Aug 23rd, 2014

Show #268 NATE LEATH & FRIENDS - Spider Shoe (Volume 2) PETER ROWAN - Raven  (Dharma Blues) LOCUST HONEY STRING BAND - Horse Drawn Buggy (Never Let Me Cross Your Mind) BYRON HILL - Can't Think of Nothing But You  (Red Leather Couch) MADISON KING...Show More

59:42 | Aug 15th, 2014

Show #267   JACK CLEMENTS - I've Got a Thing About Trains  (For Once & For All) MUSTERED COURAGE - Rosa (feat. Kasey Chambers)  (Powerlines) JAMESTOWN REVIVAL -  Truth  (Utah) THE J. MILLER BAND - Cowboy Hippies  (One More High One More Low) (m...Show More

1:00:06 | Aug 8th, 2014

Show #266   JONAH TOLCHIN -  Mockingbird  (Clover Lane) THE HELLO STRANGERS - What It Takes To Break A Heart  (The Hello Strangers) WILL KIMBROUGH - Let The Big World Spin  (Sideshow Love) BEND THE RIVER - The Hunter In Me  (So Long Joan Fontain...Show More

1:00:55 | Aug 1st, 2014

Show #265 DAVID OLNEY¬†- When The Deal Goes Down¬† (When The Deal Goes Down) ROBYN LUDWICK¬†‚Äď Somethin' Good¬†¬†(Little Rain) THE FAR WEST¬†- Word From A Letter¬† (Any Day Now) TRAMPLED BY TURTLES¬†‚Äď Nobody Knows¬† (Wild Animals) (mic break) KATIE McGAR...Show More

1:00:42 | Jul 25th, 2014

Show #264   OLD CROW MEDICINE SHOW - Sweet Amarillo  (Remedy) SUZETTE LAWRENCE & THE NEON ANGELS - Baby Don't Cry (Tear Up The Honky Tonk) VINCENT CROSS - A Town Called Normal  (A Town Called Normal) CAROLINA STORY - Almost Over Now (Chapter Two...Show More

59:04 | Jul 18th, 2014

Show #263   THE DUHKS - Beyond the Blue  (Beyond The Blue) JOE MATZZIE - California Dreamin' On Ya  (This Box Makes Noise MARK VIATOR & SUSAN MAXEY - Me and Gary Lee (Bottom of the Blues KAREN & THE SORROWS - Around the Bend  (The Names of Thing...Show More

55:42 | Jul 11th, 2014

Show #262 ¬† CLARENCE BUCARO¬†- Tallahassee¬†(Hills to Home) AMY McCARLEY¬†‚Äď Here I Am¬†¬†(Jet Engines GIRLS GUNS AND GLORY¬†- Be Your Man¬† (Good Luck) BRAD BOYER¬†- Five Stones and a Sling¬† (Montagu Hotel) (mic break) JOE HENRY¬†- Lead Me On¬† (Invisib...Show More

59:48 | Jul 4th, 2014

Show #261   ZOE MUTH - Make Me Change My Mind  (World of Strangers MARK JUNGERS -  I Don't Want to Live There  (I'll See You Again) ANNIE FORD BAND - Gotta Kill A Rooster  (Annie Ford Band) MATT HARLAN - Rock & Roll  (Raven Hotel) (mic break) ...Show More

59:12 | Jun 23rd, 2014

Show #260   JOHN FULLBRIGHT  - Happy (Songs) GINA VILLALOBOS - Hold On To Rockets  (Sola) DOUG PAISLEY - To and Fro  (Strong Feelings) TREVOR ALGUIRE - Miles Away (Miles Away) (mic break) KACEY JONES - You've Tried the Patience Out of Me  (Ame...Show More

1:00:06 | Jun 14th, 2014

Show #259     (intro music bed)   THE BARN DOOR SLAMMERS - Long Time Coming  (The Barn Door Slammers) NIKKI LANE - Man Up    (All Or Nothin') EASTON STAGGER PHILLIPS - Traveller  (Resolution Road) GRANT FARM - Don't Talk To Me, I'm Lonesome ...Show More

1:00:08 | Jun 6th, 2014

Show #258   THE HOWLIN' BROTHERS - Boogie(Trouble) BRIGITTE DeMEYER - Savannah Road   (Savannah Road) TOM GILLAM - Come the Morning  (Good For You) NICK VERZOSA AND THE NOBLE UNION -  Lay You Down  (Love in Principle) (mic break) FLOYD DOMINO ...Show More

1:00:22 | May 29th, 2014

Show #257   TRUCKSTOP HONEYMOON -  Sunday in Ponca City  (The Madness of Happiness) MICHAELA ANNE - When You Wanted Me   (Ease My Mind) ERIC HISAW -  Take Care Of Yourself   (Eric Hisaw) (mic break) I DRAW SLOW - All Souls  (White Wave Chap...Show More

59:54 | May 16th, 2014

Show #256   JEFFREY HALFORD & THE HEALERS - Rainmaker (Rainmaker) LOVES IT - Wild   (All We Are) RODNEY CROWELL - Long Journey Home  (Tarpaper Sky) (mic break) THE HENRY GIRLS -  Maybe (Louder Than Words) MATT HANNAH - Long Way to Drive (...Show More

1:03:49 | May 9th, 2014

Show #255   THE SECRET SISTERS - Rattle My Bones  (Put Your Needle Down) CAROLINA STORY - Your Children's Children  (Chapter One) MOOT DAVIS - Food Stamps (Goin' In Hot) (mic break) RED JUNE - Ancient Dreams  (Ancient Dreams) JIM LAUDERDALE  -...Show More

1:01:38 | May 2nd, 2014

Show #254 ¬† THE BIG LONESOME - What the Hell Am I Supposed to Do¬† (Undone) LINDI ORTEGA - Waitin' On My Luck To Change¬† (Tin Star) LUTHER DICKINSON - Blood ‚Äėn Guts¬† (Rock 'n Roll Blues) (mic break) SHOOK TWINS - Thoughts All In (What We Do) ...Show More

1:00:12 | Apr 24th, 2014

Show #253   JONNY TWO BAGS - One Foot In The Gutter   (Salvation Town) GAL HOLIDAY AND THE HONKY TONK REVUE - She’s A Killer(Last to Leave) SCOTT H. BIRAM - Slow & Easy  (Nothin' But Blood) (mic break) ELIZA GILKYSON - Fast Freight  (The Noctur...Show More

59:34 | Apr 17th, 2014

Show #252   SETH ADAM -Old Broken Ladder (Steel Tempered Pride) RAE BILLING - I Only (Want It All)  (Walls and Fences) FEARING & WHITE - Save Yourself  (Tea and Confidences) (mic break) LAURIE LEWIS - Garden Grow (One Evening in May) WYAT...Show More

1:01:28 | Apr 4th, 2014

Show #251   RILEY ETHERIDGE JR. - Another Time, Another Place  (The Straight & Narrow Way) AMELIA WHITE - Old Postcard  (Old Postcard) GUTHRIE KENNARD - Cross Your Heart  (Cross Your Heart) GRADY KELNECK - Colorado  (Take My Hand) (mic brea...Show More

1:00:46 | Mar 28th, 2014

Show #250   DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS - Pauline Hawkins  (English Oceans) LYDIA LOVELESS - To Love Somebody (Somewhere Else) WILD PONIES - Broken (Things That Used To Shine ) AARON BURDETT -  Going Home To Carolina  (Fruits of My Labor) (mic break)...Show More

1:00:50 | Mar 21st, 2014

Show #249   CHUCK MEAD - The Devil By Their Side  (Free State Serenade) ST. PAUL & THE BROKEN BONES - Call Me   (Half the City)   THE WHISKEY GENTRY -  Dixie (Holly Grove)   NANCARROW - Second Last Resort (Heart) (mic break) IRENE KELLEY - Fe...Show More

1:00:51 | Mar 14th, 2014

Show #248   CLAY McCLINTON -  Wildflowers  (Bitin' at the Bit) KRISTINA MURRAY - Nothin' But Wrong  (Unravelin') MAURICE TANI - Happy Hour  (Blue Line) W.B. GIVENS - Oh My God  (Locomotion) (mic break) REAGAN BOGGS - When it Mattered (Qui...Show More

1:00:03 | Mar 7th, 2014

Show #247 HURRAY FOR THE RIFF RAFF - End Of The Line  (Small Town Heroes) LOWELL LEVINGER - Married To The Blues  (Down to the Roots) THE WORTHLESS SON-IN LAWS -  Things You Say  (No. 8 Wire) JEFF WHITEHEAD - Wake Up   (Bloodhound Heart) (mic br...Show More

59:20 | Feb 28th, 2014

FTB Show #246 features the music from a California Gold Rush story written by Eric Brace & Karl Straup called Hangtown Dancehall. It feature vocals by Kelly Willis, Tim O'Brien and others.  Here's the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  He...Show More

58:55 | Feb 21st, 2014

FTB Show #245 features the first country album by Amy Ray (Indigo Girls) called Goodnight Tender. Also new music from Buzz Cason and Robert Ellis.  Here's the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Here's the direct link to listen now!   Sh...Show More

1:00:00 | Feb 14th, 2014

Show #244 KEN WILL MORTON - No Place For A Sensitive Man   (Slow Burn) ANGELA PERLEY & THE HOWLIN' MOONS - Howlin' At The Moon  (Hey Kid) CALE TYSON - Long Gone Girl  (High on Lonesome) SHELBY LYNNE - Walkin’  (Thanks) (mic break) MASON POR...Show More

59:50 | Feb 7th, 2014

FTB Show #243 features the new album by Laura Cantrell called No Way There from Here. Also new music from Ray Benson, Susan Cattaneo and Girls, Guns & Glory.  Here's the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Here's the direct link to listen ...Show More