the memory palace

Episode 81 (Below, from Above)

17:02 | Jan 27th, 2016

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Music * We start off with Wien, by Labradford. * The guys head out to the work site to Piano 3, from Jon Brion's score to Synecdoche, New York. * Then we hear a bit of Metamorphosis by Vladamir Ussac...Show More


rmmiller364 recommended:Mar 9th

Another of my favorite Memory Palace podcasts, which describes how the great piers for the Brooklyn Bridge were sunk into the river bed. This is an excellent example of Nate’s beautiful poetic writing, while also allowing you to marvel at the things human beings can accomplish and feel extreme empat...Show More

mmMar 9th

@rmmiller364 Loved this!

rmmiller364Mar 10th

@mm yay! It’s so good

mmMar 10th

@rmmiller364 But it really wasn't smart of me to listen to this while trying to fall asleep. Hearing him describe the men going down the caissons and the imagery of that was tough. We often don't think of the very hard work that goes into building such magnificent and important infrastructure and ha...Show More

podysseyapp recommended:May 22nd

Hear the story of the men who built the Brooklyn Bridge. It'll make you fall deeper in love with this iconic structure of New York.

I thought this episode was:

πŸŒ… A beautiful story
πŸ’‘ Educational

mpr recommended:Mar 31st

The legacy of these pioneering men..

mm recommended:Mar 9th

Haunting but poetic story about the building of the Brooklyn Bridge and how the men went down the chambers to dig the holes for the bridge.

mmMar 9th

@aliceko About the building of the Brooklyn Bridge


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