the memory palace

Episode 157: The House of Lowe

16:23 | Feb 11th

7 recommendations

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fiercefab recommended:Feb 11th

“We should know the House of Lowe like we know Dior.” Every time I learn about a woman ahead of her time, undaunted by her society, I am simultaneously happy to meet them and sad for us, collectively. We are worse for not knowing their names. Stories are currency. Legends are legacy. And it’s abo...Show More

alicekoFeb 15th

This was a brilliant episode. I was hoping for a different ending.

cogsdoc recommended:Feb 11th

A beautifully told story about a woman deserving of recognition, delivered as only Nate can tell it.

fiercefabFeb 11th

@cogsdoc thank you for the recommendation. I’ve been googling her work and can’t wait to learn even more.

alicekoFeb 15th

@cogsdoc This was an incredible story. Thank you for sharing!

mmFeb 17th

@cogsdoc Chiming in to say thanks for the recommendation! I loved this episode.

mm recommended:Feb 16th

Ann Lowe! Ann Lowe! Know her name. She’s the designer of Jackie Kennedy’s wedding dress. Celebrate the House of Lowe! Beautiful storytelling of Black woman who made beautiful haute couture for high society women who determine to keep her a secret. I actually shed a tear at the end of this episode.

mmFeb 17th

@karadidomizio I think you’d love this episode.

karadidomizioMar 4th

@mm Great ep!!! You were right, I loved it!

mmMar 4th

@karadidomizio Yay! Glad you enjoyed it! Have another one that you'd like. Will tag you.

rmmiller364 recommended:Feb 15th

The Memory Palace is always one of my favorites and this one about Anne Lowe was really special. It’s about a pioneering black woman in fashion. Make sure you google images of her dresses, especially Jackie Kennedy’s wedding dress!

rmmiller364Feb 15th

“We should know the House of Lowe like we know the House of Dior.” So true, Nate!

aliceko recommended:Feb 15th

The secret story of Ann Lowe, in fact, the very FIRST black person to become a sought-after fashion designer. My heart broke when I heard what Jackie O said. I wonder how different Ann's life would have been had she been given proper credit. Somebody needs to make a movie about Ann asap.

alicekoFeb 15th

@mm @serena

jctrevino recommended:Feb 14th

This episode once again confirmed to me that this is ones of the best podcasts available. Every episode is music and poetry for the mind and for the ear. And, as is the case with this episode, something you are not only entertained but you actually learn a thing or two.

alicekoFeb 15th

@jctrevino this was incredible!


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