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We are gaming industry veterans and newcomers from across the spectrum from outlets like IGN and Polygon, talking about video games, movies, books and more.

1:16:49 | Nov 16th

The year is winding down and we haven't played a ton of games, but we have a decent amount of things to talk about, what with all the Star Wars going on between the Mandalorian and Jedi: Fallen Order, plus our general opinions on Disney+, some impres...Show More

1:21:45 | Nov 8th

This week we're back after a successful extra-life stream to talk Modern Warfare's campaign, more about the Outer Worlds, impressions of Luigi's Mansion 3, the Xbox Elite V2 controller, Terminator Dark Fate and more! This week's music:  Bring Me The ...Show More
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1:19:40 | Oct 31st

It's Halloween, and you people get an early show, so we can let everybody know that we are, in fact, doing Extra-Life, to help raise money for children's cancer research and treatment. We'll be live from 930 AM Pacific time until 25 hours later (stup...Show More

1:28:57 | Oct 19th

This week we've got lots to talk about, including last minute changes to Stadia, all of Riot's big announcements, games in the next six months that could get delayed, Sea Salt, Subnautica: Below Zero, Indivisible, and more.  This week's music:  Poliç...Show More

1:52:23 | Oct 12th

Games might be getting delayed, but we somehow manage to talk for probably too long! This week we talk more Dying Light, John Wick Hex, Valfaris, more Destiny 2, and even more! This week's music: Phantogram - In a Spiral
Show More