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Welcome to the Legal Toolkit, where you'll get the latest trends and business initiatives that help your law firm everyday. Hear from the experts setting the standards for the legal, insurance, and law enforcement industries. The Legal Toolkit is bro...Show More

29:53 | Sep 25th

Dan Hauck, chief product officer at NetDocuments, shares best practices for creating an effective virtual workspace for your law firm.

34:46 | Sep 10th

Jane Oxley, president of Smokeball, gives step-by-step guidance for small firms on how to choose and utilize tools for greater productivity.
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36:50 | Aug 21st

Stuart Barr and Rob MacAdam of HighQ discuss how law firms can leverage their current technology and make smart choices for new legal tech purchases.

43:33 | Aug 7th

Kimberly Rice offers actionable steps lawyers can use to develop a marketing mindset and take ownership of their legal career.

32:33 | Jul 29th

Louie Balasny discusses how modern law firms can benefit from virtual bookkeeping software.
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