Russian Rulers History Podcast

Mark Schauss

First we follow the Russian rulers from Rurik to Putin then take to recounting all aspects of Russian history.

23:54 | May 20th, 2014

We now cover the beginning of the war and the incompetency of the diplomats and rulers who could have stopped the carnage.

18:41 | Apr 30th, 2014

The events leading up to the conflict were avoidable but bungling and religious fervor stole the day.
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22:47 | Apr 13th, 2014

Today's podcast gives the listener a description of how Mark Schauss puts on an episode of the show

21:40 | Apr 13th, 2014

The causes of the war and a description of the enormity of it and the suffering are discussed.

19:52 | Mar 29th, 2014

Today's podcast goes over the history of Crimea and talks about the reasons for the tensions between Russia and Ukraine.
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