Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend

Alison Rosen

A twice weekly podcast hosted by veteran interviewer and everyone's new best friend, Alison Rosen, featuring surprisingly honest conversations that are equal parts silly, serious, revelatory and sometimes involving a sombrero. Plus an eternal quest t...Show More

1:29:45 | Dec 5th

We learn more about Kevin T. Porter's childhood, Tony's workload, boundaries (and whether any of us have good ones) and so much more including a kiss from a rose on the huh?, #SnackChat and a quiz about Spain. Check us out on Patreon: http://patreo...Show More

1:34:31 | Dec 2nd

Joe Randazzo (The Onion, Adult Swim, @midnight) stops by the show to talk about working with Tiffany Haddish, growing up in New Hampshire, smoking, kids, Brooklyn, Charlie Rose and other disgraced men, Charlie Rose's crappy table, meeting his wife, G...Show More
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55:45 | Nov 28th

Happy Thanksgiving from Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend! Kevin T. Porter and Renee Colvert join us for a heartwarming and sweet episode that also contains a lot of talk of Chris Matthews's recent televised toot and related offenses. Stay til the...Show More

1:18:53 | Nov 25th

When she was 14, Adrienne Brodeur was awakened in the middle of the night by her beloved mother who confessed that a family friend had just kissed her. She wanted to pursue a romance with this man and needed young Adrienne's help in keeping it a secr...Show More

1:37:43 | Nov 21st

David Huntsberger is back and he's just returned from Romania where he made an egregious and somewhat offensive carb-based mistake. Renee Colvert also did some traveling and her one wish is to tell her story before David so as not be outdone. Also, w...Show More

1:51:23 | Nov 18th

Scott Aukerman stops by to talk about Between Two Ferns: The Movie which you need to see immediately if you haven't already, how much and in what way he values audience feedback, trusting his own taste, Comedy Bang Bang, finding new comics, IVF, not ...Show More

1:35:35 | Nov 14th

Joe Kwaczala has returned—what a speedy return!—and he once faked a limp until his mom intervened. He also has a crazy track record of calling into radio stations and winning. Jordan Morris doesn't know anything about how to fix your phone so stop as...Show More

1:39:49 | Nov 11th

Shawn Kathleen, the former flight attendant behind the hugely popular Instagram account @passengershaming stops by to discuss her varied career history (she'd been a cop and an EMT before her years as a flight attendant), growing up in Ohio, motherho...Show More

1:33:07 | Nov 7th

Greg Heller has returned and he's brought his buddy Joe Kwaczala who has a Comedy Central special coming out Nov 8. Joe is also, like Tony, definitely a "beard guy," and Greg's going to get to the bottom of it in what should probably become a new seg...Show More

1:24:24 | Nov 4th

Sabrina Jalees stops by the show to talk about growing up in Canada, The Goodie Goodie with Sabrina Jalees, coming out to her Muslim family, their journey toward acceptance, meeting her wife, being a parent, Search Party, career advice that had a ne...Show More

1:40:46 | Oct 31st

It's an extra spooky Halloween episode! Alison has a contingency plan for if her nose gets broken and Elliot's head-butting that morning is making her wonder if the time is now. Kevin T. Porter is here and he brought some cookies for a spontaneous #S...Show More

1:25:37 | Oct 28th

Four years ago political pundit Mary Katharine Ham's personal tragedy was all over the news when her husband Jake Brewer died suddenly in a cycling accident. Theirs had been a picture perfect romance that read like a movie—he was former Obama staffer...Show More

1:32:37 | Oct 24th

Jackie Johnson is back on the eve of her big move. Tony's stopped using the lotion his doctor prescribed him and his skin is better without it! Daniel and I had a very horrible incident in our shower involving maggots but Jackie has introduced us to ...Show More

1:22:07 | Oct 21st

New Yorker cartoonist and author Liana Finck stops by the show to talk about where her darkness comes from, the process of doing illustrations for the New Yorker, her latest book, Excuse Me: Complaints, Cartoons and Notes to Self and her previous gra...Show More

1:33:13 | Oct 17th

Allan Moss is back in town so we had to catch up on his life in Atlanta with Jenna Kim Jones and their two girls. We talked golfcarting, parenting, friends they've replaced us with, snacks, career stuff, airline status and so much more. We also got i...Show More

1:27:51 | Oct 14th

Content Warning: This episode contains a story involving animal cruelty, death of an animal and child abuse that you may find upsetting Comedian and podcast host Ken Reid returns to the show to talk about his critically acclaimed podcast TV Guidanc...Show More

1:28:03 | Oct 10th

Jackie Johnson is back so we're making her answer our questions since she's a renowned beauty expert. Daniel was forced to talk man at a furniture store recently. And Tony made a joke that I'm still laughing about days later! Plus #Snackchat with Mys...Show More

1:38:21 | Oct 7th

Jonah Ray returns to the show to talk about the weird transition period he finds himself in, losing his father three weeks after he returned from touring with Mystery Science Theater 3000, seeing his dad in his final moments, getting Lasik and a vase...Show More

1:42:43 | Oct 3rd

Joining us for this episode was a gigantic crane fly. New guest Dan Telfer referred to it as a May fly which may be a regional thing but regardless, the fly didn't say much but its presence was felt. Despite the intrusion we discussed Dan's balls (he...Show More

1:29:39 | Sep 30th

Jimmy Pardo (Never Not Funny) returns to the show to talk about whether he actually owes me $20 (he does), a shared love of Jesus Christ Superstar, Sarah Silverman, if Alison is the female Jimmy, conversations that make you sound arrogant, being "hos...Show More

1:41:22 | Sep 26th

Kevin T. Porter is back and he's teaching us Christianese. It's very intentional and our corporate enjoyed it? I think I did that wrong. Also there's an update on my pastor-neighbors and I think this show is slowly or maybe quickly killing Daniel's s...Show More

1:18:01 | Sep 23rd

Theresa Thorn (One Bad Mother, Maximum Fun) stops by the show to talk about It Feels Good to Be Yourself: A Book About Gender Identity, the beautifully illustrated children's book she authored, which she says is for everyone and which was inspired by...Show More

1:30:19 | Sep 19th

Greg Heller has returned to regale us with a fish quiz and let me know my dramatic story of a very small stakes car accident over the weekend is... not a good story. Also we learn about the ten minute rule, revisit extroversion versus introversion, h...Show More

1:30:35 | Sep 16th

Stephanie Wittels Wachs returns to the show to talk about Lemonada Media, the new podcast network she's launching with Jessica Kordova Kramer and how the two connected and bonded over having both lost brothers to the opioid epidemic. We chat about th...Show More

1:33:17 | Sep 12th

If you can't make it to someone's event should you let them know beforehand or is it better to just explain after the fact? The table is divided! Jackie Johnson joins us to discuss NEW Jackie and why swimming with sharks was a terrible idea. Plus a L...Show More

1:27:05 | Sep 9th

Erin Gibson (Throwing Shade, Feminasty, Groceries, History: The Shequel) stops by the show to talk about buying a multi-unit property in Santa Fe for her sick father, mother-in-law and husband's brother to live in and turning the other units into chi...Show More

1:17:57 | Sep 5th

Kevin Porter is BACK and we're never letting him go. Daniel has very strong opinions about whether a "brookie" is a thing. Alison experienced some Skype difficulties when trying to guest on Shmanners. Plus we took some of your questions and more. C...Show More

1:23:55 | Sep 2nd

Erin Foley stops by to talk about her hilarious new album Deep Dive, her podcast Sports Without Balls, being a twin, coming out, not realizing she was gay when she "couldn't have been more gay," finding comedy, crystals, Los Angeles, reality TV, impr...Show More

1:25:41 | Aug 29th

Kevin Porter joins us to talk about what might be the best show on TV right now (no spoilers) and explore Renee's new graphic t-shirt based identity. We also learn about "exvangelism," horny summer 2019, rompers, musical theater, word mispronunciatio...Show More

1:35:29 | Aug 26th

Dog trainer Laura London returns to the show to talk about the not-always-rosy real experience of shooting Animal Planet's Rescue Dog to Super Dog, her decision to move to Northern California, the challenges of picking up and moving, the differences ...Show More