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Podcast 249: David Eichelbaum

41:21 | May 7th

Acclaimed luthier David Eichelbaum joins us on this week's Fretboard Journal Podcast to talk about his restoration and repair work, guitarmaking and a lot more. Eichelbaum is based in Ojai, California and on any given day may find himself working on ...Show More
Podcast 248: Greg Ruby

41:49 | Apr 29th

Seattle's Greg Ruby lives and breathes jazz guitar. When he's not gigging with various ensembles, this former member of Pearl Django is a busy composer and music educator. Ruby's latest project is one of his most ambitious, Oscar Alemán: Play Along S...Show More
Podcast 247: Damien Jurado

32:09 | Apr 22nd

Damien Jurado joins us on this week's Fretboard Journal Podcast to talk about the making of 'In the Shape of a Storm,' his incredible new solo acoustic album. Jurado talks about the inspiration he received from a no-name nylon-stringed guitar; wal...Show More
Podcast 246: Sam Amidon

19:40 | Apr 15th

The always delightful Sam Amidon joins us on the Fretboard Journal Podcast to talk about music, the joys of touring by bus and much more. We also chat about growing up in a folk music-filled household, Amidon's take on the Harry Smith's The Anthology...Show More
Podcast 245: Mark Stutman (Folkway Music) Returns

56:15 | Apr 3rd

By popular demand, Folkway Music's Mark Stutman returns to give us even more behind-the-scenes tales of vintage guitar repair. We talk about Gibson acoustics and what it would take for a new Gibson to capture the coveted tone of its '30s and '40s pre...Show More
Podcast 244: Guitarist Kinloch Nelson

43:00 | Mar 29th

Fingerstyle guitarist Kinloch Nelson joins us on this week’s FJ Podcast to talk about Partly on Time: Recordings 1968-1970, his new (and highly recommended) anthology on Tompkins Square Records. The backstory on these demo and previously unreleased r...Show More
Podcast 243: Mike Baggetta

46:40 | Mar 26th

Guitarist Mike Baggetta stops by the Fretboard Journal to talk about the making of his incredible new album 'Wall of Flowers,' which features in the incredible rhythm section of Mike Watt on bass and Jim Keltner on drums. Baggetta describes the incre...Show More
Podcast 242: Remembering Dick Dale

1:01:18 | Mar 21st

On this week's Fretboard Journal Podcast, we celebrate the larger-than-life personality and music of Dick Dale, who passed away this week at the age of 81.  We begin by talking to Matt Warshaw, surf historian and the author of the Encyclopedia of ...Show More
Podcast 241: Tim O'Brien

35:47 | Mar 13th

Tim O'Brien (Hot Rize) joins us on this week's podcast to talk about his excellent new, self-titled Tim O'Brien Band album, out March 15, 2019. The album is features an array of covers, new tunes and even a co-write with Dan Auerbach of the Black Key...Show More
Podcast 240: Guitarist Adam Miller

55:09 | Mar 7th

Fingerstyle guitarist Adam Miller joins us on this week's Fretboard Journal Podcast to talk about his music, growing up in Australia, the influence that Tommy Emmanuel had on his playing and the incredible collection of acoustic and electric guitars ...Show More
Podcast 239: Daniel Romano

26:21 | Feb 26th

Daniel Romano is an insanely talented (and prolific) multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from Canada. Over the last decade, he's released music that has varied from folk and country-inspired to power pop and punk.  Romano came by the Fretb...Show More
Podcast 238: Andy Powers (Taylor Guitars)

56:16 | Feb 15th

Andy Powers of Taylor Guitars stops by the Fretboard Journal offices to talk about the new Taylor Grand Pacific series of guitars, his influences and a lot more! Plus, NAMM updates, a great deal on Fretboard Journal subscriptions and a few surprises.
Podcast 237: Kevin Odegard

56:32 | Feb 8th

In 1974, Minnesota-based musician / railroad brakeman Kevin Odegard was asked if he wanted to help out on a local Bob Dylan recording session. Little did he know that he would be sitting in on one of the great rock albums of all time, Dylan’s Blood o...Show More
Podcast 236: Guitarist Bob Minner

45:13 | Jan 31st

For over twenty years, Bob Minner has served as touring acoustic guitarist for Tim McGraw. But Bob’s day job barely scratches the surface of this fascinating multi-instrumentalist. On this week’s Fretboard Journal Podcast, we talk to this acclaimed a...Show More
Podcast 235: William Tyler

43:22 | Jan 23rd

Fingerstyle guitarist William Tyler joins us on the Fretboard Journal Podcast to talk about his new album, 'Goes West' (Merge Records) and a lot more!
Podcast 234: Luthier Eric Galletta

1:06:22 | Jan 22nd

Eric Galletta has been building electric guitars for over 25 years and has worked alongside numerous guitarmaking legends, including Wayne Charvel (Charvel Guitars) and Bernie Rico (BC Rich). But the focus of much of our conversation is Eric's love f...Show More
Podcast 233: Liz Brasher

14:31 | Jan 11th

Memphis-based musician Liz Brasher stops by the Fretboard Journal to talk about her early influences, her gear and much more.  Check out Liz's debut solo, 'Painted Image,' out on Fat Possum Records.
Podcast: 232: Tommy Emmanuel and Jerry Douglas

42:15 | Jan 4th

Tommy Emmanuel and Jerry Douglas join us on this week's Fretboard Journal Podcast to talk about guitars, the art of collaboration and much more.
Podcast 231: Kenneth Pattengale of the Milk Carton Kids

1:18:21 | Dec 20th, 2018

Kenneth Pattengale (Milk Carton Kids) joins us to talk about his new Martin Kenneth Pattengale Special guitar (available exclusively at Gruhn Guitars). This guitar has quite a backstory: Kenneth set out to make the ultimate American-made guitar for m...Show More
Podcast 230: Joey Landreth of the Bros. Landreth

32:24 | Dec 14th, 2018

On this week's FJ Podcast, we're joined by Joey Landreth of the Bros. Landreth. We talk guitars (including his Alexander Sorokin-built instrument), coffee, career choices and more.  This episode is sponsored by Retrofret, Lowden Guitars and Lee Va...Show More
Podcast 229: Mark Stutman of Folkway Music

1:32:50 | Dec 7th, 2018

This week, we’re joined by Folkway Music founder Mark Stutman. Over the years, Stutman has earned accolades from guitar collectors around the world as one of the finest vintage acoustic repairmen around, especially when it comes to Gibson guitars fro...Show More
Podcast 228: Mandolinist David Benedict

45:56 | Nov 29th, 2018

Musician David Benedict was a bit of a late bloomer, not taking up the mandolin until he was 13 years old. Since then, David has become one of the most innovative and sought after mandolin players and instructors around. His new album, The Golden Ang...Show More
Podcast 227: Billy Strings

53:06 | Nov 17th, 2018

Guitarist Billy Strings joins us on this week’s Fretboard Journal Podcast to talk about one of the more interesting instruments we’ve learned about this year, an electric guitar that his grandfather built in prison (check out the hashtag #prisonguita...Show More
Podcast 226: A Quick Announcement

07:35 | Nov 16th, 2018

A quick announcement for Fretboard Journal Podcast listeners on how you can help us!
Podcast 225: Sam Bush

59:56 | Nov 12th, 2018

Mandolin virtuoso Sam Bush joins us on this week’s Fretboard Journal Podcast to talk about Revival: The Sam Bush Story, the recently-released full-length documentary on his life and music. We also talk about Hoss, his 1937 Gibson F-5; learn why Sam h...Show More
Podcast 224: Vintage Amp Repair with Skip Simmons

1:04:06 | Nov 7th, 2018

Amp repairman Skip Simmons calls it like he sees it. He joins us on this week's Fretboard Journal Podcast to talk about vintage guitar amp repair, why smaller wattage amps can be better for the average player and what bargains still exist in the worl...Show More
Podcast 223: Anthony Wilson

59:39 | Nov 2nd, 2018

Composer/jazz guitarist/singer-songwriter Anthony Wilson joins us on this week’s FJ Podcast to talk about his forthcoming project, Songs and Photographs, a vinyl LP bundled with a 48-page book featuring his photography. We of course talk about Wilson...Show More
Podcast 222: Singer-Songwriter David Wilcox

1:03:04 | Oct 24th, 2018

On this week’s podcast, we talk to singer-songwriter David Wilcox about his unique method for amplifying and recording his guitars, including the numerous pickups and mics he installs. We also talk about his signature model RainSong guitar and his fo...Show More
Podcast 221: John McEuen

33:28 | Oct 17th, 2018

John McEuen joins us on this week’s Fretboard Journal Podcast to talk about the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, learning from Doug Dillard, the creation of his solo album, Made in Brooklyn (and the unique way it was recorded), plus a lot more.
Podcast 220: Guitarist Mike Squires

1:00:09 | Oct 10th, 2018

Mike Squires went straight from the Marines to the Seattle indie music scene. These days, he's living on the East Coast and dividing his time between a day job, playing guitar for Duff McKagan's Loaded and posting short music clips on Instagram under...Show More
Podcast 219: Adam Buchwald (Circle Strings, Iris Guitars)

54:02 | Oct 3rd, 2018

Vermont-based luthier Adam Buchwald (Circle Strings) joins us on this week's Fretboard Journal podcast to talk about his start repairing and building instruments, working at Froggy Bottom Guitars, the launch of Circle Strings and his new budget line,...Show More
Podcast 218: Tyler Grant

55:29 | Sep 25th, 2018

National Flatpicking Champion and Grant Farm founder Tyler Grant joins us on the Fretboard Journal Podcast this week. We chat about the fascinating world of flatpicking guitar competitions and the strategies Tyler employed to win them, the formation ...Show More
Podcast 217: John Pizzarelli

35:05 | Sep 20th, 2018

Jazz icon John Pizzarelli joins us to talk about Nat King Cole, his dad (Bucky Pizzarelli), his Radio Deluxe show and much more!
Podcast 216: Guitarist Corey Congilio

41:53 | Sep 12th, 2018

On today's Fretboard Journal Podcast, we talk to one of the most popular guitar instructors around, Corey Congilio. In addition to Corey's job at TrueFire (where he has lessons on soloing, blues licks and a lot more), we hear about his work represent...Show More
Podcast 215: Guitarist Miles Okazaki

31:54 | Sep 5th, 2018

On this week's podcast, we talk to jazz guitarist Miles Okazaki about his epic new project, Work: The Complete Compositions of Thelonious Monk. On it, he transcribes and performs the 70 known Monk compositions for solo guitar. We learn about his arra...Show More
Podcast 214: Ryan "Fluff" Bruce of Riffs, Beards & Gear

43:13 | Aug 28th, 2018

This week, we talk to YouTube sensation Ryan “Fluff” Bruce. With his Riffs, Beards & Gear channel, Fluff has conducted deep dives into all sorts of gear questions, unboxed the cheapest guitars imaginable on Amazon and, most importantly, had a ton of ...Show More
Podcast 213: Joe Henry

21:13 | Aug 20th, 2018

Acclaimed singer-songwriter/producer Joe Henry joins us to talk about his latest recording projects, his writing habits and more!
Podcast 212: Guitarist Gwenifer Raymond

29:50 | Aug 13th, 2018

Brighton, England’s Gwenifer Raymond joins us on this week’s podcast. Raymond started playing guitar and drumming in punk and rock bands, but eventually stumbled upon Appalachian music, pre-war blues and John Fahey. Since then, she picked up a PhD, b...Show More
Podcast 211: Tom Ellis

57:07 | Aug 6th, 2018

Austin-based Tom Ellis is one of the world's most respected mandolin makers. On this week's podcast, we talk to him about how he got his start building instruments, the fateful day he showed Ricky Skaggs his second-ever mandolin and about the inlay w...Show More
Podcast 210:'s Dan Orkin

58:21 | Jul 30th, 2018

This week, we talk to's Dan Orkin. Dan recounts the company's early days, its explosive growth, some current marketplace trends when it come to guitars (including what's hot right now and what isn't) and a lot more.
Podcast 209: Bruce VanWart of Collings Guitars

35:50 | Jul 20th, 2018

This week, we talk to one of the unsung heroes in the world of boutique guitars, Bruce VanWart of Collings Guitars. Bruce is the first official Collings employee and the one person who has touched nearly every instrument the company has produced sinc...Show More
Podcast 208: Cory Wong (Vulfpeck, Fearless Flyers)

43:15 | Jul 12th, 2018

Cory Wong is a force of nature: The thirty-something guitarist performs in Vulfpeck, the Fearless Flyers and on innumerable sessions. On this week’s podcast, we talk to Cory about the Minneapolis music scene (including his interactions over the years...Show More
Podcast 207: Tom Crandall of TR Crandall Guitars

35:08 | Jul 5th, 2018

Acclaimed guitar repair guru Tom Crandall of TR Crandall Guitars joins us to talk about the making of two gorgeous videos that we're showcasing on In the videos, Tom is shown doing his magic to two vintage Stella guitars, a 12 a...Show More
Podcast 206: Nathaniel Riverhorse Nakadate

22:13 | Jul 3rd, 2018

This week, we welcome frequent FJ contributor Nathaniel Riverhorse Nakadate onto the podcast. Over the years, Riverhorse has penned some of our favorite articles for the FJ, including his features on Huey Long, Paul Buskirk and Darrell Scott. We talk...Show More
Podcast 205: Stephen Bishop

34:38 | Jun 22nd, 2018

Stephen Bishop - the guy behind pop hits "On and On," "It Might Be You" and "Save It For a Rainy Day" - joins us on this week's Fretboard Journal Podcast to talk guitars (especially the gorgeous instrument that he commissioned from Danny Ferrington),...Show More
Podcast 204: Jon Sullivan of Sully Guitars

1:22:44 | Jun 16th, 2018

Sully Guitars founder Jon "Sully" Sullivan has had quite a journey: from growing up in Chicago, to attempting to be a rock star on the Sunset Strip, to building electric guitars full-time in Little Elm, Texas. On this week’s Fretboard Journal Podcast...Show More
Podcast 203: Guitarist Todd Albright

33:46 | Jun 8th, 2018

This week, we talk to country blues guitarist Todd Albright. He tells us about his early influences, including Dave Van Ronk and Paul Geremia; his choice of guitars (12-strings built by Todd Cambio's Fraulini Guitars); getting signed by Jack White's ...Show More
Podcast 202: Meredith Coloma and Isaac Jang

33:39 | May 31st, 2018

We talk to two of the most energetic and promising young guitarmakers on this week's podcast, Meredith Coloma and Isaac Jang. Coloma talks to us about how she's found a unique audience for her guitars thanks to her hometown of Vancouver, British Colu...Show More
Podcast 201: Artist James A. Willis

42:50 | May 24th, 2018

Renaissance man and visual artist James A. Willis joins us this week to talk about his numerous guitar projects – from being the “Artist in Residence” at Gibson to this painted case projects and working with Zac Brown – and a lot more. Willis also ex...Show More
Podcast 200: Live from Austin, Texas with Dave Alvin & Jimmie Dale Gilmore

52:52 | May 18th, 2018

For our 200th episode of the Fretboard Journal Podcast, we take the show on the road and broadcast from our recent Fretboard Journal Live event from the Calton Case headquarters in Austin, Texas. You’ll hear our live interview with Steve McCreary (Co...Show More
Podcast 199: Joel Eckhaus (Earnest Instruments)

37:38 | May 10th, 2018

For most luthiers, building and repairing six string guitars pays the bills. On this week’s podcast, we talk a luthier who has carved out an entire career for himself building only ukuleles, tenor guitars and the occasional mandolin. Portland, Maine’...Show More
Podcast 198: Dom Flemons

1:01:00 | May 3rd, 2018

Mulit-instrumentalists and music historian Dom Flemons (Carolina Chocolate Drops) joins us to talk about his new Smithsonian Folkways record 'Black Cowboys' and a lot more.
Podcast 197: Greg and Janet Deering of Deering Banjos

54:49 | Apr 28th, 2018

Greg and Janet Deering (Deering Banjos) walk us through their company's continued growth, talk about their early days at American Dream (the same cooperative that launched Taylor Guitars); their wide array of instruments – from starter to collector-g...Show More
Podcast 196: Eric Johnson

19:03 | Apr 19th, 2018

On today’s podcast, we talk to guitar god Eric Johnson! We chat about using meditation to live in the present, Eric's new Fender signature model thinline Stratocaster, his new pedal board, re-creating the Ah Via Musicom album today and much more.
Podcast 195: Chris Smither

26:37 | Apr 12th, 2018

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Chris Smither joins us on this week’s Fretboard Journal Podcast to talk about his new double-album, Call Me Lucky. We chat about his unique interpretations of well-trodden covers such as “Sittin’ On Top of the World” and “...Show More
Podcast 194: Guitarist Duck Baker

37:09 | Apr 7th, 2018

Guitar legend Duck Baker joins us this week to talk about his new compilation, Les Blues du Richmond: Demos & Outtakes, 1973-1979 (out this month on Tompkins Square Records). We also talk about why so many guitarists in the early ‘70s were arranging ...Show More
Podcast 193: Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams

33:48 | Mar 30th, 2018

Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams join us on the Fretboard Journal Podcast to talk about their latest recording; the challenges of being working musicians who happen to be married, guitars and much more!
Podcast 192: Caitlin Canty and Noam Pikelny

30:37 | Mar 24th, 2018

Singer-songwriter Caitlin Canty and Noam Pikelny stop by the Fretboard Journal to talk abut Canty's new record, 'Motel Bouquet.' Pikelny - best known as the banjo wizard alongside Chris Thile in Punch Brothers - produced the album and also plays guit...Show More
Podcast 191: Glenn Jones

55:08 | Mar 15th, 2018

Guitarist Glenn Jones joins us this week to talk about the forthcoming 1000 Incarnations of the Rose Festival, a three-day long music festival celebrating the music of John Fahey, Robbie Basho and American Primitive guitar. We also hear about Jones' ...Show More
Podcast 190: Mark Leggett

32:34 | Mar 8th, 2018

Today we’re talking to accomplished studio guitarist and composer Mark Leggett. Mark has led a fascinating life with credits that include the guitar solo from Martika’s “Toy Soldiers” to the playing with Dolly Parton, to doing music for My Name Is Ea...Show More
Podcast 189: David Grisman and Del McCoury

29:08 | Mar 2nd, 2018

On this week's podcast, we catch up with longtime friends and music collaborators David Grisman and Del McCoury at Wintergrass 2018. We talk about the early days of bluegrass festivals, some of the larger-than-life personalities they worked alongside...Show More
Podcast 188: Suzanne Santo

27:08 | Feb 19th, 2018

Singer-songwriter Suzanne Santo joins us on the Fretboard Journal Podcast to talk about starting out in music, moving to New York City (by herself!) at 16, her work in HoneyHoney, the decision to put out a solo record and much more.
Podcast 187: Jim Herrington

36:44 | Feb 15th, 2018

Acclaimed music photographer Jim Herrington - best known for his iconic portraits of Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and other legends - joins us to talk about his latest project, which has nothing to do with music! With his new coffee table...Show More
Podcast 186: Larry Pogreba

46:53 | Feb 9th, 2018

This week, we talk to guitar builder Larry Pogreba about his one-of-a-kind resonator guitars, Weissenborns and acoustics. Larry is a big proponent of using recycled and reclaimed woods and metals in his instruments, which have a who's who list of own...Show More
Podcast 185: Bruce Cockburn

38:45 | Feb 2nd, 2018

Songwriting legend Bruce Cockburn joins the Fretboard Journal Podcast to talk about music, his guitars (especially his Linda Manzer-built instruments), politics and more.
Podcast 184: Hot Rize

34:38 | Jan 24th, 2018

Legendary bluegrass quartet Hot Rize - Tim O’Brien, Pete Wernick, Nick Forster and Bryan Sutton - cram into the Fretboard Journal studios on the cusp of their 40th annivesary. We talk about the early Colorado bluegrass scene, the instruments they cur...Show More
Podcast 183: Earnie Bailey of Wire Instruments

48:28 | Jan 22nd, 2018

Earnie Bailey of Wire Instruments tells us about his unlikely journey to becoming a full-time guitarmaker; his guitar tech work for Nirvana, the Foo Fighters and Brandi Carlile; and much more.
Podcast 182: Steve Gunn

39:32 | Jan 12th, 2018

Brooklyn-based guitarist and Matador recording artist Steve Gunn talks to us about growing up in Philadelphia, the influence of Jack Rose and John Fahey on his music, working with Kurt Vile, his Gunn-Truscinski Duo recordings and, of course, gear.
Podcast 181: Del McCoury

57:09 | Jan 5th, 2018

This week, we have a fun chat with bluegrass icon Del McCoury, who tells us about his Martin guitar collection, touring and much more. Del is also joined by Ronnie and Rob McCoury, who share some of their favorite instrument stories.
Podcast 180: Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn

31:34 | Dec 16th, 2017

Banjo legends Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn interview each other on this very special episode of the Fretboard Journal Podcast. They talk about their earliest banjos, influences and more.
Podcast 179: Filmmaker Drew Roller of Acoustic Uprising

25:46 | Dec 16th, 2017

On this week's podcast, we talk to film director Drew Roller about his documentary 'Acoustic Uprising,' which chronicles the cutting edge players in today's contemporary fingerstyle guitar and guitar tapping scene. Drew describes the players that got...Show More
Podcast 178: Kurt Bloch

1:07:49 | Dec 7th, 2017

Today we talk to prolific guitarist and producer Kurt Bloch. Bloch is a legendary figure in the Seattle music scene and is perhaps best known as the guitarist in the Sub Pop band the Fastbacks. Bloch explains how he first started modifying gear, why ...Show More
Podcast 177: Guitarist Joel Paterson

26:46 | Dec 1st, 2017

Chicago-based guitarist Joel Paterson is a tour de force when it comes to roots, blues, rockabilly and classic jazz sounds. On this week's podcast, we talk to Joel about his new Christmas record, Hi-Fi Christmas Guitar, his favorite gear and much mor...Show More
Podcast 176: Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars

1:03:48 | Nov 23rd, 2017

Today we're having a candid talk with Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars about the guitar industry as a whole, his reforestation efforts in Cameroon and Hawaii, the confusing world of CITES permits and much more.
Podcast 175: Lindy Fralin

37:36 | Nov 15th, 2017

Lindy Fralin (Fralin Pickups) is one of the world's most respected guitar pickup manufacturers. From his Richmond, Virginia headquarters, Fralin and his team of seven employees craft some of the most coveted single-coil and humbucking pickups availab...Show More
Podcast 174: Delicate Steve

37:49 | Nov 8th, 2017

Today we’re talking to guitarist Steve Marion, aka “Delicate Steve.” When his old band’s major label record deal imploded, Marion invented his Delicate Steve persona, crafting over-the-top rock instrumental records loaded with great playing, a ton of...Show More
Podcast 173: Singer-Songwriter Amy Helm

15:47 | Nov 1st, 2017

On this week's episode of the Fretboard Journal Podcast, we talk to singer-songwriter Amy Helm about working alongside her father (the late Levon Helm of the Band), what it was like to record her new album with Joe Henry, her life in Woodstock, NY an...Show More
Podcast 172: Luke Doucet

44:25 | Oct 27th, 2017

Luke Doucet of Whitehorse talks to us about his start playing guitar in Winnipeg, how being a parent has shaped his listening habits and about his unique collection of guitars, including his Gretsch White Falcon, his Creston Lea offset and his Fender...Show More
Podcast 171: Murphy Jensen

1:00:57 | Oct 17th, 2017

Former French Open winner Murphy Jensen joins us to talk about why so many pro tennis players embrace the guitar; his unique background growing up in Northern Michigan; and about some of his favorite moments as a musician.
Podcast 170: Ken Parker

1:08:06 | Oct 12th, 2017

Famed archtop guitar builder Ken Parker talks to the FJ about his recent guitar builds, wood he just sourced from "The Tree," the importance of hide glue in instrument construction and much more.
Podcast 169: Colin Hay

33:13 | Oct 4th, 2017

Colin Hay (Men at Work) joins us to talk guitars, songwriting and more.
Podcast 168: Laura Baird / Richard Jones-Bamman

56:38 | Oct 3rd, 2017

Today's episode features Interviews with musician Laura Baird (Baird Sisters) on her new, solo banjo album as well as author Richard Jones-Bamman, who just penned a book entitled Building New Banjos for an Old-Time World.
Podcast 167: Guitarist Michael Gulezian

1:36:10 | Sep 22nd, 2017

Fingerstyle guitar virtuoso Michael Gulezian talks about his lengthy career, getting signed to John Fahey's Takoma Records, his time with Michael Hedges and more.
Podcast 166: Billy Strings and an IBMA World of Bluegrass Preview

50:37 | Sep 15th, 2017

An interview with flatpicking guitar talent Billy Strings and Paul Schiminger of the IBMA.
Podcast 165: Pieta Brown

45:38 | Sep 10th, 2017

Singer-songwriter Pieta Brown joins us to talk about her unique upbringing (her dad is famed folk musician Greg Brown), her late start playing the guitar and her new record, Postcards.
Podcast 164: Chris Young of Union Tube & Transistor

1:22:28 | Sep 1st, 2017

An interview with Chris Young, founder of Union Tube & Transistor. Union makes some of the most innovative and interesting guitar effects pedal available today.
Podcast 163: Zack Vex of Z.Vex Effects, Part Two

1:04:42 | Aug 29th, 2017

An interview with guitar effects visionary Zack Vex of Z.Vex Effects. During this interview, Zack tells us about his latest stomp boxes, his new microphone invention and a lot more.
Podcast 162: Zack Vex of Z.Vex Effects, Part One

1:07:55 | Aug 14th, 2017

We interview Z.Vex founder Zack Vex to hear about his early days tinkering with guitars, his first pedals and more. Part one of a two-part interview.
Podcast 161: Christian Lee Hutson

33:34 | Aug 11th, 2017

The Fretboard Journal talks to young singer-songwriter Christian Lee Hutson about his childhood, songwriting and more.
Podcast 160: Todd Cambio of Fraulini Guitars

56:10 | Aug 4th, 2017

A chat with Todd Cambio of Fraulini Guitars about his attempt to replicate Lonnie Johnson's 12-string guitar and much more.
Podcast 159: Sam Amidon

48:51 | Jul 28th, 2017

An interview with groundbreaking musician Sam Amidon, who blends traditional folk sounds with experimentalism.
Podcast 158: Zeke Schein

31:16 | Jul 19th, 2017

For guitar collectors, Zeke Schein is best-known as the long-time salesman you see at Matt Umanov Guitars. What you may not know is that Zeke is also the guy who discovered what may very well be the third photo of Robert Johnson ever unearthed (an eB...Show More
Podcast 157: Remembering Bill Collings

39:52 | Jul 19th, 2017

Our dear friend Bill Collings, founder of Collings Guitars & Mandolins, passed away on July 14, 2017 after a long battle with cancer. We’re working on a tribute for Bill in the next issue of the Journal (and if you have any great Bill stories, we’d l...Show More
Podcast 156: Lluís Gómez

44:02 | Jul 13th, 2017

Twenty years ago, Lluís Gómez heard Banjo Paris Session, an album featuring the playing of Jean-Marie Redon and Bill Keith. It completely changed this Spanish musician's life. Gómez would go on to obsess over the five-string banjo, eventually trackin...Show More
Podcast 155: Jas Obrecht

24:41 | Jul 7th, 2017

Today we’re talking to Jas Obrecht, acclaimed music journalist and editor. Jas is the author of the recently published anthology, Talking Guitar: Conversations with Musicians Who Shaped Twentieth-Century American Music. The book is filled interviews ...Show More
Podcast 154: Eric Schoenberg and Dana Bourgeois

54:33 | Jun 30th, 2017

Thirty years ago, luthier Dana Bourgeois (Bourgeois Guitars) and performer/vintage guitar dealer Eric Schoenberg teamed up to create a guitar that was at once both very traditional and very forward-thinking, the Schoenberg Soloist. The Soloist was Er...Show More
Podcast 153: Luthier Nate Wood (Stahman Guitars)

45:22 | Jun 22nd, 2017

On this week’s Fretboard Journal Podcast, we talk to luthier Nate Wood, out of Springfield, Oregon. Nate regaled us with guitarmaking tales at last month’s La Conner Guitar Festival so we quickly hatched a plan to bring him on the show. Before launch...Show More
Podcast 152: Singer-Songwriter Vikesh Kapoor

25:45 | Jun 14th, 2017

The music of singer-songwriter Vikesh Kapoor has always defied logic. Here’s a 20-something artist—born in small town Pennsylvania to immigrants from India—who seems more inspired by Pete Seeger, John Jacob Niles and Woody Guthrie that any popular mu...Show More
Podcast 151: Luthier Mark Whitebook

1:58:31 | Jun 8th, 2017

These week, we talk to acclaimed guitarmaker Mark Whitebook. In the 1970s, Whitebook had a cult following for his handmade guitars and a client list that included James Taylor, Carly Simon, Phil Keaggy and Clarence White. But in 1980, having built ar...Show More
Podcast 150: Meagan Wells Interviews Jason Verlinde

1:14:54 | Jun 3rd, 2017

For our 150th episode of the Fretboard Journal Podcast, we turn the tables: Luthier Meagan Wells (guest on episode #134) interviews Fretboard Journal publisher / editor Jason Verlinde. We talk about the origins of the Fretboard Journal magazine, Jaso...Show More
Podcast 149: Tom Nechville of Nechville Banjos

53:28 | May 25th, 2017

Minnesota’s Tom Nechville may very well be the closest thing the banjo world has to Leo Fender. For the last 30 years, he’s innovated the five-string banjo with revolutionary products like the Heli-Mount, the Cyclotronic Tone Ring and the Flux Capaci...Show More
Podcast 148: Nic Delisle of Island Instruments

36:14 | May 18th, 2017

“I’ve always been into the older, cheaper Sears’ catalog-type guitars,” Nic Delisle of Island Instruments explains on this week’s podcast. That influence is clearly apparent when one looks at Island’s unique guitar lineup; you can see familiar Silver...Show More
Podcast 147: Luthier Bryan Galloup

31:29 | May 11th, 2017

Want to become a professional luthier or repair person? Are you already a working in the field but want to up your game? If so, you’ll love this week’s podcast episode. We’re talking to luthier Bryan Galloup about his annual Northwoods Seminar, a fou...Show More
Podcast 146: Matt Hampton of the Hampton Brothers

49:22 | May 4th, 2017

The first time Matt Hampton sought out to harvest Red spruce for guitar tops, he, quite simply, "searched Google Earth for dark patches on top of tall mountains." Matt and his brother Nate are now continuing the legacy started by Ted Davis and John A...Show More
Podcast 145: Ben Harper

53:30 | Apr 26th, 2017

Today we’re talking to the one-and-only Ben Harper. Ben tells us about a very special guitar he just received from luthier John Monteleone. It's the first lap steel guitar that Monteleone has ever made, a guitar that John has dubbed a Radio City Spec...Show More
Podcast 144: Luthiers Linda Manzer, David Wren and Tony Duggan-Smith

49:58 | Apr 20th, 2017

On today’s podcast, acclaimed luthiers Linda Manzer, David Wren and Tony Duggan-Smith gather around Manzer's kitchen table to talk to us about their new Group of Seven guitar project.  The Group of Seven consisted of Canadian landscape painters Lawre...Show More
Podcast 143: Andy Powers of Taylor Guitars

1:23:10 | Apr 7th, 2017

Andy Powers is a force of nature. He’s a gifted musician, an avid surfer and, of course, a stellar guitarmaker. As Andy tells us on this week’s podcast, he’s always had the guitarmaking bug. In fact, he attempted to build his first instrument when he...Show More
Podcast 142: Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters)

39:59 | Apr 6th, 2017

On today’s podcast, we talk to Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett. Chris tells us about growing up in Santa Barbara; starting out on guitar; his early love for metal; how he landed the Foo Fighters gig; why he started playing Telecasters; and the ...Show More
Podcast 141: Singer-Songwriter Ethan Gruska

28:02 | Mar 29th, 2017

On this week’s podcast, we talk to Ethan Gruska (Belle Brigade) about his 2017 solo album, Slowmotionary. As Gruska tells it, he innocently recorded a handful of songs thinking they would serve as a sort of business card to remind musician pals that ...Show More
Podcast 140: Doug Kauer (Kauer Guitars / Titan Guitars)

53:47 | Mar 24th, 2017

This week, we have a fun talk with Doug Kauer of Kauer Guitars, Titan Guitars and DRS racks. Doug tells us about how his family’s cabinetry business gave him the experience he needed to build instruments, why he utilizes CNC machines in his productio...Show More
Podcast 139: Rick Turner, Jack Casady and Dan Schwartz at the Fretboard Summit 2016

1:55:03 | Mar 16th, 2017

Another highlight from the 2016 Fretboard Summit: Rick Turner, Jack Casady (Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna) and Dan Schwarz have a candid talk about the evolution of instrument amplification and tone from the 1960s to today. Casady talks about his desi...Show More
Podcast 138: Noam Pikelny of the Punch Brothers

54:20 | Mar 7th, 2017

Banjo virtuoso Noam Pikelny joins us on this week's Fretboard Journal Podcast to talk about his new (and excellent) solo album 'Universal Favorite', some of the instruments in his growing collection (including his 1930 Gibson Granada, his 1941 Gibson...Show More
Podcast 137: Wes Lambe and Ben Maschal of Pre-War Guitars

40:01 | Mar 2nd, 2017

Relic’d guitars are nothing new in the world of electric instruments, but they’re relatively unheard of when it comes to acoustics. Pre-War Guitars – the duo of Wes Lambe and Ben Maschal – hopes to change that. The pair of veteran luthiers are creati...Show More
Podcast 136: Wyatt Wilkie of Wilkie Stringed Instruments

51:09 | Feb 16th, 2017

If you love a good story, you’ll want to tune into this week’s podcast with luthier Wyatt Wilkie. Though he comes from a musical family, Wilkie is a completely self-taught instrument maker. He built his very first instrument, a mandocello, while work...Show More
Podcast 135: Jason & Pharis Romero of J. Romero Banjo Co.

50:33 | Feb 11th, 2017

On today’s Fretboard Journal Podcast, we talk to Jason and Pharis Romero of J. Romero Banjo Co. From the tiny town of Horsefly, British Columbia, the Romeros craft some of the most coveted new fretted instruments being made. They currently have a fiv...Show More
Podcast 134: Luthier Maegen Wells

1:27:51 | Feb 2nd, 2017

On this week’s podcast, we talk to luthier Maegen Wells. After years of working alongside famed archtop guitar and bass builder Tom Ribbecke, Maegen is now building her own guitar and mandolin creations out of her Forestville, California workshop.   ...Show More
Podcast 133: William Seeders Mosheim of Seeders Instruments

25:50 | Jan 27th, 2017

On today's podcast, we talk to William Seeders Mosheim, the owner of Seeders Instruments. Seeders is an open-back banjo builder who has found success combining old world designs with new world craftsmanship. The Vermont-based luthier honed his woodwo...Show More
Podcast 132: Recording Engineer Larry Crane on Elliott Smith

46:12 | Jan 12th, 2017

This week, we talk to recording engineer Larry Crane of Portland’s Jackpot! Recording Studio about the new and expanded 20th anniversary reissue of Elliott Smith’s Either/Or, his friendship with Smith and what those original recording sessions were l...Show More
Podcast 131: Michael James Adams & the Guitar Store Panel at the 2016 Fretboard Summit

1:05:30 | Jan 6th, 2017

This week: A double-episode of sorts! First off, we talk to Michael James Adams (aka by his social media handle, puisheen) about interviewing Nels Cline for us for issue 37. Michael walks through the interview process, Nels’ gear selections and more....Show More
Podcast 130: Singer-Songwriter Paul Burch

50:11 | Dec 29th, 2016

On today's Fretboard Journal Podcast, we talk to singer-songwriter Paul Burch, who went from performing in rock and indie bands in the Midwest to working the honky tonks on Lower Broadway. Burch tells us about his years performing at Tootsie’s Orchid...Show More
Podcast 129: Vintage Gibson Panel at the Fretboard Summit

54:46 | Dec 23rd, 2016

Yet another fun session from the 2016 Fretboard Summit! This week we hear John Thomas (Kalamazoo Gals), TJ Thompson, Mark Stutman (Folkway Music), Jim Baggett (Mass Street Music), Robb Lawrence (The Les Paul Legacy) and David Sheppard (Lowe Vintage) ...Show More
Podcast 128: T. Drew Heinonen and the Summit OM Build, Part Six

31:28 | Dec 16th, 2016

The wait is over! Back on our 100th episode, we introduced you to T. Drew Heinonen, a young luthier who attended the first Fretboard Summit. We ended up ordering a guitar through Drew, using woods and materials we sourced through some of our favorite...Show More
Podcast 127: CITES Rosewood Updates with John Thomas

38:32 | Dec 9th, 2016

Law professor, author and Fretboard Journal Field Editor John Thomas joins us once again to discuss some recent updates to CITES and the impact they will have on musicians, instrument collectors and builders. Specifically, beginning January 2017, all...Show More
Podcast 126: Michael Corcoran on Washington Phillips

21:49 | Dec 1st, 2016

On December 5, 1927, the day after Blind Willie Johnson recorded some of his most influential blues sides at an impromptu Columbia Records recording studio in Dallas, in walked an equally mysterious and haunting musician, Washington Phillips. Phillip...Show More
Podcast 125: Mike Watt

1:08:11 | Nov 22nd, 2016

You don’t need to be an offset guitar connoisseur to appreciate the beauty of Nels Cline’s beat 1960 Fender Jazzmaster, affectionately dubbed “Watt.” On today’s Fretboard Journal Podcast, we talk to the former owner of that guitar, Mike Watt himself....Show More
Podcast 124: Jon Herington of Steely Dan

36:24 | Nov 18th, 2016

On this week’s podcast, we talk to guitarist Jon Herington. For the last several years, Herrington has performed guitar duties for Steely Dan, but his credits go far beyond that. He’s also an accomplished singer-songwriter and session musician. We al...Show More
Podcast 123: Vintage Martin Guitar Panel from the 2016 Fretboard Summit

52:21 | Nov 11th, 2016

On this week’s podcast, we’re sharing the vintage Martin guitar panel that took place at the 2016 Fretboard Summit. Included on this panel were guitar experts Mark Stutman (Folkway Music), TJ Thompson, Jim Baggett (Mass Street Music), David Sheppard ...Show More
Podcast 122: TJ Thompson at the 2016 Fretboard Summit

49:09 | Nov 4th, 2016

On this week’s Fretboard Journal podcast, we’re sharing the talk that acclaimed luthier TJ Thompson gave at the 2016 Fretboard Summit in San Diego. This talk was billed as “Myth Busting with TJ Thompson” and had the following description in our progr...Show More
Podcast 121: Rick Turner, Dana Bourgeois and Andy Powers at the Fretboard Summit

1:07:57 | Oct 27th, 2016

The last official talk at the 2016 Fretboard Summit featured three giants in the world of guitarmaking: Rick Turner, Dana Bourgeois and Andy Powers. This sprawling talk covers a lot of ground: What makes a great guitar? How long are guitars supposed ...Show More
Podcast 120: Henry Kaiser with THD Electronic's Andy Marshall

1:12:01 | Oct 21st, 2016

Two old friends join us on this week’s Fretboard Journal Podcast as we talk with guitar improvising legend Henry Kaiser and Andy Marshall of THD Electronics. During our sprawling chat, Kaiser tells us about his love for diving in the Antarctic and ho...Show More
Podcast 119: Will Lowe & David Sheppard of Lowe Vintage

27:49 | Sep 30th, 2016

On this week's podcast, we talk to Will Lowe and David Sheppard of Lowe Vintage. Lowe Vintage is a relatively new guitar shop based in Burlington, North Carolina. Despite their newcomer status in the world of vintage guitars, mandolins and banjos, th...Show More
Podcast 118: T. Drew Heinonen and the Summit OM Build, Part Five

46:22 | Sep 22nd, 2016

Our Fretboard Summit OM guitar project is now nearing completion. On this episode, we conduct one last Skype conversation with luthier T. Drew Heinonen to talk about the instrument, where it stands currently and about some of the finishing touches Dr...Show More
Podcast 117: Music Pastor Paul Enns

31:01 | Sep 13th, 2016

We don’t often cover religious music here at the Journal but on today’s podcast we talk to Paul Enns, a music pastor based in London. He walks us through his unique job, crafting music and playing acoustic guitar for church services; tells us about h...Show More
Podcast 116: Richard Hoover at the Fretboard Summit

50:18 | Aug 26th, 2016

As Santa Cruz celebrates its fortieth anniversary, we’re sharing the talk that founder Richard Hoover gave at the first-ever Fretboad Summit. Richard tells us a bit about the SCGC operation, gives us his thoughts on how tonewoods affect what we hear,...Show More
Podcast 115: Jim Olson of Olson Guitars

56:07 | Aug 17th, 2016

Jim Olson is a legend in the world of acoustic guitar making. The Minnesota-based luthier is a cult favorite among guitar collectors around the world thanks to the instruments he's built for James Taylor (Taylor's Olson was once immortalized in carto...Show More
Podcast 114: Luthier Otto D'Ambrosio

44:59 | Aug 5th, 2016

These days, Otto D’Ambrosio is best known for his exquisite archtop guitars. But his guitar journey began long ago, when he stumbled into Mandolin Brothers as a 13 year old. He ended up working at Mandolin Brothers for Stan Jay, then for luthier lege...Show More
Podcast 113: T. Drew Heinonen's OM Guitar Build, Part Four

52:08 | Jul 28th, 2016

It's starting to look like a guitar! Luthier T. Drew Heinonen is hard at work on the OM guitar project we'll be unveiling at the 2016 Fretboard Summit. On this week's podcast, Drew tells us about his assembly of the guitar's body, gives us his views ...Show More
Podcast 112: Author and Banjo Expert Bob Carlin

21:13 | Jul 20th, 2016

Author, record producer, historian and performer Bob Carlin joins the Fretboard Journal podcast to talk about his latest project, the gorgeous new book 'Banjo: An Illustrated History.' The book is an exceptional tome for any fretted instrument collec...Show More
Podcast 111: Guitarist Tim Young

44:54 | Jul 13th, 2016

Tim Young is best known for his guitar playing with Wayne Horvitz in Zony Mash but he’s also done a ton of session and studio work with everyone from Todd Rundgren and Fiona Apple to John Legend.  On this week’s podcast, we talk to Young about his ca...Show More
Podcast 110: Matt Munisteri & Bill Frisell

1:03:12 | Jul 7th, 2016

On May 24, 2016, jazz guitarists Bill Frisell and Matt Munisteri performed a short Facebook Live set at the Fretboard Journal’s Seattle headquarters. After the cameras were turned off, we kept the microphones rolling while Bill and Matt had an insigh...Show More
Podcast 109: Luthier T. Drew Heinonen and the OM Guitar Build, Part Three

41:39 | Jun 27th, 2016

Once again, we check in with Minnesota-based luthier T. Drew Heinonen. As we've discussed on podcasts #100 and #101, Heinonen will be building the Fretboard Journal an OM-style guitar, which we’ll be unveiling at the 2016 Fretboard Summit. As you’ll ...Show More
Podcast 108: Creston Lea at the Fretboard Summit

52:06 | Jun 8th, 2016

Burlington, Vermont's Creston Lea first appeared in the Fretboard Journal #21 when we ran a feature on him and fellow electric guitar builder Paul Languedoc. Over the years, we've continued to follow and be amazed by this created luthier. Today's pod...Show More
Podcast 107: Luthier Jason Kostal

40:04 | May 26th, 2016

Even though his guitars command top dollar and his wait list is several years long, luthier Jason Kostal isn’t done learning his craft. In fact, as we hear on today’s Fretboard Journal Podcast, Kostal just flew to Europe to attend an inlay master cla...Show More
Podcast 106: Walter Carter of Carter Vintage Guitars on the First 'Burst

36:13 | May 16th, 2016

On this week’s podcast we talk to Walter Carter of Carter Vintage Guitars about one of the store’s latest acquisitions, a May 1958 Gibson Les Paul that could safely be called the first ‘Burst. This prototype guitar came from the factory with a three-...Show More
Podcast 105: Making Guitars for Prince with Roger Sadowsky and Andy Beech

39:31 | May 4th, 2016

For 105th episode, we talk to two of the many guitarmakers who built instruments for Prince over his career. Roger Sadowsky tells the entertaining story of how he built Prince's "Ejacucasters" and Andy Beech of D'Haitre Guitars describes the dozens o...Show More
Podcast 104: Grant Gordy and Joe Walsh

16:02 | Apr 27th, 2016

Today we talk to Grant Gordy and Joe Walsh, two rising stars in the world of bluegrass and Americana music. Both artists are members of Darrol Anger's Mr.Sun, but during the recording of this podcast, they were touring as a guitar/mandolin duo. Gordy...Show More
Podcast 103: Eric Daw of the Fret Files / Pin-Up Custom Guitars

36:43 | Apr 19th, 2016

For years, Eric Daw has been the in-house repairman at Seattle’s acclaimed Emerald City Guitars. On today’s episode, we talk to Eric about his work at the store, his love for vintage guitars and a lot more. Eric also talks about his own Pin-Up Custom...Show More
Podcast 102: Ronin Guitars with Dan Phelps

49:07 | Apr 11th, 2016

Ronin electric guitars are instantly recognizable thanks to their unmistakable Foilbucker and Stratofoil pickups. Dig a little bit deeper and you'll also discover that these guitars have another unique characteristic – they’re all made out of reclaim...Show More
Podcast 101: Luthier T. Drew Heinonen and the OM Guitar Build, Part Two

37:44 | Apr 1st, 2016

Luthier T. Drew Heinonen will soon be building us a custom OM style guitar. On this episode, we talk to Drew about the time he spent at Jim Olson's shop, his philosophy when it comes to CNC machines, thoughts on tone woods and more. We also hear from...Show More
Podcast 100: Luthier T. Drew Heinonen

26:28 | Mar 24th, 2016

We celebrate our 100th podcast episode by ordering a custom acoustic guitar! On this episode, we talk to luthier T. Drew Heinonen, who got his start working for Bourgeois Guitars and acclaimed guitarmaker James Olson. Heinonen is now building guitars...Show More
Podcast 99: Luthier Scott Walker

30:24 | Mar 17th, 2016

Before he devoted himself to making electric guitars, luthier Scott Walker spent years setting dovetail neck joints at the Santa Cruz Guitar Company. With Walker’s most recent creation, the Katana, he gets to combine the two chapters of his life in a...Show More
Podcast 98: Matt Munisteri's Blindfold Guitar Challenge

53:51 | Mar 11th, 2016

Vintage guitar enthusiasts are quick to point out the differences between various makers, tone woods and construction techniques. But can you identify with just your ears what you’re actually hearing? That was the premise behind Matt Munisteri’s Blin...Show More
Podcast 97: TJ Thompson

48:52 | Feb 29th, 2016

Luthier TJ Thompson returns to our podcast to tell us a bit about his new website, On the site, TJ is selling some of the exacting tools and guitar parts he’s developed over the last few decades repairing vintage Martin guitars, ...Show More
Podcast 96: Josh Rosenthal of Tompkins Square Records

23:07 | Feb 19th, 2016

For our 96th podcast, we talk to Josh Rosenthal of Tompkins Square records. In its first decade, Tompkins Square has released dozens of essential albums for guitar lovers, including the Imaginational Anthem series, records by E.C. Ball, Max Ochs, Ros...Show More
Podcast 95: Guitar Restoration Panel with Jim Baggett

47:18 | Feb 12th, 2016

Bridge plates, neck resets, refinishes… these are the issues that cause sleepless nights for many vintage guitar enthusiasts. On November 7, 2015 at the first Fretboard Summit, Mass Street Music’s Jim Baggett addressed some of these issues and many m...Show More
Podcast 94: Danny Barnes

24:02 | Feb 3rd, 2016

There is only one musician in the world who can sing the praises of bluegrass legend Don Stover, describe the merits of vintage Sunn amps and tell you that he’s working on a suite of 12-tone music for tuba and banjo all in one 20 minute conversation....Show More
Podcast 93: Guitarist Eli West

29:53 | Dec 28th, 2015

For our 93rd podcast, we talk to Seattle musician Eli West, who is just about to wrap up a Kickstarter campaign to fund his first solo record. West is a prolific musician, perhaps best known for his work in Cahalen Morrison & Eli West. His forthcomin...Show More
Podcast 92: Joe Henry and David Crosby

58:59 | Dec 18th, 2015

The first-ever Fretboard Summit was filled with magical music performances and informative lectures but one clear highlight was this session featuring Joe Henry and David Crosby discussing the art of record production. This candid, hour-long conversa...Show More
Podcast 91: Michael Gurian

23:57 | Oct 15th, 2015

The term “living legend” gets tossed around a lot these days, but Seattle’s Michael Gurian certainly fits the bill. Gurian is currently in his 55th year of building instruments and instrument parts. Long before today’s boutique guitar movement, he wa...Show More
Podcast 90: Julian Lage

16:44 | Oct 7th, 2015

Every time we check in with musician Julian Lage, he seems to have a cool new project brewing. For our 90th podcast, we talk to the ridiculously talented guitarist about his forthcoming electric guitar trio, his recent purchase of a Blackguard Tele, ...Show More
Podcast 89: Harvester Guitars

41:48 | Sep 18th, 2015

Most modern electric guitar builders focus on classic Fender and Gibson designs but Anthony Paine of Harvester Guitars is inspired by the unusual: Wandre guitars of the ‘50s and ‘60s and Travis Bean instruments of the ‘70s. On our 89th podcast, we ta...Show More
Podcast 88: Photographer Sam Jones

41:24 | Sep 2nd, 2015

Sam Jones is easily one of the most in-demand photographers working today: he’s well-known for his trademark shots of George Clooney, President Obama and numerous other A-List celebrities. Jones is also the director behind the Wilco documentary I Am ...Show More
Podcast 87: Cindy Cashdollar

21:10 | Jul 20th, 2015

For our 87th podcast, we talk Dobro and steel guitars with famed musician Cindy Cashdollar. Cashdollar walks us through some of her favorite instruments, including the Lap King guitar she brought to our session, explains how certain guitars seem to f...Show More
Podcast 86: Luthier Preston Thompson

28:15 | Jul 7th, 2015

In the late 1970s, Preston Thompson moved from Texas to Vermont to learn the art of lutherie at Charles Fox’s School of the Guitar Research & Design Center. He’d eventually spend time at Randy Wood’s legendary Pickin’ Parlor before returning to Fox’s...Show More
Podcast 85: Guadalupe Custom Strings

36:38 | Jun 8th, 2015

From a tiny workshop in East LA, the small staff of Guadalupe Custom Strings create string sets not only for acoustic and electric guitarists but also for mariachi, jarocho, bajosexto and arpa players (to name a few). On this Fretboard Journal podcas...Show More
Podcast 84: Roger Siminoff

27:43 | Apr 21st, 2015

Roger Siminoff has always been a tinkerer. At 21, he designed and built a prototype offset press for his family’s printing business. When the music bug hit, Siminoff began building instruments, including banjos, pedal steels and, eventually, mandolin...Show More
Podcast 83: Chris Eldridge (Punch Brothers)

21:05 | Apr 7th, 2015

Chris Eldridge of the Punch Brothers stops by the Fretboard Journal to talk about his love for John Hartford, how his recording sessions with Thile and company come to be and a lot more. We also talk about his current lineup of acoustic guitars and a...Show More
Podcast 82: John Knowles, CGP

24:52 | Feb 24th, 2015

Over the years, Nashville's John Knowles has earned a PhD, a Grammy and even two Emmy nominations. Perhaps even more impressive, he's one of a handful of musicians given the "Certified Guitar Player" award from Chet Atkins. On our 82nd podcast, we ta...Show More
Podcast 81: Dana Bourgeois on Torrefied Guitar Woods

32:24 | Feb 13th, 2015

Call it whatever you like: torrefaction, thermo-cured, roasted or baked. Fact of the matter is that acoustic guitar companies are flocking to a process where woods are put in a specialized, oxygen-free kiln and essentially cooked, resulting in a stif...Show More
Podcast 80: Nels Cline and Julian Lage

58:54 | Jan 21st, 2015

In this hour-long interview, Nels Cline (Wilco) and Julian Lage sit down to talk to us about their fateful meeting (thanks to a lunch date with the late jazz great Jim Hall), the art of the guitar duo, gear (Cline is playing a Gibson Barney Kessel he...Show More
Podcast 79: Dana Bourgeois on Tony Rice

17:13 | Nov 18th, 2014

On this week’s podcast, we talk to luthier Dana Bourgeois about a truly special one-off guitar he recently built to benefit Tony Rice. This is Dana’s first (and likely last) attempt at an enlarged soundhole D-28-style guitar, just like the famous Mar...Show More
Podcast 78: Guitar Maker Michael Bashkin

39:55 | Nov 11th, 2014

Michael Bashkin’s life took a unlikely turn when the former New Jersey resident enrolled as an Art major at the University of Montana. “Living in Western Montana, I quickly discovered the outdoors and developed a strong interest in natural resources ...Show More