99% Invisible

363- Invisible Women

27:07 | Jul 23rd, 2019

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Men are often the default subjects of design, which can have a huge impact on big and critical aspects of everyday life. Caroline Criado Perez is the author of Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World De...Show More


dee.ngyn recommended:Sep 24th, 2019

Amazing discussion on the unintended consequences of positioning men as the default within the world of design

haiko recommended:Feb 2nd

This episode is so important. Most of our world has been designed with men and cishet male bodies as the default, at best making life for women more uncomfortable (office air conditioning), and at worst killing them (misdiagnosis of heart attacks, car seat belts).

mmFeb 2nd

@haiko Your recommendation reminded me of this fun episodes from Planet Money’s The Indicator about a group of economists who complained about the office temperature and how it affects women vs men. One of my faves! “The Battle For The Office Thermostat": https://podyssey.fm/episode/id3680774

maven recommended:Aug 4th, 2019

molinos recommended:Sep 16th, 2019

Si escuchas este episodio te indignaras al descubrir que la mayoria de las cosas que se diseñan desde coches hasta la estrategia de limpieza invernal en las calles, están pensadas desde el punto de vista de los hombres.

mm recommended:Feb 10th

Did you know that car manufacturers do not test whether the driver seat is safe for women since they don’t use women crash test dummies for that scenario since it’s “too expensive”? This makes me angry.

aliceko recommended:Feb 15th

I often discuss the inequalities in the medical space for men and women - I've failed to realized there is a bigger issue at play: the most common design flow in the world is the absence of considering women because men are the default. In the medical world, they use 'menstruation' as the excuse. Wh...Show More

alicekoFeb 15th

@serena @shopceremonie

serenaFeb 18th

@aliceko I've read her book too. It is chock a block full of unbelievable, enraging stats, but very important to know about.

isla recommended:Apr 18th

One of my favorite episodes of the series. A great look into the subject, and it makes you wonder: How many stereotypes and struggles exist just because the world isn't designed with half the population in mind?


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