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Whether we wear a lab coat or haven't seen a test tube since grade school, science is shaping all of our lives. And that means we all have science stories to tell. Every year, we host dozens of live shows all over the country, featuring all kinds of ...Show More

35:27 | Dec 6th

This week we present two stories from people who stood up against a system eager to tear them down. Part 1: After a car crash alters Emily Winn's life forever, she must relive the trauma when she testifies in a deposition. Part 2: Black geneticist C....Show More

36:04 | Dec 3rd

A sneak peek at our new BONUS podcast for Patreon supporters! Today's episode is the first of our Behind the Scenes series. Liz and Erin are joined by Dr. Ali Mattu to discuss the TERROR of stage fright -- and how to overcome it. For more bonus episo...Show More
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37:04 | Nov 29th

This week we present two stories from people who owe a debt of gratitude to somebody for their entrance into the science community. Part 1: A chance meeting with a stranger on an airplane has a huge impact on Melanie Knight's life. Part 2: Joshua Ada...Show More

43:38 | Nov 22nd

This week we present stories from two scientists who were confronted with their status as an “outsider.” Part 1: After getting hit by a car, Ph.D. student Reyhaneh Maktoufi must navigate the recovery and paperwork as an immigrant from Iran. Part 2: W...Show More

32:59 | Nov 15th

This week we present stories from two people finding their boundaries with the wild world of animals. Part 1: Adam Selbst competes with tigers for the attention of his mother. Part 2: Weighed down by the burden of leadership as she supervises the con...Show More

28:53 | Nov 8th

This week we present two stories about people who discovered a diagnosis late in life. Part 1: As a child, TC Waisman is told that she is on the autism spectrum, but her mother refuses to accept the diagnosis. Part 2: Growing up, Craig Fay develops s...Show More

35:51 | Nov 1st

This week we present two stories from scientists searching for that special someone. Part 1: Zoology student Devon Kodzis's strategy of attracting boys with fun animal facts proves difficult. Part 2: Away from her boyfriend for grad school, Meisa Sal...Show More

37:18 | Oct 25th

This week we present two stories from people who let science lead them down a rabbit hole of curses. Part 1: Science journalist Erik Vance decides to get cursed by a witch doctor for science. Part 2: After taking a rock from Mauna Loa, volcanologist ...Show More

37:31 | Oct 18th

This week we present two stories from people who had to become leaders whether they liked it or not. Part 1: Eager to show off their new job testing water quality, Prof.Ound takes their friends out on a boat for the first time. Part 2: Neuroscientist...Show More

34:31 | Oct 11th

This week we present two stories about the sounds that silence can take on.Part 1: Kambri Crews attempts to smuggle a gift into prison for her father, who is deaf.Part 2: As Kristine Lycke enters kindergarten, her mother starts treatment for a myster...Show More

41:37 | Oct 4th

This week we present two stories from people telling the first time they crossed paths with science.Part 1: In the third grade, Lylianna Allala finds out that her partner on the class solar system project isn't allowed to come over to her house.Part ...Show More

36:03 | Sep 27th

This week we present two stories about being the one who is there when it happens.Part 1: Journalist Sarah Kaplan normally covers the science beat, but when tragedy strikes in Las Vegas, she takes on an assignment unlike any she's had before.Part 2: ...Show More

46:30 | Sep 24th

In this special BONUS episode, we unveil a brand-new addition to our podcast! To celebrate, we present new versions of classic stories from Story Collider’s directors and discuss how they have evolved since their original telling.Part 1: As a marine ...Show More

27:15 | Sep 20th

This week we present two stories from teachers dealing with wild experiences in the classroom.Part 1:  When his students keep having “accidents" during nap time, kindergarten teacher Alvin Irby investigates Part 2:  In Aida Rosenbaum’s first month as...Show More

36:49 | Sep 13th

This week we present two stories about the the parts of ourselves that we keep under wraps.Part 1: At 22 years old, Jenn Montooth is accepted to graduate school just as she discovers she's pregnant.Part 2: Studying addiction as a neuroscientist gives...Show More

28:07 | Sep 6th

This week we present two stories from people who have to prove themselves in science acedemia.Part 1: When there's an explosion in the chemistry lab, graduate student Chanté Summers springs into action.Part 2: When Adriana Briscoe's professor accuses...Show More

24:59 | Aug 30th

This week we’re presenting two stories about people trying to become parents.Part 1: After finally getting together in their forties, Chris Wade and his wife are determined to have a baby -- even if it means following some unconventional advice.Part ...Show More

43:34 | Aug 23rd

This week we present two stories from surgeons who had complications with the knife. Part 1: A routine procedure with one of the primates in her lab becomes much more complicated when neuroscientist Paula Croxson cuts herself with the scalpel.Part 2:...Show More

47:26 | Aug 21st

The Story Collider is delighted to bring you an extra BONUS episode this week -- thanks to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a new kind of philanthropy that’s leveraging technology to help solve some of the world’s toughest challenges. Both of the stor...Show More

30:44 | Aug 16th

This week we present two stories from people who left home for university and discovered something unexpected.Part 1: After Kenny Kinds begins lying to his parents about his grades, he has to question why he is in engineering school in the first plac...Show More

29:30 | Aug 9th

This week we share two stories from scientists who had to take on a new role with their parents.Part 1: As the scientist in the family, Steve Scott takes on a new role when his dad must undergo heart surgery.Part 2: Tajana Schneiderman struggles to l...Show More

28:50 | Aug 2nd

This week we present two stories from people who ran into roadblocks trying to save the world.Part 1: When pharmacy professor Lindsay Acree volunteers at a local needle exchange, her beliefs about addiction are challenged.Part 2: Engineering PhD stud...Show More

31:11 | Jul 26th

This week we present two stories about people who had to accept a delay in their personal journeys.Part 1: Veterinarian Rodrigo Solis thinks he's found the perfect job -- taking care of horses in the Mexican Army -- until a new commander takes over.P...Show More

31:48 | Jul 19th

This week we present two stories from people who had disastrous moments with their own genitals.Part 1: Lonely after her move to New York City, Adrien Behn finds a friend in her copper IUD.Part 2: While recovering from prostate cancer surgery, Dana S...Show More

31:07 | Jul 12th

This week we present two stories from people gripped with concern for others.Part 1: When biologist Andrew Holding's new baby stops feeding, his scientific instincts are put to the test.Part 2: After finding out her mother has breast cancer, high sch...Show More

35:29 | Jul 5th

Part 1:  After turning down a tenure position, Sarah Brady struggles to adapt to her new life as the spouse of a physician. Part 2:  As he grows up, Ed Greco's two great loves -- his high school sweetheart, and physics -- come into conflict. Sarah Br...Show More

26:44 | Jun 28th

This week we present two stories about people making choices informed by the naïvety of youth. Part 1: On a dull night in Orlando, young Josh Flaum decides to experiment with drugs he can buy over the counter.Part 2: After Will Tran accidentally chea...Show More

32:08 | Jun 21st

This week we present two stories of scientists having to find a strength within themselves.Part 1: BiologistH eather Hamlin leaves the safety of the lab for her first field assignment: tagging alligators.Part 2: As an unconsenting "face of diversity,...Show More

34:43 | Jun 14th

This week we share two stories from people who have go on wild goose chases to find their dads. Part 1: In his last year of medical school in Colombia, Gabriel Duran Rehbein finds out his father has been kidnapped.Part 2: After seeing her dad lose co...Show More

35:16 | Jun 7th

This week we present two stories from people who were underwater both literally and metaphorically.Part 1: Barbara Abernathy has always felt at home in the ocean, but when she undergoes a bone marrow transplant, her doctor tells her she can't go into...Show More