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41:41 | Jul 9th, 2019

This week, Pastor of Fresh Life Church, Levi Lusko, gives us three crucial instructions when it comes to putting a line in the sand and deciding to fight for the person God intended us to be.

44:21 | May 25th

“He must increase, but I must decrease.” John 3:30 This is a powerful statement from someone who understood what mattered most to God, and therefore what should matter most to us. But it’s hard, it’s...Show More
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39:40 | May 18th

Almost nothing is guaranteed, except for two things: Life is Hard. God is Good. That’s it; those are the two guarantees we’re walking away with today. The first one, life is hard, no one ever really...Show More

42:40 | May 11th

"The space between what you thought your life was going to be and what your life really is, is the space of your suffering." Are you facing adversity today? Does your life look different than the way...Show More

35:43 | May 4th

How we handle hardship could be the heroic thing inside of all of us. Just look at the life of King David: David was anointed by God as a teenager, told he would be king in time. He played the harp f...Show More
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