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The Department of War Studies, King's College London, focuses on promoting understanding of war, conflict and international security. The podcasts highlight the department's research and teaching activities. They also cover events the department orga...Show More

39:59 | Jun 15th

The TV series Chernobyl has brought nuclear power back to the public's attention, at precisely the same time as concern about climate change is at record levels. Many see nuclear power as key to curbing carbon emissions and preventing climate change....Show More

31:41 | Jun 1st

Date of Publication: 01/06/2019 Description: In this week’s podcast, we are going to learn about a fascinating new book on Military Virtues and how military ethics training can improve decision making in the field. Then, we will change tracks t...Show More
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45:43 | May 16th

Date of Recording: 14/05/2019 Description: Why do international peacebuilding organizations sometimes succeed and sometimes fail, even within the same country? Bridging the gaps between the peacekeeping, peacebuilding, and global governance sch...Show More

26:37 | May 12th

In 2017 Qatar was subjected to a blockade by its neighbours, led by Saudi Arabia, which severely restricted its trading and transport links. Two years on the diplomatic crisis has not been resolved. In this podcast, Dr Andreas Krieg of the Defence...Show More

39:23 | May 10th

Date of Recording: 25/04/2019 Description: Speaker: Michael Talbot, University of Greenwich When we think of the Ottoman Empire, we tend to think of them as a terrestrial empire. Yet as well as being ‘sultan of the two lands’, the Ottoman so...Show More

43:07 | May 3rd

Date of Recording: 28/04/2019 Description: 2020 will mark the 75th anniversary of Allied victory in World War II. While Russia will celebrate its greatest victory in style, outside the region the Soviet contribution to victory is still poorly u...Show More

16:56 | Apr 27th

Date of Publication: 26/04/2019 Description: Across the School of Security Studies at KCL, students are given unique opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills that they learn throughout their courses by participating in research projects,...Show More

41:40 | Apr 19th

Date of Recording: 02/04/2019 Description: Air Marshal Edward Stringer, the Director General of Joint Force Development and the Defence Academy, will kickstart the week with a public lecture, part of the WN’s inaugural wargaming lecture series....Show More

24:31 | Apr 13th

Date of Publication: 13/04/2019 Description: This podcast is part of the War Studies New Voices series which showcases emerging research from our PhD community. Emily Brown researches the ways in which torture and prisoner abuse narratives i...Show More

33:39 | Apr 9th

Date of Recording: 04/04/2019 Description: Ofer Fridman and Vitaly Kabernik will present their new book Hybrid Conflicts and Information Warfare: New Labels, Old Politics. Chair: Prof. David Betz What is Hybrid Warfare? And what role does...Show More

1:04:22 | Apr 6th

Date of Recording: 01/04/2019 Description: Over the past decade, renewable energy has expanded at breakneck speed, surpassing all expectations. Installed capacity and production from all renewable sources have increased substantially across the...Show More

52:48 | Mar 22nd

Date of recording: 20 Mar 2019 Description: 'European Navies and the Conduct of War' considered the different contexts within which European navies operated over a period of 500 years culminating in World War Two, the greatest war ever fought a...Show More

41:40 | Mar 19th

Date of Recording: 19 Feb 2019 Description: Book Launch 'Spying for Wellington: British Military Intelligence in the Peninsular War' - Dr Huw Davies Intelligence is often a critical factor in a successful military campaign. This was certainl...Show More

22:30 | Mar 16th

Date of Publication: 16 March 2019 Description: What is the future of security and development in an uncertain world? On the 7th and 8th of March, students from KCL’s Conflict Security and Development (CSD) MA course in the Dept. of War Stud...Show More

34:44 | Mar 13th

Date of Recording: 25 Feb 2019 Description: Returning to the UK in September 2010 after serving in Iraq as the political adviser to the top American general, Emma Sky felt no sense of homecoming. She soon found herself back in the Middle East, ...Show More

36:33 | Mar 2nd

Date of Publication: 2/03/2019 Description: What are Extralegal groups in the context of post-conflict societies? How can trade play a role in state building? And how do we define a ‘good’ state? These are just a few questions we discussed with...Show More

57:15 | Feb 26th

Descritpion: Over the past 70 years, more than one million troops from more than 110 nations have participated in 70 UN peacekeeping missions. It is a remarkable achievement, but at a time when multilateral institutions are increasingly asked to j...Show More

50:04 | Feb 22nd

Date of Recording: 21/02/2019 Description: Genocide and crimes against humanity are the quintessential international crimes. Our understandings of these terms continue to evolve, the result of judicial and political initiatives. Recent developm...Show More

39:34 | Feb 16th

Date of publication: 12/02/2019 Description: Researchers and students of war and global security often look to the past to better understand developments in the present. So, how might the history of Nuclear weapons help us understand today’s se...Show More

58:42 | Feb 8th

Date of Recording: 23/01/2019 Description: One of the world’s most ambitious investment and infrastructure development projects, the Belt and Road Initiative is a Chinese government strategy to connect overland and maritime routes across Asia, ...Show More

10:42 | Feb 1st

Date of Publication: 02/02/2019 Description: In November 2018 The Marjan-Marsh Prize awarded by the Department of War Studies in partnership with the Marsh Christian Trust was presented to Milan Ruzic, President of the Bird Protection and Study...Show More

31:38 | Jan 26th

Date of Recording: 17/01/2019 Description: The keynote address on Day 1 of the 'Assurance and Deterrence Within an Alliance Framework' symposium was given by Dr Kori Schake, Deputy Director-General, International Institute for Strategic Studies...Show More

1:02:08 | Jan 24th

Date of Recording: 16/01/2019 Description: At the end of the Cold War, the United States emerged as the world’s most powerful state, and then used that power to initiate wars against smaller countries in the Middle East and South Asia. Accordi...Show More

49:23 | Jan 21st

Date of Recording: 16/01/2019 Description: While a renaissance in wargaming is currently underway across the political, military, educational, and commercial sectors, there is no academic discipline dedicated to the study and practice of wargam...Show More

37:37 | Jan 19th

Date of Publication: 19/01/2019 Description: We are going to kick off 2019 by exploring the development of international criminal law and justice, starting from the year 1919. Following the end of the First World War, the Allied nations of ...Show More

45:54 | Jan 12th

Date of Recording: 19/10/18 Description: Why and how do military governments surrender power to elected civilian governments? The nineteen years since Nigeria emerged from military rule and transitioned to democracy in May 1999 is the longest ...Show More

34:33 | Dec 17th, 2018

Date of Recording: 29/11/2018 Description: To mark the end of the Art & Reconciliation event series, the project team held a symposium where project participants, artists, practitioners and academics will explore the key themes of the project. ...Show More

55:34 | Dec 14th, 2018

Date of Recording: 05/12/2018 Description: After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the independent republics of Central Asia have constantly tried to create a form of regional order that would preserve their sovereignty while enacting purposefu...Show More

42:49 | Dec 11th, 2018

Date of Recording: 22/11/2018 Description: Join Guy Lamb, Director of the Safety and Violence Initiative (University of Cape Town), discusses his latest research on the globally pressing issue of police militarisation and the ‘war on crime’, drawi...Show More

52:07 | Dec 7th, 2018

Date of Recording: 07/12/2018 Description: Dr Peter Perla, 'The Art and Science of Wargaming to Innovate and Educate in an Era of Strategic Competition' What can we know about pressing security challenges through wargaming? How do we know? ...Show More