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Jodie Jackson, “You Are What You Read: Why Changing Your Media Diet Can Change The World” (Unbound, 2019)

40:43 | Jan 27th

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The old mantra “if it bleeds it leads” is alive and well in today’s media landscape. In fact, social media and up-to-the-second news have made it easier than ever to ingest a constant stream of inform...Show More


epekilis recommended:Mar 19th

Traditional journalism has focused on selling bad news. Solutions journalism proposes giving serious and thoughtful consideration to what people are doing to fix the problems incrementally, and take the lessons learned. I enjoy the podcast #Solvable for this perspective.

jspinelle recommended:Jan 30th

I really enjoyed talking with Jodie about her new book. Anyone interested in solutions journalism or the “slow news” movement will find her work interesting.

epekilisJan 30th

@jspinelle Thanks for the recommendation. Will add it to the “To Play” list.

epekilisMar 19th

@jspinelle Finally got around to listening to this. Episode really spoke to me. Big, complex problems like climate change (or indeed COVID-19 which was not on the radar at the time) benefit from public review of a wide variety of potential, incremental solutions. The podcast Solvable is really go...Show More

jspinelleMar 19th

@epekilis Yes, this episode takes on a whole new meaning now! I’m also a fan of Solvable. Thanks for listening!