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The Vergecast is your source for an irreverent and informative look at what's happening right now (and next) in the world of technology and gadgets. Hosted by Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn, alongside a cavalcade of tech luminaries, Vergecast is the onl...Show More
Luminary and the podcast wars to come, with Nick Quah and Ashley Carman

48:02 | Apr 30th

The Podcast Wars are coming. After Luminary’s troubled launch, The Verge’s Nilay Patel and Ashley Carman sit-down with podcast expert Nick Quah of Hot Pod to discuss if Luminary or anyone could be “the Netflix of podcasts” and where the industry is h...Show More
Casey Newton on the secret life of Facebook moderators

34:39 | Feb 26th

In “The Trauma Floor,” The Verge’s Casey Newton uncovered the horrendous working conditions for contract Facebook moderators. On this week’s Vergecast, he and editor-in-chief Nilay Patel discuss how he uncovered them.
The future of Facebook and democracy with Casey Newton and Alex Stamos

30:41 | Mar 19th

Facebook's former chief security officer Alex Stamos joined Casey Newton onstage at SXSW to discuss the difficult issues that plague Facebook and democracy.Subscribe to The Interface, Casey Newton's newsletter about social platforms and democracy.
How technology is changing music with Switched on Pop’s Charlie Harding and Nate Sloan

44:15 | May 28th

Switched on Pop hosts Charlie Harding and Nate Sloan join Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel to unpack how technology is changing the distribution, making, and sound of popular music. 
Can Anchor be the Youtube for podcasts? And should they?

43:18 | Mar 5th

Anchor CEO Michael Mignano discusses the company's recent acquisition by Spotify, the future of podcasting, and whether Anchor could become the "YouTube for podcasts." The Verge's Nilay Patel and Ashley Carman talk to Mignano about the current diffic...Show More
Bill Gates on solving the world’s problems… and building a better toilet

33:22 | Feb 12th

Bill Gates and Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel discuss the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s ambitious plans to improve health in poor countries, build better toilets, gather better data about women, and rethink taxes on the wealthy.
Net Neutrality 2017 Thanksgiving madness

1:18:17 | Nov 27th, 2017

The FCC decided to bury the news about its plan to end the Net Neutrality rules in the middle of Thanksgiving week here in the US. But that won't stop Nilay, Paul, and Dieter from doing a Vergecast.  This was originally broadcasted live on YouTube o...Show More
Tesla Model 3 first drive, iPhone leaks, and a bluetooth salt shaker

1:22:12 | Aug 4th, 2017

We are without Nilay Patel on The Vergecast this week, so Dieter Bohn and Paul Miller step up to host with some very special guests: transportation editor Tamara Warren, and tech editor Natt Garun. Tamara was one of the few people who got to test dri...Show More
Net neutrality special edition

1:07:01 | Apr 28th, 2017

We’ve got a special edition episode of The Vergecast for you this week. On Thursday, the FCC put out a draft proposal for reversing the net neutrality order of 2015. The Verge has been following FCC chairman Ajit Pai’s actions in restoring “Internet ...Show More
Samsung shows off Galaxy Note 10, Disney announces streaming bundle, and Apple's Siri recordings controversy

1:32:08 | Aug 9th

Stories this week: Samsung Galaxy Note 10: two sizes, new S Pen, and DeX on your …Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Unpacked event: the biggest ... Samsung didn't mention Bixby once during its entire Galaxy Note 10 …Samsung confirms its long-delayed Galaxy Home...Show More
Being hopeful about the web with Paul Ford

48:50 | Aug 6th

This week on the interview episode of The Vergecast, editor of cheif of The Verge Nilay Patel sits down with CEO of Postlight Paul Ford. Paul Ford co-founded Postlight in 2015 and is a writer, product strategist, educator, programmer, and software co...Show More
Apple diversifying business, face unlock for Pixel 4, and a bill banning endless scrolling

1:23:40 | Aug 2nd

Stories this week:The iPhone now makes up less than half of Apple’s businessApple confirms the Apple Card is coming in AugustGoogle is asking people on the street to scan their faces for $5The Google Pixel 4 will unlock using a face scanThe less expe...Show More
Mark Cuban on why AI is the future and Facebook’s Libra isn’t

1:05:15 | Jul 30th

Billionaire businessman Mark Cuban stops by to discuss his views on artificial intelligence, net neutrality, breaking up Big Tech, investment opportunities he’s excited about, and why he thinks Facebook’s Libra is dangerous. 
Apple's Intel acquisition, the Galaxy Fold starts its comeback, and a $5 billion fine for Facebook

1:39:43 | Jul 26th

Stories discussed this week: Apple buys Intel’s smartphone modem businessSamsung says it has fixed the Galaxy Fold and will release it in SeptemberT-Mobile won’t sell the Galaxy Fold when it is rereleasedSony’s latest RX100 camera finally gets a mic ...Show More
Why everyone hates Big Tech with Matt Yglesias of The Weeds

59:24 | Jul 22nd

Vox Senior Correspondent and host of The Weeds Matt Yglesias joins Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel in this special crossover episode to explain what Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which allows platforms to circumnavigate liability f...Show More
Big tech at Capitol Hill, Elon Musk's brain machine interface, and Macbook 2019 reviews

1:35:56 | Jul 19th

Nilay Patel invites a cavalry of experts from The Verge (Makena Kelly, Adi Robertson, Liz Lopatto, Dieter Bohn, and Paul Miller) to discuss the Big Tech hearings that took over Capitol Hill, Elon Musk's Neuralink brain machine interface, and the new ...Show More
Everything is too hard to use, with Asurion CEO Tony Detter

40:50 | Jul 16th

Everything is too complicated. Asurion CEO Tony Detter joins Verge editor-in-chief, Nilay Patel to discuss simplifying our experience with tech products, the problems with closed eco-systems and why an insurance company like Asurion got involved with...Show More
Nintendo announces Switch Lite, Apple updates Macbooks, and a wild email from Foxconn

1:26:56 | Jul 12th

Nintendo announced a new Switch! Nilay, Dieter, and Paul discuss what's different with the new model and what's being updated with the original one. But first, continuing coverage of Foxconn's factory in Wisconsin — this time with a cryptic email.Nex...Show More
Net neutrality was repealed a year ago. Gigi Sohn explains what’s happened since

44:06 | Jul 9th

It's been a year since net neutrality was repealed. Gigi Sohn, a distinguished fellow at Georgetown Law's Institute for Technology Law and Policy, chats with Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel about what's happened since by explaining the ripple effec...Show More
Mourning a robot with Ashley Carman and Kaitlyn Tiffany of 'Why'd You Push That Button?'

35:41 | Jul 5th

What happens when your robot friend dies? Ashley Carman and Kaitlyn Tiffany of Why'd You Push That Button? explore the grieving community surrounding the short-lived social robot Jibo.
Why big companies will never get content management right, with UCLA’s Sarah T Roberts

40:45 | Jul 2nd

Behind the screen: content moderation in the shadows of social media author Sarah T Roberts joins Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel to discuss the business and dark side of content moderation while pondering future solutions. 
Jony Ive leaving Apple, iPadOS public beta, and Bill Gates’ greatest mistake

1:21:26 | Jun 28th

Public betas for iPadOS, iOS 13, and macOS Catalina are available now so Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Paul Miller discuss the updates from using the software themselves. Also, It was announced during this recording that Apple’s chief design officer ...Show More
Kara Swisher on Silicon Valley’s lack of competition

44:15 | Jun 25th

Recode editor-at-large Kara Swisher joins Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel to discuss the possibilities of breaking up big tech companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. Kara also explains how the dominance of these four giant companies ha...Show More
Facebook announces Libra, Section 230 threatened, and RCS in the hands of Google

1:19:02 | Jun 21st

Paul Miller explains Facebook new cryptocurrency Libra, Adi Robertson explains Senator Josh Hawley's move to amend Section 230, and Dieter explains how Google is taking charge of RCS. Stories discussed this week: Samsung accidentally makes the case f...Show More
Death, fear, and anxiety at Facebook’s worst-performing content moderation site in North America

27:52 | Jun 19th

Earlier this year, The Verge’s Casey Newton broke the story about the working conditions of Facebook moderators at a campus in Phoenix, AZ In his feature, “The Trauma Floor,” In his follow-up reporting “Bodies in Seats,” he discovered that the patter...Show More
Facebook executives Adam Mosseri and Andrew Bosworth on splitting up Facebook, privacy and more

40:05 | Jun 18th

Facebook executives Adam Mosseri and Andrew Bosworth sit down with The Verge’s Casey Newton at Code Conference to discuss antitrust and the prospect of breaking up Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. They also discuss Facebook Portal, and how the compa...Show More
Introducing Nice Try! Utopian

11:42 | Jun 15th

Nice Try! is a new podcast from Curbed and the Vox Media Podcast Network that explores stories of people who have tried to design a better world, and what happens when those designs don't go according to plan. Season one, Utopian, follows Avery Trufe...Show More
Recapping Code Conference, Youtube’s CEO apologizes, and the Pixel 4 leaks

1:17:23 | Jun 14th

Fresh off of Code Conference, Nilay, Dieter, and Paul discuss YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki’s apology and difficult week, and consider whether there’s any viable alternative to Youtube. They also discuss the leaked photo of the upcoming Pixel 4. And lat...Show More
Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown on sustainable food systems and the science of protein

43:52 | Jun 11th

Fresh off his IPO, Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown joins Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel to discuss the evolution of plant-based burgers, the science of protein, why his company avoids GMOs, and their mission to help create a more sustainable food syst...Show More
YouTube’s bad week: pedophiles, hate speech, and Steven Crowder

47:28 | Jun 7th

There was so much news this week that we had to add another Vergecast episode to cover it all. Besides Apple’s WWDC, the most important story in The Verge’s coverage has been the various crises YouTube is facing over its moderation policies — problem...Show More
WWDC 2019, a new Mac Pro, and updates to the iPad

1:29:04 | Jun 7th

This week Apple held their annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).  The Verge's Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Paul Miller discuss everything announced — from the Mac Pro to iOS to iPadOS. Also, Google gave some updates on their new Stadia game...Show More
The ethics of AI with Google's AI lead Jeff Dean

41:11 | Jun 4th

What are tech giants like Google doing to tackle the ethical issues that surround artificial intelligence? Verge senior reporter James Vincent speaks with Google AI lead Jeff Dean and Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel about AI bias, facial recognitio...Show More
Weird laptops of Computex, new Intel and AMD chips, and a WWDC preview

1:26:01 | May 31st

The Verge's Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Paul Miller discuss all the new laptops revealed at Computex 2019, the new processor chips from Intel and AMD, what's to come at Apple's WWDC next week, and more updates on the T-Mobile and Sprint merger. Sto...Show More
The T-Mobile and Sprint merger, Apple tweaks the Macbook keyboards, and Huawei vs. Trump

1:16:51 | May 24th

The Verge's Russel Brandom joins the show to decipher the Huawei ban as well as its larger implications. Second half of the show, Dieter Bohn explains how Apple is tweaking its troubled keyboard design on its current and future Macbooks. Nilay Patel ...Show More
Huawei, 5G, and Robocalls with FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks

44:27 | May 21st

FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks stops by to discuss Huawei, regulating robocalls, net neutrality, the race for 5G and more with The Verge’s Nilay Patel and Makena Kelly.Subscribe to the Vergecast here for free in your favorite podcast app
OnePlus 7 Pro review, the White House's censorship tool, and more streaming wars

1:15:01 | May 17th

Dieter Bohn's OnePlus 7 Pro and Pixel 3a review starts off the show, followed by Adi Robertson's coverage of  everything the government is doing with Facebook and tariffs, and we end on our featured updates on the streaming wars. Stories mentioned th...Show More
The lawyer who won against Apple at the Supreme Court

41:23 | May 14th

Apple just lost a case at the Supreme Court, and an antitrust lawsuit claiming that the App Store is a monopoly will proceed. Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel and senior reporter Adi Robertson speak to Mark Rifkin, one of the lawyers who argued the ...Show More
Google I/O and the future of Android with Google SVP Hiroshi Lockheimer and Android Director Stephanie Cuthbertson

1:10:42 | May 9th

Google's I/O conference in Mountain View, California, the Vergecast crew chats with Hiroshi Lockheimer, SVP at Google for Android, Chrome, Chrome OS, Play, comms and photos, and Stephanie Cuthbertson, director of Android to the show to talk new produ...Show More
F8 and Facebook's future in privacy

1:09:26 | May 3rd

Facebooks F8 conference happened this week so The Verge's Nilay Patel, Casey Newton, Ashley Carman, and Paul Miller break down the biggest announcements and updates from the event including Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, and more. Stories di...Show More
WWDC leaks, Luminary’s launch troubles, and Galaxy Fold review

1:06:38 | Apr 26th

After a week of Galaxy Fold troubles, The Verge's Dieter Bohn, Ashley Carman, and Paul Miller continue the foldable saga, along with drama with the new podcast app Luminary. We've also got some leaks from Apple's upcoming WWDC event and a rumored Pix...Show More
Aurora CEO Chris Urmson on what's next for self-driving cars

44:56 | Apr 23rd

Aurora CEO Chris Urmson stops by to discuss the future of self-driving cars with The Verge's Nilay Patel and Andrew Hawkins. They explore how the industry has evolved over the years, and how long it will take before self-driving cars are commonly use...Show More
Samsung's Galaxy Fold phones are breaking

1:09:57 | Apr 19th

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is here — and it’s already breaking. The Verge’s Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Paul Miller talk first impressions of Samsung’s new phone. Later, they discuss the end of the feud and lawsuits between Apple and Qualcomm and more...Show More
The electric scooter revolution with Lime co-founder Brad Bao

43:18 | Apr 16th

Lime co-founder Brad Bao explains how the electric scooter revolution will evolve. The Verge's Nilay Patel and Andrew Hawkins discuss the seemingly overnight emergence of electric scooters in cities across the country. They explore the tension scoote...Show More
Foxxconn's empty innovation centers and a blackhole photo revealed

1:30:20 | Apr 11th

Loren Grush discusses the first image of a black hole, Nilay discusses Foxconn's broken dreams, Dieter discusses gadgets, and Paul discusses Microsoft's Chromium Edge browser. Long show but stick with us, there's a lot to know here. Stories discussed...Show More
Jaron Lanier's ideas for the future

44:08 | Apr 9th

Computer philosophy writer and "founding father of virtual reality," Jaron Lanier, chats with Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel about why he's optimistic about the future. Lanier shares his thoughts on how the "manipulation economy" has reshaped the ...Show More
AirPods 2 review, AirPower gone, and all the things Google killed

1:09:54 | Apr 5th

Apple cancelled AirPower! But they released AirPods 2. The Verge's Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Paul Miller discuss what Apple's next move is as well as what their competitor Google is cancelling too.There's a whole lot more so keep listening for Pa...Show More
Figuring out Apple's TV plans with Recode’s Peter Kafka

50:35 | Apr 2nd

Will Apple's new foray into streaming be able to swim in the same waters as Netflix and Disney, or will it go the way of Verizon's Go90? Recode executive editor Peter Kafka and Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel discuss Apple's plan for streaming, new...Show More
Apple unveils credit card, streaming plans, and more

1:11:37 | Mar 27th

Apple's event this week introduced Apple TV Plus, Apple News Plus, Apple Card, Apple Arcade, and more channels on Apple TV. The Verge's Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, Chris Welch, and Paul Miller run through the event, their new services, and how it will ...Show More
The Age of Surveillance Capitalism with Shoshana Zuboff

43:51 | Mar 26th

The age of surveillance capitalism author Shoshana Zuboff considers whether "data is the new oil" and explains how data collection has fundamentally changed the economy and how big companies interact with consumers. Shoshana Zuboff breaks down how to...Show More
Apple's new iPad mini and Google's Stadia gaming platform

1:32:38 | Mar 22nd

A rundown of Apple's latest product updates including the new iPad mini, iPad Air, and AirPods. The Vergecast crew Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Paul Miller also discuss Apple's upcoming event on Monday and what their new services may contain. Second...Show More
Introducing Switched on Pop

34:57 | Mar 18th

Check out Switched on Pop, a podcast that digs into the musical theory and cultural context of pop music. In this episode, hosts Charlie Harding and Nate Sloan explore how streaming changed the sound of pop music. For more from Switched on Pop, subsc...Show More
Galaxy S10E review and Spotify takes on Apple

1:19:08 | Mar 15th

The Verge's Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, Natt Garun, and Paul Miller discuss the changes in the new Android Q beta as well as a review of the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+. and S10E. Which phone is best? Also, Spotify files antitrust complaint over 'Apple ta...Show More
Breaking up Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook

57:16 | Mar 12th

How would we break up the world’s most powerful companies? Live from SXSW, The Verge's Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, Casey Newton, and Ashley Carman discuss just how one would break up giants like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google.
Facebook's privacy pivot and the streaming wars

1:23:03 | Mar 8th

Breaking down Mark Zuckerberg’s letter on Facebook about its privacy-focused future. The Verge's Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn,  Julia Alexander, Casey Newton, and Paul Miller discuss Facebooks new pivot to privacy, the next move for HBO after the AT&T re...Show More
Mobile World Congress: How should your foldable phone fold?

1:15:28 | Mar 1st

The latest news from Mobile World Congress including Huawei's new foldable phone, Nokia's five-camera phone, and Sony's very tall phone. The Verge's Nilay Patel, Dan Seifert, Paul Miller, Natt Garun, and Chaim Gartenberg discuss which foldable phone ...Show More
The Samsung Galaxy Fold is here and so is the Galaxy S10

1:24:39 | Feb 22nd

Samsung unveils its new Galaxy foldable phone and the new S10 at their latest event. The Verge’s Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, Dan Seifert, and Paul Miller react to the latest Samsung event and debate whether a foldable phone priced at a nearly $2,000 wi...Show More
Foursquare is tracking you... responsibly

37:49 | Feb 19th

CEO of Foursquare Jeff Glueck discusses the ethics of companies that track their users’ movements. Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel and Glueck further explore Foursquare's aim to help its customers become less reliant on mapping companies like Googl...Show More
"The Burn," a story from Better Worlds

25:48 | Feb 17th

Today we bring you an episode of Better Worlds, The Verge's recent series of short fiction, audio, and animation that explores how technology can shape our society and environment in better, more equitable ways. "The Burn" is part three of five audio...Show More
Amazon HQ2 cancelled and Apple's rumored March 25th event

1:17:43 | Feb 15th

Nilay, Dieter, Casey, and Paul react to Amazon cancelling plans for their second headquarters in NYC, Apple's rumored spring event and announcements, and some new Android phones hitting the market soon. Stories featured in this episode: Amazon cancel...Show More
5G madness: why is Sprint suing AT&T?

19:16 | Feb 8th

Sprint is suing AT&T for falsely advertising its network as "5G." Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel chats with Sprint's legal counsel, Craig Whitney, about why Sprint is suing AT&T and why no one can seem to agree on what 5G is.Sprint is suing AT&T o...Show More
Spotify’s big audio play, plus a Palm tiny phone review

1:12:02 | Feb 8th

Spotify acquires Gimlet Media and Anchor in a play to further expand into audio beyond music streaming. Later, Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Paul Miller review the tiny new Palm phone, address Samsung Galaxy S10 rumors and finally, some Apple updates...Show More
Lina Khan on Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox

38:18 | Feb 5th

Should we break up Amazon and Facebook? Columbia Law School academic fellow Lina Khan, who wrote the impactful “Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox" for The Yale Law Journal, joins Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel to discuss whether Amazon and Facebook shoul...Show More
Apple goes to war with Facebook and Google

1:28:45 | Feb 1st

Apple has disabled Facebook and Google’s internal applications after privacy violations were revealed, leaving Google and Facebook employees at a standstill for key operations. Meanwhile, in other Apple news, the tech giant’s revenue declined over th...Show More
Fixing America’s internet, with Susan Crawford

39:24 | Jan 29th

Harvard Law School professor Susan Crawford explains how America’s internet connectivity issues and corrosive infrastructure are holding the country back and how we can rally to fix it. She and Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel also discuss the Huawe...Show More
More Galaxy S10 leaks and Sonos headphones

1:12:38 | Jan 25th

The Samsung Galaxy S10 continues to leak, indicating that it may have a headphone jack, a hole-punch display, and a cryptocurrency wallet. But that’s not all. We also saw some new concepts for foldable phones, a rumor about Sonos headphones, and theo...Show More
Introducing Better Worlds

28:24 | Jan 23rd

Welcome to Better Worlds, The Verge's new series of short fiction, audio, and animation that explores how technology can shape our society and environment in better, more equitable ways. "Monsters Come Howling In Their Season" is one of five audio ad...Show More
Pixel 3 Lite leaks, Apple releases new battery cases, and Samsung readies the S10

1:22:43 | Jan 18th

This week on The Vergecast, Nilay, Paul, and Dieter run through a week of gadget news. Images of the Google Pixel 3 “Lite” and the Samsung Galaxy S10 have leaked, starting up a new season of phone releases. The crew also looks forward to what Google ...Show More
August CEO Jason Johnson on opening the smart home of the future

34:10 | Jan 15th

Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel chats with August CEO Jason Johnson about smart locks and the challenges of integrating various technologies within a smart home. They discuss whether every company needs to be a data collection company, and why it's...Show More
CES: Google vs. Alexa and the latest 5G delusion

59:00 | Jan 9th

More from CES with The Verge’s Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, Dami Lee, and Dan Seifert who talk through the ongoing developments in voice assistant technology and the continuing rivalry between Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. They also discuss a ran...Show More
CES: LG’s impressive rollable TV and Samsung’s iTunes integration

1:03:41 | Jan 8th

The Verge's Nilay Patel, Ashley Carman, Dieter Bohn, and Vlad Savov discuss the first big news day at CES — including Samsung getting iTunes on their TVs, LG's new rollable display actually coming out in 2019, and the numerous announcement of 8K. ...Show More
CES: Privacy and smart TVs with Vizio CTO Bill Baxter

29:03 | Jan 7th

To kick off our coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show, Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel sits down with Vizio chief technology officer Bill Baxter to talk about the future of the SmartCast platform, what it’s like to put AirPlay 2 and Apple HomeK...Show More
Apple's iPhone problem and CES preview

1:02:16 | Jan 4th

This week, Nilay, Paul, and Dieter prep by looking at rumors, early announcements, and predictions for the upcoming “biggest event in tech”.
GoPro CEO Nick Woodman on how to compete without competition

38:18 | Dec 18th, 2018

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman joins The Verge's Nilay Patel and Sean O'Kane to discuss GoPro's recent launches, occupying a space with few competitors, and why it pulled out of the drone market.
334: Sundar Pichai testifies, Samsung A8, and Verizon's future

1:06:58 | Dec 13th, 2018

This week on The Vergecast, Nilay, Paul, and Dieter devote half the show to discussing what happened when CEO of Google Sundar Pichai testified before the House Judiciary Committee. Congress thinks Google has a bias problem — does it?
333: 5G phones, Juul, and Microsoft's move to Chromium

1:08:39 | Dec 7th, 2018

This week on The Vergecast, Nilay, Paul, and Dieter are joined by Verge science reporter Rachel Becker to discuss what’s going on in the world of Juul — why it’s so popular, how addictive it is, and where it’s being restricted.
The history of online harassment before and after Gamergate with Caroline Sinders

53:08 | Dec 4th, 2018

Cataloging online harassment before and after Gamergate with Caroline Sinders
332: Pixel Slate, Google Fi, and Section 230

1:07:00 | Nov 30th, 2018

Nilay, Dieter, and Paul are back from Thanksgiving and ready to spill the beans on the tech news you may or may not have been paying attention to this week.
Silicon Valley’s Rep. Ro Khanna talks tech regulation

38:55 | Nov 27th, 2018

On this week’s interview episode, Nilay is joined by Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) and Verge policy reporter Makena Kelly to discuss Congress’ plans to regulate Big Tech in the new year. Earlier this month, Democrats were able to take back a majority in the ...Show More
Bonus: Pivot with Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway

26:57 | Nov 23rd, 2018

With Vergecast off for Thanksgiving, we've got a bonus episode from our fellow podcast on the Vox Media Podcast Networ, Pivot with Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway
331: Amazon HQ2, Google Night Sight, and Facebook

1:15:39 | Nov 16th, 2018

Dieter Bohn, Casey Newton, and Paul Miller bring you the latest this week with Amazon's announcement of the location of its new headquarters, a report on Facebook's leaders, a Google Pixel 3 Night Sight review,and a whole bunch more.
President of StubHub Sukhinder Singh Cassidy

43:47 | Nov 13th, 2018

Nilay Patel interviews President of StubHub Sukhinder Singh Cassidy
330: iPad Pro review, Macbook Air review, and Walt Mossberg

1:17:49 | Nov 8th, 2018

Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn reviewed Apple’s new iPad Pro and MacBook Air, and discuss their take on this week’s show.
Anker CEO Steven Yang is all in on USB-C

37:50 | Nov 6th, 2018

Nilay interviews Steven Yang, Founder and CEO of Anker.
329: Macbook Air, iPad Pro, and Mac Mini

1:24:20 | Nov 2nd, 2018

Vergecast hosts Nilay and Dieter were able to attend Apple’s event in Brooklyn this week, so you can guess that’s what the crew talked about on this weeks show.
Ivy Ross (Google’s VP of hardware design) and Rishi Chandra (Google’s VP of home and Nest)

45:34 | Oct 30th, 2018

Google's Ivy Ross and Rishi Chandra discuss the evolving and increasingly human design language of Google products, the future of devices like the Home Hub in a world that demands privacy, and — yes — the infamous Pixel 3 notch.
328: iPhone XR review, Google Home Hub and Yoga Book C390

1:24:00 | Oct 26th, 2018

This week on The Vergecast, Nilay, Paul, and Dieter discuss Nilay’s review of the iPhone XR as well as reviews of the Yoga Book C930 and Google’s Home Hub.
327: Pixel 3 review, the new Palm phone, and Google antitrust violations

1:23:52 | Oct 19th, 2018

Pixel 3 review, Google antitrust violations, and the new Palm phone
Pixel 3, Pixel Slate, and Home Hub

1:26:50 | Oct 11th, 2018

Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Dan Seifert went to Google’s Pixel 3 event this week in New York City. After the event, the trio, along with Paul Miller, got together for an early taping of The Vergecast to discuss Google’s product announcements and th...Show More
Ring CEO Jamie Siminoff wants to reduce neighborhood crime

39:34 | Oct 9th, 2018

Ring began as a humble crowdfunded project called Doorbot — a Wi-Fi-enabled video doorbell that enabled two-way communication. In 2013, it was rejected on Shark Tank. This year, the company was acquired by Amazon for over $1 billion. Nilay sat down ...Show More
325: Chinese spy chips, Microsoft announcements, and Pixel 3 preview

1:26:50 | Oct 5th, 2018

This week on The Vergecast, Nilay, Dieter, and Paul bring in experts to report on the top stories on the site this week. Reporter and host of Why’d You Push That Button Ashley Carman stops by the studio to explain the Bloomberg report detailing “Chin...Show More
Public Knowledge’s Meredith Rose explains the Music Modernization Act

42:20 | Oct 2nd, 2018

The Music Modernization Act has passed Congress and now sits on President Trump’s desk, awaiting his signature. The bill is years in the making, a much needed solution to the complicated collision of music streaming services, licensing issues, and co...Show More
324: Instagram chaos, Photokina 2018, and Elon Musk gets sued

1:12:04 | Sep 28th, 2018

This week, we saw the two founders of Instagram abruptly leave, so Casey Newton comes on the show to talk about all that drama and what it might mean for Facebook’s prized possession. Then, Dan Seifert joins us to talk about all of the cameras that ...Show More
Google AMP’s Malte Ubl wants to make the mobile web better

29:27 | Sep 25th, 2018

You may not have heard of Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) but you almost certainly have used it. The Google open-source project has been making waves since it launched in 2016 in an effort to make the mobile web faster to load and smoother to n...Show More
iPhone XS review, Apple Watch 4 review, and Amazon's surprise hardware event

1:36:53 | Sep 21st, 2018

This past week, Nilay reviewed the new iPhone XS and XS Max while Dieter reviewed the Apple Watch series 4. Paul, Dieter, and Nilay dedicate half the show to their review and whether it’s worth upgrading to the new model. Second half of the show, the...Show More
Ford Autonomous Vehicles President and CEO Sherif Marakby

48:31 | Sep 18th, 2018

Big car companies like Ford have broken themselves up to enter the market of self-driving cars and compete with Silicon Valley companies like Tesla and Uber. Ford Autonomous Vehicles hopes to become the go-to supplier of autonomous driving software, ...Show More
Apple iPhone XS event, iPhone XR, and Apple Watch Series 4

1:17:57 | Sep 13th, 2018

Vergecast hosts Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn attended the Apple event on Wednesday, and they were able to get their hands on the new iPhones and Apple Watch that were on display. After the event, they headed to our San Francisco studio to Skype with ...Show More
Anki CEO Boris Sofman

39:49 | Sep 11th, 2018

Anki, known for creating “robots that move you,” just finished a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund their new home robot, Vector. Anki CEO Boris Sofman sat down with Nilay for this week’s interview episode of The Vergecast to talk about the new ...Show More
Apple event preview, social media hearings, and monopoly week

57:39 | Sep 7th, 2018

This week on The Vergecast, Nilay, Paul, Russell, and Dieter dedicate half the show to The Verge’s monopoly week, which dives into the future of tech monopolies. They also discuss the social media hearings that happened on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. ...Show More
Tim Wu thinks it’s time to break up Facebook

45:50 | Sep 4th, 2018

Best known for coining the phrase “net neutrality” and his book The Master Switch, Tim Wu has a new book coming out in November called The Curse of Bigness: Antitrust in the New Gilded Age. In it, he argues compellingly for a return to aggressive ant...Show More
IFA 2018, Apple event announced, and iPhone/Apple watch leaks

1:01:28 | Aug 31st, 2018

This week, The Verge has been at IFA 2018, Europe’s big tech event. There are a lot of new gadgets, so Nilay, Dieter, and Paul go through their favorites on The Vergecast. Also, Apple announced its September event this week, and immediately followi...Show More
Microsoft’s president explains how Gab shutdown notice went from customer support to his desk

48:57 | Aug 28th, 2018

We're kicking off our secondary Vergecast episode of the week with an interview with Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith. In this wide-ranging interview , Smith expanded on why the company nearly shut down Gab.ai, the “free-speech...Show More
App Store chaos, ray tracing, and new Macbook Air rumors

55:45 | Aug 24th, 2018

This week on The Vergecast, Paul, Nilay, and Dieter start off the show with the news that Netflix is testing a payment feature to bypass Apple’s App Store fees, which leads into a larger discussion of (as Nilay calls it) “App Store chaos.” Paul see...Show More
This week in Twitter, Elon Musk, and batteries

1:16:16 | Aug 17th, 2018

We’ve got a whirlwind of an episode this week on The Vergecast. Nilay, Paul, and Dieter bring back Silicon Valley Editor and host of Converge Casey Newton to discuss Twitter’s bad week and what the heck is going on with them. But before that, there...Show More
Magic Leap, Galaxy Note 9, and Android Pie

1:26:00 | Aug 10th, 2018

If you’ve been reading The Verge this week, then you know Samsung announced a few products. We got our hands on the Galaxy Note 9, the Galaxy Watch, and we even got to look at that Home speaker as well. That news is covered in a big chunk of The Verg...Show More
Surface Go, Apple earnings, and HipChat memories

53:13 | Aug 3rd, 2018

In the thrilling conclusion to our three part epic miniseries, "Apple doesn't make the laptops we want," Nilay, Paul, and Dieter discuss how nothing really even matters because Apple is a phone company worth $1 trillion. Samsung, Amazon, and Tesla e...Show More
Macbook Pro review, Lenovo smart display review, and the Data Transfer Project

1:17:20 | Jul 27th, 2018

After a week of speculation on whether the new MacBook Pro was throttling performance under heat, Apple released a software fix to address the problem. Dieter’s review for the laptop (post software fix) published on Wednesday so Nilay, Paul, and Diet...Show More
Google gets fined, Macbook Pro benchmarks, and Roku CEO Anthony Wood

1:26:35 | Jul 20th, 2018

We’ve got a super stuffed episode of The Vergecast this week. First, the biggest news in tech right now is the European Commission’s ruling that Google has been unfairly using Android to push Google search on users, giving it an unfair advantage. Ni...Show More
Updated Macbook Pros, Microsoft Surface Go, and this week in Elon

1:12:08 | Jul 13th, 2018

This week on The Vergecast, Nilay and Dieter discuss an Apple event they were invited to this week for Apple’s updated MacBook Pros. Along with Paul, they dive into how creatives are using these machines, and what these new specs are. Another lapto...Show More
macOS Mojave beta, Microsoft Surface USB-C dongle, and this week in Elon Musk

1:03:13 | Jun 29th, 2018

The Vergecast starts off this week in a traditional fashion with a talk about dongles — Microsoft’s $80 USB-C dongle to be exact. But there’s a whole bunch of little things that also happened this week that Nilay, Dieter, and Paul discuss. We’ve got ...Show More
Recode's Kara Swisher, AT&T - Time Warner, and IGTV

1:25:45 | Jun 22nd, 2018

Instagram announced on Wednesday a standalone app called IGTV, a place for watching long-form vertical video. Casey and Ashely — who went to Instagram’s event that announced the app — talk with Nilay, Dieter, and Paul about their initial feelings ab...Show More
Sonos CEO Patrick Spence, E3, and net neutrality ends

1:43:35 | Jun 15th, 2018

In addition to our classic Nilay, Dieter, and Paul trio, we’ve added a few things this week. To give you the best coverage of E3, culture editor Laura Hudson gives us a quick rundown of the news from the expo to start off the show In the second hal...Show More
WWDC, Sonos Beam, and Microsoft buys Github

1:13:01 | Jun 8th, 2018

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference happened this week, and Nilay, Dieter, Jake, and Ashley are on top of it. Second half of the show, we’ve got Dieter’s exclusive look at the Sonos Beam, Microsoft buying GitHub, a new Fire TV thingy, and break...Show More
Code Conference, Pixel 3 rumors, and WWDC preview

1:05:43 | Jun 1st, 2018

The Vergecast is here once again to fulfill the weekly prophecy of illuminating tech news. This week, Dieter is at Recode’s Code Conference, but he still calls in to talk to Nilay, Natt, and Paul about what he saw and heard. Also, Apple’s Worldwide...Show More
Bonus: Today, Explained "We updated our privacy policy"

17:02 | May 30th, 2018

You know those privacy policy emails flooding your inbox lately? Turns out those are thanks to the European Union’s crackdown on websites that collect your personal data. The Verge’s Russell Brandom explains the regulation known as the GDPR and why E...Show More
Elon Musk, Red Hydrogen, and Zuckerberg in the EU

1:11:16 | May 25th, 2018

Are you driving somewhere for the holiday weekend? Here at _The Verge_ we'd like to encourage you to use a car that's wholly or at least primarily powered by dirty fossil fuels. On this week's episode of _The Vergecast_, Nilay, Natt, Casey, and Paul ...Show More
Bonus: Converge with Casey Newton premiere episode

42:24 | May 23rd, 2018

As you may have heard on The Vergecast, The Verge is launching a new podcast hosted by Vergecast regular Casey Newton. It's called Converge with Casey Newton and you can listen to it right here in the Vergecast feed. If you like what you hear, go ...Show More
The Selfish Ledger, YouTube Premium, and One Plus 6

1:04:15 | May 18th, 2018

The Vergecast trio comes together this week to discuss an internal Google video that was obtained by The Verge titled “the Selfish Ledger.” That topic takes up a good chunk of the show, but there’s a lot more after that. Nilay, Paul, and Dieter jump...Show More
Bonus: Ctrl-Walt-Delete special edition - iMac 20th anniversary

32:15 | May 11th, 2018

Ctrl-Walt-Delete returns for a special episode all about the iMac 20th anniversary. Walt Mossberg and Nilay Patel reminisce on the introduction of Apple's iMac, and how it influenced the open web and computers going forward.
Google I/O and Microsoft Build

1:18:34 | May 11th, 2018

So much happened this week in the world of The Verge. Both Google and Microsoft hosted their annual developer conferences and announced a whole bunch of stuff, so Nilay, Paul, Natt, and Dieter gather to break it down and give you the highlights. And...Show More
Facebook’s F8, Oculus Go, and Apple earnings

1:15:54 | May 4th, 2018

This week on The Vergecast, Nilay returns to the show after welcoming a child! Dieter is out this week, so Nilay and Paul bring on Adi Robertson and Casey Newton to discuss what happened at Facebook’s F8 developer conference, the Oculus Go, and some ...Show More
New Gmail, Spectacles 2.0, and iPhone SE 2?

56:53 | Apr 27th, 2018

This week on The Vergecast, Dieter, Natt, and Paul are still without Nilay but there’s a whole lot to talk about. Google made some changes with Gmail — which is now live, and Snap surprised us this week with their new edition of Spectacles — but wh...Show More
Chat for Android, Nintendo Labo, and Motorola (like a) G6

56:02 | Apr 20th, 2018

It was a slow week until Google decided to attempt another fix for Android messaging and Nintendo made the entire staff fall in love with cardboard. Nilay’s still on paternity leave, but Dieter and Paul are joined again by Technology Editor Natt Garu...Show More
Zuckerberg testifies, Spotify hardware, and Huawei P20 Pro review

1:02:20 | Apr 13th, 2018

After a week of Facebook-intensive news, The Vergecast is here to break it all down for you. Nilay is out this week, so Dieter and Paul welcome senior editor Natt Garun and Silicon Valley editor Casey Newton to the show to go over all the news. Even...Show More
iPad review, Facebook drama, and Apple drama

1:18:02 | Apr 6th, 2018

It is episode 300 of The Vergecast! To celebrate, Nilay, Dieter, and Paul start the show by explaining inside jokes that have been stamped into the show over the past few years. Don’t understand what Scissor Vodka is? Are you wondering why Bixby is a...Show More
New iPads, Microsoft reorg, and Europe's new privacy rule

1:11:48 | Mar 30th, 2018

We’ve got a bunch of tech luminaries on The Vergecast this week to help us understand the week in tech news. Nilay, Dieter, and Paul welcome Lauren Goode back to the show for her last week at The Verge to discuss the new iPads that Apple released th...Show More
Bonus: Casey Neistat full interview

47:45 | Mar 23rd, 2018

Nilay talks one-on-one with Casey Neistat about a multitude of topics, including Beme, his view of YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms, sponsorship, and what he’s up to next. It’s exactly what you’d expect from Neistat, honest and direct. If you al...Show More
Cambridge Analytica, Casey Neistat, and Apple's education event

1:26:13 | Mar 23rd, 2018

It’s loaded Vergecast this week. Nilay, Paul, and Dieter welcome back Silicon Valley editor Casey Newton to break down the Cambridge Analytica scandal at Facebook, after talking through predictions for next week’s Apple event. But first, another Ca...Show More
Wixen vs Spotify, problems with Siri, and Breadbot

59:10 | Mar 16th, 2018

This week on The Vergecast, Nilay, Dieter, and Paul are back in New York City after being at SXSW last weekend. To kick off the show, they welcome back senior writer Sarah Jeong to explain a $1.6 billion lawsuit between Spotify and Wixen Publishing. ...Show More
Galaxy S9 review, Android P, and Google tries to fix the web (live @ SXSW 2018)

1:04:16 | Mar 10th, 2018

This week, The Vergecast is down in Austin, Texas for South by Southwest 2018 in front of a live audience. Nilay, Dieter, Casey, and Ashley run through the news and share their expertise about Google’s new plan to make the web faster, using Samsung’s...Show More
Who owns a meme?: Bonus from Why'd You Push That Button

37:19 | Mar 6th, 2018

Season 2 of The Verge's other Why'd You Push That Button is here! The season opener is all about memes, which sounds both boring and scary and is neither. Listen here! Subscribe anywhere else you find podcasts, including on Apple Podcasts, Spot...Show More
Mobile World Congress 2018, Galaxy S9, and Vivo Apex concept phone

1:02:24 | Mar 2nd, 2018

The Vergecast trio is back and so is gadget news. Mobile World Congress was this week, and so much happened in the world of The Verge. Nilay, Dieter, and Paul have everything you need to know. A few other things sprinkled in are the next Light Phone...Show More
S9 leaks, Google Reply, and Twitter's war on bots

1:01:35 | Feb 23rd, 2018

This week on The Vergecast, Dieter is on vacation, so Silicon Valley editor and host of an upcoming Verge podcast, Casey Newton, joins us. Nilay, Paul, and Casey run through the news of the week, including Samsung Galaxy S9 leaks, Twitter bots, and t...Show More
Bonus from Today, Explained: Black Panther Is the Most Important Movie of 2018

09:17 | Feb 22nd, 2018

We're doing something special this week. Vox.com has a new daily news podcast called Today, Explained. We're going to put one episode in our feed -- take a listen, and subscribe if you like it. "Black Panther" is the biggest movie in the world, ...Show More
Waymo v Uber, another iOS bug, and AMP Stories

1:08:00 | Feb 16th, 2018

This week on The Vergecast, Nilay, Dieter, and Paul welcome senior writer Sarah Jeong to the show for the first time. Sarah was at the federal court in San Francisco for Waymo v. Uber trial and has been reporting on it for The Verge, so she lends us ...Show More
Homepod review, Intel's Vaunt smart glasses, and Falcon Heavy launch

1:19:07 | Feb 9th, 2018

A lot of things happened this week in the world of The Verge, and we have some first-hand experience to share. This week on The Vergecast, Nilay, Dieter, and Paul, welcome science reporter Loren Grush back to the show to tell us what it was like to ...Show More
The Boring Company flamethrower, Samsung foldable displays, and iOS12 reports

1:07:48 | Feb 2nd, 2018

The Vergecast is here once again! Nilay, Paul, and Dieter run through the news that hit the site this week to fill you in case you missed it. We talk about the Boring Company’s flamethrower, some Samsung leaks and previews, a bit of 5G wireless netwo...Show More
DJI Mavic Air, HomePod ships in February, and iOS11.3 preview

1:07:14 | Jan 26th, 2018

This week on The Vergecast, Nilay, Dieter, and Paul call Ben Popper — former business editor at The Verge who now works with DJI — to answer some questions about the new drone the company announced this week, the Mavic Air. There is also a discussio...Show More
Nintendo Labo, Detroit Auto Show, and Facebook's transforming news feed

56:25 | Jan 19th, 2018

Nilay, Dieter, and Paul have returned from CES 2018 and are all together in the New York City office for this week’s Vergecast. As I was typing out the timestamps on here, I realized there’s a lot of news this week. So check it out! We’ve got highlig...Show More
CES 2018: Robots, TVs, and virtual assistants

1:27:39 | Jan 12th, 2018

The Verge crew is on our way back home after a week at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018. This week, we did a ton of reporting, a ton of videos, and four live Circuit Breaker shows, so we did not have a lot of time to sit down and tape a full-length...Show More
Meltdown and Spectre will kill us all

1:07:37 | Jan 5th, 2018

CES is next week, and we'll get to it, but first we need to talk to security expert Russell Brandom to make sure we won't all be dead from CPU security vulnerabilities before then. Also, stay tuned for Paul Miller's excellent and enlightening sci-fi ...Show More
Magic Leap, iPhones slow down, and Microsoft removes Chrome installer from Windows Store

1:07:25 | Dec 22nd, 2017

Hello! And happy holidays. This is the last Vergecast of 2017! But we go out with a bang (At least two computers broke down during this recording). The two big things that happened this week was the unveiling of the mysterious Magic Leap augmented re...Show More
FCC kills net neutrality, the iMac Pro arrives, and T-Mobile buys Layer3 TV

1:10:09 | Dec 15th, 2017

The Vergecast three-piece is back together, with Nilay leading the flagship podcast. The biggest news this week is something we’ve seen coming for a while: on Thursday, the FCC voted to repeal net neutrality rules. Nilay, Dieter, and Paul sit down to...Show More
ARM powered PCs, Google vs Amazon, and Messenger Kids

1:10:36 | Dec 8th, 2017

This week, Dieter Bohn runs the show with Paul Miller and Natt Garun, and it's been a wild week of news. Amazon and Google are basically feuding right now: Google is pulling YouTube from the FireTV so the podcast trio ponders what this frightening pr...Show More
HQ, selfie authentication, and solar panels turning air into water

1:16:04 | Dec 1st, 2017

Let get this out of the way: Nilay and Dieter are not on the show this week. But really, we’ve got a great show hosted by Verge podcast professionals Lauren Goode and Casey Newton. Oh and Paul is still here, too! So what are we talking about on the...Show More
Pixel Buds review, OnePlus 5T, and Surface Book 2

1:14:36 | Nov 17th, 2017

This week on The Vergecast, Nilay, Paul, and Dieter run through a few things in the tech world that happened this week, like reviews for Google’s Pixel Buds and Microsoft’s Surface Book 2, and the announcement of the OnePlus 5T. Also, Lauren Goode s...Show More
Pixel 2XL screen saturation update, an iOS11 bug, and Harmony Link hub services shut down

1:16:56 | Nov 10th, 2017

There’s a lot of little tech news this week, and we’ve got the perfect podcast to sum it all up. This week on The Vergecast, Nilay, Paul, and Dieter run through topics like Samsung’s ad that mocks the iPhone, the update to Pixel 2 XL screens, and Log...Show More
iPhone X Review

1:07:55 | Nov 3rd, 2017

The iPhone X is finally here. Nilay had the chance to review it, so, along with Paul, Ashley, and Dan, he discusses what it’s like to use the phone in the real world as well as what the process of reviewing it was like. We also welcome Phil Esposito...Show More
Pixel 2 XL screen, Amazon Key, and iPhone X preorder

1:02:33 | Oct 27th, 2017

Nilay, Dieter, and Paul run through the news this week on The Vergecast, with a lot of heavy sighs to go around. There's the Pixel 2 XL screen fiasco, Amazon's home camera invasion efforts with Amazon Key, and Amazon's oversized new Fire TV. Plus, Pa...Show More
Pixel 2 review, KRACK, and Microsoft's Surface Book sequel

1:04:15 | Oct 20th, 2017

The reviews are in and everybody just loves the quality OLED component Google picked for the Pixel 2 XL. Really just can't stop talking about it. And talking? That's what the Vergecast is for. On this episode Nilay, Paul, and Dieter discuss the revie...Show More
Oculus Go, Movies Anywhere, and Windows Phone died again

1:07:01 | Oct 13th, 2017

We’ve got a bloggy Vergecast today. In between review weeks, a few things popped up in the news that Nilay, Dieter, and Paul needed to talk about. Google is integrating video chat into a phone but still not text; you can now watch all the movies you’...Show More
Pixel 2 first look, Pixel Buds, and Google Home Max

1:30:05 | Oct 6th, 2017

Another week, another tech event: on Wednesday, Google had its fall hardware event. Nilay, Paul, and Dieter try to fit everything they want to say into 90 minutes. Dieter had some exclusive looks at the products, and was able to talk to CEO Sundar Pi...Show More
Echo Spot, Fire TV 4K, and Pixel 2 event preview

1:07:40 | Sep 29th, 2017

Amazon announced a few more Echo devices this week, and The Vergecast is here to recap it all. Nilay, Dan, Dieter, and Paul discuss Amazon’s strategy with these new products, as well rumors of stuff that will be announced at Google’s event next week....Show More
iPhone 8 review, Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE review, and Apple TV 4K review

1:34:15 | Sep 22nd, 2017

Last week, we brought you The Vergecast live from San Francisco after the Apple event. This week, The Vergecast is back in NYC for Apple reviews week. Nilay Patel, Paul Miller, Lauren Goode, and Dan Seifert go through the reviews, including the iPho...Show More
Apple's iPhone X Event, Bodega, and Animoji

1:36:21 | Sep 15th, 2017

Recorded live in front of an audience in San Francisco after Apple's iPhone X event, Nilay, Dieter, and Paul welcome Lauren Goode and Casey Newton back to The Vergecast to run through everything announced at the new Steve Jobs theater in Apple Park. ...Show More
Apple event rumors, Galaxy Note 8 review, and Loren in zero gravity

1:32:40 | Sep 8th, 2017

We’re one week away from The Vergecast Live in San Francisco, so Nilay, Dieter, and Paul talk through the last-minute rumors about what to expect at Apple’s event on September 12th. We also dedicate part of the show to the Galaxy Note 8, which was r...Show More
IFA 2017, LG V30, and more smart speakers

1:23:26 | Sep 1st, 2017

The Vergecast returns to the New York studio this week. Dieter, Nilay, and Paul run through what was announced so far at IFA 2017, including the LG V30, Sony Xperia XZ1, and lots of smart speakers. Halfway through the show, Loren Grush makes a pit s...Show More
Hands-on with the Note 8, Android Oreo, and Verizon's new unlimited data plans

1:23:23 | Aug 25th, 2017

This week on The Verge, Dieter was able to get his hands on the new Galaxy Note 8. So on The Vergecast, Nilay, Dieter, and Paul go over the first impressions of Samsung’s latest product and what the pricing will mean for future smartphones. Next up,...Show More
Essential phone review, Charlottesville online, and Space Craft

1:26:17 | Aug 18th, 2017

On The Verge’s flagship / only podcast, Nilay, Dieter, and Paul go through the weekly rundown of news that hit the site this week. The show begins by addressing the accumulation of online hate as a result of the Charlottesville attack, and how it’s...Show More
Google memo, Surface PCs reliability, and fall phones preview

1:02:58 | Aug 11th, 2017

This week on The Vergecast, Nilay, Lauren, Dieter, and Paul begin by discussing the controversy over the Google engineer who was fired over writing a 10-page viral memo about diversity. The story illustrates a deeper problem in Silicon Valley, which ...Show More
Bonus: Walt Mossberg remembers the iPod nano

01:30 | Jul 28th, 2017

Apple announced this week that the iPod nano has been discontinued, taking down the website for both the shuffle and the nano today. Walt Mossberg - renowned tech reviewer, looks back on the iPod nano's origin with an anecdote about an interaction he...Show More
iPod nano discontinued, Microsoft Paint's fate, and Foxconn's new factory

1:39:12 | Jul 28th, 2017

The Vergecast summer 2017 continues! This week, The Verge launched Verge Guidebook, a new guide to show you what to buy, what you shouldn't, and how to use it all. Nilay, Dieter, and Paul start off the show discussing the new review system and how-to...Show More
Bixby launches, Alexa on Android, and a new hyperloop

1:06:36 | Jul 21st, 2017

Summer editions of The Vergecast continue as Nilay and Dieter welcome Ashley Carman and Jake Kastrenakes back to the show to discuss the news that hit the site this week. Elon Musk said he got “verbal” approval from The White House to build a hyperlo...Show More
RIP Windows phone, net neutrality day of action, and Next Level

1:17:46 | Jul 14th, 2017

Welcome back to another week of The Vergecast. Nilay, Paul, and Dieter sit down in the studio to bring you the news that hit our site this week. First off, the net neutrality day of action was on Wednesday, as was Nilay’s piece on the matter. The gan...Show More
Echo Look, RED announces a phone, and new iPhone rumors

57:18 | Jul 7th, 2017

The week of Independence Day, Nilay, Paul, and Dieter get together in a classic format of The Vergecast to bring you the top tech news that hit the site this week. To name a few, we’ve got a review of the Echo Look, a new Android phone announced, and...Show More
The iPhone turns 10, Petya ransomware and an iOS 11 preview

1:22:18 | Jun 30th, 2017

Did you know it was the iPhone's 10th anniversary on Thursday? The Vergecast knows. Nilay, Dieter, and Paul talk about what the iPhone means to them, to the industry, and to the entire universe. With just a slight tangent to talk about Orbs for Kings...Show More
Uber’s CEO resigns, Tumblr’s fight for net neutrality, and Bixby first look

1:14:55 | Jun 23rd, 2017

Here we go, another classic episode of The Vergecast. There were a lot of little things that happened this week, and we wanted to discuss them all, so Nilay, Dieter, and Paul go through their list of hits on the site. Also, to continue our weekly su...Show More
Panos Panay, E3 2017, and iPad Pro 10.5-inch

1:23:10 | Jun 16th, 2017

Day two of The Vergecast this week! Yesterday, Nilay interviewed Brian Merchant, author of The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone. Today, we have another full episode with a lot going on. First off, E3 happened this week, and there’s a ton...Show More
Bonus: Brian Merchant, author of The One Device

1:03:26 | Jun 15th, 2017

We’re doing two episodes of The Vergecast this week — the usual one on Friday, and this very special edition with Brian Merchant, author of The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone. We ran a big excerpt of the book this week, and we got deep...Show More
HomePod, WWDC 2017, and DJI Spark

1:25:52 | Jun 8th, 2017

This week, it’s Apple’s turn to take over The Vergecast. Dieter and Jake have just come back from WWDC while Nilay and Paul watched from afar so the gang has a lot to talk about with the new products announced. We also have Ben Popper stop by the sh...Show More
Code Conference, Essential Phone, and Chromebook Pro

1:16:22 | Jun 2nd, 2017

This week’s Vergecast is recorded out of the studio. Nilay heads to the West Coast to reunite with Dieter, Lauren, and Casey at this year’s Code Conference. The gang discusses the speakers (in more than one way) at the event including Andy Rubin, Hil...Show More
Gadget news, FCC's final proposal, and Vlad

1:27:16 | May 26th, 2017

Here’s The Vergecast. This week, Nilay, Dieter, and Paul plow through a week of news starting with (no surprise) the FCC’s ongoing mission to destroy net neutrality. This was also a week full of new gadgets — from the new Microsoft Surface Pro, to th...Show More
Google I/O, Android O, and Assistant on the iPhone

1:12:27 | May 19th, 2017

Fresh out of my export folder is a brand new episode of The Vergecast. This week, because of the business that is Google I/O, we recorded our episode Friday morning. This resulted in Nilay’s attempt to bring a morning show vibe to episode 257, despit...Show More
Microsoft Build 2017, Echo Show, and a Cortana speaker

1:02:25 | May 12th, 2017

Welcome back. This week’s episode of The Vergecast comes after Microsoft Build 2017, so Nilay and Dieter bring in Ashley Carman and first-time guest Chaim Gartenberg, two of our great Circuit Breaker reporters, to fill us in on what happened. The cas...Show More
Microsoft Surface laptop, Samsung DeX, and Google Doc phishing

1:13:30 | May 5th, 2017

This week Microsoft unveiled its new laptops in New York City, and Verge senior editor Tom Warren flew in from London to check it out. Nilay, Paul, and Dieter invite Tom to the show to discuss the new products from Microsoft and the various other new...Show More
Facebook F8, Galaxy S8, and Juicero's fate

1:03:29 | Apr 21st, 2017

Here we are! Another episode of The Vergecast. It’s been a busy week, which means lots for Nilay, Ashley, Dan, and Paul to talk about on the show. Facebook’s F8 developer conference took place this week so there’s lots of weird updates with AR, socia...Show More
iPhone chips, Scorpio specs, and RIP NES Classic

1:12:05 | Apr 14th, 2017

This week on Vergecast, Chris Plante is in town! Nilay, Dieter, and Paul bring him in to discuss a few things that confused us all throughout the week — Apple and Qualcomm suing each other, how the FCC may kill net neutrality, and Nintendo discontinu...Show More
Mac craziness, YouTube TV, and Project Scorpio

1:04:56 | Apr 7th, 2017

Hey! The Verge has brought you another episode of The Vergecast. This week we’ve got Nilay, Paul, Ashley, and Dieter talkin’ the tech talk to y’all: more specifically the future of Mac computers, Youtube TV, and the newest Android phones on the marke...Show More
Galaxy S8 hands-on, FCC privacy rulings, and Ghost in the Shell

1:12:20 | Mar 31st, 2017

Welcome back! We have a great show for you today. No really! If you listen to this podcast, you know Samsung announced the Galaxy S8 this week, so Nilay and Dieter bring in senior editor and friend of the show Dan Seifert; who recently took a trip to...Show More
The RED iPhone, Mass Effect: Andromeda, and the new iPad

1:03:19 | Mar 24th, 2017

The Vergecast returns to New York! Nilay, Dieter, Natt, and Megan are here to update you with the news of the week. Apple has a new iPhone... kinda! And a new iPad... kinda! Natt got a look at the Android O developer preview, and Megan played Mass Ef...Show More
SXSW Films, Fasten, and Pandora Premium

1:02:35 | Mar 14th, 2017

On Sunday, Nilay and Dieter brought The Vergecast to Austin, TX for South by Southwest 2017 and streamed it live on Facebook. Today we did it again! This time, we welcome culture reporter Megan Farokhmanesh and senior editor Chris Plante on to talk ...Show More
SXSW Part 1, Facebook Messenger Day, and Sonos Playbase

59:01 | Mar 12th, 2017

As you may have heard, The Vergecast is live this week at South by Southwest! We have one episode down and another one to go on Tuesday. On this special episode, Nilay and Dieter welcome Lauren Goode and Casey Newton on to talk the news outside of S...Show More
Google Cloud Next Conference, Iron Fist, and Hot Tinder

46:44 | Mar 10th, 2017

On this special episode of The Vergecast, the ladies of The Verge take over the show. Did you know that nearly half of the team is female? Seriously, we’re probably two women away from a 50 / 50 split, but you’d never know that if you only listened t...Show More
Switch review, Galaxy S8 leaks, and iPhone with USB-C

1:09:36 | Mar 3rd, 2017

Usually I start these posts by apologizing, but ya know... by now I think you know what you’ve gotten yourself into — unless this is your first episode. So great! Hey! We’ve got a great show for you! (This is a podcast.) Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, Ros...Show More
The anniversary of Scissor Vodka, Nintendo Switch hands-on, and the secret behind the OP-1 processor

1:26:29 | Feb 24th, 2017

Hello! We’re still testing out our new studios so we thought we’d see how many people we can fit into the show. This week we’ve got Nilay, Paul, and Ashley in the podcast room, with Dieter and Chris Plante coming in over Skype. Everyone had so much t...Show More
Planet of the Apps, Verizon unlimited, and Sonos audio

1:09:00 | Feb 17th, 2017

Hey, y’all. This week’s episode of Vergecast is the first in our new studio. And our heroes (Nilay, Paul, and Dieter, in case you were unaware) are still getting used to it. But you can’t see them while you’re listening, so it doesn’t really matter! ...Show More
Android Wear 2.0, Google Smart Home, and Vizio gets caught

1:03:41 | Feb 10th, 2017

This week on Vergecast, we’re in our new office! But our studios aren’t ready yet! So Nilay and Paul set up in a conference room and Skype with Dieter to share what they learned in the tech world over the past seven days. We even recorded it for you!...Show More
Snap Inc IPO, ARM processors in Macbooks, and Apple earnings

1:08:32 | Feb 3rd, 2017

Vergecast episode 241! This week, Nilay and Dieter bring back Ross Miller and Megan Farokhmanesh to assist covering the news from this week. Snap Inc. filed for a $3 billion IPO, Apple is reportedly putting ARM chips in Macs, and Facebook is making a...Show More
Samsung Galaxy S8, the politics of science, and the net neutrality debate reignited

1:15:39 | Jan 27th, 2017

Another Vergecast is up! We have a CES Twitter live show reunion, featuring Nilay, Dieter, Megan, and Paul discussing this week in news. As Nilay mentions throughout the show, the gang has senioritis as they prepare to move to new offices next week.....Show More
FTC vs Qualcomm, Trump vs Apple, and Oculus vs ZeniMax

56:56 | Jan 20th, 2017

This week on Vergecast, Nilay, Paul, Ashley, and Dieter take on the topics in the tech world you may have missed out on this week. Trump spoke with Tim Cook about moving production of Apple products to the US; Qualcomm is being sued by the Federal Tr...Show More
iPhone 10th anniversary, Nintendo Switch, and the HTC U Ultra

1:02:35 | Jan 13th, 2017

You watched the live show at CES and now we’re back in podcast mode. Nilay, Dieter, and Paul get together to share some of their experiences from the Consumer Electronics Show, along with a review of what happened this week. The iPhone turned 10 on T...Show More
CES 2017 Day 3

1:15:34 | Jan 7th, 2017

This year, we hosted The Vergecast Live at CES 2017 as a Twitter Live video show. We've decided to share the full audio here, but you can see clips from the show on Twitter (@Verge). The following is from Friday, January 6th. http://www.theverge.co...Show More
CES 2017 Day 2

1:08:30 | Jan 6th, 2017

This year, we hosted The Vergecast Live at CES 2017 as a Twitter Live video show. We've decided to share the full audio here, but you can see clips from the show on Twitter (@Verge) and catch our last show Friday at 4:30PT at ces.twitter.com. The fol...Show More
CES 2017 Day 1

1:11:28 | Jan 6th, 2017

This year, we hosted The Vergecast Live at CES 2017 as a Twitter Live video show. We've decided to share the full audio here, but you can see clips from the show on Twitter @Verge and catch our last show Friday at 4:30PT at ces.twitter.com. The follo...Show More
Zuckerberg's smart home, Android Wear, and CES predictions

1:01:42 | Dec 23rd, 2016

As the year ends, Nilay, Dieter, Paul, and Ross gather together from across the country via Skype to sit down and bring up what’s been troubling them this week. Nilay can’t stand Mark Zuckerberg’s video about his home AI, Dieter doesn’t know what lap...Show More
Super Mario Run, Uber's self-driving cars, and Apple's new TV app

1:04:43 | Dec 16th, 2016

Everyone was in New York this week, so we had a jam-packed studio with Nilay, Dieter, and Paul, along with culture reporter Megan Farokhmanesh and transportation reporter Andrew Hawkins. Megan joins us on Vergecast for the first time to talk about wh...Show More
Fitbit buys Pebble, Windows 10 on ARM, and gadgets aren't dead

1:05:39 | Dec 9th, 2016

Nilay, Dieter, Lauren, and Ashley are back! This week on Vergecast, we talk about Fitbit buying Pebble, the status of the gadget universe, and Microsoft bringing Windows desktop apps to mobile ARM processors. Lots of tech, lots of jokes, here we go. ...Show More
Net neutrality, Final Fantasy, Gilmore Girls, and the Spectacles line

1:22:43 | Dec 2nd, 2016

Welcome to Vergecast Lonely Paul edition. Dieter and Nilay are out this week, so Paul enlisted some of his colleagues who would never let him down like that and made his own Vergecast that's centered around talking to people not named Dieter or Nilay...Show More
Fake news, Touchbar, and the Surface Studio

1:06:30 | Nov 18th, 2016

The tech review season continues this week with reviews of the Macbook Pro with Touch Bar, Microsoft’s Surface Studio, and even an actual book that Apple released. This week on Vergecast, Nilay, Paul, and Dieter give an overview of these products alo...Show More
Daydream, Playstation Pro, Snapchat, and Instagram

58:07 | Nov 11th, 2016

Here we are, a few days after the election. With the world still adjusting to the future, we thought we’d give you a break from it all and briefly talk about what we know best: the future of technology. This week we have reviews for the Playstation 4...Show More
Verge turns 5, Google Home, and Assistant

1:13:01 | Nov 4th, 2016

Happy Vergecast day! Look we’ve got a new logo! This week, in honor of The Verge’s fifth anniversary and the redesign of the website, we start off the show by giving some behind-the-scenes details on the new things you see on the site and things we’...Show More
Macbook Pro, Surface Studio, and the events surrounding

1:05:48 | Oct 28th, 2016

This week is a special episode of The Vergecast. After attending the Apple event, Nilay and Dieter sit down in San Francisco together and talk about the newest product announcements from Cupertino. Let us not forget, Microsoft also announced new com...Show More
Pixel, Nintendo Switch, and new MacBook Pros

1:07:48 | Oct 21st, 2016

This week at The Verge has been a busy one! Reviews for Google’s Pixel phone are out, Chinese tech firm LeEco just announced a plethora of new products coming to the US, Nintendo finally showed us new hardware for their games, and Apple is teasing a ...Show More
Galaxy Note 7s don’t explode, they sizzle

1:09:00 | Oct 14th, 2016

This week on Vergecast, we have the exclusive interview with our tech and transportation reporter Jordan Golson, who has been reporting nonstop on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle. Nilay, Lauren, and Paul welcome Jordan to the show to talk about the...Show More
Google event, Oculus event, and Playstation VR

58:17 | Oct 7th, 2016

This week on Vergecast, Nilay, Paul, Dan, and Dieter cover two big events and announcements from the past few days. As you may have read on the site, Google announced a plethora of hardware devices on Tuesday. Then yesterday, Oculus announced a few n...Show More
SpaceX, colonizing Mars, and Snapchat spectacles

1:27:29 | Oct 2nd, 2016

This week on Vergecast, science editor Liz Lopatto is in town and stops by the Vergecast to talk about the news out of the International Astronautical Congress; Elon Musk's plan to colonize Mars. Paul also interviews Loren Grush live in Mexico at the...Show More
Siri, Sierra, Photokina, and Allo

59:03 | Sep 23rd, 2016

Apple ended our summer with the release of both new hardware and software. Now that fall has finally arrived, we await the next big tech event...from Google. This week on Vergecast, Nilay, Paul, Ashley, and Dieter float between these two rituals with...Show More
AirPods, exploding batteries, and yeah Apple

1:05:21 | Sep 16th, 2016

After a week of swimming in Apple news, the classic cast of Nilay, Lauren, Dieter, and Paul get together via the internet to get deeper into their reviews of the new products and talk a little bit about their effect on the near future of consumer tec...Show More
Playstation 4 Pro, 4K, and for your entertainment

44:18 | Sep 9th, 2016

While Nilay, Dieter, Lauren, and Walt make a Vergecast out of Ctrl-Walt-Delete, this leaves Paul to head the show this week with Chris Plante to talk about the other thing that happened on Wednesday: the Sony Playstation 4 Pro event.
IFA, the Yoga Book, and looking ahead at the Apple event

1:25:39 | Sep 2nd, 2016

The IFA, or Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, is upon us and we are looking at the best tech announced at the show. Nilay Patel, Paul Miller, Ashley Carman, and Dan Seifert give us the scoop on the birth of new gadgets, the death of others, and ...Show More
Hack the planet

1:04:48 | Aug 26th, 2016

This week on Vergecast, it's Wilderness Week! Nilay, Paul, and Dieter welcome video director James Temple to the show to talk about his new Verge series, Climate Hackers, which features scientists set on trying to reverse the effects of climate chang...Show More
Unlimited data, Galaxy Note 7, and a merch store

1:10:28 | Aug 19th, 2016

This week on our flagship audio experience, our cast of tech luminaries Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, Paul Miller, and Dan Seifert break down new unlimited data plans and what they really mean for the consumer. Dan also details the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ...Show More
Apple rumors, wireless headphones and No Man’s Sky

1:12:50 | Aug 12th, 2016

This week on Vergecast, both Nilay and Paul are out so Dieter and Lauren have taken the reins and invited fellow Verge colleagues Chris Plante, Dan Seifert, and Ross Miller to the show. The group discusses Apple rumors, new video game consoles, and N...Show More
Amped on sparks

1:11:29 | Aug 5th, 2016

This week on Vergecast, our usual team of Nilay Patel, Paul Miller, and Dieter Bohn bring in senior editor, tech expert, and friend of the show Dan Seifert to discus Samsung and their new Galaxy Note 7. Dieter gives us his review of the Xbox One S, a...Show More
Two admirals, a coxswain, and a guy with a steering wheel

1:14:23 | Jul 29th, 2016

We've been going over in time for the past few episodes, and this week is no exception. But we have an excuse. It's earnings week and there are a lot of thoughts. Nilay, Dieter, Paul, and Lauren bring the news right to your ears. 01:55 - Apple earn...Show More