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Sex Nerd Sandra

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Curious about the naughty side of life? Come giggle with Sandra at the cuddly side of the sex pool! Exploring fascinating topics & perspectives on sex & love, join sexuality educator Sandra Daugherty & special guests for a loving laugh at the fundame...Show More

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1:20:20 | Feb 2nd, 2019

UNDETECTABLE = UNTRANSMITTABLE! Half the folks in the USA with HIV cannot pass on the virus. Wut? PrEPducator and sex-positive HIV counselor Raul Quintero (@rq_rude) shares mind-blowing updated resear...Show More
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1:12:15 | Dec 28th, 2018

THERAPY! MASCULINITY! GENDER! Dave Ross, comedian and former co-host of the show, shares what it was like being the co-host of this sex podcast for 100 episodes. It's an episode about closure and refl...Show More

58:43 | Dec 21st, 2018

SEXY GIFS! SEX TRAFFICKING! THIS PODCAST IS BACK! Online platforms are kicking off adult content. Tumblr just banned porn and erotic images. Looking at freedom of speech, public health concerns, sex-p...Show More

1:08:59 | Mar 25th, 2017

FUN WITH BRAINWASHING! Meet Miss Holly, a kinky pioneer using clicker training for sexual happiness. Turns out methods used to train dogs, parrots and dolphins can help humans develop deeper, happier ...Show More
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