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The China History Podcast

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Laszlo Montgomery presents topics covering 5,000 years of Chinese history and culture.


31:01 | May 17th

The saga continues, and how exciting it's becoming! The Göktürks, the Sui Dynasty, Buddhism galore and lots of historic times to all starting to happen. In this Part 5 episode the plot thickens and Xi...Show More

34:28 | May 2nd

This episode we bid farewell to the Han Dynasty and hello to a long period of a disunited China. The states and kingdoms of the basins of Xinjiang catch a bit of a break. We take a quick look at a few...Show More
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34:51 | Apr 20th

More Han Dynasty for you in this Part 3 episode with a special focus on the great diplomat and general Ban Chao.   Back in those Han Dynasty days Xinjiang was still considered very far away and not so...Show More

32:17 | Apr 6th

In this Part 2 episode we leave pre-history behind and look at Xinjiang's importance during the Qin and Han dynasties. Here is where the Han Chinese interaction with these lands far to the west began....Show More

31:34 | Mar 23rd

In this CHP episode we start a new multi-part series that looks at the history of the land known today as Xinjiang. This series will cover about 4000 years of history starting in this episode with the...Show More
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