Canary Cry Radio

Basil and Gonz

Canary Cry Radio is a podcast where we think outside the cage. This podcast was created to apprise the Christian community of the impending push for a global lock down as prophesied in the ancient scriptures known as the Bible. It also aims for the g...Show More

2:08:23 | Jan 15th

When it comes to the topic of UFOs and Aliens addressed by the community of Christian truthers, it’s often associated with the negative aspects of the phenomenon. This is because in truth, alien abduc...Show More

1:42:04 | Dec 21st, 2019

Was the Harlot Queen of Israel merely a pure evil witch who wanted to destroy God’s chosen and ruin the lives of anyone around her? Not exactly according to the Scriptures. It’s a little more complica...Show More
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1:44:20 | Dec 8th, 2019

In this episode, seven watchmen who lead the conversations at October’s Hear The Watchmen conference in Orange County, California, each sit down with Basil for a short chat. Sharon Gilbert, Steven Ban...Show More

1:41:49 | Oct 3rd, 2019

There are mysterious places all over the world filled with untold stories of our ancient origins. One that exists in the United States of America, are the Serpent Mounds in Ohio. Resembling the shape ...Show More

1:36:59 | Sep 19th, 2019

THE WATCHMEN ON THE WALL were there to warn and inform the people of anything approaching its fortification. Throughout history, many followers of Christ have been called out to be watchmen, warning t...Show More
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