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Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park


Bletchley Park is the historic site of secret British codebreaking activities during WWII. It is the birthplace of modern computing. Winston Churchill described the Codebreakers as "The geese who laid the golden egg but never cackled." Here you wil...Show More


30:32 | May 15th

May 2020    In this episode we again return to the Bill Tutte symposium that was held at Bletchley Park in 2017, on the centenary of his birth.    As a member of the Bill Tutte Memorial Fund Claire Bu...Show More

59:01 | May 8th

May 2020   After more than 5 and a half years of fighting, 75 Years ago today the war in Europe officially finally came to an end.    To commemorate the day we present this special It Happened Here ep...Show More
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1:36:11 | May 1st

May 2020   Since first marching into Poland on the 1st September 1939, the German army had conquered most of Europe. But the tide had turned and, as April 1945 began, they were caught between the West...Show More

59:54 | Apr 24th

April 2020    Many of Bletchley Park’s senior early war staff had cut their codebreaking teeth during World War One. In 2015 we opened an exhibition called The Road to Bletchley Park which looked at t...Show More

57:00 | Apr 17th

April 2020    Over the years we have been very fortunate to welcome the families of some of our more famous Codebreakers for a visit to Bletchley Park. The families always have such an immense pride i...Show More
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