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Nathan Lowell

A Trader's Tale from the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper : Book 2 After Ishmael Wang is promoted to the environmental section, he's caught in a swirl of mystery, doubt, belief, lust and a really nice fitting pair of jeans. He has to come to grips ...Show More

26:09 | May 7th, 2007

-In this episode: Ishmael gets a new job, but Pip has to stay on the Mess Deck. (Chapter 1 and 2)

34:16 | May 20th, 2007

-In this episode: Ishmael learns a little more about being a spacer and Sarah's story takes an odd twist. (Chapter 24 & 25)
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24:46 | May 19th, 2007

-In this episode: Ishmael and Bril come to an understanding. Some whelkies find their owners. (Chapter 22 & 23)

24:28 | May 18th, 2007

-In this episode: Ishmael comes back to the ship and finds that his night on the town is the topic of a great deal of conversation. (Chapter 21)

29:49 | May 17th, 2007

-In this episode: Ishmael meets Alicia Alvarez and finds out that officers are people, too. (Chapter 19 & 20)
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