Pop-Up Ideas

BBC Radio 4

Tim Harford presents a series of talks inspired by ideas in anthropology, culture and the social sciences
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14:05 | Jan 1st, 2014

"How boring would the world be," asks Simon Garfield, "if we knew precisely where everything was?" Simon reflects on the many mistakes and deceptions in some of our best-loved maps. He begins with th...Show More

14:11 | Dec 25th, 2013

The geographer and polymath Jared Diamond argues that apparently slight differences in geography can have profound consequences for the culture and history of nations.
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13:58 | Dec 18th, 2013

Jerry Brotton, Professor of Renaissance Studies at Queen Mary, University of London, argues that how we see the world depends on where we stand on it. He takes us back to the Hereford mappamundi - wi...Show More

13:54 | Dec 11th, 2013

Tim Harford returns with a new series of Pop Up Ideas. This time Tim and his guests tell intriguing stories inspired by maps. In the first talk, Tim argues that maps - for all their beauty - can be d...Show More

13:43 | Jul 30th, 2013

Tim Harford presents the last in the series, 'Pop-up Ideas'. Tim explores the concept of 'The Tragedy of the Commons' - a term coined by the American ecologist Garrett Hardin in a hugely influential ...Show More
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