Alan is a virgin, but that is not a big problem for him with Tracy and Gwinn desiring his attentions. He has larger concerns on his mind. He is swept into the hidden underground of Midgard, once the shining jewel of enlightenment and technology. The ...Show More

24:32 | Feb 11th, 2013

And here is the end of the story, but will it be the end of everything else as well?
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20:44 | Feb 11th, 2013

Alan attempts to return to the Goddess Bunker to save those taken and stop the ritual to end all things.

20:15 | Feb 11th, 2013

Alan returns to find Bifrost has been attacked. Only George remains, and Alan will have answers.

21:24 | Feb 11th, 2013

Marcus is back again, and Alan gets a glimps of the truth behind the veil of reality.
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21:55 | Feb 11th, 2013

Alan heads back into Midgard and confronts Fredrick about the truth of the Cataclysm.

24:37 | Feb 11th, 2013

Meet Dr. Renner, the man who created Midgard and knows what the Devin Finger of the Cataclysm was.

25:42 | Feb 11th, 2013

And they finally reach the surface. What new dangers will they find there?

28:21 | Feb 11th, 2013

Alan and party reach the Golgi Complex and meet the only real scientists still trying to advance society. They're just a little... different.

28:36 | Feb 11th, 2013

Meet Nidhoggr, the lead dragon.

22:59 | Feb 11th, 2013

Alan makes his decision and meets the team he will work with in Bifrost.

26:46 | Feb 11th, 2013

Welcome to the Factory! *** WARNING *** This chapter contains graphic sexual content.

22:45 | Feb 11th, 2013

Alan is given a choice, an opportunity to decide what the rest of his life will be like.

25:11 | Feb 11th, 2013

And Fredrick, self-claimed patron god of Midgard, enters the stage.

22:57 | Feb 11th, 2013

Alan has another weird dream, and he wakes up to discover he is in the custody of the enemy.

23:23 | Feb 10th, 2013

Alan meets his enemies on the field of battle. They are the enemy... aren't they?

18:13 | Feb 9th, 2013

Britta water filters have nothing on this place!

23:51 | Feb 9th, 2013

And it finally comes, a mission that Alan can test his training against. But who could be the enemy he must face?

21:11 | Feb 9th, 2013

Jacob is tired of making excuses for Alan. It's either time to stand up or step out, and nobody gets to just step out (or at least they shouldn't be able to).

29:01 | Feb 9th, 2013

Jacob thinks Alan needs an example why the Acolyte's way of life is so much better than the alternative. Alan has other ideas though.

18:41 | Feb 9th, 2013

Alan learns the harsh reality of Acolyte cruelty. He also learns sweet reality of Gwinn. ***WARNING*** This episode contains explicit sexual content.

22:11 | Feb 9th, 2013

Alan has learned the lessons taught by Jacob and is put to the test. But does one have to suffer when someone else excells?

20:24 | Feb 9th, 2013

Alan has been living with the Acolytes for a little while now, finding some level of comfort in their numbers. Though, he knows he will never belong with them.

31:01 | Feb 9th, 2013

Alan finds himself lead by Jacob to the seat of the Acolytes, a religious organization he did not even know existed. And he is not happy.

22:57 | Feb 9th, 2013

Alan goes for a walk with a woman in a gray cloak, only to return home to find more intruders in his home.

22:05 | Feb 7th, 2013

Alan wakes up, finding himself locked in prison with only a raving mad man as company. Well, he at least appears to be insane.

26:31 | Feb 7th, 2013

The only thing that gives Alan any comfort is his parents. Surely they will always be there for him. *wink

24:06 | Feb 7th, 2013

Meet Alan, a young man like may others living in a city unlike any other. And then there is Zack. We all have a friend like him...