One Bad Mother

A comedy podcast about motherhood and how unnatural it sometimes is. We aren't all magical vessels! Join us every week as we deal with the thrills and embarrassments of motherhood and strive for less judging, and more laughing.

1:10:15 | Nov 14th

Theresa is out sick with the pukes, so the lovely Renee Colvert, of Can I Pet Your Dog podcast, returns as our guest co-host. We explore the art of rudeness in children and dogs. Both can leave a mess on the floor at a guest's house and both generate...Show More

1:07:33 | Nov 7th

Biz and Theresa have a little whine with our dinner and poke fun at some of the “child friendly” offerings at restaurants. Of course we should have realistic expectations when eating out with our kids, but really, that grilled cheese is too fancy for...Show More
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1:12:35 | Oct 31st

Biz and Theresa ponder the purpose of correcting our kids when they're wrong…about cute things like saying “Starblocks” instead of “Starbucks.” Will it sort itself out? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the harder thing to correct the way our kids c...Show More

1:18:58 | Oct 24th

In this Halloween episode, Biz and Theresa revisit the classic slumber party game, truth or dare? Are we "truth" people or "dare" people? Why did we love playing this game so much and would we still enjoy it now? Plus, Biz talks and talks, Theresa ha...Show More

1:10:39 | Oct 17th

Biz and Theresa wonder if and how our use of the internet in relation to parenting has changed. Looking up “rash” is never a good idea, but is looking up “dangers of social media” any better? However, we also find communities and support on the wild,...Show More
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