The 31 with Brandt Tobler

The 31 with Brandt Tobler

Comedian Brandt Tobler spent countless hours crafting 31 of the most unconventional questions designed to go where no credible journalist would ever dare. Listen each week as he probes your favorite celebrities, comedians, rock stars, athletes, and ...Show More


1:20:44 | Mar 12th

Today on Craigslist Chaos we get kicked off Craigslist and have to move to the mormon classifieds...and they are full of even bigger weirdos! We get involved with a federal agent, win a rap battle, tr...Show More

1:37:40 | Mar 10th

Today on Craigslist Chaos we fight with the chicken lady, hear some awful voicemails, find some magic in Chico, and Brother Bill gives me a homework assignment! It's another mess of an episode....just...Show More
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1:05:12 | Mar 9th

On this weeks episode of Dead TO US... Shyer and I talk about dog sitting, prison applicants, amazing sound effects, we try to create a new superstition, and we are not going to Jared we are going to ...Show More

1:38:54 | Mar 7th

Today on Craigslist Chaos it's episode 187 and like the great poet JA Rule's MURDA!!!! This is a fun one friends! I almost buy a girls bike and then have to beat up the owner (it's a dude r...Show More

1:55:05 | Mar 5th

Today on Craigslist Chaos we give a special shoutout to Tom Segura! On the day of this recording I was opening for him later that night at Comedy Works, so we took the chaos to his hometown of Cincinn...Show More
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