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57:39 | Mar 6th

Kate Bowler and Elaine Pagels both teach religion, write about religion, and have experienced immense hardships. In this frank and funny conversation, they explore why people still seek ancient religious teachings in our modern age.

54:58 | Dec 4th

Artificial intelligence isn’t something we’ll see in the future. Thinking machines are already here, and nine powerful companies in the US and China control their development.
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48:58 | Nov 26th

How can such deeply faithful citizens support a president whose behaviors and values don’t exactly match up to traditional Christian mores?

56:27 | Nov 20th

Two Pulitzer Prize-winning historians explain the difference between myth and reality in American history.

50:35 | Nov 13th

Tara Westover's childhood was distinct. Raised by survivalists in the mountains of Idaho, she encountered extreme adversity.
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