A Slob Comes Clean

Dana K. White

Nony (Dana K White) from ASlobComesClean.com shares reality-based cleaning and organizing tips based on her own deslobification process. As she finds ways to keep her own home under control and combat "Slob Vision" she shares cleaning, decluttering, ...Show More


49:09 | Mar 19th

Well, life is pretty bananas for all of us right now. In this podcast episode, I’m sharing some mental decluttering roadblocks I’ve been surprised to be facing, how I’m talking myself through them, an...Show More

47:15 | Mar 12th

I answer these questions in today’s strategy session: I’m constantly starting over because we fall off the bandwagon. We keep hopping back on, though. Do you think we’ll ever make enough progress that...Show More
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33:25 | Mar 5th

I recently re-decluttered my closet, and I was RUTHLESS. Re-decluttering will do that. I am SO pleased with the results, so I shared some decisions I made about decluttering entire categories of thing...Show More

32:05 | Feb 27th

In this podcast, I’m refocusing on the absolute basics of getting your house under control and keeping it under control. These are the basic household tasks, and I’m sharing how they work and how they...Show More

30:36 | Feb 20th

Do you stress out when you start making progress? Does it sometimes feel like you’re LESS able to relax when you are focused on improving your home? Does  your family’s clutter drive you bananas? I’m ...Show More
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