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Private Equity Funcast

Jim Milbery and Devin Mathews

Hosted by Devin Mathews and Jim Milbery, partners at ParkerGale Capital, a middle-market private equity group. This bi-weekly show is a lively discussion of the uses of technology to improve business operations for companies with less than $100 mill...Show More

1:00:24 | Sep 27th

Continuing our on-going series of interviews with ParkerGale portfolio company CEOs, Jimmy interviews Tom Obermaier, CEO of Rippe and Kingston. We talk baseball, growing up in New York, leadership lessons from President Washington, rising to Chief Ri...Show More

39:49 | Sep 20th

Jim talks with fellow Babson College Alum, current portfolio company CTO, Tom Shore about application software from the early 80s through today.  We talk Digital Equipment PDP/11s all the way through the current no-code fascination.
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45:39 | Sep 13th

We talk to PG Principal Kara Master about her journey from the model UN and a career in journalism to joining the deal team at ParkerGale.

51:05 | Aug 23rd

Buckle your seatbelts for a fast-paced conversation with Dave Kellogg. Dave and I first met back in the early 80s at Ingres, when I was a pre-sales engineer and Dave was a technical support rep. We’ve each spent over 25 years in enterprise software, ...Show More

1:14:15 | Aug 15th

In the kickoff to the new People Operations Series, ParkerGale Principals Jimmy and Paul provide an overview of ParkerGale’s People Ops team. Having worked together at Bain, they bring some history together to the firm and their work leading all thin...Show More
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