Story Pirates

Summer Bonus: I Want To Be Rich/Fart Out Loud Day/Nothing Is Impossible

20:06 | Aug 16th, 2018

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A new summer bonus episode from the Story Pirates coming atcha! Today’s episode features a new story called I Want To Be Rich by a 3rd grader from Massachusetts named Sammy, as well as two of our favo...Show More


zeeerin recommended:Sep 19th, 2019

Listen to the 1st ditty of this ep + feel freeeee (oh the joy + laughter!)

podysseyapp recommended:Mar 17th, 2020

Fun podcast that adapts stories written by kids into sketch comedy and theatre for your ears. This one is a story called "I Want To Be Rich" written by a 3rd grader, and features a song called "Fart Out Loud Day"!