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Occasionally Awesome

Nick Youssef Kevin Christy

Join these two L.A natives as they interview their comedian, actor, artist and degenerate friends in search of the parts of life that are occasionally awesome. Also they talk about jeans and Radiohead a lot.

1:47:34 | Dec 20th, 2016

A very special Occasionally Awesome with a special announcement about the show near the one hour mark. We hope you enjoy this episode with our dynasty guest Jayson Thibault. Get his album 'Return to the Red State' January 6th on All Things Records, i...Show More

1:08:26 | Dec 13th, 2016

Nick and Kevin compile gift ideas for the 2016 holiday season. Discussed are everything from gift certificates to watches, records, kitchen gadgets, museum memberships, writing supplies and so much more. Happy holidays!
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1:16:49 | Dec 6th, 2016

Joshua Rofé, director and producer is back n the show to promote and discuss Swift Current, his latest documentary that follows the life of NHL star Sheldon Kennedy who was sexually abused by his hockey coach as a teenager in Canada. The documentary ...Show More

1:25:36 | Nov 29th, 2016

Sarah Novia returns on the one year anniversary of her first time on the show and she talks post election blues, confusion, fear and anger over the results. Everyone goes through their thoughts on what happened and what's to come and Sarah gives some...Show More

1:35:35 | Nov 22nd, 2016

Nick and Kevin discuss the rise in fake news that is inundating Facebook and other parts of the internet. They go through which stories have tricked them and where they get their actual real news.

1:36:22 | Nov 15th, 2016

Part two of the playlist challenge where Nick, Kevin match songs to themes provided by their guest, the talented comedian and writer David Taylor. Follow David on Twitter at @thisdavidtaylor and subscribe to his podcast, Until I Lose Interest' on iTu...Show More

1:20:50 | Nov 10th, 2016

Vol. 4 of the music playlist challenge, this time with the always funny and interesting, David Taylor. The episode stars with a sports related sidetrack abut then gets on track. The guys didn't have time to get into the second list so look forward to...Show More

1:11:20 | Nov 1st, 2016

After an intense taste test episode where Nick, Leslie and Kevin decided on the best mint chocolate chip ice cream (episode #119), Leslie comes back to help pick the best burger in Los Angeles. Debates were started, insults were traded and burgers we...Show More

1:26:40 | Oct 25th, 2016

Nick and Kevin pick their ideal food items in from appetizers to desserts during a complete emotional meltdown.

1:05:33 | Oct 18th, 2016

Kevin teaches Nick how to draw a face. The episode is set up as an instructional for all the listeners to follow along and learn as well. Enjoy!

1:11:00 | Oct 11th, 2016

Vol. 6 of Nick and Kevin recommending some of their favorite new or old things.

1:15:35 | Oct 4th, 2016

Nick and Kevin begin a series where they go through emotional meltdown menu items. What's your nervous breakdown all about and what are you eating? Anything goes. Money, time and distance are no barrier.

50:06 | Sep 27th, 2016

On their ongoing quests to identify and avoid becoming douchebags and continue evolving into gentlemen, Nick and Kevin look into what makes a fuckboy and how to avoid or stop being one.

1:03:19 | Sep 20th, 2016

Nick and Kevin do their yearly breakdown and criticism of the year's fall fashion trends and recommendations.

2:26:39 | Sep 13th, 2016

Another installment of the playlist challenge! This round our dynasty guest Jayson Thibault comes on with a couple topics and the guys pick songs and explain why they make sense. Jayson Thibault is one of the funniest comics and best podcast guests a...Show More

58:14 | Sep 6th, 2016

Nick and Kevin talk about the influences and behaviors they each got from their parents, both good and bad and how they have come to terms with these things as adults.

1:22:48 | Aug 30th, 2016

Brendan Smith joins Nick and Kevin for another installment of the playlist challenge. The topics in this volume are best songs for a Wes Anderson movie and best songs for a horror film.

1:07:11 | Aug 23rd, 2016

Nick and Kevin express their frustrations with a list of companies they dislike because of cheap products, overpricing, run of the mill evil corporate ways and everything in between. This is a definite venting episode so sit back and listen to the co...Show More

1:03:32 | Aug 16th, 2016

Nick and Kevin rarely talk about standup on the show which is why they dedicate an entire episode talking about some of their favorite standups then and now. Enjoy!

1:53:51 | Aug 9th, 2016

The great Sarah Novia (licensed counselor and pyschotherapist) returns to the show to talk about our upcoming election and how it has affected and changed the dynamic of white male privilege in America and what it means for women, minorities and our ...Show More

1:22:41 | Aug 2nd, 2016

Volume one of a series where Nick and Kevin choose categories and come up with playlists for each one. Who has the best selection of songs? The listeners will decide in a poll on Nick's Twitter account: @nickyoussef. Listen in and participate!

1:07:08 | Jul 26th, 2016

Nick and Kevin have both been buying their youth off ebay in the forms of reissued skateboards, old school BMX bikes and vintage clothing. They go through their reasons why and talk about things that make them feel older than they actually are form t...Show More

1:07:15 | Jul 19th, 2016

Volume 5 of stuff Nick and Kevin are into and think you should be too. This installment features some bands, books and documentaries. Enjoy!

1:13:37 | Jul 12th, 2016

Nick and Kevin do a series of rapid fire lightning questions on each other with topics ranging from aliens to peanut butter. If you're new to the podcast this is a great get to know you episode. Enjoy!

1:30:27 | Jul 5th, 2016

Jerry Ferrara returns to talk about his recent trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and he and the guys discuss what makes a theme park good and which parks are their favorites and why.

59:53 | Jun 28th, 2016

Nick and Kevin pick famous women they would like to be for a day and why.

57:47 | Jun 21st, 2016

In celebration of the first day of summer, Kevin and Nick go through the UK edition of GQ to find some new and inventive summer trends.

1:26:42 | Jun 14th, 2016

Nick and Kevin talk about their favorite home and arcade video games growing up.

1:23:40 | Jun 7th, 2016

Nick and Kevin pick a few crimes they would commit if they could get away with them or if once a year there was a purge- a day where any and all crime is legal.

1:03:01 | May 31st, 2016

The 4th installment of Nick and Kevin picking out a few things they're currently enjoying in life and sharing them with the listeners. Discussed are items of clothing, TV programs, Instagram accounts and more.

1:04:26 | May 24th, 2016

Leslie Grossman just got back from a trip to Japan and comes on the show to talk all about it. If you've heard Leslie on Occasionally Awesome before you know she can make going to a grocery store funny and interesting. This episode is no exception. ...Show More

1:39:21 | May 17th, 2016

Nick andKevin celebrate the release of Radiohead's new album 'A Moon Shaped Pool' by inviting Josh Adam Meyers and Jayson Thibault, two very funny comics and huge fans of the band, to discuss what they think about the new records as well as share the...Show More

2:14:16 | May 10th, 2016

Nick and Kevin invite Brendan Smith back on the show to discuss TV theme songs. The guys go through some of their favorite songs and why along with sharing some favorite series moments and where they were when they first saw them. And don't worry, th...Show More

1:46:09 | May 3rd, 2016

Nick and Kevin invite Jayson Thibault a good friend and current record holder for most guest appearances on Occasionally Awesome over to discuss the life of Prince. Jayson is the biggest Prince fan they know. The guys hang out, share stories and refl...Show More

2:00:54 | Apr 26th, 2016

Geoff McFetridge is an LA based designer and artist whose work has been seen in commercials, print, TV, film, museums, public installations and as skateboard and snowboard graphics for over 20 years. Geoff is a highly respected artist and he sits dow...Show More

1:52:23 | Apr 19th, 2016

Comedian, writer, essayist and author of her upcoming 4th book, ‘Real Artists Have Day Jobs’ Sara Benincasa comes on the show to talk about her recent move back to LA, her new book how she got to where she is today through hard work and pursuing what...Show More

56:14 | Apr 12th, 2016

Nick and Kevin pick a few major events in history and explain why they would have wanted to be there to witness them firsthand.

2:00:19 | Apr 5th, 2016

Ed Templeton is back this time with his lovely wife Deanna to talk all about their worldly travels and impart wisdom and advice on Nick, Kevin and the Occasionally Awesome listeners. Ed and Deanna are a well traveled couple and have great taste in ar...Show More

1:09:08 | Mar 29th, 2016

Kevin and Nick go over some of the worst most annoying songs they've ever heard, what makes them that away and why they would never want to be stuck on a desert island with any of them.

1:10:13 | Mar 22nd, 2016

Sandy Danto, talented comedian and beloved friend of the show returns to Occasionally Awesome to promote what is without question the most unique comedy special to ever be filmed. Before he can film this special he will need our help. Sandy has launc...Show More

1:08:13 | Mar 15th, 2016

A pretty self explanatory episode. Nick and Kevin are back with a few things that they love and feel like you should love too! Included are books, TV, a great new way to consume coffee and other fun stuff. Remember to subscribe, rate and review Occ...Show More

1:47:10 | Mar 8th, 2016

Hilarious TV writer Brendan Smith is also a passionate lover of rock and roll. He's here this week to educate Nick and Kevin on the era of 70s and 80s rock they were too young to experience. He talks about Iron Maiden, Rush, Foreigner, Van Halen and ...Show More

1:48:18 | Mar 1st, 2016

Ari Shaffir returns to the show to catch up and talk about how he's about to take time off the road after his upcoming special, politics, race, gender and everything in between. It's a fun, unpredictable episode. ALSO: Special announcement in the i...Show More

1:08:57 | Feb 23rd, 2016

Plain and simple: the humans who can lead a band better than anyone else. The faces and voices and personas that take a band from good to great to unforgettable.There were many to choose from so feel free to shout out any Kevin and Nick may have forg...Show More

1:26:13 | Feb 16th, 2016

Kevin and Nick spent the weekend at the annual Inspiration LA vintage and vintage inspired expo where they saw the best clothing from the last century on display and for sale and then went to the LA Art Book Fair where they saw the best the independe...Show More

1:10:49 | Feb 9th, 2016

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, Kevin and Nick go through a list of 12 of the grandest most romantic gestures that one person who is in love with another person has ever done. After the list, Nick and Kevin talk about their views on romantic gestur...Show More

1:16:30 | Feb 2nd, 2016

Our favorite sandwiches, what makes them good , the best condiments and sides. WARNING: Don't listen on an empty stomach.

1:32:43 | Jan 26th, 2016

With over 35 years in the business, veteran photographer Chris Cuffaro (@CuffaroPhoto) has seen and done it all from photo shoots with Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Iggy Pop, Gregory Hines, Lemmon and Matthau and the list goes on. His body of work covers every...Show More

1:17:12 | Jan 19th, 2016

Kevin and Nick take another trip into their past and discuss their favorite cartoons growing up before 24 hour blocks of animation were the norm.

1:20:41 | Jan 12th, 2016

Occasionally Awesome remembers the life, music, style and legacy of David Bowie.

1:23:31 | Jan 5th, 2016

Nick and Kevin sit down and talk about the year to come and what new year's resolutions they have come up with along with predictions they have for themselves and the world in the next 12 months.

1:08:26 | Dec 29th, 2015

There are countless lists of best movies f the year, best albums, best books and so on. Kevin and Nick decided to come up with best dudes of the year; guys they think look awesome, do awesome things and are so awesome we they would trade places for a...Show More

55:23 | Dec 22nd, 2015

What better way to celebrate the Christmas spirit than to read and discuss the 11 Satanic Rules of the Earth. Anyone can do a regular Christmas episode and talk about Jesus and presents, but Occasionally Awesome dives right into the mysterious worshi...Show More

1:35:08 | Dec 15th, 2015

Kevin and Nick spend an episode going over the little things things that bother them and try to figure out how and why and whether there is a way to deal with them in an adult manner. Remember to subscribe to Occasionally Awesome on iTunes and rate ...Show More

1:20:58 | Dec 8th, 2015

Kevin and Nick talk about two places they have been that meant a lot to them and then pick two places they want to visit before they die. BONUS: If you like free stuff, this is for you. Somewhere in this episode Nick and Kevin will give away a free...Show More

2:06:33 | Dec 1st, 2015

Sarah Michael Novia is a licensed professional therapist and star of VH1’s Couple’s Therapy. Today Sarah is on the show to discuss her life, work, common issues people have in the modern day therapy world and some of Kevin and Nick (mostly Nick’s) is...Show More

1:30:50 | Nov 24th, 2015

One of Occasionally Awesome's favorite guests and friends, Jayson Thibault (@theteeb) joins us for another music themed conversation where the best and worst concerts are discussed. The episode starts off with some discussion on social media and the ...Show More

1:12:06 | Nov 17th, 2015

Nick and Kevin recommend some style related tips and items for the fall and winter season. Included are staple pieces everyone should have for their wardrobe ranging from affordable, entry level to higher end and also some weird and more unusual choi...Show More

1:26:44 | Nov 10th, 2015

A listener recommended a list for Kevin and Nick to discuss called '13 Worst Songs from the 90s.' What the guys discovered upon reading it is that the list is full of songs that are actually really cool. They spend the episode defending them and tear...Show More

2:58:15 | Nov 3rd, 2015

Kliph Nesteroff, comedy historian and calssic showbiz expert (his Twitter handle speaks for itself: @ClassicShowbiz) just wrote a book called The Comedians: Drunks, Thieves, Scoundrels and the Hundred Year History of American Comedy. The book is a mu...Show More

1:15:36 | Oct 27th, 2015

Colin Hanks (@ColinHanks), a very talented actor has just added director to his resumé. He has been working on his Tower Records documentary, 'All Things Must Pass' for 7 years and now it is finally out in theaters. Colin comes in to talk about the m...Show More

1:14:33 | Oct 20th, 2015

Nick and Kevin talk about a few of their first celebrity crushes when they were kids and how it helped shape who and what kind of women they liked growing up. Included are Punky Brewster, Winnie Cooper (which leads them down an extended conversation ...Show More

1:16:47 | Oct 13th, 2015

The second episode in an ongoing series where Nick and Kevin talk about a few things they are into and think you should be too. This episode includes six things ranging from playing tennis to wearing overalls. Listen and tell us what you think!

1:16:33 | Oct 6th, 2015

Kevin, Nick and Leslie Grossman had a little tiff on Twitter about the best flavors of ice cream, so what better way to resolve their differences than by buying their favorite flavors of mint chip ice cream and devoting an entire episode of Occasiona...Show More

1:46:34 | Sep 29th, 2015

Robyn O'Neil is a talented artist and host of her own podcast about poetry called 'Me Reading Stuff.' Early in the episode Kevin discusses his trip to Northern California and his visit to the Santa Cruz skate museum. Robyn then discusses her early da...Show More

2:02:51 | Sep 22nd, 2015

Adam Ray, friend comic and all around good guy comes by to hang out. Discussed are the shared love of the show Golden Girls and who would be cast in a remake. Adam also tells us about his days studying acting (and partying) at USC and gives the liste...Show More

1:54:56 | Sep 15th, 2015

April Richardson is back from a month long tour of standup and also following Morrissey around the country and watching him live. She sits down and explained the logistics of booking a tour around a tour and how the shows were (both hers and Morrisse...Show More

1:08:12 | Sep 8th, 2015

It finally happened. Kevin and Nick came up with 5 songs each they would take with them if they were stuck on a desert island for the foreseeable future. Listen in and see what made the cut and maybe an honorable mention or two at the end.

1:19:20 | Sep 1st, 2015

Kevin and Nick come up with a list of things they would go back and tell their teenage selves to help them get through their formative years.

1:45:39 | Aug 25th, 2015

One of Occasionally Awesome's best friends, Jayson Thibault returns to the show (and LA) after a five month hiatus. Jayson comes by to catch up and talk about Chicago, and the question Nick and Kevin ambush him with: what are your desert island top 5...Show More

1:21:49 | Aug 18th, 2015

Nick and Kevin bring back a long forgotten feature of the podcast and dedicate an entire episode to it. Each of the guys recommend three things they think are cool; books, movies, people, places, objects, hobbies basically anything they're into and f...Show More

53:35 | Aug 13th, 2015

Hey, Nick Youssef here. One year ago (and a few days), I released my very first comedy album. Many of you purchased it either digitally or on vinyl. Many streamed it on Spotify and the like. By now, the majority of people who were going to buy it did...Show More

1:38:58 | Aug 11th, 2015

Kevin loves lists, so in this episode he came across an old book written by one of our founding fathers, George Washington called 'George Washington's Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior.' Nick and Kevin read through some of the rules and see which...Show More

1:31:49 | Aug 4th, 2015

The debut novel from the funny and insightful Lliana Maeby is the subject of this week's episode. Liana is known as a hilarious presence on Twitter and has written for many online publications, but this month she celebrates the release of her novel, ...Show More

1:26:57 | Jul 28th, 2015

Nick spends a week doing shows in one of his least favorite cities and places on earth: Las Vegas. In an effort to not go insane, he spent the week trying to find cool , off strip activities to keep himself interested and occupied. Vegas has plenty o...Show More

1:49:49 | Jul 21st, 2015

Jerry Ferrara is back! Jerry is Occasionally Awesome's first Legacy Guest (has appeared three times). Today Jerry comes by to talk about his obsession with sneakers, specifically the Air Jordan. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the brand and shoe....Show More

1:32:05 | Jul 14th, 2015

Kevin wanted to do an episode where he talked about all the companies he has ethical and moral problems with yet still keeps going back to out of either blatant hypocrisy, laziness or lack of will power. Nick and Kevin discuss where or if a line shou...Show More

1:45:10 | Jul 7th, 2015

Friend, comedian, writer and host of the podcast, Until I Lose Interest, David Taylor comes by to defend the state of Florida. David is an Orlando native and a smart, funny, law abiding citizen who pretty much embodies the opposite of what we have co...Show More

1:27:50 | Jun 30th, 2015

Kevin and Nick wanted a list of things to do this summer so they went to a source that prizes summer more than any other: kids. A website run by two mothers cobbled together a list of activities their kids wanted to do. Kevin and Nick comb through an...Show More

1:09:41 | Jun 23rd, 2015

Nick and Kevin are nervous about settling on a top 5 desert island playlist so this episode discusses their concerns and goes through some (not in any particular order) songs they love but didn't quite make the cut. Stay tuned for their actual top 5 ...Show More

1:24:43 | Jun 16th, 2015

Theo Von is a respected and working comedian. Kevin and Nick had him on to discuss his days on the reality show Road Rules (season 9) and how it was to transition from reality TV to standup comedy. Luckily for Theo, he is not only a very funny and ta...Show More

1:23:06 | Jun 9th, 2015

Nick and Kevin went to the first annual Cat Con LA over the weekend hoping to see some interesting unique things and learn a little about the phenomenon of internet famous cats. During their visit, Nick met Ilsa Burke, manager of one of the internet'...Show More

1:39:48 | Jun 2nd, 2015

Adam Eget (@adameget) and Lindsay Adams (@Lindsaysface) come by to discuss what it was like growing up overweight. Each had a different set of reasons and favorite foods and triggers that led them to eating wonderfully delicious and horrifyingly unhe...Show More

1:17:37 | May 26th, 2015

Chris Black is a successful author, writer, publisher and proud know-it-all. His passion and curiosity for all things cool led him to write the book ‘I Know You Think You Know It All,’ a funny and informative guide to things you should be doing, not ...Show More

1:34:36 | May 19th, 2015

A good friend of the show, Eric Ray Davidson comes by to talk about his start and rise in commercial photography. An Art Center graduate and accomplished photographer, Eric discusses his method and outlook towards doing what you love every day with p...Show More

1:39:02 | May 12th, 2015

What an exciting episode! Skate legend and respected and accomplished artist, Ed Templeton is on the show this week. Nick and Kevin go down to Huntington Beach to interview Ed and talk about his start as a professional skateboarder, how and why he st...Show More

1:24:04 | May 5th, 2015

Morrissey. People either love him or hate him. In today's episode, Kevin and Nick go to the Smiths/Morrissey convention in Hollywood where thousands of people go to love love love them some Morrissey. There were vendors, live cover bands Smiths theme...Show More

1:21:07 | Apr 28th, 2015

Ariana Madix, one of the stars of Vanderpump Rules, comes by to discuss life on a reality show. Nick and Kevin ask about how her real life differs from the life portrayed on the TV show, and if working in reality TV has made it more difficult to get ...Show More

1:14:49 | Apr 21st, 2015

Kevin and Nick visit Barnsdall Art Park for a free exhibit featuring the work of artist Robert Williams and a retrospective on the magazine he founded, Juxtapoz. They discuss the inception of low brow art and how far it has come. Also, Occasionally A...Show More

1:44:20 | Apr 14th, 2015

Part 2 of Nick and Kevin's conversation with women on the nature of feminism and the things women face that they as men do not. Their guests are comedian Kat Aagesen and photographer Jess Ewald. They discuss catcalling, the body issues women face and...Show More

1:40:00 | Apr 7th, 2015

Outrage Culture! Why is everyone offended all the time these days? Are people being overly sensitive or has society finally decided to stop putting up with closed minded, thinking anymore? Kevin and Nick discuss how and why they think the outrage cul...Show More

1:18:22 | Mar 31st, 2015

Kevin asks Nick about his 104 mile bike ride he went on this past weekend. The conversation revolves around cycling rules and culture and the different types of bikes there are to ride. They even answer questions from Twitter followers. If you're int...Show More

1:15:00 | Mar 24th, 2015

Nick and Kevin share a fondness for graphic t-shirts. They have obsessed over them since they were kids so they sat down and went through all the shirts they either owned or wanted since they were kids. A lot of nostalgia in this episode as No Fear, ...Show More

1:19:17 | Mar 17th, 2015

Part 2 of Nick and Kevin's journey back to all the odd, weird and regular jobs they had growing up. This episode focuses on Kevin's stint on what was going to be a design gig that turned into an an assembly line gig and Nick's experiences as a waiter...Show More

57:21 | Mar 10th, 2015

Kevin and Nick get nostalgic again this week and talk about all the different jobs (before entertainment) they had growing up. This one is a two parter since there are so many and also the recorder battery died and there were no backups. The intro so...Show More

1:30:20 | Mar 3rd, 2015

Kevin and Nick grew up a long time ago in a galaxy far far away (the 90s) where urban legends ran rampant because there was no internet to quickly and easily debunk them. The guys sit back and recall some of the most popular ones of the day and talk ...Show More

2:01:57 | Feb 24th, 2015

Part 1 of a series where Kevin and Nick have female friends of theirs from different walks of life on to discuss what it is to be a modern woman and answer questions the guys have about issues of the day. This episode, Kevin's friend Cassandra Zaree ...Show More

2:08:55 | Feb 17th, 2015

In light of President's Day Nick and Kevin have a spirited debate over the pros and cons of America and what it means to live in the freest country in the world. The into for this episode is 'Badlands,' by Bruce Springsteen.

1:12:26 | Feb 10th, 2015

Inspiration LA is the annual vintage and Americana inspired clothing expo that brings mostly men down to a building every year to drool over the latest trends in fashion. Kevin and Nick decided to bring their good friend and fellow comedian Candice T...Show More

1:49:05 | Feb 3rd, 2015

Helene Yorke is an accomplished and multi-faceted TV and Broadway actress who has starred in plays such as Bullets Over Broadway and Wicked. She comes on the show this week to give Kevin, Nick and the listeners some insight into how live stage produc...Show More

1:22:41 | Jan 27th, 2015

Skyler Stone drops by to talk about a great new charity he started where your favorite celebrity will read a personalized greeting card with messages ranging from Congratulations to I'm sorry and 100% of the profits go directly to the celebrities' ch...Show More

1:35:00 | Jan 20th, 2015

Brett Kilroe is a highly accomplished artist who is responsible for the album art and visual direction of many of modern music's biggest acts. If you've seen any Kings of Leon album art or merchandise, it's Brett. Most of The Strokes records. Brett. ...Show More

2:40:58 | Jan 13th, 2015

Una Kim is an interesting, driven and successful business owner. She started Keep shoes in 2006 and has been running it ever since. She sits down and tells us about her upbringing, her influences from her years in do it yourself punk rock world coupl...Show More

1:21:25 | Jan 6th, 2015

The watch episode! Kevin discusses one of his obsessions: watches. Nick isn't too well versed with the finer points of high end watches so on behalf of any other listeners who also don't know, he comprises a list of watch questions from the basics of...Show More

1:30:54 | Dec 30th, 2014

Part two of Kevin and Nick's list of questions to ask in social situations like parties. This section of the list covers moral and more serious questions. The conversations go from light to serious then funny and serious again. Definitely some good ...Show More

1:38:10 | Dec 23rd, 2014

Mens fashion and style are two of the recurring themes Occasionally Awesome covers so why not have a professional stylist on to discuss it in detail. Ilaria Urbinati has built an impressive career outfitting major celebrities such as Bradley Cooper, ...Show More

1:46:38 | Dec 16th, 2014

Our friend and comic/writer Ryan O'Neill comes by to nerd out on cars with Kevin and Nick (mostly Nick). Ryan is a car nut and wanted to race professionally when he was younger but it turns out it's the world's most expensive sport to break into. The...Show More

1:43:18 | Dec 9th, 2014

In episode 68 (Life Shapers), Kevin and Nick discussed a few people they knew who influenced them growing up in various ways. In this episode, they tackle the same topic but with fictional characters. Andrew Themeles, a comedian and friend, came up w...Show More

1:13:00 | Dec 2nd, 2014

Kevin and Nick find a series of questions designed to make conversations more interesting in public settings and proceed to ask them to each other; questions such as "If you could only eat 4 foods for the rest of your life what would they be?" "If yo...Show More

1:21:50 | Nov 18th, 2014

Pauly Shore is here! Pauly drops by to talk about living in Silver Lake, Intelligentsia and most importantly to promote his new movie, "Pauly Shore Stands Alone.' It's a documentary style look at where Pauly is now; playing less than favorable road g...Show More

1:12:05 | Nov 11th, 2014

Nick and Kevin's curiosity for subcultures they odn quite unserstand takes them a little out of their comfort zone and all the way down the the Hello Kittycon. An all things Hello Kitty convention featuring vintage toys, a merch village, tattoo parlo...Show More

1:37:02 | Nov 4th, 2014

Steve Simeone returns to the show. A favorite among all comedians and audiences, Steve comes back to promote the release of his debut comedy album, 'REMEMBER THIS.' Steve discusses where he recorded it, what material did and didn't make the cut and w...Show More

1:33:39 | Oct 28th, 2014

Kevin ventures out to Europe for the first time ever to do some standup gigs with Whitney Cummings. He spends ten days in a bunch of cool European cities and he and Nick sit down and talk about the different cultures, museums, what crowds are like ab...Show More

1:20:56 | Oct 21st, 2014

In this week’s episode, Kevin and Nick pick 3 of their favorite bands (that aren’t Tool or Radiohead) and discuss their albums, favorite songs and what effect the artists have had on their lives. A couple that are covered include: Built to Spill, Nei...Show More

1:25:23 | Oct 14th, 2014

Kevin and Nick talk about 3 people who have helped shape and influence their outlook and decisions in life. These people saw things differently, in them and the world in general, and the conversations and relationships they forged with them informed ...Show More

1:47:06 | Oct 7th, 2014

A ball of pure fun and positive energy, Candice Thompson drops by and we get into the best ice cream, whether she's cake or pie, being from Cincinnati, how she's learned to control and evolve the way she laughs and way, way more. The intro song for t...Show More

1:50:57 | Sep 30th, 2014

Nick talks about his trip to DC and Kevin talks a little about seeing Cat Power, Gogol Bordello and The Pixies at The Hollywood Bowl over the weekend. The episode really gets started when they discuss what they would do if they won $100 million- righ...Show More

1:20:24 | Sep 23rd, 2014

Nick and Kevin discuss the tri boob girl's decisions and whether or not they will lead to success or regret. Later, Nick revisits his trip to New York and makes Kevin guess the alarming number of coffee shops he visited. The intro song for this episo...Show More

1:34:10 | Sep 16th, 2014

A good friend, a good guy and a super funny comedian- Sandy Danto! Sandy hangs out for the afternoon and tells us a little bit about opening for Pauly Shore (his impression is perfection). Later: cake vs pie, Sandy’s super romantic proposal to his no...Show More

1:28:19 | Sep 9th, 2014

Nick and Kevin revisit Thought Catalog for another list on how they can be better men (by Chelsea Fagan). Then in the second half they go over a 2014 fall fashion guide in the British GQ and pick and choose what they like and don’t like and why. The ...Show More

1:33:21 | Sep 2nd, 2014

Comedian and Long Beach, California native Jesus Trejo comes by to hang out today. Jesus got his start at The Comedy Store in Hollywood and talks to Nick an Kevin about his last day job working with special needs children before landing his first rea...Show More

1:39:51 | Aug 26th, 2014

Filthy, hilarious, lifelong comedy best friend, writing, performing partner combo Dana and Julia are here for a hot 4 way (conversation)! Kevin and Nick are first taught the many ways to use the word horny, then later discuss what it's like for Dana ...Show More

1:45:03 | Aug 19th, 2014

Jeff Richards is a multi-talented performer; sketch, improv, standup, impressions (he pulls out a few near the end) and now music. Occasionally Awesome invited Jeff over to talk about his latest project; making music. The songs Jeff has been making a...Show More

1:44:47 | Aug 12th, 2014

The ever so charming and funny Leslie Grossman comes by and brings her delightful personalty to Occasionally Awesome. We start off with Nick explaining why he loves coffee so much and shares his theory on why Starbucks is so depressing. THe conversat...Show More

1:34:56 | Aug 5th, 2014

Actor, comedian and one of the coolest people around, Cort McCown is here today for a very sex charged episode. The guys cover the many aspects of women, dating, sex, how our culture views prostitution, porn and more. It’s Occasionally Awesome’s dirt...Show More

1:30:03 | Jul 29th, 2014

The charming, funny and interesting April Richardson is here today. April hosts her very own successful podcast called ‘Go Bayside,’ and is a writer and panelist on Chelsea Lately. Nick and Kevin sit down with April to talk about relationships and ge...Show More

1:35:24 | Jul 22nd, 2014

It’s Greg Rivera! The co-founder and owner of Mishka, a street wear company specializing in the weird, unusual and most importantly the super rad. Greg talked us through what it’s like taking an idea and turning it into a successful brand. Mishka is ...Show More

1:20:56 | Jul 15th, 2014

Comedian and actor Matt Braunger is here today. Matt got into a slight accident with a young cyclist on his way over to Kevin's and the guy's discuss who was at fault (Nick obviously taking the side of the cyclist). They get into the nature of celebr...Show More

1:36:31 | Jul 8th, 2014

We're halfway through 2014 and Nick and Kevin sit down to check in on the resolutions they made at the start of 2014. How many have they accomplished and how many do they still need to work on. Kevin wanted to be less creepy, be more social and learn...Show More

1:51:54 | Jul 1st, 2014

The always funny on both stage and Twitter, Jake Weisman is here today! This is a great episode filled with music talk, Jake’s upbringing in Westchester, NY, his obsession with cats (and why they’re more manly than you think), some talk about the yes...Show More

1:54:55 | Jun 24th, 2014

Funny, smart, articulate, nice and an EAGLE SCOUT! Ryan Stout is here today discussing his commitment to wearing a suit onstage, how he became an Eagle Scout and the one story of how it actually helped him out as an adult. Nick asks what his favorite...Show More

1:14:41 | Jun 17th, 2014

JC Coccoli brings a whole lot of fun and excitement to Occasionally Awesome. The episode starts with a recent sex story and the new man in her life and his motorcycles. Later, Kevin and Nick discuss what kind of tattoos she should get next and where....Show More

1:15:15 | Jun 10th, 2014

Brandt Tobler has great, great stories, It all started when he moved to Las Vegas to meet up with his estranged father. Months after living there he gets involved with some bookies and the gambling world of Vegas. Brandt soon goes from broke to loade...Show More

1:36:38 | Jun 3rd, 2014

Iliza Shlesinger is very funny comic and super cool human. SInce Iliza consistently works the road, she explains how she was able to get her dog Blanche registered as an emotional support dog. That and much more is covered in the is episode including...Show More

1:35:53 | May 27th, 2014

Comedian and co-host of Bone Zone, Randy Liedtke comes by to hang out. Nick and Randy discuss the best ways to roast and drink coffee, Randy discovers the best way to construct a burger and tells some stories about growing up in Oregon. All that and ...Show More

1:50:00 | May 20th, 2014

This week's guest is Sam Tripoli. Sam is an awesome comedian, friend, and host of two All Things Comedy podcasts: The Naughty Show and Punch Drunk Sports. Sam comes by to talk about life, women, The Comedy Store, sports, and his brand new album Belie...Show More

1:22:22 | May 13th, 2014

In Is it Art part 2 Kevin goes over some of his favorite artists, who has copied their style and where the line is drawn between being influenced and stealing. All the art discussed will be found on Kevin's Instagram: @kevingchristy, so fear not, you...Show More

1:21:27 | May 6th, 2014

The lovely, honest, open, funny and boy crazy Alexi Wasser comes by to hang out and tell stories about her adventures with love, relationships and running a successful advice column/podcast. Sponsored by Pro Flowers. The intro song to this episode is...Show More

2:23:27 | Apr 29th, 2014

You guys asked for another music episode and here it is. Not only does Occasionally Awesome devote this entire episode to 90s music, but we do it with a very special guest who was there through it all: Max Collins from Eve 6! Eve 6 became a very succ...Show More

1:30:04 | Apr 22nd, 2014

If you listen to Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank and Punch Drunk (which you should), you know Nick and Ari had a one on one basketball showdown in which the loser has to wear a pair of socks that the winner masturbates into (yes, you read that right). The...Show More

1:37:42 | Apr 15th, 2014

We all know Chris Porter from his many appearances on late night TV and Last Comic Standing. Nick and Kevin hang out with Chris and talk about how having a life outside of comedy gives you perspective. Then the conversation turns to music including f...Show More

1:16:32 | Apr 8th, 2014

Al Madrigal is many things- a friend, father of All Things Comedy, a Daily Show correspondent and star of NBCs About a Boy. The guys start off asking Al what's new with All Things Comedy then get into how Al's previous career (firing people) helped h...Show More

1:09:05 | Apr 1st, 2014

Jerry Ferrara comes back to talk about his new upcoming Entourage movie, Guy Fieri visiting Fat Sal's to do an episode of Diner's Drive Ins and Dive, how Kevin isn't being a good friend lately and more.

1:39:39 | Mar 27th, 2014

Occasionally Awesome’s first bonus episode!! Since Kevin and Nick will be doing Jayson Thibault’s (@theteeb) 3 for 30 show at The Pasadena Ice House along with Stuart Thompson this weekend, they decided why not have the both of them on to hang out ta...Show More

1:31:46 | Mar 25th, 2014

Brendan Walsh, hilarious comedian, friends to all on Twitter and co-host of All Things Comedy’s own Bone Zone hang out and talks about everything from government conspiracy the joys of eating at Sizzler and much more. The intro song for this episode ...Show More

1:17:25 | Mar 18th, 2014

Nick decided to go see his favorite band, Tool play 3 nights in a row in three different cities. they discuss the trip, obsessive fans, concert etiquette and more. This episode's intro song is Tool's 'Opiate' from a live show sometime in the 90s.

1:35:28 | Mar 11th, 2014

Steve Simeone is a hilarious comedian who brings stories from his childhood to the stage and to this week's episode of Occasionally Awesome. The guy's hang out and think back to causing mischief as teenagers and how they still manage to do so as grow...Show More

1:13:37 | Mar 4th, 2014

Sarah Tiana comes by for a fun filled conversation about meeting crack head mayor Rob Ford. There’s a little bit of post Oscar talk and a lot of very funny stories about her southern relatives. Near the end, an idea for a new field trip episode. This...Show More

1:59:10 | Feb 25th, 2014

The results of Nick and Kevin’s 1 on 1 basketball challenge are in! Fellow comedians David Taylor and Paul Morrissey who refereed the game are the guests. They discuss Nick and Kevin’s skill levels, what their predictions were and more. Also, a prize...Show More

1:28:35 | Feb 19th, 2014

Dean Delray is back. The guys talk about their experience at the Inspiration LA vintage fair. Dean talks about how his first time washing raw denim took much linger than he planned. Later, the conversation turns to their favorite hot girls and how to...Show More

1:24:29 | Feb 11th, 2014

Matt Fulchiron and Craig Coleman, hosts of All Things Comedy’s very own Full Charge Power Hour come by and hang out. The guys discuss everything from who took a shit in Nick’s garbage disposal, how to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, productive a...Show More

1:13:04 | Feb 4th, 2014

Nick goes through with one of his New Years resolutions and takes a dance class. After Kevin makes fun of him then they discuss the joys of letting loose and doing fun things. Later, Kevin imparts wisdom from his days of leading a high school dance c...Show More

1:20:17 | Jan 28th, 2014

Pauly Casillas, is an Arizona-based stand up comic who you may also know as the always funny @PaulyPeligroso on Twitter as well as one of the minds behind such wildly popular accounts as @NotGaryBusey, @BestWorstAdvice and more. He gives Kevin and Ni...Show More

1:47:13 | Jan 21st, 2014

Nick, Kevin and their good friend and hilarious comedian Jayson Thibault (@theteeb) sit down and talk about one of their all time favorite pastimes: Radiohead.

1:16:20 | Jan 16th, 2014

After a trip to their local A.PC store, Nick and Kevin sit down and dicsuss raw denim from top to bottom; the good brands, how to wash, maintain, promote fading and the best raw denim website on the internet.

1:15:34 | Jan 14th, 2014

Joshua Rofé, a documentary filmmaker comes by to talk about his upcoming release, Lost for Life. This film is about juvenile offenders receiving lifetime prison sentences without parole. Given the subject matter, this discussion is mostly serious but...Show More

1:17:30 | Jan 9th, 2014

Nick comes over after a frustrating audition. He vents to Kevin about the nature of commercial auditioning and the episode steers towards what constitutes a sellout; commercials, sitcoms and reality television. They discuss their how views have evolv...Show More

1:36:41 | Jan 7th, 2014

Fellow comedian and friend Justine Marino stops by for a fun conversation that starts with what's in her purse, her addiction to sugar, where she got the nickname 'The Machine' and much much more. There is also a promise to bring the machine out of r...Show More

1:08:29 | Jan 2nd, 2014

Nick starts this new year off by trying something different and new: a yoga lesson in a public park. Kevin comes along and sketches the lesson as it unfolds. Nick reveals his insecurity to try yoga and why it was important to do it in public in front...Show More

1:31:11 | Dec 31st, 2013

Fellow comic, writer and all around good guy, Yassir Lester drops by to hang out and tell stories of coming up in the L.A fro mhis days of working the door at the Melrose Improv to terrible road gigs. The conversation then turns to what it was like g...Show More

1:16:10 | Dec 26th, 2013

Nick and Kevin decide to start out 2014 with some good old-fashioned New Years resolutions and they’re not your standard promises to lose weight and make more money. Taking cues from episode 21 (Gentleman’s Checklist), both Nick and Kevin came up wit...Show More

1:00:55 | Dec 24th, 2013

Here it is, part two of Brody Steven and Joe Wagner. There's no intro for this episode, we just picked up right where we left off. Brody is voicing his concerns and frustrations with how he is being represented on his show and he and Joe exchange a h...Show More

2:04:20 | Dec 19th, 2013

As part of their mission to become more manly men, Kevin and Nick find a list put together by a New York-based writer named Chelsea Fagan (@Chelsea_Fagan) called '24 Rules for Being a Gentleman 2014.' Kevin and Nick go through the list to see which r...Show More

1:00:07 | Dec 17th, 2013

Brody Stevens is one of the most talented and unique voices in comedy. This year, Brody was given his own show at Comedy Central show titled 'Enjoy It.' This episode you are about to hear features Brody and Joe Wagner, a very funny comedian and write...Show More

1:21:35 | Dec 12th, 2013

Lauren Sivan, a TV news reporter and anchor stops by to give Nick and Kevin some honest and funny insight into the world of journalism. They cover her days as an anchor in New York, reporting from the Middle East, red carpet interviews and her curren...Show More

1:47:31 | Dec 10th, 2013

Kevin and Nick attend the Rose Bowl Flea Market, one of the biggest gatherings of vintage clothing and furniture vendors in Southern California. What started out as an episode about the how to's of flea market shopping eventually turns into a convers...Show More

1:02:27 | Dec 5th, 2013

Steve Byrne is a very accomplished comedian and creator and star of his own sitcom, 'Sullivan and Son,' which is entering its third season on TBS. Steve drops by for some fun comedy talk. Everyone shares a story of bombing in their early days and Ste...Show More

1:22:22 | Dec 3rd, 2013

Unlike most comics and actors, Kevin and Nick are from Los Angeles so they spend their holidays in L.A. This episode recpas their Thanksgiving weekends and whether or not Black Friday was worth it.

1:33:18 | Nov 28th, 2013

Kevin and Nick go to the annual L.A Auto Show, then sit down and have a super manly conversation about muscle cars, that turns into a sort of manly conversation about practical sedans and gas mileage.

1:28:55 | Nov 26th, 2013

Nick, Kevin and Natasha all started standup together. They spend this episode talking about the old open mic days, how much cooler standup is than improv and how Natasha once blindfolded her school bus driver while he was driving her to school. Pleas...Show More

1:06:33 | Nov 21st, 2013

Kevin and Nick take a field trip to the gym and discuss being two dudes in their thirties who have to now more than ever stay healthy and in shape.

1:42:49 | Nov 19th, 2013

If you know anything about Kevin, Nick and Dean Delray, then you're prepared for a fun and entertaining conversation about motorcycles, rock and roll, tattoos, denim, Rolexes, Vans and how California is the greatest state in America.

1:42:10 | Nov 14th, 2013

Plain and simple: Kevin gets drunk and Nick hits record. There are many funny and serious moments. Sit back, crack open a beer and enjoy a truly fun episode of Occasionally Awesome.

1:25:35 | Nov 12th, 2013

Kevin and Jerry go way back. He drops by Occasionally Awesome to hang out with the guys and talk about life after Entourage, fans, opening up Fat Sal's (an awesome restaurant) wanting to be Kevin's drinking buddy and a lot more.

1:40:17 | Nov 7th, 2013

One of Nick and Kevin's oldest friends in comedy, Ari Shaffir, sits down for a long and fun discussion on pretty much everything; dating, drugs, girls, moving to New York, clothing, music, podcasting and standup and more. Ari is also host of his own ...Show More

1:25:52 | Nov 5th, 2013

Kevin graduated from a prestigious art school and is an accomplished artist. Nick doesn't know what to do or think when he looks at a painting. Together, they take a field trip to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) to help understand the so...Show More

1:28:31 | Oct 31st, 2013

Max Greenfield from FOXs New Girl, joins Nick and Kevin for a fun and in depth conversation on his passion for Crossfit, why we should love Andrew WK and how he has made Schmidt one of the funniest and most lovable characters on television.

1:30:14 | Oct 29th, 2013

Kevin and Nick go see Jake Bugg in concert at the Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood. This is the first in a series of "field trip" episodes where the guys attend an event and podcast about their experience.

1:28:37 | Oct 24th, 2013

Our friend and one of the stars of The League on FXX, Steve Rannazzisi, stops by Occasionally Awesome and talks about life as a comic, actor, husband, father and proud owner of a brand new vasectomy. Snip snip. Enjoy.

1:10:30 | Oct 22nd, 2013

The guys eat some of Nick's world famous (fine, locally famous) hummus and discuss cooking, Kevin's recent decision to stop taking his anti-depressants and much more.

1:24:07 | Oct 17th, 2013

Nick and Kevin have been friends with Bobby Lee for over a decade. They talk about surviving on TV and the road. Kevin tells us how Bobby helped get him into standup and Nick tells the story of how he was booed offstage opening for Bobby at a militar...Show More

1:14:58 | Sep 25th, 2013

#1 by Nick Youssef Kevin Christy

1:21:10 | Sep 25th, 2013

Steve Howey, star of Shameless and Sons of Anarchy, stops by to talk motorcycles, doing love scenes and whether or not any of us are actually men.