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On happiness—notes from prison

29:07 | Jan 12th

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Picture this—an Australian journalist sitting near a squat toilet under the only light in the prison cell he shares with 140 others, writing pages of notes about happiness. After 15 months in a notori...Show More


mm recommended:Mar 31st

Lovely episode that gives you a different view on life and happiness. An Australian journalist was accused of being a spy in Cambodia and locked up in jail for six years where he had less than 1m x 1m of space for himself in a cell of a hundred cellmates. Yet he was able to find "happiness" during h...Show More

mmMar 31st

@cesarm I loved this!

write2tg recommended:Mar 30th

So many great insights and deeper questions: Does our culture thrive on unhappiness? Is happiness contingent on things or are some of us born with a contention to be happy? There is a range of other experiences and emotions including love, joy and contentment, etc. Why do we focus on happiness so mu...Show More

mmMar 31st

Loved this episode. Can't wait to talk about it at the virtual discussion :)

write2tgMar 31st

@mm Me too!!!


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