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Evan Kleiman's taste of life, culture and the human species.
How food is starring on the big screen

56:39 | Aug 3rd

Director Lulu Wang uses food as a storytelling device in “The Farewell.” A Southern California couple embarks on a journey to become sustainable farmers. Plus a conversation with the directors of “Honeyland,” the most awarded film at...
Remembering Jonathan Gold (1960-2018)

56:48 | Jul 27th

When Jonathan Gold passed last year, we gathered the voices of colleagues, friends, chefs, and listeners to celebrate the man who taught us how to eat and live in LA.
Netflix’s “Street Food,” Madhur Jaffrey, baking with fruit

56:37 | Jul 6th

David Gelb tells the human stories of Asia’s street food vendors in his latest show for Netflix. The legendary Madhur Jaffrey says the Instant Pot is your friend. Nicole Rucker is known for pie, but her first cookbook is an ode to baking with...
A day to remember Anthony Bourdain

56:39 | Jun 22nd

June 25 has been declared Bourdain Day, a day to celebrate the life of the late chef and raconteur Anthony Bourdain. Join us as we revisit some of Bourdain's classic interviews with Good Food. Plus, a visit to a remarkable memorial in New York....
The return of the Great Tortilla Tournament

56:38 | Aug 10th

KCRW and Gustavo’s Great Tortilla Tournament makes its triumphant return. An LA writer is working to preserve Salvadoran recipes and history. Sandwiches inspired by Japanese convenience stores are the main draw at Konbi in Echo Park. Plus: a SoCal...
One year after Jonathan Gold

56:39 | Jul 20th

Amy Scattergood of the LA Times remembers her partnership with Jonathan Gold, one year after his passing. Eater releases its Best New Restaurants list. Lawry’s celebrates 80 years by doing something it’s not especially known for: changing.
Memoirs of a food media pioneer

56:39 | Jul 13th

Serious Eats founder Ed Levine looks back on the Wild West days of the food media business. Grace Young can be your wok therapist. Pok Pok chef Andy Ricker waxes philosophical on noodles, while a special “club” for Northern Thai food appears in...
“Breakfast: The Cookbook,” La Cocina, how Italians actually eat

56:38 | Jun 29th

Emily Elyse Miller spent three years asking what people around the world eat for breakfast. Bay Area kitchen incubator La Cocina helps women food entrepreneurs get a leg up. Elizabeth Minchilli explains how Italians actually eat. Finally, the Market....Show More
Leah Chase’s legacy, tiki bar origins, sake school

56:37 | Jun 15th

This week we remember the pioneering Creole chef Leah Chase. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Rick Bragg has written a loving ode to his mom’s Southern table. Plus, we get an education on the origins of tiki bars as well as the nuances of sake.
José Andrés, rating the Michelin Guide, and going flexitarian

56:37 | Jun 8th

Chef José Andrés  is unleashing veggie power in his first cookbook in nearly a decade. The Pollans are all about the plant-based diet, too. California’s Michelin Guide is out—who got stars or snubbed? Plus: the Market Report makes its...
Menu mind tricks, The Black Sea, and Alta Adams

56:39 | Jun 1st

Caroline Eden has studied the food of the Black Sea, a region rich in culture and history.  Plus a look at the hidden psychology of LA's restaurant menus. Do we read them, or do they read us? Plus Bill Addison pays a visit to West Adams for a taste.....Show More
Kwame Onwuachi’s rise, steak hacks, and cooking foundations

56:38 | May 25th

James Beard-winner Kwame Onwuachi unpacks his experience as a young black chef. Gabriela Camara of Contramar is one of Mexico City's most celebrated chefs. Aaron Franklin is talking steak in time for Memorial Day weekend, and Carla Lalli Music has...
Roy Choi’s Broken Bread, the catering biz, and Taqueando

56:39 | May 18th

With his new TV show, Roy Choi’s on a mission to spotlight both the broken and beautiful sides of Los Angeles. Plus an insider’s look at the world of high-end catering, and a new taco fest arrives in LA.
Samin Nosrat, Ramadan food traditions, and eating goat

56:19 | May 11th

This week we’re revisiting conversations with recent James Beard winners, including Samin Nosrat on her hit Netflix show “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat.” Plus LA Times restaurant critic Patricia Escárcega visits Anaheim to try a selection of Mexico...
LA’s “Bar Chef,” storied Mexican restaurants, and saving citrus

56:37 | May 4th

Cinco de Mayo is around the corner, so we’re looking at the sometimes complicated history of Mexican food in LA. Also, Evan talks to “Bar Chef” Christiaan Rollich, and Elisa Callow explores LA’s Eastside for culinary inspiration. Plus: the...
Pie memories, private chefs, and Laura’s goodbye

56:39 | Apr 27th

This week we’re gearing up for KCRW’s 10th Annual Pie Contest by talking to the authors of “The New Pie” and chef Sherry Yard. Plus anecdotes about the secret world of private chefs, and Michael’s in Santa Monica celebrates 40 years....
Plant-based burgers, Uyghur food, and the incredible egg

56:37 | Apr 20th

Lent comes to an end this weekend, so we’re looking at two stars of the meat-free burger craze: the Superiority Burger and the Beyond Meat patty. Plus Bill Addison checks out a Uyghur restaurant, and LA Times Food editor Peter Meehan joins with a...
Stories from ‘Save Me the Plums’ and ‘The 100 Most Jewish Foods’

56:36 | Apr 12th

Ruth Reichl shares stories from her new memoir, “Save Me the Plums,” and Alana Newhouse talks about what made the cut for her new book, “The 100 Most Jewish Foods. ” Plus: A review of the Japanese katsu sandwiches at Konbi in Echo...
Mr. Fries Man, Behind the pastry case at République, ‘Indian-ish’

56:37 | Apr 6th

We pay tribute to rapper Nipsey Hussle through a visit to Mr. Fries Man, a mom-and-pop restaurant he patronized in Gardena. Baker Margarita Mantzke also takes us behind the pastry case at République and Priya Krishna shares her take on...
Niki Nakayama, “memory keepers,” and Mori Onodera’s return

56:38 | Mar 30th

Against big odds, Niki Nakayama is one of the few elite American practitioners of kaiseki, considered the apex of Japanese cuisine. Plus: the stories of women who are keeping alive family memories of the Japanese-American internment camps. Also, a...
Disappearing saffron, edible gardens, and regional Chinese food

56:40 | Mar 22nd

Kashmiri saffron is the most precious spice in the world, and it’s on the verge of extinction. Sharanya Deepak explains why that matters. Also, two gardening experts offer tips on planting an edible garden at home, and we examine the foods of...
California’s new food critics, “Zaitoun,” and Tomatomania

56:37 | Mar 15th

Soleil Ho and Tejal Rao belong to a new wave of food critics who are helping to redefine the craft. Writer and activist Yasmin Khan talks about her travels to modern Palestine, which have yielded a book full of humanizing stories and recipes. Plus:.....Show More
The “ugly produce” debate, LA Foodways, and trailblazing women

56:36 | Mar 9th

Two writers have gathered the stories of women who changed history through food. There’s a new documentary on how LA’s agricultural past informs its present. Patricia Escárcega returns to discuss a new “Pan-Latin” restaurant in DTLA. A crop...
Filipino food: roots and new directions

56:35 | Mar 2nd

Filipino food may be having a moment, but the cuisine has a long history here in Los Angeles where Filipino Americans have lived for nearly a century. Evan and friends embark on a food crawl of Northeast LA to learn more. We also hear from some...
French fry fight, the Oscars & Wolfgang, Northern Thai food

56:39 | Feb 23rd

This is the 25th year that Wolfgang Puck has catered the official Oscars after-party. So how does he pull it off year after year? Also, we explore some controversial french fry rankings. Writer and photographer Austin Bush dishes on the food of...
Viet cooking made simple, Ritz & Escoffier, and goat cheese

56:37 | Feb 16th

Andrea Nguyen is back to say that cooking Vietnamese is doable any day of the week. What we eat and how we do it binds humanity across geography and culture, according to Chris Ying. Plus: the story of the Savoy Hotel and how it gave rise to the...
A Persian homecoming, noodle soup dreams, and a natural wine party

56:15 | Feb 9th

Persian cooking expert Najmieh Batmanglij talks to Evan about what it was like to return to Iran and cook there after years of exile. Noodle soup is the stuff of dreams, for food historian Ken Albala. Richard Parks III takes us on a whirlwind visit.....Show More
What makes for a disgusting food?

56:37 | Feb 2nd

This week we visit a museum exhibit featuring foods that are inarguably revolting—or are they? Plus, a look at how formerly hippie foods like dense grain breads went mainstream. And meet hippie Jack: he has strong opinions about waffles, and...
Magnus Nilsson, Norwegian lunch, and Oaxacalifornia

56:38 | Jan 26th

Celebrated Swedish chef Magnus Nilsson returns to Good Food to expand on Nordic baking traditions. We’re also looking at matpakke , or the Norwegian art of packed lunch. Plus, a glimpse into the food of Oaxacalifornia, from the glorious tlayuda...
Julia Collin Davison, the shutdown’s effect, and a visit to Fiona

56:36 | Jan 19th

America’s Test Kitchen host Julia Collin Davison drops by to talk recipe testing and Cook’s Illustrated, which recently turned 25. We’re also looking at how the federal government shutdown affects what’s on our plates. Plus: Bill Addison...
“Cooking with Scraps,” LA Times’ new critics, and Bestia’s origins

56:37 | Jan 12th

We’re talking inventive ways to cook with scraps with author Lindsay-Jean Hard. Also, a close look at the Farm Bill that passed in Congress last month. Evan talks with the masterminds behind Bestia about the early days. Plus, the passing of a...
The cure for the common hangover

56:37 | Jan 5th

Went a little too hard on New Year’s Eve? Meet Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall, who spent a decade trying all the hangover cures he could find. Plus a revisit of Good Food’s special on LA’s bar scene from last year.
Good Food looks back at 2018

56:36 | Dec 29th, 2018

2018 was a year of incredible change in the food world. It’s a tradition at Good Food to wrap up the year by sharing a few of our favorite segments. Among them are stories about food and immigration, a farewell to our friend Jonathan Gold, and a...
The origins of wine, Uighur food, “imaginary feasts”

56:36 | Dec 22nd, 2018

For many, wine and the holidays simply go together. Journalist Kevin Begos wrote a book about his search for wine’s origins. There’s also a prized bubbly from Italy that you might not have known about. Plus: a look at the plight of Uighurs by...
2018’s best cookbooks and restaurant openings

56:35 | Dec 15th, 2018

Holiday gift buying is in full swing, and so we’re looking back on a year of stellar cookbooks with Celia Sack of Omnivore Books. We’re also highlighting two great indie food zines you should know about. Plus: chef Anita Lo goes “Solo” and...
Nik Sharma’s journey, ‘Now & Again,’ and doomsday prepping

56:37 | Dec 8th, 2018

Nik Sharma represents a new vanguard of personal stories being told in food media. Julia Turshen shares some tips about spending time with loved ones during the holidays. We also delve into the lesser-known traditions of Hanukkah and learn how to...
Yotam Ottolenghi finds joy in simplicity

56:39 | Nov 30th, 2018

Israeli-British chef Yotam Ottolenghi is back with a collection of simple recipes, and home cooks have never been happier. Meanwhile, two professors trace the history of halal food. Anissa Helou paints a colorful portrait of the flavors of North...
‘The Final Table’, NYC food delivery, and a waffle quest

56:39 | Nov 24th, 2018

Still recovering from Thanksgiving? Relax with some bingeable television. Andrew Knowlton of Netflix’s “The Final Table” reflects on filming the star-studded cooking competition show. We also explore the often unseen world of food delivery men...
Good Food’s Thanksgiving tips

56:36 | Nov 16th, 2018

Evan Kleiman and Dorie Greenspan answer your questions about making a memorable Thanksgiving meal. Culinary technologist Dave Arnold is bringing his Thanksgiving hacks to the potluck, too. There’s a new film in theaters about a chef prodigy named...
Soul food, from Tennessee to Israel

56:37 | Nov 9th, 2018

Carla Hall wants readers to celebrate the difference between southern food and soul food with her new cookbook. Home cook Timothy Pakron is southern and vegan? James Beard Award-winner Michael Solomonov and Steven Cook have brought back soulful...
Fermentation, both ancient and new

56:45 | Nov 2nd, 2018

Noma chefs Rene Redzepi and David Zilber are sharing their fermentation lab secrets with the world in a new book. Speaking of fermented, we’re going across the pond to the birthplace of cheddar cheese, while foraging expert Pascal Baudar is...
Samin Nosrat: making food TV like never before

56:38 | Oct 27th, 2018

Samin Nosrat’s “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat” was one of 2017’s most beloved cookbooks. Now Samin is boldly reshaping what food TV can look like with a four-part Netflix series by the same name. Plus: a look at autumnal fruit, including persimmons...
Anthony Bourdain’s enduring legacy

56:37 | Oct 20th, 2018

Now that Anthony Bourdain’s final season of Parts Unknown is airing on television, we revisit some of Bourdain's classic interviews with Good Food over the course of the chef’s landmark career. Plus, a visit to a remarkable memorial in New York....
Raising the bar: a world of drinks in LA

56:37 | Oct 13th, 2018

“You know, Sinatra drank here.” This week you’ll hear about the past, present, and future of Los Angeles’ bar scene: from history buffs to the mavericks shaking up the bar industry by making it a more equitable and just place for all. Plus:...
Solving a milk mystery, Daniel Patterson, and Slow Food

56:38 | Oct 6th, 2018

A doctor sets out to solve the mystery of why her newborn daughter won’t breastfeed. A fresh take on soul food is coming to LA’s West Adams neighborhood, thanks to chefs Daniel Patterson and Keith Corbin. World leaders and citizens convened at...
Sweets: baking, and canning, and enjoying. Oh my!

56:36 | Sep 29th, 2018

We all deserve a little sweetness. So this week, we’re all about baking, preserving, and appreciating desserts. Rose Levy Beranbaum shares her “Baking Basics.” We’ll hear about an unusual homage to cake. Joyce Goldstein is a master of...
NAFTA and Mexico, coastal California, and a Queens food tour

56:36 | Sep 22nd, 2018

Trump has called NAFTA the “worst” trade deal in history, but professor Alyshia Galvez says it’s Mexico’s food system that bears the brunt of it. Santa Barbara is home to some of California’s greatest seafood and produce, as Jason Paluska...
The 'Fuerte Four,’ nixtamalization, and eggplants

56:32 | Sep 15th, 2018

Gustavo’s Great Tortilla Tournament is this Sunday and our judges are faced with the ultimate decision: corn or flour? Bill Esparza talks tortilla makers in the LA area. And did you know that inside your tortilla is an ancient process, perfected...
Plastic straws, Persian cuisine, and Meathead Goldwyn

56:36 | Sep 8th, 2018

What does the history of plastic straws tell us about U.S. capitalism? Growing up in Tehran, Naz Deravian watched her parents entertain with classic Persian dishes; now she’s carrying on the tradition in LA. Stressed about cooking brisket this...
Jell-O and feminism, ‘Losing Earth,’ vertical farming

56:35 | Sep 1st, 2018

A new book examines the intersection of American feminism and Jell-O. This Labor Day, throw some desserts on the grill. Nathaniel Rich dives into the consequences of ignoring climate change warnings. Does vertical farming yield the same nutrient...
Thai food, from Bangkok to SoCal

56:36 | Aug 25th, 2018

Thai food is having a renaissance. We revisit conversations with James Syhabout of Hawker Fare and Pok Pok’s Andy Ricker, who are showing U.S. diners the wider canon of Thai food. We also hear about Bangkok’s unique food culture. How does the...
The Great Tortilla Tournament, nixtamalization, and Guerrilla Tacos

56:34 | Aug 18th, 2018

Let’s talk tortillas! Gustavo Arellano announces KCRW’s first-ever Great Tortilla Tournament, to choose the best tortilla in LA out of a bracket of 64. Bill Esparza talks tortilla makers in the L.A. area. And did you know that inside your...
Joël Robuchon, restaurant lines, and Jonathan Gold on N.W.A.

56:37 | Aug 11th, 2018

This week the world lost its most highly decorated chef, Joël Robuchon. Chef Ludo Lefebvre recalls lessons he learned at the hands of this master. We also revisit Evan Kleiman and Jonathan Gold’s 2014 visit to Robuchon’s Vegas restaurant. Jean...
Omega-3s, 'Downtime' with the Redzepis, and zucchini ice cream

0:00 | Aug 4th, 2018

Paul Greenberg discusses what the Omega-3 boom means for our planet and lives. Nadine Redzepi talks about cooking for culinary giants like her husband Rene Redzepi in ‘Downtime.’ Crafting a menu takes more than exceptional produce, says writer...
Remembering Jonathan Gold (1960-2018)

0:00 | Jul 28th, 2018

There’s a Jonathan Gold-sized hole in the heart of Los Angeles. The Pulitzer-winning LA Times food critic died on July 21, prompting an outpouring of grief and love from around the world. For this special tribute, we gathered the voices of...
BONUS: Classic Jonathan Gold on KCRW

0:00 | Jul 27th, 2018

In this bonus episode, we're resharing some of the late Jonathan Gold's classic segments on KCRW from over the past 20 years. These conversations had a tremendous impact on LA’s dining scene, helping Angelenos to get out of their silos to explore...
'Pasta, Pane, Vino,' Jordan Kahn, and grilled cheese

0:00 | Jul 21st, 2018

Tradition exists to be honored and improved upon. Venerable classics like grilled cheese sandwiches can only get better, according to chef Eric Greenspan. The food traditions of Italy are well documented, but for Roads & Kingdom’s Matt Goulding...
Eddie Huang, Pixar's 'Bao,' and eating like Walt Disney

0:00 | Jul 14th, 2018

Food personality Eddie Huang announces a new show at the intersection of immigration and food culture. Likewise, Pixar’s latest short depicts the power of food in an immigrant home. A new book details how to eat like Walt Disney. Instead of...
LA's burger scene, the Berkeley Bowl, and 'New Rules' of wine

0:00 | Jul 7th, 2018

What elevates a dish or market to cult status? Eggslut’s Alvin Cailan is eating through LA’s burger scene to figure out the city’s obsession with the sandwich (and who makes the essential LA burger). In Oakland, loyal customers have sworn by...
'Repertoire,' Nancy Singleton Hachisu, and shishito peppers

0:00 | Jun 30th, 2018

Cooking at home doesn’t mean you need a million cookbooks, according to San Francisco Chronicle columnist Jessica Battilana. Nancy Singleton Hachisu is an authority on making Japanese food at home and her new book is her most ambitious yet....
Remembering Anthony Bourdain

0:00 | Jun 23rd, 2018

The death of Anthony Bourdain is a loss felt around the world. His nomadic spirit redefined how many of us ate and traveled. We dug through the Good Food archives for Evan’s past interviews with Bourdain about everything from “Kitchen...
The Water Show

0:00 | Jun 16th, 2018

Water may be the essence of life but it’s subject to near-constant misuse. Journalist Mark Arax profiles a couple running a water monopoly in the Central Valley. A once abundant Cambodian lake is in decline, leaving fisherman and half the...
Mark Bittman on grilling, the business of beef, and historic Filipinotown

0:00 | Jun 9th, 2018

It’s summer cookout season, and Mark Bittman has some essential grilling tips. Third-generation butcher Katie Flannery talks life in the beef business. English chef James Whetlor wants us to consider eating more goat. As Filipinotown gentrifies,...
Nigella Lawson, peaches, and reimagining Jewish food at Freedman's

0:00 | Jun 2nd, 2018

Fine dining is nice, but sometimes the best bites are those that remind us of home. Nigella Lawson wants to celebrate home cooks in her latest book. Jonah and Amanda Freedman are recreating the bagels of their childhood at their modern Jewish deli,.....Show More
Ramadan's culinary traditions, what's next for the Farm Bill, and avocados

0:00 | May 26th, 2018

Congress failed to pass the Farm Bill last week. What tanked the legislation? London author Anissa Helou discusses some foods traditionally eaten after sundown during Ramadan, in addition to other foods of the Islamic world. And how is one of LA’s...
Massimo Bottura's purpose, 'Autentico,' and the struggle to eliminate tipping

0:00 | May 19th, 2018

What makes a meal authentic? Rolando Beramendi thinks it’s about capturing the culture by using imported ingredients. The use of an old recipe can also connect immigrant cooks with their families’ food traditions. Chef Massimo Bottura has a plan...
Fuchsia Dunlop's LA trip, 'Chinese Soul Food,' Tucson's foodways

0:00 | May 12th, 2018

Our annual pie contest went off without a hitch! Now, meet the winners. Tired of all the sweet stuff? We’ll dig into LA’s Sichuan food scene with Fuchsia Dunlop and also with Jonathan Gold during his update on the LA Times Food Bowl. Hsiao-Ching...
An LA pie crawl, rhubarb, and composting

0:00 | May 5th, 2018

What’s the best slice of pie in LA? Pie Contest judge Isa Fabro and reporter Abbie Fentress Swanson are on the hunt. Rhubarb is a favorite pie filling, but its sweetness isn’t always easy to coax out. Jonathan Gold reviews Native in Santa...
Melissa Clark, clay pot rice, and the LA Food Bowl

0:00 | Apr 28th, 2018

New York Times columnist Melissa Clark explains the pressure cooker craze. Culinary scientist Ali Bouzari says cooking boils down to eight essential ingredients. Looking for crispy rice in the San Gabriel Valley? Jonathan Gold has just the place....
Booze & Vinyl, Zagat's new owner, and Trap Kitchen

0:00 | Apr 21st, 2018

This week we talk to a few players taking over our Instagram feeds, including the chefs behind Compton’s Trap Kitchen and Chris Stang, CEO of The Infatuation. André and Tenaya Darlington talk mixing drinks and tunes. Pastry chef Clémence Gossett...
The rise of the chef, BraveTart, and bento boxes

0:00 | Apr 14th, 2018

Journalist Andrew Friedman lifts the veil on how kitchen culture has changed since the 1970s. Just in time for KCRW’s Pie Contest, Stella Parks dishes on her bestselling cookbook, BraveTart. Dan Barber’s latest venture focuses on breeding...
Forging knives, lab-grown 'meat,' and iconic food writing

0:00 | Apr 7th, 2018

It’s time to pay tribute to the makers who expand our understanding of food. Whether it’s forging cutlery like Adam Perry Lang, or inventing new forms of “meat,” it’s the restless creatives who keep food culture in constant motion. We also hear about...Show More
BONUS: Food Book Fair LA (Pt. 2)

0:00 | Apr 3rd, 2018

This is our second and final bonus episode from the Food Book Fair LA that was held in downtown LA from March 2-4, 2018.
David Chang, a 'rogue' restaurant guide, and Noma reopens

0:00 | Mar 31st, 2018

Food media is having a reawakening thanks to a few new trendsetters. David Chang is changing how we eat, learn about, and talk about food with his Netflix series. There’s a new Los Angeles restaurant guide in town, rising from the ashes of a downsize...Show More
Extended Interview: David Chang

0:00 | Mar 31st, 2018

This is the extended version of Evan Kleiman’s conversation with David Chang, chef and founder of Momofuku and creator of the hit Netflix show Ugly Delicious. Evan and David go deep on a wide range of topics, including the arc of his career, the demi...Show More
BONUS: Food Book Fair LA (Pt. 1)

0:00 | Mar 26th, 2018

The Food Book Fair recently came to downtown Los Angeles from March 2-4, 2018. The event has been called the “Coachella of writing about eating.” This bonus episode features a live recording of a panel that Evan Kleiman appeared on about the future o...Show More
Thai food, from Bangkok to SoCal

0:00 | Mar 24th, 2018

Particularly on the West Coast, Thai food is having a renaissance. Chefs like James Syhabout from Oakland’s Hawker Fare and Andy Ricker from Pok Pok in Portland are reimagining how Thai food is made and presented in their new cookbooks. Thailand’s ca...Show More
The Farm Show

0:00 | Mar 17th, 2018

We revisit our conversation on the state of America’s farmlands and the people that control our nation’s agriculture. As policy, the climate, and the country’s needs change, we examine some of the greatest challenges facing the farming community: new...Show More
The Water Show

0:00 | Mar 10th, 2018

Water may be the essence of life but it’s subject to near-constant misuse. Journalist Mark Arax profiles a couple running a water monopoly in the Central Valley. A once abundant Cambodian lake is in decline, leaving fisherman and half the population ...Show More
Chicago's South Side barbecue, a Koreatown guide, and food in cinema

0:00 | Mar 3rd, 2018

The South Side of Chicago has a rich barbecue heritage, but only half the city seems to know. Chef Nyesha Arrington’s restaurant Native pays homage to the city that made her. Jonathan Gold shares his favorite restaurants in Koreatown. A touching biog...Show More
Brian Boitano, José Andrés' philanthropy, Pete Wells on harassment

0:00 | Feb 24th, 2018

Brian Boitano shares the struggle that many figure skaters have with food. Kim Severson talks about Chef José Andrés’ humanitarian work in Puerto Rico. Pete Wells asks why restaurateurs and chefs are issuing tepid responses to sexual harassment scand...Show More
Kitchen Creativity, Deb Perelman, and the myth of 'easy cooking'

0:00 | Feb 17th, 2018

We’re looking inside the modern home kitchen. Cookbook authors Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg are unleashing creativity. Deb Perelman looks back on Smitten Kitchen and talks everyday meals. Amy Trubek says home cooking has come a long way. And food...Show More
Curtis Stone, true crime in food, and gopchang

0:00 | Feb 10th, 2018

Curtis Stone’s new theme for Maude takes eaters around the world. A new Netflix series explores crime in the food industry. Koreatown serves up an intimidating dish. Simran Sethi tells us how sound can change the taste of chocolate. Tết celebrations ...Show More
Will Guidara, mezcal, and learning "Knife Skills"

0:00 | Feb 3rd, 2018

Will Guidara talks hospitality after opening The NoMad Hotel in LA. Former Good Food producer Gillian Ferguson heads to Oaxaca for a lesson on mezcal. Thomas Lennon’s “Knife Skills” earns an Oscar nom. We’ll hear how the Whole Foods diet began with h...Show More
California's New Pot Era

0:00 | Jan 27th, 2018

On January 1, recreational marijuana became legal in California. Although still federally illegal, the state is facing a major period of transition as it begins to regulate the substance. Looking particularly at cannabis cuisine and the farmers suppl...Show More
Feeding Phil Rosenthal, rethinking school lunches, and Meyer lemons

0:00 | Jan 20th, 2018

Food is evocative. For Phil Rosenthal, it’s worth traveling for. Andrea Nguyen says that not only does MSG make pho crave-worthy, it’s a negligible risk. Jonathan Gold waxes nostalgic about Thomas Ortega’s Doritos chilaquiles. Ex-Noma chef Dan Giusti...Show More
The Farm Show

0:00 | Jan 13th, 2018

Farmers serve as the backbone of our society. As policy, the climate, and the country’s needs change, we are shining a spotlight on some of the greatest challenges facing the agricultural community: new legislation, modern farm life, escalating suici...Show More
Italy comes to LA, cauliflower, and Kachka

0:00 | Jan 6th, 2018

Find out more about the woman behind Eataly in Century City. Jen Agg isn’t pulling punches about harassment in the restaurant industry in ‘I Hear She’s a Real Bitch.’ Jonathan Gold confesses to loving the imported pasta at Uovo. Cauliflower at the Sa...Show More
A year filled to the brim with great stories

0:00 | Dec 30th, 2017

As we launch into 2018, we’re revisiting some of our favorite segments of the past year. Amid lots of change, one thing remained constant throughout 2017: that there were many fantastic food stories to be told, far more than we could fit into a singl...Show More
Season's greetings from Good Food!

0:00 | Dec 23rd, 2017

Season’s greetings from the Good Food team! We’ve compiled a few of our favorite segments to revisit this holiday season. Join us for a conversation on the year’s best cookbooks and what our favorite L.A. chefs recommend wrapping up for friends this ...Show More
The Chocolate Show plus our holiday gift guide

0:00 | Dec 16th, 2017

Preparing for the holidays is as easy as making chocolate… right? We’ll hear from a few renowned chocolatiers about the extensive bean-to-bar process and the versatility of the seemingly humble cocoa bean. Plus, we’ve created a holiday gift guide fea...Show More
2017's best cookbooks, holiday tea, and the wonders of panettone

0:00 | Dec 9th, 2017

To help us gear up for the holidays, Celia Sack shares the best (and most giftable) cookbooks of 2017. Teri Gelber lights up while talking about holiday tea flavors. Jonathan Gold falls head-over-beans for Verlaine. In his latest book, David Lebovitz...Show More
Music and wine, flavors of Istanbul, and Cronuts hit L.A.

0:00 | Dec 2nd, 2017

Time to explore some delicious intersections! Beastie Boy Mike D and sommelier Taylor Parsons collaborate on Hearth & Hound’s wine list. “Istanbul & Beyond” highlights the cultural, culinary diversity of Turkey. We wish the 7th Street Market a happy ...Show More
The Thanksgiving show: Family and food

0:00 | Nov 23rd, 2017

This Thanksgiving we are talking about family. Chef Jacques Pepin learns something new when he cooks with his granddaughter. Miry’s List helps newly immigrated families feel safe in America. During a trip to Ireland, Evan spoke with Breda Burns about...Show More
David Tanis, a Thanksgiving cocktail, Cipe Pineles, and 'Sangsgiving'

0:00 | Nov 18th, 2017

This week, we are prepping for Thanksgiving with seasonal stories of food, culture, and creativity. David Tanis offers market-inspired ideas for sides. Laura Avery talks persimmon and pinecone cocktails. Cipe Pineles just wants to be left alone with ...Show More
Gail Simmons, sexual harassment in the kitchen, and Zingerman's Bakehouse

0:00 | Nov 11th, 2017

Gail Simmons shares stories of travels and home cooking, Brett Anderson investigates harassment at the Besh Restaurant Group, and Jonathan Gold revisits Osawa in Pasadena. Emily Thelin’s new book ‘Unforgettable’ explores Paula Wolfert’s life and lega...Show More
Guerrilla Tacos, North Korea's seafood workers, and the Grand Central Market centennial

0:00 | Nov 4th, 2017

Martha Mendoza updates us on North Korea’s role in the seafood industry, Maryn McKenna investigates how antibiotics changed poultry. Grand Central Market turns 100, celebrating with a cookbook. Jonathan Gold hangs at Sari Sari in the market. Wes Avil...Show More
Jonathan Gold's 101, modernist baking, and smoking salmon

0:00 | Oct 28th, 2017

Jonathan Gold releases his much anticipated 101 Best Restaurants list and shares some memories of the late Chef Tui of Jitlada. Adam Federman researches food writer Patience Gray, and artist Kim Abeles discusses her work that marries smog with the pl...Show More
Vinegar, 'Tasting Georgia,' and dinner and a movie, Bollywood-style

0:00 | Oct 14th, 2017

Sri Rao pairs classic Indian dishes with Bollywood films, and Carla Capalbo fills us in on the ancient wine and food traditions of Georgia in the Caucasus region. Harry Rosenblum shares tips on how to make vinegar at home, then Michael Harlan Turkell...Show More
Ottolenghi and Goh stay 'Sweet,' passion fruit, DJ Wolfgang Puck

0:00 | Oct 6th, 2017

Yotam Ottolenghi and Helen Goh get ‘Sweet’ in a new cookbook, Jonathan Gold tries Thunderbolt frog in the SGV and Linda Civitello sheds light on the revolutionary power of baking powder. Plus: Laura Avery shops for passion fruit at the market and Wol...Show More
Besha's goodbye, foraging tips and a new Night + Market cookbook

0:00 | Sep 30th, 2017

Besha Rodell files her last restaurant review for LA Weekly and Mia Wasilevich explains how to turn wild plants into great food. Jonathan Gold samples the Peruvian fare at Rosaliné and Gustavo Arellano talks up Burritos La Palma in the OC. Plus: A re...Show More
The Silk Road show

0:00 | Sep 23rd, 2017

We devote the bulk of this week’s show to food eaten on the ancient Silk Road. Caroline Eden starts us off in Samarkand, then Naomi Duguid and Yasmin Khan take us to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kurdistan and Iran. Back on our side of the pond, Harv...Show More
Food and race, the Bäco book and a farewell to summer herbs

0:00 | Sep 16th, 2017

Jonathan Gold heads to Culver City to review the futuristic restaurant Vespertine. Josef Centeno talks about the hustle leading up to his first cookbook, “Bäco.” Chef and activist Tunde Wey gives us his take on whiteness in the restaurant industry. P...Show More
Extraordinary women and the food they eat

0:00 | Aug 26th, 2017

A new book looks at the lives and diets of six famous women. There’s a whole galaxy of new restaurants in the United States. Eater’s restaurant critic shares his favorites. Making it into the top 50 world restaurant list is Brae, which sits on an org...Show More
The relationship between race and food in the South

0:00 | Aug 19th, 2017

A new history of the modern South looks at the intersection of race and food. Meantime, black farmers are still struggling to hang on to their land as a legal loophole works against them. Back in the kitchen, we hear about Asian dishes to make right ...Show More
The big cheese, a chef and perfumer pen a book, goat testicle soup

0:00 | Aug 12th, 2017

Chef Daniel Patterson and perfumer Mandy Aftel team up on a new book, “The Art of Flavor,” and Alma’s Ari Taymor on why he will pass on opening his own restaurant. We also talk native foods with Sean Sherman, a.k.a. The Sioux Chef, and trends in chee...Show More
Becoming a food historian, peaches and retiring to the bakery

0:00 | Aug 5th, 2017

Food historian Jessica Harris shares stories from her memoir and Christina Arokiasamy gives us a primer on Malaysian food. Mark Furstenberg explains his decision to open a bakery at age 76 and Jami Curl pivots from baked goods to candy at QUIN. Plus:...Show More
Appropriation in food, dulce de leche, mastering culinary technique

0:00 | Jul 29th, 2017

Gustavo Arellano examines a case of cultural appropriation in breakfast burritos, and Samin Nosrat explains why salt, fat, heat and acid are the elements of good cooking. Plus: Josephine Caminos Orìa schools us on dulce de leche, Jonathan Gold review...Show More
Travels in Spain, Slow Food, 'Adventures in Starry Kitchen'

0:00 | Jul 22nd, 2017

Joann Lo and Jose Oliva discuss their work with the Food Chain Workers Alliance, and Simran Sethi files a field report from Slow Food Nations in Denver. Nguyen Tran shares more “Adventures in Starry Kitchen,” and Matt Goulding travels to Spain with c...Show More
Tasting the Impossible Burger, salt, butter and spirulina

0:00 | Jul 15th, 2017

We taste the latest vegan beef poseur on the market at Crossroads Kitchen, sample fancy salts with n/naka pastry chef Leslie Bilderback and learn about the history of butter-making from Elaine Khosrova. Plus: Jonathan Gold braves the lines at Pizzana...Show More
Staying afloat in L.A.'s restaurant biz

0:00 | Jul 8th, 2017

Opening and running a restaurant is a never-ending hustle and an unpredictable enterprise. A decade ago, Ohio State University researchers found that 6 out of 10 restaurants fail in their first year. More recent findings reveal the median lifespan of...Show More
What lies beneath the ocean waves

0:00 | Jul 1st, 2017

Whether you summer by the sea or indulge in a plate of sushi or ceviche now and then, we are far more dependent upon what lies beneath the ocean waves than we think. So we devote this week’s show to the complex ecosystems that live in the briny deep,...Show More
Banning loncheras, a history of pho and food in 'Twin Peaks'

0:00 | Jun 24th, 2017

Gustavo Arellano takes a stand against the Santa Ana City Council proposal to regulate street vendors. Lesley Balla reports on the cherry pie, coffee and donuts in “Twin Peaks.” Cara Tannenbaum and Andrea Tutunjian talk up their favorite nuts and see...Show More
Potlikker and pork as metaphor, the story of 'LA Mexicano'

0:00 | Jun 17th, 2017

Bill Esparza reveals the inspiration behind “LA Mexicano,” and Simran Sethi sends us a report and Korean makjeok recipe from Camp Bacon. John T. Edge explores race, identity and class through the lens of Southern food in “The Potlikker Papers,” and J...Show More
The Sandwich Show

0:00 | Jun 10th, 2017

Charles Dedlow, of Roan Mills, talks bread-making with heritage grains. Tatler Editor John Haney explains how the British "sarnie" came to be, and No. 7 Chef Tyler Kord shares a spirited patty melt recipe. Plus: a pastrami sandwich crawl through Boyl...Show More
Shaking up the USDA, 'The Beef Cookbook' and 'Tartine All Day'

0:00 | Jun 3rd, 2017

Peggy Lowe explains why Trump’s pick for USDA Secretary is rattling rural America. Dario Cecchini talks future plans for Chianti ramen, and Richard Turner shares cuts from “PRIME: The Beef Cookbook.” Writer Matthew Sedacca looks at the controversy be...Show More
'Dandelion and Quince,' food and crime, 'All About Eggs'

0:00 | May 27th, 2017

Sarah Lohman talks about the murder and historic recipes that form the backbone of her new book, “Ohio 1910,” and Rachel Khong shares highlights from Lucky Peach’s last cookbook, “All About Eggs.” Michelle Mckenzie tells us how to cook oft-forgotten ...Show More
Gangsta gardener, a donut dough-bate, 'The Last Magnificent'

0:00 | May 20th, 2017

Artist and community activist Ron Finley discusses how he’s changing South LA, one garden at a time. Chef Jeremiah Tower talks about starring in “The Last Magnificent,” a new documentary about his role as one of the defining figures in the early days...Show More
Yucatecan seafood, taters, spring chickens and pie

0:00 | May 13th, 2017

Jonathan Gold seeks out Yucatecan seafood at Holbox in the Mercado La Paloma. Raghavan Iyer gives us a tutorial on taters from his new book, “Smashed, Mashed, Boiled and Baked — and Fried Too!” Then Laura Avery talks to farmer Meredith Bell and Terra...Show More
The 'Eat Your Veggies' show

0:00 | May 6th, 2017

Chef Jeremy Fox turns vegetables into true expressions of seasonal flavors at Rustic Canyon, Julia Sherman documents artists making salads in “Salad for President,” and Deborah Madison shares meatless meal tips. Then Laura Avery shops for spring vegg...Show More
The great tasting menu debate, cast-iron skillets, grapeless wine

0:00 | Apr 29th, 2017

Esquire’s Jeff Gordinier weighs in on the pros and cons of tasting menus. Alec Lee of Ava Winery explains the science behind producing wine without a single grape. Food and travel writer Shane Mitchell shares stories from her new book, “Far Afield.” ...Show More
Cambodians and fried chicken, baby pureés, vegan baking tips

0:00 | Apr 22nd, 2017

Frank Shyong explains how Cambodians got into LA’s fried chicken game. Clara Polito shares vegan baking tips from her new book, and Leena Saini says boost the flavor of your baby’s food with spices. Martha Rose Shulman talks up a nifty kitchen gadget...Show More
'A Square Meal,' a kosher slaughter and Ukrainian Easter eggs

0:00 | Apr 15th, 2017

Historian Andrew Coe explains how the Great Depression altered the 1930s food landscape, and contributor Sam Brasch witnesses a kosher slaughter. Artist Sofika Zielyk shows us how to decorate Ukrainian Easter eggs, Sandor Katz discusses his latest fe...Show More
Passover food, kosher wine and fancy food with a view

0:00 | Apr 8th, 2017

In honor of Passover, we follow author Joan Nathan on a culinary exploration of the Jewish diaspora and consider kosher wine options with Lou Amdur. An unlikely aficionado takes us on a chocolate chip cookie crawl, and we stop by the Santa Monica Far...Show More
Cannibalism, Swedish meatballs, Syrian kobee and cheese shops

0:00 | Apr 1st, 2017

This week, zoologist Bill Schutt considers the implications of culinary cannibalism, and we visit Tony Danza’s cheese shop in New York City. We also find hundreds of different cheeses on offer at The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills and make a pitstop f...Show More
LA's legendary restaurants, Gwen, cardoons, Dock to Dish 2.0

0:00 | Mar 25th, 2017

Melissa Clark switches up the dinner game with her latest cookbook, “Dinner,” and George Geary shares stories of the iconic restaurants where’s Tinseltown’s elite once dined. Jonathan Gold treats himself to meat from the butcher shop at Gwen, and Mic...Show More
The Breakfast Show

0:00 | Mar 18th, 2017

We devote this week’s show to the most important meal of the day: breakfast. April McGreger of Farmer’s Daughter gives us a historical account of biscuits, and Chef Josef Centeno serves up his spin on Japanese breakfast at Orsa & Winston. Then Big Ba...Show More
Supermensch, Pi Day, farming at Tule Lake Segregation Center

0:00 | Mar 11th, 2017

Shep Gordon discusses his move from managing musicians to star chefs, and Lisa Morehouse reports on the role compulsory farming played for Japanese-American internees at the Tule Lake Segregation Center. In honor of Pi Day, Dan Pashman debates Evan o...Show More
From Trump to farm to slaughterhouse to restaurant

0:00 | Mar 4th, 2017

So many hands go into bringing our food to the table, from farm and slaughterhouse to market and restaurant. We hear about how President Trump's immigration policies will affect business at Taco María, Maddox Dairy and La Niña del Mezcal, and examine...Show More
Ludo, Shaya, heirloom grains and Smuggler's Cove

0:00 | Feb 25th, 2017

Chef Ludo Lefebvre talks about a warm asparagus salad with foie gras ice cream that helped him find his way. Then Chef Alon Shaya takes us through the modern Israeli fare on his menu at Shaya, and bar owner Martin Cate schools us on the cult of tiki....Show More
'Eat Your Science,' decriminalizing street vending, 'Generation Chef'

0:00 | Feb 18th, 2017

TV food show host Alton Brown gives us a taste of his new culinary variety show while LURN's Rudy Espinoza breaks down a proposal to change street vending regulations in LA. Then, Jonathan Gold heads to Agoura Hills to eat Kurdish food at Nîroj and K...Show More
Not your grandma's Valentine's Day box of chocolates

0:00 | Feb 11th, 2017

We talk to one of our favorite local chocolatiers about the pin-up girls and broken hearts that inspired this year's line of V-Day sweets, and learn how sound affects our perception of taste. Then, two chefs talk about infusing Spanish and Asian flav...Show More
Food policy under Trump and legalized street vending

0:00 | Feb 4th, 2017

We take a look at the food and ag policies under review on Trump's desk, get a history lesson on street vending in LA and find out where to stock up on sausages for Super Bowl Sunday. Jonathan Gold tells us where to get a juicy vegan burger, and we t...Show More
Food to usher in the Year of the Rooster

0:00 | Jan 28th, 2017

Chinese New Year festivities kick off this weekend. We asked journalists and food writers for their favorite holiday foods, from sticky rice balls stuffed with sweet black sesame to chewy Lanzhou-style hand-pulled noodles. Plus, a history of Chinese ...Show More
‘The Best Restaurants in America’ and power vegetables

0:00 | Jan 21st, 2017

This week, Eater's Bill Addison spotlights 38 restaurants that are defining America’s dining scene. Pomologist David Karp and farmer Tony Ayala introduce new mandarin varieties, and Padma Lakshmi talks spices. Thomas Thwaites ponders his own existenc...Show More
'The Rye Baker,' Conflict Kitchen and food as protest

0:00 | Jan 14th, 2017

Stanley Ginsberg gives us a primer on the terroir of rye bread, and Simran Sethi visits a cafe serving food from nations at odds with the US. Tunde Wey explains why the food at his dinners is secondary to conversations about race, violence and privil...Show More
Ringing in the Japanese New Year and a trip to the Silk Road

0:00 | Jan 7th, 2017

For the Japanese, New Year's is a holiday steeped in tradition. Chef David Schlosser marks the occasion with ozoni and handmade soba at Shibumi in Downtown LA. Next, we travel to the Silk Road with Caroline Eden, author of Samarkand, and Naomi Duguid...Show More
The 420 Show

0:00 | Dec 31st, 2016

In November, Californians voted to legalize recreational marijuana and hemp use. The repeal of such a longstanding prohibition in a state as large as ours means that the rollout will be slow, detailed and tailored to each municipality. The financial ...Show More
Good Food's Best of 2016

0:00 | Dec 24th, 2016

This week, we revisit our favorite segments of 2016. Journalist Martha Mendoza discusses slavery and sustainability in the shrimp supply chain. Then cultural documentarian Candacy Taylor makes the case for preserving Green Book sites, and writer Bee ...Show More
'The Gefilte Manifesto,' Christmas pickles, holiday cookies

0:00 | Dec 17th, 2016

Laura Avery learns about Japanese turnips and other legumes de saison, and author Dorie Greenspan gives us a nibble for the cookie-obsessed. Editor Jane Lear hangs up the Christmas pickle, and we dive into The Gefilte Manifesto. Trine Hahnemann serve...Show More
The Red Rooster, Fidel the Foodie, P.Y.T.

0:00 | Dec 10th, 2016

Laura Avery gets schooled on macadamias and walnuts, then The Red Rooster takes root in Harlem, and Chef Marcus Samuelsson shares his fried yardbird royale recipe. Writer Darien Cavanaugh and filmmaker Rodrigo García wax poetic about Fidel Castro's f...Show More
Nancy & Mario, 'Unlatched,' guavatinis and Dan Tana's

0:00 | Dec 3rd, 2016

The dynamic duo of Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali take us back to the moment they met, tell us what inspired each of their new cookbooks and reveal their plans to bring Eataly to LA. Jennifer Grayson, author of Unlatched, weighs in on the breastfee...Show More
Turkey Day leftovers, Cantonese breakfast and Emeril's DJ set

0:00 | Nov 26th, 2016

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Jonathan Gold tells us what he whips up from his leftovers and where to find the best Hong Kong-style breakfast in LA. The Rev. Shawn Amos shares the inspiration behind his Kitchen Table Blues series, and chef Eric Rip...Show More
Our 2016 Thanksgiving special

0:00 | Nov 24th, 2016

In honor of America's biggest food holiday, we offer you a bonus Thanksgiving episode of our show. First we hop into a canoe with The Kitchen Sisters to learn an Ojibwa tribe's traditional method of harvesting wild rice by hand. Then Sean Sherman dis...Show More
Thanksgiving prep, truffles and dates at the market

0:00 | Nov 19th, 2016

Ahead of Thanksgiving, we've got tips and recipes from the founders of Food52, Dorie Greenspan and Mark Bittman that will turn your feast into a success. Los Angeles Magazine's Patric Kuh talks truffles, and chef Isa Fabro tells us what dishes are se...Show More
The comfort food show

0:00 | Nov 12th, 2016

Tough times call for comfort food. Musician Kelis shares favorite brunch dishes and her grandma's pernil recipe, and journalist Simran Sethi gives tips for what to look for when buying chocolate. Then Jonathan Gold takes us to Kettle Black in Silver ...Show More
The 420 show

0:00 | Nov 5th, 2016

In honor of the election, we're all about pot and Proposition 64, a measure that would legalize recreational marijuana and hemp use in California. "Weediquette" Host Krishna Andavolou briefs us on the broad strokes of the measure, and Jeff "The 420 C...Show More
Badmaash, tooth pix, the migrant kitchen

0:00 | Oct 29th, 2016

Nakul, Arjun and Pawan Mahendro talk chicken tikka poutine, their podcast and the Diwali menu at Badmaash. Dave Green and Joe Cobden share the story behind their 12-second video restaurant reviews on Instagram, and Antonio Diaz discusses the Life & T...Show More
The Sandwich Show

0:00 | Oct 22nd, 2016

First, Charles Dedlow, of Roan Mills, talks bread-making using heritage grains. Then Tatler Editor John Haney takes us through how the British sandwich came to be and No. 7 Chef Tyler Kord shares a spirited patty melt recipe from his new cookbook. Pl...Show More
Mr. Fries Man, ethnic food shaming, Native American cuisine

0:00 | Oct 15th, 2016

KCRW reporter David Weinberg has the story of how a home french fry business in Gardena went viral. The Atlantic's Emily DeRuy discusses the obstacles faced by Native American restaurateurs and WAMU radio producer Ruth Tam talks ethnic food shaming. ...Show More
The breakfast show

0:00 | Oct 8th, 2016

We devote this week's show to the most important meal of the day: breakfast. April McGreger of Farmer's Daughter gives us a historical account of biscuits and chef Josef Centeno serves up his spin on Japanese breakfast at Orsa & Winston. Then, big ba...Show More
Square versus round pie, gringo tacos, hyssop

0:00 | Oct 1st, 2016

We hash out the technicalities of pie with The Sporkful's Dan Pashman and visit the best hard-shell taco spots in town with LA Weekly food writer Garrett Snyder. Sociology professor Deborah Harris gives us the latest stats on gender inequality in kit...Show More
PieCast 2: Ready made crusts, tips for vegan baking and Cuban pies

0:00 | Sep 29th, 2016

In honor of KCRW's annual pie contest October 2, here's the second installment of our podcast devoted to pie. It's called the PieCast . We dedicate this episode to the ingredients in a pre-made pie crust, to tips on how to make your vegan pies extra...Show More
Shibumi, Little Flower Baking, 'Everything I Want to Eat'

0:00 | Sep 24th, 2016

Jonathan Gold shares his favorite dishes at Shibumi, a new Japanese kappo-style restaurant in Downtown LA. Christine Moore, owner of Little Flower Baking, Lincoln and C’est La Vie, tells the story of how she got into the restaurant business. Her new ...Show More
'Eat the World,' blackberries & Burmese food

0:00 | Sep 16th, 2016

Laura Avery gets a primer on blackberries from University of Arkansas horticulture professor John Clark and 2 Peas in a Pod farmer Lori Heal. Then, our favorite food critic, Jonathan Gold, eats stuffed platha, ginger salad and Kachin-style salmon bel...Show More
Meat carvers, fishmongers and herbivorous butchers

0:00 | Sep 10th, 2016

This week, we are all about the butcher shop. We visit LA’s newest artisanal meat and seafood markets — Cape Providence, Gwen and The Cannibal — and the more established Belcampo and LA Fresh Poultry. Then it's off to The Herbivorous Butcher in the H...Show More
Seafood, booze and BBQ

0:00 | Sep 3rd, 2016

Journalists Martha Mendoza and Paul Greenberg discuss slavery and sustainability in the shrimp supply chain. Then we sip savory cocktails with Matt Biancaniello and discuss rosé with Lou Amdur. Also on the show, Robb Walsh gives us the rundown on the...Show More
The price of pork, giant marrow and an Asian fried chicken crawl

0:00 | Aug 27th, 2016

Phillip Vowles talks about growing armchair-sized vegetables in Wales, then Christian Schwarz gives us a primer on California mushrooms and reporter David Jackson discusses his investigation into the hog business in Illinois. We also get tips for coo...Show More
A Filipino food stop, the Grape Whisperer, 'Devoured'

0:00 | Aug 20th, 2016

We head to Chinatown to make isamadas with Chef Isa Fabro before tasting kinilaw and pancit with Jonathan Gold at LASA. The Grape Whisperer, Ruben Solorzano, updates us on the harvest along California’s Central Coast. The author of Devoured, Sophie E...Show More
Cilantro roots, Norteño Mexican food, LA's farm past

0:00 | Aug 13th, 2016

At the Hollywood Farmers Market, Simbal chef Shawn Pham schools us on what to do with cilantro roots. Jonathan Gold shares his favorite dishes at Salazar and chef Esdras Ochoa instructs us on how to craft the perfect taco. Plus, the next installment ...Show More
PieCast 1: If pie were in the Olympics

0:00 | Aug 10th, 2016

Ahead of our October 2 pie contest, here's the first installment of KCRW's 2016 Good Food PieCast. It's a podcast about pie, a piecast -- get it?! -- dedicated to our love of pie. We're going to take you on a delicious journey in three parts to meet ...Show More
Sichuan food, 'Burned,' Kitchen Table Blues

0:00 | Aug 6th, 2016

Food writer Fuchsia Dunlop explains how Sichuan cuisine is changing in Chengdu. Investigative reporter Karen Foshay unveils disturbing findings about restaurants in LA. The Reverend Shawn Amos is striving to keep the blues alive in kitchens around to...Show More
Pickles, hot chicken, GMO labeling, antidepressants and taste

0:00 | Jul 30th, 2016

Marion Nestle explains what's in the GMO labeling bill on President Obama's desk. Simran Sethi examines her loss of taste from taking antidepressants. Dianne Jacob gives tips on how to write about food and the Ans discuss their latest venture, a cook...Show More
Hive heists, artisanal food, local grains & bulgogi, Gangnam-style

0:00 | Jul 23rd, 2016

LA Magazine food critic Patric Kuh gives us a history lesson on artisanal food and beekeeper Jodi Helmer reports on hive heists in almond groves. Then we discuss the revival of regional grain production with food writer Amy Halloran and Nan Kohler of...Show More
Preserving Green Book sites, shishitos, jackfruit, fake shrimp

0:00 | Jul 16th, 2016

Cultural documentarian Candacy Taylor explains the importance of preserving Green Book sites. EP & LP Chef Louis Tikaram gives us a primer on Fijian cuisine and jackfruit. The Atlantic’s Olga Khazan schools us on a synthetic shrimp start-up. Plus: Sh...Show More
Cast iron skillets, corn, slaughterhouses, Azerbaijani food

0:00 | Jul 9th, 2016

Chuck Reece gets to the heart of our love affair with the cast iron skillet. Peggy Lowe discusses the perilous work in slaughterhouses. We talk Azerbaijani cuisine with Feride Buyuran and fermented ice cream with Tyler Malek. Plus: French and Vietnam...Show More
Brexit, the last decade in food, a mixtape from Nigella Lawson

0:00 | Jul 2nd, 2016

City University London’s Tim Lang gives his take on the impact of Brexit on the UK food system and Michael Pollan looks back at what’s changed in food in the last decade. Pascale Beale shares recipes for savory dishes that use fresh fruit. Then we sh...Show More
Food on the Screen: Calabasas & Paris

0:00 | Jun 25th, 2016

We wrap our Food on the Screen series with Sandra Aamodt weighing in on “The Biggest Loser.” Then Adeline Grattard takes us behind the scenes of “Chef’s Table” in Paris. Next it’s onto squash blossoms at the market and tofu balls with Jonathan Gold a...Show More
Food on the Screen: Los Angeles

0:00 | Jun 18th, 2016

This week, we continue our conversation about food on the screen closer to home, in Los Angeles. Chef Niki Nakayama discusses how life has changed since being featured on the first season of Chef's Table on Netflix. Also on the show: how the pluot wa...Show More
Food on the Screen: China and Italy

0:00 | Jun 11th, 2016

We kicked off last week's show exploring portrayals of food in television and film in New Orleans and the Central Valley. This week, we continue our Food on the Screen series in China and Italy with Phil Rosenthal and Eddie Huang. Then it's nectarine...Show More
Food on the Screen: New Orleans and the Central Valley

0:00 | Jun 4th, 2016

Food is having its moment on the screen, from reality shows about baking and TV shows set in restaurants to films about food trucks and Netflix specials featuring the world's top chefs. Are these portrayals changing how we view food? We tap writer Lo...Show More
Consolidation in biotech, aeroir, smoked beets, beer cocktails

0:00 | May 28th, 2016

Harvest Public Media's Luke Runyon fills us in on Bayer's bid to buy Monsanto and Gastropod host Nicola Twilley discusses the concept of aeroir. Then, Jonathan Gold takes us to Salt's Cure for the best pork chop in LA before we pedal candy in Jeffers...Show More
Eddie Huang, 'A Date with a Dish,' peaches and pozole

0:00 | May 21st, 2016

We discuss the oppressive whiteness of the food world, how California's minimum wage law is playing out in the restaurant biz and pay homage to a cookbook author you may never have heard of. Then it's off to dine at a Vietnamese izakaya in Little Tok...Show More
32 yolks, taco bowls, cherries and tips from a master forager

0:00 | May 14th, 2016

Chef Eric Ripert discusses his new memoir 32 Yolks, and KCRW host Gustavo Arellano weighs in on Trump and taco bowls. We taste cherries at the farmers market and forager extraordinaire Pascal Baudar walks us through the found ingredients in his book,...Show More
In the salad lab, cauliflower tartare, Thai Oolong tea

0:00 | May 7th, 2016

Kenji Lopez-Alt gives us tips on how to freshen up what's in the salad bowl. His engaging reference book, The Food Lab, just won a James Beard award. Norah Chef Mike Williams shares a recipe that makes use of snow white cauliflower from Tamai Family ...Show More
The Happy Hour Show

0:00 | Apr 30th, 2016

We sip local savory cocktails with Matt Biancaniello and discuss the return of rosé with Lou Amdur. Talia Baiocchi, Leslie Pariseau, Sarah Clarke and Mark Bitterman school us on spritz, amari and bitters. To soak up the booze, Jonathan Gold takes us ...Show More
Schmaltz, artichokes, matzo and lamb

0:00 | Apr 23rd, 2016

Passover starts Friday night. If you're observing the holiday, Joyce Goldstein conversation about Jewish culinary traditions around the Mediterranean and Michael Wex on the mitzvah of making matzo in 18 minutes might interest you. Pati Jinich discuss...Show More
The Ethnic Restaurateur, Artichokes, The Food of Oman

0:00 | Apr 16th, 2016

Krishnendu Ray talks about how immigrants have created and changed the American palate. Felicia Campbell shares her favorite Omani dishes and Anna Thomas offers tips on how to satisfy many dietary needs at the same table. Jonathan Gold and Gustavo Ar...Show More
Food & Family

0:00 | Apr 9th, 2016

A 5-year-old’s adoration for apple tarts moved us to ask food writer Bee Wilson what informs the eating habits of children. Dr. Mitchell Katz shares tips on how to teach kids to eat. Two of our favorite food fanatics, Jonathan Gold and Peter Meehan, ...Show More
The Seafood Show

0:00 | Apr 2nd, 2016

We devote this week's show in its entirety to seafood. Journalists Martha Mendoza and Paul Greenberg discuss slavery and sustainability in the shrimp supply chain. Chef Brian Sheard and author Cynthia Nims share tips for cooking mussels and oysters a...Show More
Tacolandia, To Run & Dine in LA, Fire & Ice

0:00 | Mar 26th, 2016

We talk to Bill Esparza about what's in store at this year's taco extravaganza. Good Food Supervising Producer Abbie Fentress Swanson and friends share an unusual Hollywood Half Marathon training plan that involves running and eating all over LA. The...Show More
Le Servan, Shake Shack, TiGeorges' Chicken

0:00 | Mar 19th, 2016

On this week's show, we talk to Tatiana Levha about the menu at her popular Paris bistro, Danny Meyer about bringing Shake Shack to West Hollywood and TiGeorges Laguerre about a new memoir charting the journey from Haiti to his restaurant in Echo Par...Show More
Noma Australia, Dominique Crenn, Texas BBQ Crawl

0:00 | Mar 12th, 2016

On this week's show, we get a behind-the-scenes look at how the Noma Australia menu was developed and learn what inspired the recipes in Dominique Crenn's new cookbook. Then, as SXSW 2016 kicks off in Austin, Jonathan Gold takes us to Texas for some ...Show More
Kimchi it up, the avocado invasion, 'Cooked'

0:00 | Mar 5th, 2016

Deuki Hong and Matt Rodbard talk about eating in Koreatowns across the country for their new book. We give a fruit invading kitchens and restaurant menus everywhere a moment in the sun. Michael Pollan discusses filming Aboriginal goanna hunters and a...Show More
The Bialetti Moka Express, Stinging Wild Nettles, Ag-Gag Laws

0:00 | Feb 27th, 2016

This week, we pay homage to the man whose ashes were buried in one of his signature stove-top coffee makers. At the Santa Monica Farmers' Market, chefs and farmers are talking up stinging nettles. We also travel to farm country to hear about new ag-g...Show More
Girl Scout cookie-off, the Beyoncé effect, urging models to eat

0:00 | Feb 20th, 2016

Our trio of tasters discusses regional differences in Girl Scout cookies. Beyoncé's new single sparks a conversation about identity, spicy food and Jim Crow. Then the founder of a British clothing label explains why she's contractually requiring mode...Show More
The Mandarin Boom, Monocropping vs. Cacao, Chefs with Issues

0:00 | Feb 13th, 2016

Fruit Detective David Karp cracks the curious case of California’s mandarin boom. Journalist Simran Sethi explains how monocrops are changing the taste and makeup of our favorite foods. And Tasting Table's Kat Kinsman talks about her new online repos...Show More
Making Bánh Chung, Super Bowl Diet, Eating Off-road in Japan

0:00 | Feb 6th, 2016

For the Vietnamese new year, Chef Diep Tran shares her spin on traditional lunar new year cakes. Retired NFL center Shaun O'Hara reveals what players eat leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. Matt Goulding of Roads & Kingdoms talks about exploring some of...Show More
Eating Out Loud with Lucky Peach

0:00 | Feb 4th, 2016

Hosted by Lucky Peach editors Peter Meehan and Chris Ying, "Eating Out Loud" featured readings and performances about food from David Chang, Jonathan Gold, Kim Gordon, Amelia Gray, Roy Choi and Eric Wareheim. Contains explicit language
Boudin King Cake, Bergamots at the Market, to Tip or not to Tip?

0:00 | Jan 30th, 2016

Ahead of Mardi Gras, Louisiana filmmaker Jamie Ross dishes on a savory king cake taking center stage at the party. Mud Creek Ranch sells fragrant bergamot oranges for a few short weeks at the market. Long-time restaurateur Michael McCarty weighs in o...Show More
Seafood Congee in the SGV, Dwindling Bees, Oaxaca on Wheels

0:00 | Jan 23rd, 2016

Jonathan Gold visits a high-end porridge restaurant in the San Gabriel Valley. Journalist Tom Philpott examines how a widely-used insecticide is hurting bees. And Good Food taco correspondent Bill Esparza showcases a food truck serving regional Oaxac...Show More
Dispatches from the Front of the House, Roy Choi Opens LocoL

0:00 | Jan 16th, 2016

Independent radio producer Sara Curtis explores San Francisco's "front of house" culture; Roy Choi takes us on a tour of LOCOL in Watts.
Celebrity Diet Fails, Friendly Fats, Unpacking Pok Pok LA

0:00 | Jan 9th, 2016

Rebecca Harrington enthralls us with her hilarious attempts to follow celebrity diets; author Nina Teicholz casts doubt on the low fat diet trends of previous decades; Jonathan Gold says there’s a lot to unpack at Andy Ricker’s much-anticipated Pok P...Show More
Trois Familia, Mission Chinese Food, the Air We...Eat?

0:00 | Jan 2nd, 2016

Jonathan Gold stops in for brunch at the Silver Lake hot spot, Trois Familia; Chef Danny Bowien reinvents "Americanized Oriental Food" at Mission Chinese Food; and writer/podcaster Nicola Twilley explains how aeroir, the atmospheric flavor of a locat...Show More
The Best of 'Good Food,' 2015 Edition

0:00 | Dec 26th, 2015

We revisit our favorite segments of the year, from eating ice cream in Mogadishu to the unlikely history of edible underwear. Plus, Jonathan Gold shares his favorite dishes of 2015.
Jacques Pépin at 80, Madhur Jaffrey Goes Veg, Ruth Reichl

0:00 | Dec 19th, 2015

Now at age 80, Jacques Pépin reflects on the craft of cooking and how his palate has evolved. Plus, Madhur Jaffrey turns her attention to vegetables in her latest book; and Lidia Bastianich reflects on the small courtyard in Istria where her lifelong...Show More
Donabe Cooking, Scratch and Sniff Guide to Whiskey, Mexicano

0:00 | Dec 12th, 2015

Naoko Moore introduces us to Japanese donabe (hot pot) cooking. Plus, Richard Betts returns with a new scratch-and-sniff whiskey guide; and Jonathan Gold finds flautas, enchiladas and enormous margaritas at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza.
Empanadas, The Nordic Cookbook, China's Thirst for Bordeaux

0:00 | Dec 5th, 2015

LA Times Arts and Culture journalist Carolina Miranda shares family's empanada stories. Plus, chef Magnus Nilsson celebrates everyday Nordic food; and wine writer Suzanne Mustacich looks at China's culture of consumption as it turns to Bordeaux wines...Show More
What Happens in Vegas: From Buffets to Mind-Bending Mixology

0:00 | Nov 28th, 2015

Good Food heads to the strip to explore the evolution of Vegas dining, all you can eat buffets, luxury fine dining and the city's most mind-bending cocktail.
Thanksgiving Spatchcocked Turkey, Gravy & Sweet Potato Pie

0:00 | Nov 21st, 2015

Serious Eats' Kenji López-Alt gives advice on spatchcocking your turkey; sauce expert Susan Volland spills her gravy secrets; and pie champion Nicole Rucker shares tips and tricks for a rustic sweet potato pie.
The Rhône Ranger, Mexican Sushi, Fish Sauce Makes a Splash

0:00 | Nov 14th, 2015

This week, famed winemaker Randall Grahm talks about developing a unique California Grand Cru; the OC Weekly's Gustavo Arellano takes us for authentic Mexican-style sushi; and fish sauce makes a splash in top kitchens around the world.
Jonathan Gold's 101, Apples of the Future, Is Seaweed the New Kale?

0:00 | Nov 7th, 2015

Jonathan Gold delivers his annual list of the 101 best restaurants in LA; pomologist David Karp gives us a preview of what apples from the future will taste like; and the New Yorker's staff writer Dana Goodyear explores seaweed as the next superfood.
Israeli Cooking at Zahav, Food Allergy Fakers, LA's Best Italian Food

0:00 | Oct 31st, 2015

This week, James Beard Award-winning chef Michael Solomonov presents his modern take on Israeli cuisine; and the Boston Globe Magazine staff writer Neil Swidey warns that food allergy fakers are wreaking havoc on restaurant kitchens. Also, LA Magazin...Show More
Cracker Barrel, Preserving Mexican Heirloom Corn, Chef Enrique Olvera

0:00 | Oct 24th, 2015

This week LA Weekly food critic Besha Rodell breaks down her long-standing fascination with the Southern-themed restaurant, Cracker Barrel. Plus, chef Carlos Salgado of Taco María explains the importance of preserving Mexican heirloom corn; and inter...Show More
Remembering Paul Prudhomme, The Jemima Code & Edible Monuments

0:00 | Oct 17th, 2015

LA Times test kitchen director Noelle Carter pays tribute to the late chef, Paul Prudhomme. Food historian Toni Tipton Martin’s new book, The Jemima Code, reveals the untold African American culinary legacy. Plus, the new Edible Monuments: The Art of...Show More
The 2015 Best-in-Show Pie; Pumpkin in Your Pasta?

0:00 | Oct 10th, 2015

This week, we meet the winner of 7th Annual Good Food Pie Contest’s Best-in-Show prize; and Chef Sara Jenkins and her mother dish up seasonal pumpkin pasta.
Pumpkin Spice; LA's Best Carne Asada; Craft Beer Buyouts

0:00 | Oct 3rd, 2015

Professor Cindy Ott carves out the complete history of the pumpkin; and Good Food taco correspondent Bill Esparza highlights the best carne asada spot in Los Angeles. Plus, beer journalist Erica Bolden delves into the microbrewery buyout trend by big...Show More