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The world's only college football podcast. Hosted by Spencer Hall, Ryan Nanni, and Jason Kirk.

1:22:08 | Oct 14th

Georgia lost a Muschampin' Contest, but that does not make this week a Blood Week. (Patience, you who thirst for chaos and woe!) We will give you a dollar in Fullcast Download Store Credit if you can tell us what the Pac-12 South standings are, we de...Show More

1:08:01 | Oct 11th

Because we work with and around Braves fans, we decided to spend this episode contemplating the losses that have pushed various fanbases to consider just walking away and being done with the whole thing. Warning: if you are a fan of the Pirates, Beng...Show More
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1:17:10 | Oct 7th

Spencer, Holly, and Jason enjoyed Iowa-Michigan the way they didn't know it was intended to be consumed: entirely via Michigan radio broadcast. (Ryan just watched it on TV, like an idiot.) That's why most of this episode is Midwestern chortling and s...Show More

1:17:34 | Oct 5th

A hearty thank you to all the wonderful people who came out to our live show in Charlotte, where we did what any good guest would do and mostly just trashed the ACC. But, you know, in fun Fullcast ways. Did this tick off one person in attendance to t...Show More

1:05:10 | Sep 30th

Hi, it's Ryan. I'm not on this episode because my internet was being a real shit, and I haven't listened to it yet, so I have no idea what it contains! I predict there's probably some talk about Rutgers and UNC, and Spencer probably freaks out about ...Show More
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